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Looking for some fun, long reads? Our hobby blog views take our most popular forum threads and compile them into a few massive pages for ease of reading. We try to automatically filter the most interesting posts so you dont have to read a lot of general comments and can get to the meat of the content. Please note, it may take some time for these pages to load as many of them are massive with hundreds of images. The blog is displayed in chronological order, so newest updates will be at the end of the last page of each blog. This page updates every hour to reflect the latest popular content here on Dakka.

Gitsplitta's Unified Painting Theory (4/21: Bushido - Zenkibo finished!)

By: Gitsplitta in Dakka P&M Blogs
For New Readers: This is a lengthy blog and can seem quite overwhelming. It describes no......

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Your best conversion model (Seven awesome years of conversions)

By: Death Gear in Painting & Modeling
Put a pic of your best conversion model ...

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Victoria Miniatures: New tanks pg 158

By: vic in News & Rumors
Hi, I have just put up the next Victoria Miniatures release in the online store ...

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Khorne's Eternal Hunt - The World Eaters' 4th assault company: A bitz haul and a Word Bearer

By: KrautScientist in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hey everyone, after a longer hobby hiatus, I got back into 40k in late 2010, whe...

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Scar's painting log!

By: Scarsminimadness in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hey all, Im going to keep a wip log from my personal army(s) here. ...

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What's on Insaniak's workbench - Vrooom!

By: insaniak in Dakka P&M Blogs
Thought it was time to chuck up another Heres what Im working on at the moment thread... and just fo......

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So what are you doing today? Hobbywise only.

By: SilentScreamer in Dakka Discussions
So what are you are all doing today for games like WH40k , ...

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-Crisp & Grey- A NZ blog (Update 23rd April - PA Captain WIP 5 - and a question)

By: Knightley in Dakka P&M Blogs
Whats currently completed, works in progress and to be started Completed First push 201......

Replies: 6437
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Anvilindustry.co.uk - Daughters of the Burning Rose : New Resin and 3D print photos!

By: Anvils Hammer in News & Rumors
If you are just clicking through, you can find discussion of our new Daughters of the Burning Rose...

Replies: 4739
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Terrain Project- Building a Better Battlefield

By: Skalk Bloodaxe in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hails to all that read this. Welcome to the start of my scenery / terrain blog. It has been a long ......

Replies: 1600
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(Not) Santas Workshop of the Strange, Wierd, and Wonderful - 12 Apr - The Guardian - pg 71!

By: Klaus, not Santa in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hello fellow Dakka reader and poster, Im new to this forum but not to WH40K a...

Replies: 2112
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Fellblades of Renown: The Ancient Super Heavies of the Space Marines

By: Machinator in Dakka P&M Blogs
Greetings everyone! First I want to apologize, its taken me way too long to join this great site. ......

Replies: 814
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Terrain project: Imperial Cathedral

By: Phutarf in Dakka P&M Blogs
Ok, after hang...

Replies: 655
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Alien vs Predator Miniatures Game from Prodos Games update page 249

By: Prodos in Misc. Sci-Fi Miniature Games
Thought wed leave this one here for you... ...

Replies: 7957
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KrautScientist's INQ28: The bank always wins...

By: KrautScientist in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hello everyone, Even the most crazed follower of the blood god needs some variety from time to ......

Replies: 1053
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Blackadder Attempts to build an Imperial Warmonger Titan

By: The_Blackadder in Dakka P&M Blogs
Blackadder Attempts to build an Imperial Warmonger Titan: Well a good many of you know by announc......

Replies: 741
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LDP's Hobby - Ultramarines - 23rd April 2018 - Honour Guard 1 Done

By: lipsdapips in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hey Guys! My names Matthew, and I have decided to run a blog showing all the updates, progressi......

Replies: 1742
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Legion Rising - Projects from The Dark Works

By: Subtle Discord in Dakka P&M Blogs

Replies: 361
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Bebop Paints:: 4/16 Badab War Space Sharks: Primaris Librarian Finished. Pics Update

By: bebopdrums2424 in Dakka P&M Blogs
[url][spoiler]hi guys! Allow myself to introduce...myself...>_< Ive been lurking in th......

Replies: 2129
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Graven's Shelf of Shame 21st April, Building from scrap, spot painting, and Nightwing leg resculpt.

By: inmygravenimage in Dakka P&M Blogs
PREAMBLE: This was initially a merging of 4 blogs into one. Just now Im working on painting up min......

Replies: 8605
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Robotech® RPG Tactics™-License lost, the end is near!

By: Manchu in Misc. Sci-Fi Miniature Games
[MOD EDIT- Alpharius] A nicely written, concise version of a State of the Robotech Union, as ......

Replies: 11748
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Report on Your AoS Projects!

