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Looking for some fun, long reads? Our hobby blog views take our most popular forum threads and compile them into a few massive pages for ease of reading. We try to automatically filter the most interesting posts so you dont have to read a lot of general comments and can get to the meat of the content. Please note, it may take some time for these pages to load as many of them are massive with hundreds of images. The blog is displayed in chronological order, so newest updates will be at the end of the last page of each blog. This page updates every hour to reflect the latest popular content here on Dakka.

Gitsplitta's Unified Painting Theory (12/6: New Video - what's a game store "grand opening" like?-

By: Gitsplitta in Dakka P&M Blogs
For New Readers: This is a lengthy blog and can seem quite overwhelming. It describes no......

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Your best conversion model (Seven awesome years of conversions)

By: Death Gear in Painting & Modeling
Put a pic of your best conversion model ...

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Khorne's Eternal Hunt - The World Eaters' 4th assault company: Death Guard odds and ends...

By: KrautScientist in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hey everyone, after a longer hobby hiatus, I got back into 40k in late 2010, whe...

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Victoria Miniatures: New sniper pg161

By: vic in News & Rumors
Hi, I have just put up the next Victoria Miniatures release in the online store ...

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What's on Insaniak's workbench - It's leg day!

By: insaniak in Dakka P&M Blogs
Thought it was time to chuck up another Heres what Im working on at the moment thread... and just fo......

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So what are you doing today? Hobbywise only.

By: SilentScreamer in Dakka Discussions
So what are you are all doing today for games like WH40k , ...

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GMM's Compiled Completed Commission and Display Showcase (12/7 Hexfleet Virules Army Showcase)

By: GMMStudios in Painting & Modeling Showcase
Hey everyone! My name is Brandon, also known as GMM. I have been meaning to make a new thread ......

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(Not) Santas Workshop of the Strange, Wierd, and Wonderful - 5 Dec -EREBUS tank - pg 74!

By: Klaus, not Santa in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hello fellow Dakka reader and poster, Im new to this forum but not to WH40K a...

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Livin' on the MEdge - or: 101 things to do with the MEdge terrain sprue...

By: insaniak in Maelstrom's Edge General Discussion
So, I was lucky enough to be sent a bunch of early sprues of the Maelstroms Edge terrain to play wit......

Replies: 288
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Anvil Industry - Latest News and Updates - Robed Cultists coming soon.

By: Anvils Hammer in News & Rumors
If you are just clicking through, you can find discussion of our new Daughters of the Burning Rose...

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Blackadder Attempts to build an Imperial Warmonger Titan

By: The_Blackadder in Dakka P&M Blogs
Blackadder Attempts to build an Imperial Warmonger Titan: Well a good many of you know by announc......

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McGibs's Bloody Beasties of Khorne! (Imperial Assault on Page4!)

By: McGibs in Dakka P&M Blogs
Starting up this thread to try and keep myself more motivated to paint and post photos of my Chaos K......

Replies: 269
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KrautScientist's INQ28: Kill Team Ulrach finished!

By: KrautScientist in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hello everyone, Even the most crazed follower of the blood god needs some variety from time to ......

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Re:Neil101's 40k Manufactorum

By: neil101 in Dakka P&M Blogs
FOUND it! I have found my little piece of the 40k web where i can build and muse and share. ...

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Legion Rising - Projects from The Dark Works

By: Subtle Discord in Dakka P&M Blogs

Replies: 490
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Bebop Paints:: 11/19 Stormcast Eternal Nmm Gold WIp : Shadespire

By: bebopdrums2424 in Dakka P&M Blogs
[url][spoiler]hi guys! Allow myself to introduce...myself...>_< Ive been lurking in th......

Replies: 2196
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Adeptus Titanicus ongoing news and rumours - Titandeath Rumours - all info in OP

By: zedmeister in News & Rumors
Titandeath Campaign Book Rumours ...

Replies: 5362
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By: Lamby in Dakka P&M Blogs
So it begins - Welcome to the dark worlds of Inqu][sitor... ...

Replies: 850
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Report on Your AoS Projects!

By: MongooseMatt in AoS General Discussion & Background
Had a thought this weekend - with everyone messing around with Age of Sigmar, might it be fun if we ......

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Randy's Ultramarines & Macragge PDF (IG), Camo Reivers Finally Complete!

By: RandyMcStab in Dakka P&M Blogs

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Graven's Shelf of Shame Dec 10th Mono-build Deathguard redone WIP 3 - the rusting

By: inmygravenimage in Dakka P&M Blogs
PREAMBLE: This is my rather large and meandering blog of the last 8 years. For a while Ive wor......

Replies: 9205
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Codex Tyranids Tactica: The Shadow Falls, The Hive Fleets Gather. Worlds Devoured

By: Lance845 in 40K Tactics
Welcome to the Tyranid Tactics Thread! Your one stop shop for all things nids in 8th edition. This f......

