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Looking for some fun, long reads? Our hobby blog views take our most popular forum threads and compile them into a few massive pages for ease of reading. We try to automatically filter the most interesting posts so you dont have to read a lot of general comments and can get to the meat of the content. Please note, it may take some time for these pages to load as many of them are massive with hundreds of images. The blog is displayed in chronological order, so newest updates will be at the end of the last page of each blog. This page updates every hour to reflect the latest popular content here on Dakka.

Alpha Legion: 6th Company. [And all the other random crap I produce.] Operation Fluffy Kitten!

By: STC_LogisEngine in Dakka P&M Blogs
Thought Id share my latest army project with you lot, the alpha legion lovers out there needs a litt......

Replies: 1074
Views: 190071

Ork - Scratch built and Converted models (and some Chaos)

By: wazzoo2000 in Dakka P&M Blogs
ive been asked to start a blog, ive never done anything like this before in my life. i would lo......

Replies: 1828
Views: 223051

Khorne Berzerker Dread! *Sidetracked again - Tzeentch Daemons!*

By: GuitaRasmus in Dakka P&M Blogs
Edit: READ THIS FIRST! A lot has happ...

Replies: 1873
Views: 314762

1:1 Ork Warbike

By: pox in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hello again! After waaaaay too much fungus brew, I decided on my biggest project to date! (For th......

Replies: 307
Views: 39974

Rebuilding the Mantis Warriors (4/16: Adepticon Update #9 & 10, TT game 1 & 2)

By: Gitsplitta in Dakka P&M Blogs
For New Readers: This is a lengthy blog and can seem quite overwhelming. It describes no......

Replies: 12970
Views: 759113

Your best conversion model

By: Death Gear in Painting & Modeling
Put a pic of your best conversion model ...

Replies: 5758
Views: 1739140

Chapterhouse Lawsuit update-we have a verdict!

By: odinsgrandson in Dakka Discussions
General discussion of the jury verdict begins with ...

Replies: 6368
Views: 443432

Blackadder's attempt to build the BOLS Warlord Titan

By: The_Blackadder in Dakka P&M Blogs
Since my Warhound titan is ostensibly complete http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/2......

Replies: 1412
Views: 130633

INFINITY News & Rumors - new Haqqislam Bikers on Pg.280!

By: Alpharius in News & Rumors
It looks like weve finally got enough momentum to get an ongoing INFINITY news and rumors thread up ......

Replies: 8519
Views: 603103

:: Legion at Rhisienne :: (Artistic endeavors and musings)

By: migsula in Dakka P&M Blogs
“Of the fabulous hydra it is said, cut off one head and two will grow in its place” - antique prov......

Replies: 1259
Views: 300026

Dubstep Tau--Sometimes NSFW (Apr 18) Tank Pinups, Mad Cat, Fat Boy, Sayoonara!

By: bossfearless in Dakka P&M Blogs
First things first. ...

Replies: 662
Views: 35213

Scar's painting log!

By: Scarsminimadness in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hey all, Im going to keep a wip log from my personal army(s) here. ...

Replies: 500
Views: 50410

Nerdfest09's Blog now showing you W.I.P Space Sharks!

By: nerdfest09 in Dakka P&M Blogs
[youtube]Hi everyone, im currently beginning a new space marine army, The Marines Exemplar, for thos......

Replies: 4547
Views: 218666

Victoria Miniatures, Truck wheels preview. Pg 65

By: vic in News & Rumors
Hi, I have just put up the next Victoria Miniatures release in the online store ...

Replies: 1976
Views: 192575

BLACKHAND'S General Casting Tutorial

By: BLACKHAND in Painting and Modeling Tutorials
In the past I have had several people ask for an explanation of how I make molds and resin cast of m......

Replies: 491
Views: 69295

** HIVE FLEET COLOSSUS ** - jungle world themed tyranid army (PICS!)

By: neal1975 in Painting & Modeling Showcase
Hello my fellow Dakkians ! I hardly ever post, i lurk on this site mostly, but i always check i......

Replies: 195
Views: 28120

J-paint's Ad Mech and Combined guard regiment. - Scion conversion and hellhound

By: J-paint in Dakka P&M Blogs
Heya guys. I know there are a fair few Ad Mech armies out there, and im looking to get in on the act......

Replies: 1055
Views: 92453

Imperial steam punk...Chineese take away diner , grotz style...

By: Viktor von Domm in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hello Dakka, i finally choose to postpone a further work on my airship to paint again some mini......

Replies: 15372
Views: 446698

Develain's Project Log: Thousand Sons Revamp:

By: Develain in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hey there Dakka. Couple of years ago I started a similair thread featuring scratchbuilt tanks. ......

Replies: 376
Views: 31406

-Crisp & Grey- A NZ SM blog (Update 16th April - Sang Guard WIP 5)

By: Knightley in Dakka P&M Blogs
Whats currently completed, works in progress and to be started Completed First push 201......

Replies: 3052
Views: 193134

Mantic Games - Sci-fi News & Rumors: Battlezones, hard plastic sci-fi terrain released.

By: scarletsquig in News & Rumors
Welcome to the Sci-fi News & Rumors thread for Mantic Games! This thread contains all the l......

Replies: 6563
Views: 318083

Re:Little Camera, Big Results - LCBR - (pictures from the table top perspective) - updated Apri 14th

By: Crablezworth in 40K General Discussion

Replies: 317
Views: 25034

Ongoing Rumor Accuracy Tracking

By: pretre in Dakka Discussions
FORMAT: Linked Source - Date Posted Rumor STATUS Example: ...