By: MongooseMatt in AoS General Discussion & Background
Had a thought this weekend - with everyone messing around with Age of Sigmar, might it be fun if we ......

Replies: 2214
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Paradigm's Hobby Blog: House Goliath Test Paint

By: Paradigm in Dakka P&M Blogs

Replies: 3340
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Scarper's Wasteland Dregs and Strays: Gnolls in SPAAAAAACE 27/3

By: Scarper in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hi all! This blog has been running for quite a while, and I like to think that my skills have improv......

Replies: 1780
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Interlude: Yamato...HASHIN!

By: Briancj in Dakka P&M Blogs
Welcome, new reader! This is an on-going, wide-ranging plog. My focus is mostly on the Imp......

Replies: 3317
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San's (mostly) loyalists blog of Imperial Fists, Grey Knights and Imperial Guard.

By: San76 in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hey everyone, long time reader first time poster. well, not a long time but some time ...

Replies: 737
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OMN's stuff ... Tanks, stuff.

By: OneManNoodles in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hey all, Ive been a Guard player and collector for about 6 years and Ive played 40k ...

Replies: 1289
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Kromlech new releases.

By: Artur_Kromlech in News & Rumors
Hi. After a lot of hard work before Salute (you can buy our stuff at Maxmini booth this Saturday) ......

Replies: 2593
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A Squeaky WAAAAGH!!!! (updated April 17th: big trakk progress - turret)

By: CommissarKhaine in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hi guys, Ive been considering a grot army for quite some time now. Panics brilliant models gave......

Replies: 1629
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Orkishness -the thunderfarter years. "A little something new!"

By: Camkierhi in Dakka P&M Blogs
Well this is my Orkishness blog. Please do not expect any kind of sensible here, it has grown a......

Replies: 2482
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Battle Brush Studios' Commission Painting Log - Massive update! 40k, WHFB, Historicals, Infinity, ..

By: Sigur in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hey there, I recently started my commission painting service properly and thought it would be a......

Replies: 2971
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Peregrine's DKoK - Updated 4/14: Baneblade

By: Peregrine in Dakka P&M Blogs
So, with my 5000th post I think its time to start posting some painting pictures. Wouldnt like to ha......

Replies: 215
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Mantic Games - Sci-Fi N&R thread - Warpath vehicles production update pg 130 (shipping in April)

By: DaveC in News & Rumors
14th July 2017 - Deadzone Errata and FAQ - ...

Replies: 3914
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Blackadder's attempt to construct a FW Thunderhawk

By: The_Blackadder in Dakka P&M Blogs
No really this time . After my abortive attempt at building a Warlord Titan; a project I had to put......

Replies: 949
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Blood Bowl News & Rumors: CHAOS DOOMLORDS pg 90.

By: MeanGreenStompa in News & Rumors
reds8n wrote: ...

Replies: 2742
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Shieldwolf Miniatures - Official News thread (Sisters of Talliareum and Faith Pre-Orders March 5th)

By: Shieldwolf Miniatures in News & Rumors

Replies: 2670
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Ustrello paints- Unleashing the 10,000: Shield captain complete starting on Vexilla bearer

By: Ustrello in Dakka P&M Blogs
Havent tried my hand at a painting blog before but I recently picked up a large DKoK army so...

Replies: 1365
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Large Cities of Death Board WIP

By: btoliver311 in Dakka P&M Blogs
Welcome to the Hive Sector EPG-13 (east primary gate) WIP . Planet: not yet cl...

Replies: 438
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Plastic Praetorians + Scratch Building blog - homemade CRASSUS, SPARTAN, Rapier, Deimos Rhino...

By: JohnnyHell in Dakka P&M Blogs
[img]Im sure Im not the first to do this, but Im kitbashing plastic Pistoliers with Cadians to make ......

Replies: 304
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Charting Zambro's Hobby - Screamers All Finished!

By: Zambro in Dakka P&M Blogs
Welcome to my blog! This blog started back in September 2013, and has charte...

Replies: 1113
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Blood Angels Army Project (pic carpet bombing)

By: Meph in Dakka P&M Blogs
Wehey! A quicky introduction perhaps: After lurking here for many years on the site I decided to pos......

Replies: 1025
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JeffyP's Project Log: Eldar Exodites, now with a finished Yvraine! (and some Warlocks)

By: JeffyP in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hi, everyone: Starting a new blog to keep track of my work and share it with all of you! Pleas......

Replies: 745
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Jan's Big ol' bag of "All The Rest"

By: Januine in Dakka P&M Blogs
Just back from the honeymoon (missing Italy already) and I got a ton of stuff on the to paint shelf ......

Replies: 1570
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Scarsminimadness work:

By: Scarsminimadness in Painting & Modeling Showcase
Latest commission: Grey knight army im working on: [img]http://www.scarsmi...

Replies: 829
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