Replies: 4122
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Mad Robot Miniatures: NEW RELEASE Tank Rider Legs pg92

By: mad robot in News & Rumors
Figured it was time to start up a proper thread to get some feedback from you guys. What we hav......

Replies: 2742
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Age of Sigmar News & Rumors : Beasts errata and commentary & ally changes

By: reds8n in News & Rumors
last thread : https://www.da...

Replies: 5190
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Necrons NEW 8th ed. Codex tactica - [please post lists under spoilers]

By: skoffs in 40K Tactics
I hope your Tomb World is woke, because its New codex time! [Guess I better move this to the......

Replies: 6261
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Camkierhi's other stuff blog.....Currently, odds and sods!.

By: Camkierhi in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hello and welcome, This is going to be my alternative blog. Where I put anything not orky. ......

Replies: 4168
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8th ed CHAOS tactica

By: Latro_ in 40K Tactics
Ok since its all one big chaos faction party was thinking of a thread to discuss chaos now the the n......

Replies: 6224
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A Squeaky WAAAAGH!!!! (updated December 4th: doomchicken)

By: CommissarKhaine in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hi guys, Ive been considering a grot army for quite some time now. Panics brilliant models gave......

Replies: 1788
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Imperium vs Nids Diorama II: The Final Pieces (12/10: shelf bits and engine painted)

By: Largo39 in Dakka P&M Blogs
The Current State of Things: ...

Replies: 675
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Kromlech new releases.

By: Artur_Kromlech in News & Rumors
Hi. After a lot of hard work before Salute (you can buy our stuff at Maxmini booth this Saturday) ......

Replies: 2810
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Large Cities of Death Board WIP

By: btoliver311 in Dakka P&M Blogs
Welcome to the Hive Sector EPG-13 (east primary gate) WIP . Planet: not yet cl...

Replies: 547
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Chapter approved rumors

By: Danarc in News & Rumors
Chapter approved 2018 rumors ...

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OMN's stuff ... Necrons, stuff.

By: OneManNoodles in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hey all, Ive been a Guard player and collector for about 6 years and Ive played 40k ...

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Astra Militarum: More Competitive in 8th Edition?

By: deltaKshatriya in 40K Tactics
So, were starting to learn more and more about the 8th Edition of Warhammer. One of the things I was......

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[?] Well, okay, what NOW? [?]

By: Briancj in Dakka P&M Blogs
Welcome, new reader! This is an on-going, wide-ranging plog. My focus is mostly on the Imp......

Replies: 3423
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[Kings of War] Mantic Fantasy News & Rumors- Vanguard (Skirmish)

By: Cyporiean in News & Rumors
This is a thread for News and Rumors related to Mantic Games Kings of War and Dwarf Kings Hold games......

Replies: 7354
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Orkishness -the thunderfarter years. "A Mega Gargant in the making!"

By: Camkierhi in Dakka P&M Blogs
Well this is my Orkishness blog. Please do not expect any kind of sensible here, it has grown a......

Replies: 2638
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By: ArbitorIan in Dakka P&M Blogs
ArbitorIans FORCES OF THE IMPERIUM So, this started out as my Adeptu...

Replies: 440
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Battle Brush Studios' Commission Painting Log - Massive update! 40k, WHFB, Historicals, Infinity, ..

By: Sigur in Dakka P&M Blogs
Hey there, I recently started my commission painting service properly and thought it would be a......

Replies: 3139
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Shieldwolf Miniatures- Official News thread (revealed page #92: Pillar of Faith pictures)

By: Shieldwolf Miniatures in News & Rumors

Replies: 2756
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Necromunda Underhive - pg 182 Cawdor weapon sets

By: Mymearan in News & Rumors
---Nov 2, 2018 Delaque--- ...

Replies: 5487
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Mantic Games - Warpath Universe News and Rumours

By: DaveC in News & Rumors
14th July 2017 - Deadzone Errata and FAQ - ...

Replies: 4145
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Warhammer Community Rumor Engine Thread - page 132 latest hint

By: Verviedi in News & Rumors
Latest Picture: 11 September 2018[/b[ ...

Replies: 3950
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Industrial Insanity - A Terrain Blog by H.B.M.C. (Reinforcements!!!)

By: H.B.M.C. in Dakka P&M Blogs
He who dies with the most toys wins. - Malcolm Forbes Hello all, For a long, ...

Replies: 110
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Plastic Praetorians + Scratch Building blog - retro Razorback, RT-era Inqisitor ‘remake’, & TERMITE!

By: JohnnyHell in Dakka P&M Blogs
[img]Im sure Im not the first to do this, but Im kitbashing plastic Pistoliers with Cadians to make ......

Replies: 456
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Blood Bowl News & Rumors: p#104 orc booster

By: MeanGreenStompa in News & Rumors
reds8n wrote: ...

Replies: 3123
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Kingdom Death : Monster - Official Kickstarter Thread

By: kingdomdeath in Misc. Other Miniature Games
Here is the offical kickstarter thread for Kingdom Death : Monster, Kickstarter is here : ...

Replies: 4496
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