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the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/07/21 21:14:01

Post by: tzurk

Hi Dakka,

I’ve started a couple of blogs on here already with the original intention of having a separate one for each army/project – but given my erratic attention span and inability to actually finish anything I thought the best plan moving forward was to put them all together, sort out what actually needs to be done, and devote some time each week to clearing away the clutter.

After several months of 0 painting and a bunch of hoarding, I’ve got a shed full of half-finished or barely started projects that need to get done. I’ve managed to re-jig my timetable a bit so hopefully should have 2-3 hours a week to devote to hobby time in one way or another. My hope is that with this blog I can offer weekly updates and celebrate some progress, no matter how small it may be.

Here’s the list of what is/needs to be done (will be updated with pics later/as I complete projects):


Tzeentch Daemons
30 x pink horrors
20 x brimstone horrors
1 x lord of change
1 x soulgrinder
1 x herald of khorne
1 x daemon prince of nurgle
30 x bloodletters
5 x furies
3 x burning chariot

9 x screamers
9 x flamers
3 x exalted flamers
Part painted
1 x daemon prince

30 x pink horrors
10 x furies
20 x blue horrors
20 x brimstone horrors
9 x flamers
1 x herald on foot
1 x herald on disc
6 x nurglings

Death Korps of Krieg
150 x infantry
5 x grenadiers
1 x command squad
3 x leman russ
4 x hellhounds
2 x basilisks



Chaos Orcs
1 x shaggoth
1 x bray shaman

1 x chariot
1 x doombull
1 x beastlord
10 x ungor raiders
10 x bestigors
4 x razorgor
5 x centigors
1 x ghorgon

6 x bullgors

Kill Team

1 x Admech KT
1 x Custodes KT
1 x Necron KT
1 x Tyranid KT

Part painted
1 x Escher KT (counts as Eldar)
1 x Dark Eldar KT

Kill Team Terrain


2 x 2’ x 4’ boards
1 x plasma generator
5 x towers
10 x platforms

Part built
1 x loading bay
1 x command centre
1 x hangar
1 x manufactorum
1 x communications platform
1 x chemical storage facility
1 x chemical tanks
1 x automated weapon turret emplacement
1 x shield generator
1 x turbine tower

1 x power station

Tomorrow should be first stint in the shed, so looking forward to getting started on something. The Kill Team terrain is taking up the most space at the moment plus it still excites me so I think that will be done first. Here's to starting and not stopping til it's done 8-)

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/07/21 22:44:27

Post by: gobert

Hey Tzurk, good to see you back! good luck getting through the pile o’grey, I failed in my attempt to not buy more before I paint the grey. Damn GW and their shiny new toys!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/07/28 11:45:53

Post by: Llamahead

Good luck Tzurk little and often tends to be the way.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/07/30 21:01:27

Post by: BadOrk

Little and often he says .... staring at the 7 foam trays full of models.... over a decade old....not even primed.

Well... I got 3 Nobz out of 10 done in 12 months so as long as you're painting more than that then I'll be looking forward to the updates

Edit: I may of accidentally reported this thread..... I do apologise!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/07/30 21:03:50

Post by: filbert

BadOrk wrote:

Edit: I may of accidentally reported this thread..... I do apologise!

'Tis OK, I cleared the alert - careful where you click!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/07/31 01:59:26

Post by: amazingturtles

All of your projects have been great and inspiring to follow so far so i say with enthusiasm: go for it!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/08/03 20:34:39

Post by: BadOrk

 filbert wrote:
BadOrk wrote:

Edit: I may of accidentally reported this thread..... I do apologise!

'Tis OK, I cleared the alert - careful where you click!

I will do don't worry! Oh the joys of a laptop touchpad

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/08/25 10:59:37

Post by: tzurk

Thanks for all your kind words guys - it's nice to see a few familiar faces here and a few new ones too!

It's been a while in between updates, but I have been busy - I swear! I've been working away and getting about a unit a week done and am actually pretty happy with my progress so far. There's a balance somewhere between wanting to be proud of your work and wanting to have an army on the table - I'm still trying to find mine! There are a few rushed parts in the pics like base rims not being tidied up or colours overlapping that have since been tidied up; I am usually just excited to take photos as soon as I finish the last step. I think once the army is finished I will go buy a pot or two of Blood for the Blood God and go bananas on the weapons/teeth/bases.

First batch of minis below - beware big uncropped pics!


First up I painted the razorgors as I knew they'd be a quick and easy way to build some momentum at the start of the project. Very simple but happy with the way they turned out

I then moved on to the centigorks, my first attempt at batch painting something other than shiny tzaemons!

I also managed to get some paint on the tzaemon prince and took a happy family shot 8-)

And finally been working on the bestigorks for the last little while. These definitely tested my patience and I needed a night off every now and then but it feels good to finally have the whole unit finished!

