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Looking for some fun, long reads? Our hobby blog views take our most popular forum threads and compile them into a few massive pages for ease of reading. We try to automatically filter the most interesting posts so you dont have to read a lot of general comments and can get to the meat of the content. Please note, it may take some time for these pages to load as many of them are massive with hundreds of images. The blog is displayed in chronological order, so newest updates will be at the end of the last page of each blog. This page updates every hour to reflect the latest popular content here on Dakka.

Gitsplitta's Unified Painting Theory (1/28: Bushido things, new tokens, castings!)

By: Gitsplitta in Dakka P&M Blogs
For New Readers: This is a lengthy blog and can seem quite overwhelming. It describes no......

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Khorne's Eternal Hunt - The World Eaters' 4th assault company: new World Eaters legionnaires!

By: KrautScientist in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hey everyone, after a longer hobby hiatus, I got back into 40k in late 2010, whe...

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Victoria Miniatures: Wildfires fundraiser Jan 2020

By: vic in News & Rumors
Hi, I have just put up the next Victoria Miniatures release in the online store ...

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So what are you doing today? Hobbywise only.

By: SilentScreamer in Dakka Discussions
So what are you are all doing today for games like WH40k , ...

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Re:Little Camera, Big Results - LCBR - updated feb 19

By: Crablezworth in 40K General Discussion

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Livin' on the MEdge - or: 101 things to do with the MEdge terrain sprue...

By: insaniak in Maelstrom's Edge General Discussion
So, I was lucky enough to be sent a bunch of early sprues of the Maelstroms Edge terrain to play wit......

Replies: 321
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Anvil Industry - New Website and Daughters of the Burning Rose Available NOW!

By: Anvils Hammer in News & Rumors
If you are just clicking through, you can find discussion of our new Daughters of the Burning Rose...

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McGibs's Bloody Beasties of Khorne!

By: McGibs in Dakka P&M Blogs
Starting up this thread to try and keep myself more motivated to paint and post photos of my Chaos K......

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Adeptus Titanicus news and rumours - Nemesis Warbringer Titan and Shadow and Iron book - pg 252

By: zedmeister in News & Rumors
Doom of Molech next up: ...

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No more muckin' about - Proppa Ork Tactics Thread [Lists in spoilers or we'll krump ya]

By: Jidmah in 40K Tactics
Due to popular demand, I re-created the tactics thread with the pretty rainbow table of units. If yo......

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Necrons NEW 8th ed. Codex tactica - [please post lists under spoilers]

By: skoffs in 40K Tactics
I hope your Tomb World is woke, because its New codex time! [Guess I better move this to the......

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Report on Your AoS Projects!

By: MongooseMatt in AoS General Discussion
Had a thought this weekend - with everyone messing around with Age of Sigmar, might it be fun if we ......

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Rollin' All Ones --- A Very 3 Dimensional Christmas (12-26-19)

By: Ramos Asura in Dakka P&M Blogs
Welcome, welcome to the Project Log of Rollin All Ones Studios! First started as a log of my pe......

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By: Lamby in Dakka P&M Blogs
So it begins - Welcome to the dark worlds of Inqu][sitor... ...

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[Adepta Sororitas] Shipping Jan 18

By: Manchu in News & Rumors

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Codex Tyranids Tactica: The Shadow Falls, The Hive Fleets Gather. Worlds Devoured

By: Lance845 in 40K Tactics
Welcome to the Tyranid Tactics Thread! Your one stop shop for all things nids in 8th edition. This f......

Replies: 5311
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Astra Militarum: More Competitive in 8th Edition?

By: deltaKshatriya in 40K Tactics
So, were starting to learn more and more about the 8th Edition of Warhammer. One of the things I was......

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Graven's shelf of shame Feb 20 Dreadball Bloodtide Buccaneers test fig

By: inmygravenimage in Dakka P&M Blogs
PREAMBLE: This is my rather large and meandering blog of the last 9 years. Amongst other th......

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Industrial Insanity - A Terrain Blog by H.B.M.C. (The Red Planet)

By: H.B.M.C. in Dakka P&M Blogs
He who dies with the most toys wins. - Malcolm Forbes Hello all, For a long, ...

Replies: 266
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Randy's Ultramarines & Macragge PDF (IG) Inters Completed, Pics Abound.

By: RandyMcStab in Dakka P&M Blogs

Replies: 1503
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6’ x 10’ Cities of Death Board WIP (updated with video, custom ventrillion, tanks and monorail)

By: btoliver311 in Dakka P&M Blogs
Welcome to the Hive Sector EPG-13 (east primary gate) WIP . Planet: not yet cl...

Replies: 730
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Mad Robot Miniatures: New Head Releases 2-21-20 VSS RIFLES and AT EASE HANDS

By: mad robot in News & Rumors
Figured it was time to start up a proper thread to get some feedback from you guys. What we hav......

Replies: 2835
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Camkierhi's other stuff blog. Currently in a galaxy far far away!

