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The 40K- all things old editions topic.
At: 2020/07/02 10:09:30
By: nemesis464 [Latest Reply]
50 Lots
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your favourite piece of headcanon
At: 2020/07/01 19:04:17
By: Halfton [Latest Reply]
50 Lots
 General Discussion
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This is a forum for all new members. Please post an introduction and tell us about yourself here along with any questions about how the board works.
Hello hello from a returning player (nearly 20 years away)
At: 2020/07/02 06:17:05
By: Vincentius [Latest Reply]
15215 141769
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Discuss news and rumors about the world of miniature war gaming.
40k preview, May 23 - 9th edition, new Necrons, Marines
At: 2020/07/02 09:57:26
By: topaxygouroun i [Latest Reply]
13919 1126484
[New Folder]
Tournament announcements/discussions for any type of game, including the rules/guidelines for running a wargaming tournament.
9th Edition and the 2001pt Tournament
At: 2020/07/01 22:01:24
By: Platuan4th [Latest Reply]
4616 94982
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Discuss anything related to miniature games not covered in other forums (Note: 40K and WHFB Discussion does NOT belong here)
Toys with war gaming or terrain uses
At: 2020/07/01 19:50:51
By: Kid_Kyoto [Latest Reply]
13159 478500
[New Folder]
Buy, Sell, & Trade your miniatures and games.
[H] Blood Angels Army [W] $$ [US]
At: 2020/07/02 00:58:44
By: stawick2 [Latest Reply]
54978 183641
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Announce local stores/clubs and post your requests for local games. Also the place to run local campaigns.
New Gaming Club - Coventry, UK - Cocked Dice
At: 2020/07/01 18:04:14
By: Aspects of Thom [Latest Reply]
6414 38136
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This forum is for discussion about specific Dakka articles and it also gives you an easy place to announce article updates. There is a thread here for every article that we have.
Article Discussion: The Silver Wolves: A Tale of Traitors
At: 2020/06/25 00:59:40
By: Anonymous [Latest Reply]
3851 11691
 Painting & Modeling
[New Folder]
General questions, discussion & showcase involving all things painting, modeling & photography.
DUST - KURGAN (project)
At: 2020/07/02 09:01:58
By: aphyon [Latest Reply]
67101 640005
[New Folder]
Share pictures of your FINISHED models for feedback and praise (painted & based miniatures only please).
Pariah Press's painting progress 2020. Latest image: Administratum Scribes, VF-1A Valkyries p. 1
At: 2020/07/02 09:00:40
By: Kid_Kyoto [Latest Reply]
19237 200806
[New Folder]
Painting & modeling threads that are regularly updated with work in progress pictures.
Geifer's Assorted GW Stuff
At: 2020/07/02 09:31:46
By: Geifer [Latest Reply]
11134 729725
[New Folder]
A place for tutorials showing different painting and modeling techniques and ideas. Share any techniques you have picked up over the years but please include pictures.
Pool of Acid
At: 2020/07/01 06:12:39
By: Terrainosaur [Latest Reply]
2670 23461
 Maelstrom's Edge
[New Folder]
This forum is dedicated to the discussion of the Maelstrom's Edge 28mm Sci-Fi Game and Universe
Livin' on the MEdge - or: 101 things to do with the MEdge terrain sprue...
At: 2020/06/20 06:07:56
By: Sgt. Oddball [Latest Reply]
251 2221
 Warhammer 40,000
[New Folder]
Post and review 40K army lists
Can I make a vaguely competitive list from these units?
At: 2020/07/01 10:41:50
By: XeonDragon [Latest Reply]
94471 631390
[New Folder]
Want to discuss 40k rules interpretations? This is the place. Caution: Can get heated, but also can be informative.
Do Terminators get 1+ saves now?
At: 2020/07/02 10:09:14
By: Stux [Latest Reply]
46581 661119
[New Folder]
Want to discuss how a current 40K rule could be improved? Also the place to discuss 40K rules of your own and GW experimental 40K rules.
Proposed melta rules
At: 2020/07/02 06:53:30
By: Blackie [Latest Reply]
9878 188772
[New Folder]
Let everyone know how cool your last game of 40K was! Post your report here with all the glorious details.
The Argo Cluster - 40K campaign reports - Adventures on Mithras, Page 4.
At: 2020/06/28 23:28:47
By: Insurgency Walker [Latest Reply]
9021 98949
[New Folder]
Know the best way to stop that unbeatable 40K army? Post it here and share the knowledge.
No more muckin' about - Proppa Ork Tactics Thread [Lists in spoilers or we'll krump ya]
At: 2020/07/02 10:05:04
By: addnid [Latest Reply]
34841 804685
[New Folder]
Debate and discuss the rich background of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.
Catching up on the last ten years of lore?
At: 2020/07/02 09:43:48
By: Prev [Latest Reply]
14306 432554
[New Folder]
The place to discuss anything about 40K that doesn't fit into any of the other forums.
The 40K- all things old editions topic.
At: 2020/07/02 10:09:30
By: nemesis464 [Latest Reply]
52061 1331943
[New Folder]
Army lists, tactics & rules discussion for Forgeworld's Horus Heresy rules. For Heresy background discussion, please use the 40k Background subforum.
Advice on solo primarchs
At: 2020/07/01 06:12:30
By: Nitro Zeus [Latest Reply]
2133 23307
 Warhammer: Age of Sigmar
[New Folder]
Discussion of anything Age of Sigmar that's not covered by the other AoS forums.
New to AoS, need some advice on products
At: 2020/07/02 09:13:48
By: Jackal90 [Latest Reply]
7355 119278
Enter the Mortal Realms! Discuss the perilous setting, mighty heroes, and monstrous villains of Age of Sigmar.