Hope you guys enjoy - it feels really nice to have a picture log of my progress here. I'm on a bit of a roll with the chaos orcs at the moment, so it'll be ungorblins up next and then I've only got big guys to paint - gorgon, doombull and chariot - looking forward to those!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/08/25 12:16:01

Post by: amazingturtles

That is an impressive amount of work! The shapes (tzcapes?) are still one of my favorite things i've seen here.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/08/26 01:15:32

Post by: tzurk

Thanks turtles! Painting the prince really brought back some interest in the sinister geometry project that had sort of waned in the past couple months. I still have my screamers and exalted flamers ready to paint and I’m starting to think of ideas for more units now too it’s exciting to be excited again!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/08/26 22:28:45

Post by: gobert

And now I’m going to have nightmares seeing that daemon prince mixed in with the cool red bestigorks! Seriously though, good work on the Ork Beastmen tzurk. Intrigued as to how you’ll do the gobbos

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/10/24 04:34:20

Post by: tzurk

Thanks gobert! I've been busy the last couple days after another extended break. PIP of ungorblins, gorkghon, GBS, and chariot. Batching them all together - what could go wrong?

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/10/24 05:52:21

Post by: gobert

Was thinking the other day that you’d gone quiet! Then you come back with more chaorks! That Ghorkgon looks really promising

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/10/24 06:15:40

Post by: tzurk

Thanks mate! I am really happy with how he's come together with colour. I was terrified of painting the large flat surfaces of his muscles and was admittedly pretty liberal with the application of colour in the hunt for a finished model but I'm pretty stoked with the results so far.

I don't know how to embed videos from imgur or even if that's possible, but I've also thrown together most of the kill team terrain in a little teaser for the future board.


the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/10/24 07:03:08

Post by: Grenb

Wow, I love your Centigorks. Has science gone too far??

Your kill team table is coming along nicely, looks like some old appliances have been sacrificed for a good cause. What kind of colors/theme do you have planned for it?

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/10/25 00:00:48

Post by: tzurk

G'day Grenb - thanks for stopping by mate. Yep the terrain cost me $0 total as it was pulled together from a bunch of old appliances and broken stuff I had in the shed...an old air compressor that had carked it, a microwave, toaster, DVD player, couple printers and monitors...

I am thinking classing Necromunda style tricolour palette as the base for most of the pieces: concrete, iron and hazard stripes. Still not sure on how I'm going to do the board itself either; I am thinking some PVC edging around the corners and some sort of wire mesh for the ground layer.

Here's a quick update of the finished (bar a few touchups) gorkgon and GBS. The GBS lost a fair bit of detail because I didn't strip the orc half before priming (which I was then a bit heavy handed with anyway). Oh well, still happy with how he looks

Hopefully finish the ungors and chariot over the weekend - then it's just the doombull and headstone and I'll have a fully painted army for the first time in my life!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/10/26 10:06:34

Post by: gobert

Nice gorkon, loving the beast skull on the base of the shaman!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/10/27 12:27:51

Post by: tzurk

Thanks mate even though he's not the general of the army the bray shaman has an important role so I thought I'd jazz his base up a bit more than I have been for the rank and file.

Speaking of generals - here he is, my doom bull! Awful lighting so I might take a few more later but I was excited to show him off. I had planned to go over his tattoos with a bright lime green as sort of evil chaotic fel energy but I don't think my hands are up to the task so I've left it and honestly I'm still pretty happy about him.

Chariot also got finished!

Herdstone is still WIP, have added more to it since the photo. Trying to add more interest in colour as we go w different washes and drybrushing. Ordered a base for it too that should be here this week.

Look! A whole shelf of them

All that's left for this army now is a couple of spawn conversions that I'm working on and a DIY balewind vortex. There's a club meet this coming Sunday so hopefully have them finished by then - then back to tzeentch for a while!

Thanks for looking

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/10/28 11:56:59

Post by: tzurk

Spawn WIP, full of old school metal goodness

I'm taking the chaos orcs out for a spin at club day on Sunday! First time they'll hit the table. This is my 1k list:

Allegiance: BoC
Greatfray: Gavespawn

Doombull - General - Mutating Gnarlblade & Unravelling Aura

Great Bray Shaman - Vicious Stranglethorns


3 x Bullgors w dual axes and full command
3 x Bullgors w dual axes and full command

1 x Ghorgon

1 x Spawn

10 x ungor raiders

Balewind Vortex

Not very competitive on paper and I am hardly a master tactician with only a couple games under my belt but I'm excited to see them in action!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/10/28 14:02:46

Post by: Boss Salvage

Great painting progress! Fills up that shelf nicely

Good luck in the game!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/10/28 21:12:57

Post by: tzurk

Thanks Salvage!

Spawn are primed and here is the bale wind vortex WIP.

The sculpting on the spawn is even rougher than usual but I'm in a hurry and figured if I was ever going to get away with something not being quite right it's now - got to take your opportunities when you they present themselves

Bit of a nervous wait as I only ordered bases for the herdstone and vortex on the weekend - due to arrive this Friday...

more to come 8-)

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/10/29 00:42:09

Post by: Captain Brown

Very unique conversions there tzurk.



the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/10/29 09:45:21

Post by: CommissarKhaine

Loving the conversions in here!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/10/31 19:21:23

Post by: amazingturtles

Aw, the two headed beastie is adorable

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/01 01:29:57

Post by: tzurk

Thank you CB and CK! Appreciate you guys taking the time to look and comment.

