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Necron Special Rules

These rules are particular to the Necrons in the 3rd Edition Necrons Codex for Warhammer 40,000.

Gauss Weapons

  • Against living creatures, Gauss Weapons always cause a wound on a 6, regardless of Toughness. Saves still apply.
  • Against vehicles, Gauss Weapons always Glance on a 6, regardless of the Armour value. This does not apply if the roll was sufficient for a Penetrate.


These rules apply to all units with the Necron special rule.

We'll Be Back!

  • Necron units reduced to 0 Wounds or are otherwise removed as casualties are simply laid on their sides and left on the table where they originally were.
  • These downed Necron units are ignored for all game purposes; they are just debris.
  • At the start of the Necron player's next turn, they may roll a D6 for each dead Necron. On a 1-3 they are removed from the table; on a 4-6 they stand up with one wound remaining, joining the nearest unit of the same type.
  • A Necron may not make a We'll Be Back! roll if it was destroyed by a weapon that causes Instant Death. It may also not make a roll if it were destroyed in close combat by a weapon that does not allow an Armour Save.
  • A Resurrection Orb overrides the above clause if the Necron was within 6" of a Necron Lord carrying it at the time it was destroyed.
  • A Necron may only make a We'll Be Back! roll if there another model of the same type within 6".
  • If a Necron cannot make a We'll Be Back! roll due to not having another model of the same type within 6", it may repair if there is a Tomb Spyder within 12" and another model of the same type on the battlefield.
  • C'tan, Scarabs, Spyders, and Pariahs cannot make WBB rolls as they do not have the Necron special rule.

Phase Out

  • Any Necron army that is reduced to 25% of its Necron models (rounding down) will Phase Out.
  • This automatically gives a victory to the opponent regardless of the victory conditions.
  • All of the Necron army phases, not just models with the Necron special rule.
  • This is calculated at the beginning of the turn, after We'll Be Back! rolls have been made.


These rules apply to all units with the C'tan special rule.

  • Monstrous Creature.
  • Immune to Natural Law: C'tan never treat any terrain as impassible and are never required to make difficult terrain tests. They may float above impassible terrain. C'tan also count as having frag grenades when they attack models in cover.
  • Necrodermis: C'tan have a 4+ invulnerable save. If a C'tan is reduced to 0 wounds or otherwise removed as a casualty, every model within 6" takes a S6 hit with no armor save allowed. If a wraith-cannon inflicts instant death, the C'tan simply takes a wound without the benefit of its Invulnerable saving throw. If C'tan phase weapons strike a C'tan it will inflict no wounds; the attacker is also disarmed.
  • Drain Life: Any model reduced to 0 wounds will not regenerate or recover due to any war-gear.
  • Manifestation: Any model wishing to assault a C'tan must first pass a Leadership test. If the test is failed, the unit may not assault that turn.
  • Fearless; automatically passes all Morale checks and cannot be pinned.


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