Timeline of Major Campaigns
At: 2020/05/21 06:14:07
By: NinthMusketeer [Latest Reply]
447 5507
[New Folder]
Discussion of Age of Sigmar rules, army lists, tactics, and battle reports. Share your knowledge and experience here!
Need help to build an army (blade of Khorne)
At: 2020/07/02 04:26:09
By: hellpato [Latest Reply]
11254 77949
 More Games Workshop Miniature Games
[New Folder]
GW standalone board games, plus all specialist GW games, such as Necromunda, Blood Bowl & Epic 40k.
[KT] Genestealer Cult vs Harlequins Battle Report
At: 2020/07/01 21:04:41
By: Lootloader [Latest Reply]
3458 34900
[New Folder]
The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and War of the Ring games
Report on Your LotR projects.
At: 2020/07/01 07:55:42
By: Slinky [Latest Reply]
1282 11934
[New Folder]
Discussion related to the legacy Warhammer Fantasy Battle rules, including 9th Age.
Baldrick's fantasy armies ( Next up High Elves)
At: 2020/07/01 18:05:55
By: Mr. S Baldrick [Latest Reply]
10615 114093
 Other Miniature Games
[New Folder]
Dedicated to conversations about steam powered monstrous miniature combat, and anything else made by PP. Discuss it like you've got a pair!
May be a weird topic for here...
At: 2020/07/01 16:46:13
By: Monkeysloth [Latest Reply]
7539 72563
[New Folder]
The high-stakes futuristic miniature skirmish game by Corvus Belli.
Shae-Konnit Split Minis
At: 2020/06/19 01:32:09
By: Shae-Konnit [Latest Reply]
2262 32975
[New Folder]
May the force be with you! Discussion of all FF miniature games, including Star Wars X-Wing, Armada, Legion & Imperial Assault.
[Legion] Droid army advice
At: 2020/06/20 04:13:26
By: ingtaer [Latest Reply]
1875 23817
[New Folder]
Discussion of all things Mantic, including: Kings of War, Deadzone, Warpath, The Walking Dead, etc.
Cases for Army
At: 2020/06/28 09:59:33
By: lord_blackfang [Latest Reply]
1051 31256
[New Folder]
Ancients, Napoleonics, Perry, etc. Discussion of historical miniature games set before World War 1.
Seven Samurai + 2
At: 2020/06/25 12:20:49
By: PHGamer [Latest Reply]
995 6659
[New Folder]
Bolt Action, Flames of War, etc. Discussion of historical miniature games from World War 1 to the present (and near future).
British Cavalry Unit for WW1 Mesopotamia
At: 2020/06/30 22:48:53
By: Kroem [Latest Reply]
3999 34627
[New Folder]
Spartan's Halo, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Dropzone Commander, etc. Any Sci-Fi miniature game not covered by another forum.
DUST 1947-resource/batrep/awesomeness topic
At: 2020/06/29 18:46:04
By: Shrapnelsmile [Latest Reply]
1840 70595
[New Folder]
Dark Age, Dystopian Wars, Frostgrave, Malifaux, Wild West Exodus, etc. Any miniature-based game not covered by another forum, including alternate history games.
Parabellum Conquest
At: 2020/07/01 15:32:52
By: Alpharius [Latest Reply]
2321 42029
 Official Games Forums
[New Folder]
The official forum for Gangfight Games, makers of Blackwater Gulch.
Gangfight games Patreon
At: 2020/06/23 12:20:59
By: Theophony [Latest Reply]
167 2476
 More Dakka
[New Folder]
From Talisman to Magic The Gathering via Settlers of Catan and DnD. All board game, RPGs and card games can be discussed here.
Wrath & Glory Resources
At: 2020/06/30 17:09:55
By: warboss [Latest Reply]
2352 53479
[New Folder]
Review the latest games, talk strategy and schedule online sessions with fellow Dakka fans.
Co-op with girlfriend help
At: 2020/07/02 09:41:27
By: Dreadwinter [Latest Reply]
5400 212657
[New Folder]
This forum is a place where you can share your developing games with a large community and receive feedback on rule, background and other decisions you have made. It is also suited for general discussion of production sources, ideas, etc.
Game Design Discussion - How much rolling is too much?
At: 2020/07/02 01:09:11
By: Nurglitch [Latest Reply]
295 5690
Learn more about other wargamers and see how your interests and hobby life compare to others. No hot-button topics (religion, politics, etc.) please!
Horus heresy Film Poll
At: 2020/06/17 02:58:47
By: Scott [Latest Reply]
182 23520
[New Folder]
This section is for fiction (aka Fluff) about battles, army backgrounds, short stories, etc.
Smirking Da Chosen One - Ch. 42 -Apparent Authority
At: 2020/07/02 00:37:41
By: theCrowe [Latest Reply]
2630 54443
A forum dedicated to games and fiction created by the collaboration of many users' posts.
corrupt a wish!
At: 2020/06/17 13:37:04
By: BigWaaagh [Latest Reply]
832 389984
[New Folder]
Movies, TV, music, comics, novels, etc. If its media that appeals to geeks, this is the place to discuss it.
The Witcher TV Series on Netflix trailer page 8
At: 2020/07/02 09:45:57
By: BaconCatBug [Latest Reply]
1359 96518
[New Folder]
Go wild with topics not covered by any of our other forums. WARNING: political and religious discussions are not allowed!
Conspiracy Theorists - a ‘but why?’ Discussion.
At: 2020/07/02 10:04:56
By: TheMeanDM [Latest Reply]
18873 982609
[New Folder]
Want to make a suggestion about the site? Having a technical issue? Post it here.
At: 2020/06/25 02:38:04
By: insaniak [Latest Reply]
2943 22829
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