Good to see you're still around turtles - and glad you like him! I was a bit worried he was too silly tbh but I figured I wouldn't get many chances to use those bits elsewhere. He is a good boy

The paint jobs on the spawn were super rushed; maybe 2.5-3 hours from priming to finished on all 3 of them. I am letting it go though - good for the soul and the club meet on Sunday. I can kid myself that I will go and fix them up later but I know that won't happen...lol

Herdstone is coming along, just need to finish the base and touch up the smelly on the back. Vortex still very WIP but should go quick; thinking the tentacles will be flesh fading to the red orc-flesh where it connects to the platform. Going to highlight the purple as starkly as possible and then add in some lime green into the magic whirlwind. Nearly there!

Automatically Appended Next Post:
they are FINISHED

these photos are awful - will try and take some decent ones of the entire army after Sunday.

Excited to take a break - then excited to get back into the tzaemons!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/01 13:51:58

Post by: CommissarKhaine

I like how the altar is vomiting down/eating up magical energy. Not sure if it was intended like that, but I like it

you should call the herstone 'Mork's Tooth' - it's looking great!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/01 16:52:19

Post by: gobert

Nice work on the altar and herdstone. The altar is particularly gribbly! It must have a heavy base to not topple at the slightest bump though?

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/01 18:26:33

Post by: Maharg

Your Chaos orks are great unique looking force- nice conversions and paint scheme ties it all together well.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/01 19:29:49

Post by: youwashock

The vortex worked out fantastically. Excellent building skills.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/02 07:01:04

Post by: tzurk

Thank you guys!

@CK, that's the general idea I was going for - the wizard concentrates on summoning the raw magic vortex, his pet disc-monster then feeds on it to fly...or maybe he shoots it out...whatever!

@ gobert - it's actually really stable. The platform itself is super light and I used coat hanger wire as the base for the vortex so it worked out really nicely.

Here's a big update with some better photos - still not good ones, I'm afraid...will have to dig the lightbox out when I get some time. You can tell in the photos that none of the minis are perfect; there are rough paint jobs or sculpting in every unit. But I am super happy with how they look together, and the fact that I have finally finished an army!

Lot of motivation now to return to the geo daemons!



Great Bray-Shaman




Heroes together




Bullgors + Doombull










Ungor Raiders


Centigors / Centigorcs



Herdstone / Mork's Tooth


Balewind Vortex


All together!


the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/02 10:06:21

Post by: gobert

Such a cool army, and lovely battle masters mat as a back drop! Great work getting the, to such a good standard so quickly. I swear one of your spawns keeps getting another head in each photo.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/03 14:44:45

Post by: CommissarKhaine

@CK, that's the general idea I was going for - the wizard concentrates on summoning the raw magic vortex, his pet disc-monster then feeds on it to fly...or maybe he shoots it out...whatever!

Well, it clearly comes across . Loving the group shot, the army's got great tabletop presence!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/05 10:39:17

Post by: tzurk

Thanks guys! Glad you like them. I am very happy to have them at arm's length now instead of held up close while I try to dot the eyes...

Managed to squeeze two games in at the club on Sunday @ 1500 points - one vs Ironjawz and one vs Legions of Nagash.

They were both pretty relaxed, vs Ironjawz more so - we were playing a sort of capture the flag mission so numbers were always going to be an advantage for my dudes. His big unit of goregruntas ate my bestigors turn 1 and the smaller ones pulled off a couple other charges into my bullgors and razorgors. The middle became a bit of a slugging match - Ghorgon missed all his attacks two turns in a row - before I managed to clean them up and press onto his objective and summoned in some bestigors then to help finish them off his brutes & warboss. His mawkrusha did some serious damage but I managed to limit its kills to centigors and the Ghorgon. Beast boys took the win by controlling both objectives on turn 4

Playing vs LoN was a blast, very swingy - different mission where we had diagonal deployment zones and two obs each, extra points for holding your opponent's ones - I got first turn and made some stupid moves that meant bestigors failed their charge and got cleaned up next turn, centigors charged into some skellies sitting on an ovjective but didn’t clear the unit and forgot about the lord on zombie dragon sitting near him...

His next turn he ate half of my army but got a lot of things into charging range.

Ghorgon missed a bunch of attacks on one of his zombie dragons again, but the gavespawn doombull cleaned him up which felt awesome. My sacrificial Ungors got cleaned up so I didn’t have points for summoning til the last turn when my bestigors came back and ate the direwolves on his other ovjective but it was too little too late, lost something like 13-8 on points.

Doombull managed to dispel a few would-be-nasty spells with his gavespawn ability and the shaman actually performed really well on his vortex, managed to get a lot of mortals out with a combo of arcane bolt and stranglethorns.

Was really happy to get them on the table and learned a lot as I played 8-) I forgot a lot of rules and abilities and spent an exorbitant amount of time looking at my war scroll notes but the blokes at the club were great. Really excited for the next one!

I took a few pics on my phone and one of the girls at the club is a photographer (Elocin Photography - she does great stuff) who managed to take some awesome pics.

