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What is Dakka?
DakkaDakka is a large, independent wargaming community that features discussion, tutorials and images for many games. If you are new to the world of wargaming then learn about it in our introductory article: What is Wargaming?

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The IIIrd Legion: an Heresy-era Emperor's Children blog.
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Astral Claws
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Just another Necron Overlord
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More About Dakka

DakkaDakka - Warhammer, 40k, Warmachine and Flames of War Community.

DakkaDakka is a large, independent wargaming community that features discussion, tutorials and images for many games.

Warhammer 40,000

Our warhammer 40k forums are among our most popular. They have been operating the longest and contain discussion about every facet of warhammer 40k from tactics and army lists to background and upcoming releases.

Warhammer Fantasy

The Warhammer Fantasy Battle Forums are consistently increasing in popularity and are almost on a par with our 40k forums covering the same large range of content with advice from some of the best tacticians the world has to offer.

Warmachine and Hordes

Dakka now has one of the largest Warmachine and Hordes forums on the web, and has a huge range of Warmachine Pictures in our gallery.

Flames of War

Flames of War and other historical games are growing in popularity here on dakka and we invite anyone to join in and discuss them in detail. As flames of war grows more popular, Dakka's coverage will only increase. Be sure to check out the Flames of War gallery to see some inspiring stuff.

Dakka Features

Dakka is a big site with a lot to explore. Here we highlight some of our more interesting features:

Wargaming Gallery

The dakka gallery is one of the largest wargaming galleries in the world and has a huge range of tagged miniatures from many game systems. From flames of war to babylon 5, and of course 40k. You can vote on images (like using hot-or-not), and use our advanced gallery search engine to find exactly what you are looking for, be it space marines, orks, cryx or Dark Elves!


The dakka forums are growing faster and faster and are the bread and butter of the website. They still maintain quality and a fair level of freedom compared to many other forums. Our most popular forum is News and Rumours, but Dakka Discussions and 40k army lists are very popular too. There are some important rules to consider (no spam, no swearing, no piracy) but everybody gets on well enough thanks to our great moderation team.


The dakka wargaming articles are run on a wiki (like wikipedia). We have a huge range of wargaming articles covering everything from tactica to modeling and painting and even some great funny stuff. If you are bored and want to have the equivalent of dozens of magazines to read then head over to the main articles page and start clicking around. Because it is a wiki, anybody can hop in and click the 'edit' tab at the top of the page, so if you have anything to add or just see some typos or bad grammar then you can help make it better for everyone.

Army Profiles

Dakka's army profiles are a throwback to the very earliest version of dakka from the late 1990s, where various armies were highlighted in detail. Our army profiles section now contains many armies from different game systems with in depth photographs, army lists and explanations of their signifigance from their owners.


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Dakka Blog

Dakka Gallery: (wip) Titan Knight Crusader

Posted: 2016-05-04 04:59:07
Taken with an OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP. FE4030,X950
Unknown creator

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Blood & Plunder Kickstarter

Posted: 2016-05-01 00:00:00

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Posted: 2016-04-24 18:19:00

Aether Captains features a distinct combat system and unique playing roles that pit the might of the prestigious Navy Commander against a cadre of cutthroat War Captains wishing to dominate the skies of Arkady. Blending strategy and skill, players traverse the skies to acquire crucial resources and crew members that aid them in both their primary objectives and epic air skirmishes. An asymmetric steampunk board game for 1-5 players between swashbuckling sky pirates and mighty naval zeppelins in the Skies of Arkady!

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Dakka Forum: Retro Review-Chapter Approved-1988 (& my 15,000th post)

Posted: 2016-05-04 03:59:07
Forum post by Kid_Kyoto, 60 responses at time of this post.

So this is my 15,000th post (give or take a few) on this version of Dakka. I've been posting almost daily on some version of Dakka since late1999/early 2000 so I can only guess what my actual post total might be if they'd all carried over.

So here's something special I've been meaning to do for a while, a Retro Review of the second ever 40k book, Chapter Approved (aka the First Book of the Astronomicon)! From WAAAY back in 1988.

