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Army Profiles

Dakka Army Profiles are a return to Dakka's glorious past where full armies from our members are featured in detail.

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to submit their own army profiles. To do so, click on the Add an Article link on the left hand side of the screen and choose 'Army Profile Template' to start creating your army profile.

Remember, the whole point of an Army Profile is to show off a bunch of finished pictures of your army along with some interesting thoughts and facts about the creation of said army. If your models are still in progress or you don't have very good pictures to post, you are probably better off posting your army in our forums where you will be much more likely to get constant feedback.

Please note that as with all articles in our wiki, pictures cannot be linked from other sources on the internet (such as an image hosting service you might have). Instead, all pictures must be first uploaded either to our gallery or directly into the wiki system itself (both of which are completely free for all members).

If you are having trouble figuring out how to create or format your army profile, please contact one of our article moderators for assistance, or just post your issue in the Nuts & Bolts forum.

For even more army photos, be sure to check out shots tagged as "Army" in the Dakka Gallery.

Army Profiles by Game

War of the Ring Army Profiles

Armies from Tolkien's Middle-Earth and Games Workshop's large scale battle game..

War of the Ring Army Profiles.

Warhammer 40,000 Army Profiles

Armies from the grim darkness of the far future. Games Workshop's gothic Sci-fi game featuring super-human Space Marines, brutal Ork hordes, ancient Eldar, devouring Tyranids, implacable Necrons and many more! Check out the multitude of Warhammer 40,000 army profiles for Dakka's most popular game.

Warhammer 40,000 Army Profiles.

Warhammer Fantasy Army Profiles

The original Warhammer, the high-fantasy game that started it all for Games Workshop. The clash of steel against shield, crackling magics cast by wizards, arcane Dwarven technology, sinister Skaven, and many more! Check out all the Warhammer Fantasy Battle army profiles.

Warhammer Fantasy Army Profiles.

Warmachine & Hordes Army Profiles

Six-ton constructs of tempered iron and steel slam into one another with the destructive force of a locomotive, where lead-spewing cannons chew through armor plating as easily as flesh, and where a tempest of arcane magics sets the battlefield ablaze with such Armageddon-like proportions that the gods themselves fear to tread such tormented ground!

Warmachine & Hordes Army Profiles.

Blood Bowl Team Profiles

A bizarre humorous (yet bloody!) offshoot of Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy realm, where two teams face off against each other on a field in a cross between American football and straight up combat! Orc cheerleaders, Dwarves riding illegal contraptions onto the field, halflings being tossed by their treemen teammates; nothing is out of the realm of possibility in Blood Bowl.

Blood Bowl Team Profiles.

Necromunda Gang Profiles

A Games Workshop game set in the nightmare underhive of a vast industrial city spire where residents typically are born live and die all without ever seeing the sky. To these "hivers" on the planet Necromunda, the world revolves around the dealings and battles between the great houses of the hive. Players create their gang from scratch and gradually guide it to inevitable fame, glory and of course violence!

Necromunda Gang Profiles.

Mordheim Warband Profiles

Mordheim is a Games Workshop skirmish game set in the Warhammer Fantasy world. You lead mercenary warbands or packs of dark creatures in a narrative campaign, to search for Wyrdstone and slay your enemies in Mordheim City of the Damned.

Mordheim Warband Profiles.

Flames of War Army Profiles

Flames of War is Battlefront Miniatures's historical miniature game that covers modern combined arms land warfare. The majority of the figures released are set in various periods of World War 2.

Flames of War Army Profiles.

Aeronautica Imperialis Army Profiles

Sci-fi aerial dogfighting over the skies of the Warhammer 40k universe. Aeronautica Imperialis is the first stand-alone game from Forgeworld that allows players to take control of the skies and try to out fly each other to victory.

Aeronautica Imperialis Army Profiles.

Heavy Gear Army Profiles

Sci-fi Big Stompy Robots in a gritty, complex setting: Heavy Gear Blitz! is a high-tech action fast-playing 1/144 scale miniatures game where a corrupt Earth government reaches out to conquer it's abandoned colonies. Players can build armies from one of over a dozen factions armed with Gears (small humanoid walkers), Tanks, and Infantry in a setting that combines over-the-top mecha action with a modern military feel.

Heavy Gear Army Profiles.

Infinity Army Profiles

Infinity is a game with 28mm high metal miniatures that simulates combat and special operations in a science fiction environment with Manga aesthetics.

Infinity Army Profiles.


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