I also managed to get a start on the next project - this time a small DKoK tank company. I know I said I'd come back to tzeentch, but I felt the need to get started on these guys - something gritty and realistic after the fantastic red-skinned chaotic orcs. I've made a bit of progress - I'm finding the resin super hard to clean and assemble - but happy so far. I've got my heroes - two sergeants, two company commanders and a primaris psyker for the DKoK, and the first squad with their own sergeant. Pysker needs a bit more work around the staff, then just basing left. Two more squads of guardsmen to babysit their sergeants and a couple of heavy weapons teams then the rest is tanks! I lacked sword/pistol options in my DKoK minis so I borrowed a few from an unpainted admech kill team - only to realise DKoK sergeants can actually take lasguns... oh well!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/05 16:01:11

Post by: Boss Salvage

Cheers for the mini-reports, glad you some games in with the freshly painted army Crew looks great all told, nice work on the custom balewind as well. Excited for Tzeentch again buuuuut you're forgiven for the DKOK distraction

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/06 19:10:35

Post by: CommissarKhaine

Batreps look like you had good fun - and the DKoK are looking awesome!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/07 21:22:08

Post by: tzurk

Thanks Boss and CK!

Bit of progress on the DKoK - finished off assembly for the foot slogging part of the army - even though it nearly killed me. There's still a bit of tidy up around the shoulders and flash removal to do; and their bayonets - though honestly I'm not sure I have the patience to clean and assemble 30 of them so might just leave them off!

I've got three vanilla squads w sergeants, the two marshals, primaris psyker, and a unit of engineers w the two flamer section guys counting as my heavy flamer team. I have enough spare guardsmen parts that I'm thinking I'll make six with plasma guns so that if needed I can play the engineers as 3 x command squads with double plasma and run them around in a chimera to eat some armour; as aside from my 3 russ commanders and two basilisks I don't really have any anti-armour in the list. Much happier with the psyker's staff now!

I have always loved the old metal Valhallans; they were always my favourite IG regiment, and I'm going to try and channel a bit of that in the paint job for these guys. I'm thinking same snow bases as tz and chaos orcs (because they look pretty good for minimal time & effort ) and the green scheme at the bottom right here. Going to try and paint up a test model this weekend.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/08 21:36:56

Post by: amazingturtles

Yeah, i'm still here and also here to give belated congratulations on getting the beast orcs done! They are the best, I want to hug all of them.

Also also here for this new project, while gritty and realistic aren't my things personally i like to see other people do them and these guys are great, the guy with the staff especially

(Valhallans were one of my favorites too, seeing pictures of them in the rulebooks got me into guard at first)

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/10 11:31:29

Post by: tzurk

Thanks turtles! I may well come back to them later - they are not quite 2k points yet and I have plans for dragon ogres...but I need to clear out my hobby shelf first. Way too many unpainted minis still to go!

Here's some progress on the DKoK. All the infantry is primed and ready to paint, but I don't think I've posted pics of the tanks yet.

3D printed of course because I'm cheap and I have a mate with a good printer...

I went with the KV2 turrets because they felt very Kriegian and I'm happy with my choice. There was a hiccup somewhere along the line though and the hellhounds printed out larger than the russ chassis; so they've had their turrets swapped and I will play the punisher tank as a chimera w auto cannon. Still waiting on hull weapons and sponsons for the Russes before they get some paint. There is also an earthshaker carriage made from a $2 shop toy that I haven't taken pics of yet.

And a colour test for the guardsmen. I am pretty happy overall! The greatcoats are going to be a real test for me to paint; the ridges are so fine that getting my clumsy elephant hands to manoeuvre the brush in for highlights is a real challenge, especially around the chest and the skirt at the front. Oh well, they look pretty good at arm's length - and they're only.5 pts! - so I'm going to start batching them this week

I am totally stumped on what to do for the lenses. I thought maybe silver; but would look messy under the helmet. Don't want to go light blue as I think it's too cartoonish. Maybe just highlight them w a flash of white in the corner? Would love to hear your ideas!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/10 11:37:57

Post by: Vejut

Looking nice, especially the KV-2 turrets. On the goggles, maybe go for a tinted style, like a dark red, or a metallic or gloss yellow-green to play off the pants?

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/10 23:03:55

Post by: gobert

First Kreigsman looks cool. With the lenses it depends what you want, red would be a nice contrast to the green (opposites on the old colour wheel!), but Kreig are pretty gritty, so maybe yellow or grey/black?

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/11 18:53:52

Post by: CommissarKhaine

Interesting models! Curious to see how those printed tanks will look once painted; I find the ridges on 3D-printed models to be quite the issue.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/12 19:43:30

Post by: tzurk

Thanks guys! I tried red on the lenses but with the green coats and snow it felt too Christmassy so I think I settled on orange. I also changed up the scheme a bit; painted the hose bone and changed the metal panel on the chest back to leather; then added bone again to the pack on the back. I think it helps break it up a bit and looks more natural. I think this is the plan moving forward

I also picked up some old Battle for Skull Pass dwarves - I know I said no more buying minis but I got all these for the bargain of $25...

I'm going to spend some time turning them into Fyreslayers as a Christmas present to a mate I play with 40k with who's struggling to find the time/money/willpower to get started on a whole new army in a new system. I did up a draft list and should be able to get to 1500 - perfect match for my chaos orcs.