Replies: 688
Views: 63104

Khorne's Eternal Hunt - The World Eaters 4th assault company: now dissecting the Tempestus Scions...

By: KrautScientist in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hey everyone, after a longer hobby hiatus, I got back into 40k in late 2010, whe...

Replies: 1344
Views: 156198

Dave Paints......

By: Davey80y in Painting & Modeling Showcase
hey all, new on here so i thought id kick of of with a showcase of my work :-P lets get righ......

Replies: 382
Views: 45769

3D printing my Guard army (Journal)

By: Saz000 in Painting & Modeling
Hi all, I have recently received my 3d printer. And since it has been my dream to design and prin......

Replies: 98
Views: 10051

Leave No Model Unconverted: 31mm Space Marines. An Odyssey in posing, tall scaling and other madness

By: Veteran Sergeant in Dakka P&M Blogs

Replies: 243
Views: 38464

PDH - Odds and Ends - Inq28 (Ordo Malleus - Inquisitorial Storm Trooper Warden)

By: PDH in Dakka P&M Blogs
EDIT - This blog stated off as PDH - Odds and Ends - Random 40k and Fantasy Models but seems to...

Replies: 1327
Views: 149730

Re:Descent into Raeg: Angry Marines & Whatever **UPDATE: FEETZ & NEW MAHREENS**

By: Vyler in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hi all! I am a first time Dakka poster. A friend of mine suggested that I post my current project lo......

Replies: 281
Views: 32724

EDF Eden defence force (non imperial standalone force) Plog*conversion heavy

By: ashotninja in Dakka P&M Blogs
Welcome to my plog featuring my custom Guard army called the EDF... heres some fluff.. The lar......

Replies: 301
Views: 39871

Re:The Strengths of the NEW Tyranids - The Foundation for Competitive Tyranids (Battle Report p.49)

By: jy2 in 40K Tactics
So far, the early consensus for the new Tyranids is that theyve gotten worse. Theyve lost a lot of ......

Replies: 2662
Views: 121583

IG/Astra Militarum Rumours for April (first post updated 12th April)

By: Kroothawk in News & Rumors
Review of Codex Astra Militarum: ...

Replies: 6184
Views: 450344

Mutant Chronicles (R) Warzone Resurrection

By: Warzone Resurrection in Misc. Miniature Games
Date: 15th February 2013 Dear Mutant Chronicles Warzone Fans. Firstly we would like to thank ......

Replies: 3412
Views: 242333

Quest for Perfection, Mantic Enforcers complete

By: weetyskemian44 in Dakka P&M Blogs
I have an obsession with old minis. These werent the minis I had as a child - these were the minis I......

Replies: 5511
Views: 292522

World Eaters Warband * Very early WIP for a possible Helbrute Alpha*

By: Biohazard in Dakka P&M Blogs
Ive just joined this site and wanted to share my Worldeaters project. I dont actually play the gam......

Replies: 959
Views: 74249

Randy's Combined IG SM Blog, 2nd Devastator unit FINISHED, Company gets closer to completion.. P22

By: RandyMcStab in Dakka P&M Blogs

Replies: 642
Views: 68756

Dave's new Hobby Adventure thread - playing with the New Guard stuff

By: dsteingass in Dakka P&M Blogs
I was 450 pages into my bloated necromunda project thread, when something Tookish woke up inside me,......

Replies: 5454
Views: 159978

Mantic Deadzone Kickstarter - Completed! - $1,216,482 final total.

By: scarletsquig in Mantic Games
Mantic has a Kickstarter live for Deadzone, a sci-fi skirmish game with a vari...

Replies: 4599
Views: 224419

6th Ed. Ork Changes and Tactics. (Updated 9/7 with Ork FAQ 1.3)

By: matphat in 40K Tactics
Im keeping an updated list as people come up with more changes and tactics. All changes are verifi......

Replies: 2974
Views: 157974

The Ordo Bloggit: 16th April Not dead, just busy...

By: inmygravenimage in Dakka P&M Blogs
PREAMBLE: This was initially a merging of 4 blogs into one. It now covers all manner of stuff. My ......

Replies: 4639
Views: 219007

Mecha Front - now LIVE and funded on Kickstarter!

By: paulson games in News & Rumors

Replies: 1594
Views: 84693

(Not) Santas Workshop of the Strange, Wierd, and Wonderful - 15 April- The Prototype

By: Klaus, not Santa in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hello fellow Dakka reader and poster, Im new to this forum but not to WH40K a...

Replies: 1541
Views: 103245

The Great Marine Swap

By: whalemusic360 in Dakka P&M Blogs
Instructions Simply post your interest to swap, along with some recent work you have done, along......

Replies: 3444
Views: 177649

Sea Ogre New WIP pics up. 4/19/14 Now with Abalone

By: bebopdrums2424 in Dakka P&M Blogs
[spoiler]hi guys! Allow myself to introduce...myself...>_< Ive been lurking in the cor......

Replies: 1441
Views: 86930

Shrine of Aquila.... painting a dreamforge titan, airbrush adventures

By: madmartykmf in Dakka P&M Blogs
[img][img][list] I have obviously been working on a huge amount of models so thi...

Replies: 2317
Views: 194039

Fallout: Heading East -T-51b Power Armour

By: Wyrmalla in Dakka P&M Blogs

Replies: 435
Views: 19514

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