Note, according to Dakka rules if you were not born when the book being Retro Reviewed came out you must speak up and say so!

As you may recall from my Retro Review of Rogue Trader the original game looked nothing like the one it evolved into. No army lists, no missions, random equipment, GMs... It was more of an RPG than a 1-on-1 wargame. Well that's being charitable. The truth is Rogue Trader was a great fluff book with incredible production values but it was also an unplayable mess that didn't know what it wanted to be.

But it very quickly became obvious what direction GW would take it in. Chapter Approved introduced things like named characters and army lists. It even had the first campaign featuring Squat Hearthguard vs Zoat Fleshflayers!


I kid.

It was Space Wolves and Orks.


Times may change but the standards must remain.

I got my copy on ebay a few years back during my single childless more money than sense days.

I forget just what I paid but know I left the 6.99 price tag (roughly ?665) on it to depress myself.

Which reminds me does anyone know if this book was even released in the US? I didn't get into GW games until a few years later but I don't...

Post continues at http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/688008.page

Dakka Gallery: Another Great Image!

Posted: 2016-05-04 02:59:07
Taken with a SAMSUNG ES28 / VLUU ES28
Unknown creator

Dakka Gallery: Another Great Image!

Posted: 2016-05-04 01:59:07
Unknown creator

Dakka Gallery: xv And Xvi Banners

Posted: 2016-05-04 00:59:07
By RazakelXIII

Dakka Gallery: Blood Axe Ork Hot Rod Buggy Conversion

Posted: 2016-05-03 23:59:07
By keiko76

Dakka Forum: Should these models be Vehicles?

Posted: 2016-05-03 22:59:07
Forum post by SemperMortis, 115 responses at time of this post.

Multiple Choice, Should these Models be vehicles instead of MC/GMC?

The non-MC/GMC models mentioned are up their because they are robotic/mechanical in some way and are roughly the same size as dreadnoughts/Killa Kanz.

Dakka Gallery: Build, Kitbash, Orks, Piranha, Scratch, Warhammer 40,000, Wheel

Posted: 2016-05-03 21:59:07
Unknown creator

Dakka Forum: New Dawn of War incoming?! (Dawn of War twitter: May 3rd announcement)

Posted: 2016-05-03 20:59:07
Forum post by unmercifulconker, 52 responses at time of this post.

My brothers and sisters, is it finally time? Hype engines set to warp speed.

Dakka Gallery: Dwimmer-crafty Izesfin, Magister of Slaanesh - Montage

Posted: 2016-05-03 19:59:07

Dakka Gallery: Renegade Tank Company Commissar

Posted: 2016-05-03 18:59:07
By insaniak

Dakka Gallery: Fallen Wolf 04

Posted: 2016-05-03 17:59:07
By KrautScientist

Dakka Gallery: Adepticon 2011, Crystal Brush, Grey Knights, Land Raider, Warhammer 40,000

Posted: 2016-05-03 16:59:07
Taken with a Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS
Unknown creator

Dakka Gallery: Conversion, Maulerfiend, Night Lords

Posted: 2016-05-03 15:59:07
Unknown creator

Dakka Gallery: Sacrifice to Sin

Posted: 2016-05-03 14:59:07
By KernelTerror

Dakka Gallery: Conversion, Orks, Walker, Warhammer 40,000

Posted: 2016-05-03 13:59:07
Taken with an Apple iPhone 4
Unknown creator

Dakka Gallery: Dark Angels Scout Squad Dom (10th Company, 1st Squad)

Posted: 2016-05-03 12:59:07
By TP^DC Deputy Manager

Dakka Gallery: Chaos, Forge World, Reaver, Titan, Warhammer 40,000

Posted: 2016-05-03 11:59:07
Taken with a Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi
By acolite

Dakka Gallery: Vermin lord

Posted: 2016-05-03 10:59:07
By OgreChubbs

Dakka Daily Poll: Does 40k need a complete re-write?

Posted: 2016-05-03 09:59:07
Does 40k need a complete re-write?
Yes total re-write from scratch.
Yes total re write but based on WHFB.
No it just needs some more special rules.
No it has no problems at all as it is.

View Results / Discussion
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