Here are the WIP test minis - miners turned into auric hearth guard. Trying to go over the top with the 'fire' scheme to make up for the fact they are really just plain old dispossessed... 8-) I am tempted to leave the skin grey like dark iron dwarves from WoW; not sure what to do with the beards then.

OR I could paint the skin and leave the beards grey - will be quick and easy but not sure if it will ruin the effect. What do you guys think - any help much appreciated!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/12 20:08:21

Post by: gobert

Cool dwarves, or should that be hot? . Neat idea on the grey skin tones, though they look like Chaos Dwarves to me, not that that’s a bad thing!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/12 20:13:56

Post by: youwashock

Oooh...eerie. Keeping them close to how they are now could work out pretty cool. The basing could be used to reinforce the starker look.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/12 20:34:55

Post by: Yorkright

Just looked thru your plog, very nice work! Your AoS army is very cool, love the deep reds you got going on.
Kreig army is going to look so good in that color scheme, orange lenses will be fine, maybe just a dot of white to draw some attention to the face and eyes.
Fire scheme looks great on the dwarves, looking forward to more!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/15 00:32:43

Post by: Maharg

Looks like you've been busy Tzurk. I enjoyed the battle report pics, great to see the minis out in the wild. Looking forward to seeing the DKoK and dwarves progress. Orange on the dwarves really pops against the black, you could maybe leave them as is though their faces do get a little lost in the beards. Highlighting the skin with blues could work to differentiate from the hair whilst still giving good contrast with the orange

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/17 15:07:54

Post by: CommissarKhaine

I like the eerie look you got going on. Call them ancestor spirits and leave it like that?

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/11/19 13:48:12

Post by: amazingturtles

Ah, i always liked those skull pass dwarfs. I wish i had some myself.

I like the grey skin, but i think the beards do need some sort of color to them.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/12/03 07:58:47

Post by: tzurk

Hey team! Thanks for all your comments - I ended up sticking with the grey skin as I do like the spooky vibe but also went ahead with amazingturtles' suggestion of colouring the beards. They got a quick wash of agrax and then again with Fuegan Orange - I think they break up the face a bit while keeping the colours quite muted. Good call gobert - we've played with a few lists and the minis match up perfectly to make a 1k chaos dwarf list as well

The project is very nearly finished after a couple of weeks - I am super happy with how they have turned out given the rush. Here are a few pics of the happy group (minus 3 crew members for the grudge pony turned Helstorm Rocket Battery who I haven't gotten hold of yet).

No real progress elsewhere; with this finished I am tempted to do up a quick Loyal 32 of DKoK as a Christmas present for my brother before I dive back into my own army but will have to see how we go for time.

Thanks for looking!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/12/03 12:21:58

Post by: kestral

That is a great looking army - very striking! Good use of plastic Dwarfs. I love the pony cart too.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/12/03 23:05:35

Post by: amazingturtles

They look perfect! and the beards set off the skin great, i think that worked out very well.

And the pony is definitely up there in my favorite things too

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2019/12/04 00:43:34

Post by: gobert

Wowsers! They look awesome! Especially so given you only started them a few weeks back. Pretty kind of you to be gifting two amazingly painted armies to your mate.

You’ve also completely put my shoddy attempt at lava bases to shame too. looking at yours, I think the larger transitions work to help convey the heat better (if that makes sense?!?) by giving more of a glow.

I like the beard work, helps to add definition to them too!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/01/09 05:45:16

Post by: tzurk

Thanks guys!

It's been a while and there have been intermittent bursts of productivity in amongst all the cheese-eating and beach-going over Christmas holidays. I've finished off the DKoK bar some hull/sponson weapons that are still in the mail, got distracted and built a battlewagon for my brother in law out of a $20 toy, and started a new all-dreadnought army...fun times ahead!

First up the battlewagon. I was really impressed with the detail on this toy on the shelf and got thinking about 40kifying it straight away. I really only added the guns, cobbled together from a bunch of pieces I had lying around. I got it converted and painted up in a day as a Christmas present.

The original toy:

After the Big Mek got his hands on it:

The next project after the DKoK will likely be these guys (sorry tzeentch...and kill team table...) - a bunch of old box dreadnoughts that come together at a pretty neat 2k points, with no Troops or knees in sight! I have done a bit of converting so far, with more needed to remove the Blood Angel/Space Wolf markings. I am thinking either a custom chapter or Celestial Lions...

A furioso and a counts-as Murderfang

Counts-as Bray'arth and two chaplain dreadnoughts

Bjorn and two ven dreads with axe/shield

Another furioso and a potentially too-silly lion headed dread that will get quad lascannons soon...

Some more (awful) photos of the home-made axe dread next to the real deal

And a librarian

And finally the DKoK - I love how these guys look altogether, even if they are all a bit rushed - I painted the whole army in 3 days for a games day!

The whole army:


Marshal, primaris psyker, and a cyclops demolition vehicle:

Lots of armour!


All the turrets are magnetised, and I put together a gatling cannon KV2 for my tank commander:

We're having another games day tomorrow, so will hopefully remember to get a few pics of the boys in action and do up a bit of a battle report for the next post.

