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War Hydra

The War Hydra is a Rare choice for the Dark Elves in the 7th Edition Dark Elves Army Book for Warhammer Fantasy.

Background and Description

For thousands of year, the Dark Elves have trained these terrifying beasts as weapons for war. With their bulk, ferociousness and fiery breath, they crush enemy lines and scatter those who yet live.

Special Rules, Equipment and Magic Items

  • Handlers:
    • Beastmaster's Scourge.
    • Hand Weapon.
    • Eternal Hatred.
    • Beastmasters: Attacks that are randomised only hit the Hydra, and enemies who can choose to target either the Hydra or a Handler in close combat may only attack the Hydra. If the Handlers are killed, the Hydra takes a Monster Reaction test. Characters can never join this unit.
  • Hydra:
    • Eternal Hatred.
    • 4+ Scaly Skin.
    • Large Target.
    • Terror.
    • Fiery Breath: It has a breath attack of Strength equal to its remaining Wounds.
    • Regenerate.
    • Monster and Handlers.


No upgrades available.


  1. Capable of delivering an enormous number of high powered attacks, along with a Breath Weapon, the Hydra is one of the hardest hitting units in the army.
  2. With high Toughness, a good save and Regenerate, it is highly survivable.
  3. It is quite cheap for what it brings to the army.


  1. As a Large Target and a priority target, the enemy will focus all their ranged fire-power on it.


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