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Looking for some fun, long reads? Our hobby blog views take our most popular forum threads and compile them into a few massive pages for ease of reading. We try to automatically filter the most interesting posts so you dont have to read a lot of general comments and can get to the meat of the content. Please note, it may take some time for these pages to load as many of them are massive with hundreds of images. The blog is displayed in chronological order, so newest updates will be at the end of the last page of each blog. This page updates every hour to reflect the latest popular content here on Dakka.

Rebuilding the Mantis Warriors (5/3: GK dreadknight WIP2)

By: Gitsplitta in Dakka P&M Blogs
For New Readers: This is a lengthy blog and can seem quite overwhelming. It describes no......

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Your best conversion model (Seven awesome years of conversions)

By: Death Gear in Painting & Modeling
Put a pic of your best conversion model ...

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Dakka is Making a Game - Maelstrom's Edge - LIVE ON KICKSTARTER NOW

By: legoburner in News & Rumors
The Kickstarter IS LIVE!! Please back us at ...

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ArbitorIan's 7ed Reference Sheets - Updated to V5: Apr 2015

By: ArbitorIan in 40K General Discussion
HELLO My first version of the 7th Edition reference sheets is up! I was just about to update my......

Replies: 165
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Ex Profundis, The Dark Corners of the 41st Millennium - Skitarii Alpha Prime

By: Bruticus in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hello everyone. Ive been following this site for several months now and Ive finally decided to bite ......

Replies: 1306
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The Strengths of the NEW Tyranids - Foundation for Competitive Tyranids (Eldar Tactica p.318 & 319)

By: jy2 in 40K Tactics
So far, the early consensus for the new Tyranids is that theyve gotten worse. Theyve lost a lot of ......

Replies: 9585
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Blackadder's attempt to build the BOLS Warlord Titan

By: The_Blackadder in Dakka P&M Blogs
Since my Warhound titan is ostensibly complete http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/2......

Replies: 1589
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Scar's painting log!

By: Scarsminimadness in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hey all, Im going to keep a wip log from my personal army(s) here. ...

Replies: 716
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Quitting Daemon Princes webcomic, Bob & Fred -April 2015 Eldar 'Dex update!

By: Brothererekose in 40K General Discussion
**These first few comics are getting dated. They started with the Jan 2012 FAQs<...

Replies: 153
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Nerdfest09's Blog, Ghazzy Warboss conversion! oh yeah he' mean!!!

By: nerdfest09 in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hi everyone, recently ive been informed that 100+ pages of Nerdness is getting to be quite a bit! ......

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Victoria Miniatures - New Release; Greatcoat Legs, shoulder pads, arms and heads. Pg 100.

By: vic in News & Rumors
Hi, I have just put up the next Victoria Miniatures release in the online store ...

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Your Own Unique characters in 40K

By: Meridia in 40K Proposed Rules
Basically come up with you own characters, the story behind them and the rules for them on the battl......

Replies: 3626
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Khorne's Eternal Hunt - The World Eaters 4th assault company: Gak is about to get real!

By: KrautScientist in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hey everyone, after a longer hobby hiatus, I got back into 40k in late 2010, whe...

Replies: 2061
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PDH - Odds and Ends - Inq28 (/Merc edit WIP)

By: PDH in Dakka P&M Blogs
EDIT - This blog stated off as PDH - Odds and Ends - Random 40k and Fantasy Models but seems to...

Replies: 1502
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Re:Little Camera, Big Results - LCBR - (pictures from the table top perspective) - updated april 23

By: Crablezworth in 40K General Discussion

Replies: 456
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Leave No Model Unconverted: True Scale Space Marines. Xenos starting p10, True Scale Tutorial p12

By: Veteran Sergeant in Dakka P&M Blogs

Replies: 367
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Navigator Household - Tech Gang update

By: weirdingway in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hi, After years of lurking and being inspired by everyones amazing projects Ive finally decided......

Replies: 435
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-Crisp & Grey- A NZ SM blog (Update 4th May - Ghost Ark 2 WIP 6)

By: Knightley in Dakka P&M Blogs
Whats currently completed, works in progress and to be started Completed First push 201......

Replies: 3814
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Ongoing Rumor Accuracy Tracking

By: pretre in Dakka Discussions
FORMAT: Linked Source - Date Posted Rumor STATUS Example: ...

Replies: 903
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The Death of The Emperor

By: Dark Lord Seanron in Dakka Fiction
Hello folks I dont know if many of you will remember, but there was an old thread on Dakka Fict......

Replies: 247
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ModCube - Part tokens, part dice, fully modular! - Video of Cube Assembly, p12. Kickstarter Tuesday!

By: RiTides in News & Rumors
Hi guys, I would like to introduce a new product I have been working on for some time, but this......

Replies: 373
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Terrain project: Imperial Cathedral

By: Phutarf in Dakka P&M Blogs
Ok, after hang...

Replies: 618
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Mierce Miniatures - News & Rumors Thread - Latest Updates on Pg. 176/7!