Now, on to the next project!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/01/09 19:02:39

Post by: Captain Brown

Very nice army shot tzurk.

That army must have been painted in record time as you were showing the primed models in November.



the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/01/10 17:10:31

Post by: gobert

Wow! That’s amazing output for the timescale! And to a good quality! The Big Mel did an amazing job of painting up the little train, great how it came with a lifta droppable too!

Loving the idea of an all dreadnoughts army! Check out ListenToMeWarriors’ blog on here if you’re after celestial lions inspiration

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/01/14 12:30:03

Post by: tzurk

Thanks CB! I batched the infantry in 22s across 2 days and got the tanks all done in a third. Holidays - well spent 8-)

Yeah the lifta was an eyecatcher for sure gobert - and thank you for the heads up, I have had a quick look and will need to check it out further. I do love the colour scheme!

I took another turn and went back to the tzaemons for a bit tonight, got a 1k game on Thursday so had to do up some exalted flamers and screamers. They've since been primed and hopefully get some paint on them tomorrow - my son's bedtime willing...I also slapped a bit of paint on the game boards, going to layer up a bit with sponges and sprays and then add some hazard stripes/metallic areas and finish with some washes. Hopefully get those done soon so I can start getting terrain pieces underway!

A few people have pointed out the suggestive nature of the exalted flamer shape... oops, bit late to change

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/01/14 14:48:54

Post by: Boss Salvage

Similar thought re: flamer shape But I appreciate the momentum the design has all the same.

But just generally excited to see work on the Tizz things! And yea, really impressive run on the guard - three days indeed

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/01/17 00:08:02

Post by: tzurk

Hahaha - yeah I was surprised I didn't notice it before and now i can't unsee it...oh well!

I've got a bit of paint on them, still a bit of work left to do. You can half see in the background the daemon prince I've touched up a bit as well - he needs a repaint, washes are way too dark on him, but I tried to combat that by painting back in some silver. Gonna throw a black wash over the top and see how it pulls up.

The game boards are sponged up ready for some detailing - I was originally going to do some hazard stripes surrounded by plated metal areas on the short edges and maybe a strip through the middle but I'm tempted now to leave it as a sort of dirty concrete and just rely on scatter terrain to build up the industrial look...might build a few pieces first to see what they look like together before I go putting down anymore paint on the boards. What do you guys think?

It's also not technically hobby related but a while back I built this sensory board for my son - sacrificing some bits I was saving for terrain in the process. Building this actually gave me the idea to use the woodland grey fence paint for the game board - inspiration is everywhere

not sure where to go from here, the dreadnoughts are kind of on the backburner while I work on the tzaemons but I want to get a start on some terrain as well. We'll see where we end up...

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/01/18 00:32:37

Post by: Maharg

Wow Tzurk, I wasn't expecting two completed armies and assorted other bits since I was last here. The dwarfs are my favourite, thats a really effective sscheme you came up with there. The train is pretty cool too

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/01/18 18:04:12

Post by: gobert

Well, I’m going to be having nightmares again tonight with those new tzhapes! Cool sensory board though, I could have hours of fun with that myself. Once it’s done being a sensory board it might make decent terrain too!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/01/20 11:56:12

Post by: tzurk

Thanks Maharg! Inspiration/motivation come and go, so I try and seize as many moments of productivity as I can. We never have as much time as we'd like to devote to the hobby!

That's the plan gobert. Gonna go pick up some more of those PVC fittings as I have a bunch of pipe leftover. Rust them up and I think they'll be great; if I can work out a way to add some platforms to them, even better!

I slapped some glue on some of the terrain pieces from earlier and threw down some quick base colours; lots of detail work and tidying up to do but I'm pretty happy with how they're coming together.

I took a few progress shots - they were sprayed black and then got a light dusting of silver before I sponged on the colours one at a time. I kind of wish I had left the metallic bits as they were from the sprays; oh well. If I hate how they look after washing and weathering I'll just put black back over and tape the rest up and spray again.

EDIT: pardon my entire life that you can see in the background of these photos, hahah! My son was painting at the same time for some of it, and our dogs had to come check out what was going on too - poor pup got desexed on Tuesday and feeling a little sorry for himself.

Started with the blue:

Onto orange:

A cream colour that I will try to work up closer to white; doesn't really photograph well:

On the table:

I am finally back to work tomorrow after an extended Christmas break; so hobby progress might slow down for a while. I am super excited to get a table's worth of terrain so hopefully will find some time somewhere to get stuck in!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/03/27 08:42:17

Post by: tzurk

Painted up the terrain for a game on the weekend! Pretty happy overall - would still love to go back and detail some of the bigger blander pieces but will get to that in time. Got school holidays coming up; hoping to get through the dreadnought army over the next couple weeks.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/03/27 10:46:59

Post by: JustALittleOrkish

That is fantastic. So vibrant

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/03/27 11:55:24

Post by: monkeytroll

That's some nice terrain there, great use of bits and bobs! Good scheme too, pulls off vibrant and industrial at the same time, and not overly complicated.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/03/27 20:46:08

Post by: gobert

Lovely terrain making good use of old odds and ends. Pretty cool how you’ve made them so bright but so grimy and dirty at the same time! There seems to be a giant wandering around in the background of one of the pics... sweet outdoor room you’ve got for hobbying. Really nice table, I’d be getting in to trouble for using that!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/08 23:55:31

Post by: tzurk

Thanks guys! Still trying to find the balance between "good enough I can be proud of it" and "achievable in a decent timeframe to avoid spirals of catastrophising about the endless plastic sea in front of me"

@gobert, that giant has claimed more than a few minis in his time...I swear his reach grows by a foot every time I turn around!