By: Camkierhi in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hello and welcome, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------......

Replies: 4667
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The Lamenter Project - Warlord Naming contest is now open!

By: Solar_lion in Dakka P&M Blogs
As requested I am putting together a Lamenters blog. Truely not one of the most popular chapters, bu......

Replies: 2213
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Blood Bowl News & Rumors: p#124 Ogres..( & Gnoblars)

By: MeanGreenStompa in News & Rumors
reds8n wrote: ...

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Chaos Daemon Tactica - 8th Edition

By: CrownAxe in 40K Tactics
With the 8ed rules more or less out lets get some chatter going for the pure spawn of chaos. Havi......

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Tyranids! Weird Warriors from Outer Spaaace!

By: Insectum7 in Dakka P&M Blogs
I went and did something a little crazy. You see, Primaris Marines bug me. It bugs me that NuMar......

Replies: 110
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[Kings of War] Mantic Fantasy News & Rumors- Vanguard (Skirmish)

By: Cyporiean in News & Rumors
This is a thread for News and Rumors related to Mantic Games Kings of War and Dwarf Kings Hold games......

Replies: 7742
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Battle Brush Studios' Commission Painting Log - Massive update! 40k, WHFB, Historicals, Infinity, ..

By: Sigur in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hey there, I recently started my commission painting service properly and thought it would be a......

Replies: 3339
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Chaos Marines Tactica [8th Edition]

By: JNAProductions in 40K Tactics
Note: This is a WIP first post. This is solely my own judgement on the units-please please PL...

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The (Mini) Details of Dr H: Now Building: Hut on a mound (Bushido?) / Now Painting: ?.

By: Dr H in Dakka P&M Blogs
Welcome to the Mini Details of Dr H modelling blog . I will be showing here, all the...

Replies: 2853
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Plastic Praetorians + Scratch Building - scratch built T’au Vespid-styled Battlesuit

By: JohnnyHell in Dakka P&M Blogs
[img]Im sure Im not the first to do this, but Im kitbashing plastic Pistoliers with Cadians to make ......

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Death Guard Tactica

By: killerpenguin in 40K Tactics
Hi, I know there is a CSM Traitor Legions Tactica thread, but i wanted to create this thread as a sp......

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Scarsminimadness work:

By: Scarsminimadness in Painting & Modeling Showcase
Latest commission: Grey knight army im working on: [img]http://www.scarsmi...

Replies: 854
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Toys with war gaming or terrain uses

By: Kid_Kyoto in Dakka Discussions
The thread on Science Fiction model kits with wargaming use has gotten a bit crowded with toys (and ......

Replies: 441
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Tau 8th Edition Tactics

By: xerxeshavelock in 40K Tactics
Here is a good place to discuss tactics etc for the new edition and how it will affect our Empire. ......

Replies: 3685
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Conquest! The Last Argument of Kings! (Latest: collectors rulebook & living world news)

By: Davidian in News & Rumors
With little over a month until Conquest is revealed at Speil Essen games expo, Ive been digging to f......

Replies: 897
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Codex Adeptus Custodes: By His will alone

By: Cephalobeard in 40K Tactics
Alright, folks. With the Codex rapidly approaching release next week and GW having previewed t...

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Warhammer Underworlds - Wurmspat P93, Morgok’s Krushas P.96.

By: Mad Doc Grotsnik in News & Rumors
Beastgrave (Season 3) Unboxing pics are posted! ...

Replies: 2859
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Captain Brown builds the Flower Class Corvette HMCS CHILLIWACK (What did he say?!)

By: Captain Brown in Dakka P&M Blogs
This is what I will be posting on for the foreseeable future, not really GW inspired at all (but a f......

Replies: 123
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GiraffeX's blog - Resurrection Theory 23/02/2020

By: GiraffeX in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hi I thought Id start a blog here as the other forum Im with seems to have no interest for my ......

Replies: 2538
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+ Space Marines 8th Edition Codex Mark II Tactica +

By: Crimson in 40K Tactics
A thread for discussing Space Marine tactics using the second version of the Space Marines 8th e......

Replies: 2336
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Warhammer {{{40k}}} Quest - Blackstone Fortress

By: Manchu in News & Rumors

Replies: 2993
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By: Deus Mortis in 40K Tactics
Greetings, I recently purchased a Deathwatch lot to get back into 40k, and now waiting to purchase ......

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DV8's PLog - [02-18-20] - CC Lady of Depravity

By: DV8 in Dakka P&M Blogs
Organizational first post. Items will be color coded. Green for completed, Red for ...

Replies: 321
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My Crazy Army Plan - 12 Down and onto Necron!

By: Archer in Dakka P&M Blogs
I have been tossing around an ambitious modelling idea for about a year while I have been building m......

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Painting Warhammer : Ogroid Myrmidon and other things.

By: ListenToMeWarriors in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hello there, I am Paul. I have been into Wargaming (more specifically the Worlds of Games Workshop) ......

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