By: Mierce Miniatures in News & Rumors

Replies: 5291
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cyborks & flyboyz : Salute and stuff...

By: monkeytroll in Dakka P&M Blogs
** Catch-up post on page 50 ** Slimgrin shrieked as he was hoisted into the air by his scrawn......

Replies: 2092
Views: 159876

McGibs's Bloody Beasties of Khorne! (Imps and Knight on Page3!)

By: McGibs in Dakka P&M Blogs
Starting up this thread to try and keep myself more motivated to paint and post photos of my Chaos K......

Replies: 74
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Sheep's general log of stuff - Not so Dark Eldar & nids - Updated 04//24/2015

By: Sheep in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hi everybody, and welcome to my newest log of insanity. As Im sure many of you have, Ive been ......

Replies: 247
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Adeptus Mechanicus for 40k p151 new teaser

By: Ratius in News & Rumors

Replies: 4506
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Fallout:Heading East - More Shacks, Fences and the Cookie Monster

By: Wyrmalla in Dakka P&M Blogs

Replies: 812
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Alien vs Predator Miniatures Game from Prodos Games

By: Prodos in Misc. Miniature Games
Thought wed leave this one here for you... ...

Replies: 4737
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Raging Heroes [official] Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter - $698,548 Finish!

By: Raging-Heroes in Dakka Discussions
As recommended by Yakface, I am launching this new thread about Raging Heroes ...

Replies: 8913
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Re:Descent into Raeg: Angry Marines & Whatever **UPDATE: FEETZ & NEW MAHREENS**

By: Vyler in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hi all! I am a first time Dakka poster. A friend of mine suggested that I post my current project lo......

Replies: 282
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Tomb Kings in Space – Thokt Necron Army Ghost Ark (2-22-15)

By: Soul of Iron in Dakka P&M Blogs
When the Necron codex dropped 4th quarter last year, I drooled over the new rules and models, but co......

Replies: 192
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Randy's Ultramarines 3rd Co. & Macragge PDF, Hydra/Wvyern Completed Pics, P29

By: RandyMcStab in Dakka P&M Blogs

Replies: 868
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Vlka Fenryka - Witness to NEW madness - Blog starts!

By: migsula in Dakka P&M Blogs
Saga of the Rödmoon “The flutist made a beautiful sound in the depth of the Kaernas fo......

Replies: 225
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Robotech Kickstarter Funded at $1.44 Million!

By: warboss in Misc. Miniature Games

Replies: 9662
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Quest for Perfection, recycling old plastic

By: weetyskemian44 in Dakka P&M Blogs
I have an obsession with old minis. My other obsession is getting it perfect... Have you ever not......

Replies: 6195
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Who else misses the old style sci fi art...

By: 92acclude in Dakka Discussions
that used to fill the pages of White Dwarf? Check out more on my blog. ...

Replies: 287
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Dave's new Hobby Adventure thread - old ideas...

By: dsteingass in Dakka P&M Blogs
I was 450 pages into my bloated necromunda project thread, when something Tookish woke up inside me,......

Replies: 5661
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The NEW INFINITY News & Rumors Thread - Combined Army Fraacta on Pg. 109!

By: Alpharius in News & Rumors
The old thread was getting a bit long in the tooth so here we are with the NEW Infinity News & R......

Replies: 3423
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DA GROT REBELZ: Fully Converted Guard & Ork Army Project

By: Proiteus in Dakka P&M Blogs
[B][U]WHO R DEZ B...

Replies: 356
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Bebops INFINITY....4/21 INFINITY Terrain WIP {Cyber Ramen Hut}

By: bebopdrums2424 in Dakka P&M Blogs
[spoiler]hi guys! Allow myself to introduce...myself...>_< Ive been lurking in the cor......

Replies: 1583
Views: 107859

DreamForge-Games- Official News and Rumors Thread (NEW RELEASE Panzerjagers! +May Mecha Madness!!)

By: NoseGoblin in News & Rumors
Welcome to the official, ongoing news and rumors thread for DreamForge-Games....

Replies: 5017
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Anvilindustry.co.uk - Shard Recon Pledge Level completed and ready to start shipping.

By: Anvils Hammer in News & Rumors
Anvil Industry presents AFTERLIFE, a project to create a new narrative driven war gaming experienc...

Replies: 2983
Views: 324581

PP: Warmachine/Hordes New Releases: Upcoming release models, Pg 58

By: Surtur in News & Rumors
Just to compile the scattered about info and pics of upcoming releases and those for the next unknow......

Replies: 1841
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The Bloggit 2nd May X wing Asteroid base (largely) built - now with game card - also, Tholian tokens

By: inmygravenimage in Dakka P&M Blogs
PREAMBLE: This was initally a merging of 4 blogs into one. It now covers all manner of stuff. For ......

Replies: 5608
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Gitsplitta's Bad Moon Orks (4/25: Trukk finished)

By: Gitsplitta in Dakka P&M Blogs
I thought it was high time to put together a little blog about my Bad Moon orks. My screen name and......

Replies: 2431
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