I've made a start on the dreads - I'm gonna go with the Iron Jackals, as an ancient space wolves successor chapter.

Before Primaries marines came around space pups couldn't have successors because their shared tribal magic superman juice was tainted and super unstable

So the Iron Jackals were a failed experiment gone horribly right - the marines were genetically perfect but not suitable for combat because they aged at a ridiculous rate and started to deteriorate/go senile/become crazy and dangerous

Luckily for them the computer nerds at adeptus mechanics stepped in and helped churn out the dreadnought production to inter the marines them pretty much as soon as they came out of the chemical birthing tanks

Over the years the attrition has taken its course and the jackals feel the losses even more than a usual chapter cause each one is basically an army unto themselves

So the 12 dreads I have at 2k points will be close to the whole chapter

I also have plans for a tech marine dreadnought with some grabby claws or octo arms or something, probably to run as an Ironclad

Here they are 8-)

Stay funky friends

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/09 10:16:50

Post by: Honingtomaten

Scrolled through your blog. Holy moly very fast and nice painting. Really love your Krieg army! Sweet paintjob

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/09 12:14:45

Post by: gobert

Cool looking dreads! Great fluffy reasons for them all being interned too. They’re going to be impressive once all 12 are stomping across the battlefield!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/09 15:23:54

Post by: Boss Salvage

Dig the power glow against that gray

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/09 15:41:15

Post by: Captain Brown

Love the terrain tzurk.



the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/09 17:36:30

Post by: amazingturtles

The boxy little dreads! they look so good, and that shield came out amazingly. Good backstory too, it's always good to gave marines a little tragedy, ha

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/10 17:01:34

Post by: youwashock

That terrain set is absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see more bots, too.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/11 13:19:52

Post by: tzurk

Honingtomaten wrote:Scrolled through your blog. Holy moly very fast and nice painting. Really love your Krieg army! Sweet paintjob

G'day mate - nice to have you on board. My motivation seems to come in bursts - so if I don't capitalise, things don't get done...testament to that - I still have about 100 kriegsmen waiting to be built in the queue!

gobert wrote:Cool looking dreads! Great fluffy reasons for them all being interned too. They’re going to be impressive once all 12 are stomping across the battlefield!

Thanks gobert! I am looking forward to it too. Have been playing a little mini-escalation with them vs my mate's Chaos/Fallen, at 500 then 1000. We're 1-1 at this point and have a full 2k match next weekend, so hopefully get them battle ready for that! I am still off work for the week too so no excuses...right?

Boss Salvage wrote:Dig the power glow against that gray

Thanks mate - I took some inspiration from the sigmar dwarves on the last page. I tried to replicate their lava bases but didn't like the effect; then went for martian crust but also wasn't happy - so back to old reliable snow! I think I'd like to add another secondary colour to help break things up a bit - maybe ice blue, runic inscriptions...

Captain Brown wrote:Love the terrain tzurk.



Thanks CB there's just something really satisfying about playing on a board you've made yourself! They may not be perfect but they're mine and I love them.

amazingturtles wrote:The boxy little dreads! they look so good, and that shield came out amazingly. Good backstory too, it's always good to gave marines a little tragedy, ha

Thank you turtles! I was a bit worried about the shield honestly - it's from a Reaper bones mini, and the plastic they use seems to hate primer and refuse to take it. The rest of the dread had already been painted though and I haven't been in the mood/had the patience/managed to find the effort to strip them so they've all just been sprayed over - it seemed to turn out okay this time though!

youwashock wrote:That terrain set is absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see more bots, too.

Cheers mate! Your wish is my command - though none finished yet. I have managed to do the last few conversions and cover up some of the more obvious blood angel bits - so these bad boys are mostly ready to paint. Only the quad autocannon guy is yet to receive his arms from ebay but they should hopefully be arriving this week too!

I got a few base layers down on Bjorn and the other axe/shield dread, but that's about all the painting progress so far.

Group shot

My counts-as Bray'arth and 2 x lascannon chappy dreads, with the armless soon-to-be rifleman dread

Bjorn, the two axe/shield ven dreads, and Murderfang - who I'm naming as Neckbiter because his little backstory is that he went straight for the throat of the tech-priest trying to move him from birthing tank to dreadnought, so in retaliation they kept his body exposed at the front of his dread...unlucky for them he's proved unstoppable and always makes life difficult when he comes back to the mothership for repairs

The librarian dreadnought w the bell on top, and 3 furiosos w frag cannons

I also made up a set of objective markers to go with the terrain set out of some Necromunda pieces and just junk I had laying around. They replace the dice that we've been using in our home games so far - but I still wanted to make them easily recognisable as being numbered 1-6. So all odds are blue and evens are orange; and they even have a bit of a rhyming pneumonic to help remember.

