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by Wrexasaur
Paintjob: 5.38Coolness: 5.75
Views: 507Votes: 10
by Wrexasaur
Paintjob: 3.71Coolness: 4
Views: 425Votes: 9
by Wrexasaur
Paintjob: 4.29Coolness: 4.14
Views: 372Votes: 9
by Wrexasaur
Paintjob: 3Coolness: 3.5
Views: 482Votes: 8
by Wrexasaur
Paintjob: 5.4Coolness: 5.6
Views: 471Votes: 7
"I don't think he is listening..."
Paintjob: NewCoolness: New
Views: 333Votes: 1
"WAY TO GO EXARCH TED... HIP HIP HURRAH!" Yes the squad was just as surprised as the Nurgle Titan.
Paintjob: NewCoolness: New
Views: 447Votes: 3
"Hey, Ted... Ted this thing is pretty damn huge, you may want to be a bit more careful."
Paintjob: NewCoolness: New
Views: 1785Votes: 2
Do the Dire avengers have what it takes?
Paintjob: NewCoolness: New
Views: 393Votes: 1
Paintjob: 5.38Coolness: 5.62
Views: 662Votes: 10
Paintjob: 3Coolness: 2.5
Views: 364Votes: 5
Paintjob: 4.88Coolness: 4.5
Views: 919Votes: 11
Paintjob: 4.2Coolness: 4.6
Views: 719Votes: 7
Primed and Ready by Deadshane1
Paintjob: NewCoolness: New
Views: 787Votes: 3

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