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Lore of Shadow

The Lore of Shadow is one of the Lores of Magic in Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Lore of Shadow

  1. Steed of Shadows: The Caster or other friendly character of unit strength 1 may immediately move as if in flight. This may be a charge, or take the model out of combat.
  2. Creeping Death: A magic missile of many weak attacks. Armour saves cannot be taken against this spell.
  3. Crown of Taidron: All units in an area, including friendly ones and the Wizard, take hits like a magic missile.
  4. Shades of Death: Remains in Play. The target unit causes Fear. If it already caused Fear, it now causes Terror.
  5. Unseen Lurker: A friendly unit may make a regular move, which may be a charge.
  6. Pit of Shades: All models under a small template must pass an Initiative test or be removed from play.


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