1 is for gun - because of the guns in the container.
2 is for .22 - for the bullets.

3 is for IT because it's a computer!
4 is for door because the doors of the tabernacle are open...

FIVE is for screwDRIVEr, and
6 is for thicc, because it's the biggest one by far

Love to everyone. Hope you're finding ways to stay busy at home!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/11 17:34:54

Post by: monkeytroll

Nice line-up

Always fun to have some good objective markers.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/11 17:44:00

Post by: youwashock

That spread looks like a lot of fun. Forces like that are great to see. So striking.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/11 18:51:50

Post by: amazingturtles

The bell dread is my favorite i think. The objectives are great too, it almost got me thinking of the twelve days of christmas

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/12 08:43:01

Post by: tzurk

Thanks guys. Plugged away today, got Bjorn and Axel pretty much done bar a few final touches like the underslung weapons.

A group shot of the finished dreads - 1/3 of the army!

And just starting on Neckbiter. Seems like a lot of work to get to the stage the other two are at!

more to come 8 - )

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/12 19:48:38

Post by: gobert

Great looking bunch o’dreads. The latest axe looks particularly glowy! Won’t be long until you’ve got a full army!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/13 15:26:55

Post by: Captain Brown

tzurk, that is an impressive lineup of Dreadnoughts.

I had to smile at the objective makers...although I have to admit I would never remember that in the heat of a game.



the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/14 05:51:10

Post by: tzurk

Thanks guys!

@gobert thanks mate! I sometimes worry about the glow being a bit tacky or Power Rangers-y, but then I think it's Warhammer 40,000 and that sort of thing is par for the course...

@CB, I may have printed out a cheat sheet with them - including the mnemonic - to take along to our games...

Been chugging along through these guys...I'm choosing to think of school holidays during quarantine as enforced hobby time.

Neckbiter finished

Chaplains finished

The other furiosos finished

And a group shot - it's definitely starting to feel like an army!

Got the librarian and melee chaplain on the block next, then it's just armless - his autocannons are due to arrive some time this week so I'll try have him ready for them when they get here.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/14 09:28:38

Post by: gobert

They almost look like a horde, certainly enough mass! Are any of the lead?

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/14 11:05:07

Post by: monkeytroll

Powering through these guys Looking great as a group.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/14 13:01:23

Post by: amazingturtles

You're really moving through those fast, and they're coming out perfect!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/14 13:15:51

Post by: youwashock

Full speed ahead! Amazing progress. Loving the axe glows. Great work.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/15 04:30:34

Post by: tzurk

Thanks everyone!

@gobert, these are all plastic - thankfully! I still have nightmares about dropping an old metal box dread on my foot as a kid...

Got a good production line going but it came to a halt today when I ran out of white. Need to restock and also grab another pot of valhallan blizzard to add more snow to all the bases - I'd like them all to match the ven dread on bottom left on the group shot, I think the contrast helps against the grey.

I still managed to get mum dread & dad dread finished! They are noticably darker then the other guys, so it will either be a case of lightening them back up when I get my hands on some more white, or seeing if another wash of Nuln Oil will bring the others down to them. Or just handwaving it as them being the two oldest dreadnoughts and having more time to get dirty/oily/lose their shine/whatever.

Only rifleman to go now!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/15 05:08:43

Post by: Captain Brown

Wow that was quick.

Love the additions on the last two to fit their roles.



the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/15 14:05:20

Post by: amazingturtles

Yay for the bell dread! And man do they look neat together like that. A whole happy family!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/15 16:54:12

Post by: youwashock

In a word: rad.

The bell ringer is a fantastic model.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/16 09:34:04

Post by: gobert

Shame you ran out of white, I think mom and pops would look better being a bit lighter. The face on the bell ringer looks great.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/16 10:38:08

Post by: FeindusMaximus


the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/17 12:12:18

Post by: Viterbi

Late to the party, but I love your terrain, so much turquoise The dreaded army also looks fantastic, love the fire effect instead of the expected ice one!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/18 01:10:52

Post by: tzurk

Thanks guys - appreciate all the feedback!

I agree gobert, it would be better if they matched the rest of the army - I went to two hobby stores nearby and they were both out of flat white in all their ranges. Lots of folk must be hobbying hard in quarantine!

Thanks Viterbi, I pretty much stole the dreadnought scheme from my fyreslayers a couple pages back - I wanted it to be visually striking but simple enough to paint on a large scale. Glad you like the terrain - it is probably the pride of my collection at the moment!

I managed to get the dread army on the board yesterday for a 2000 pt game against my brother in law (seems important to note that it was played while adhering to all current COVID recommendations ). I had planned to take photos at the end of each phase to have a go at writing a battle report, but forgot a lot of them!

It was the conclusion of a little narrative campaign that we've been running, my Iron Jackal dreads vs his Fallen w a mix of Red Corsairs & traitor guard. At 500 pts we played a Rescue mission where his Fallen came in to rescue Cypher - who was pretty quickly set upon by Neckbiter but managed to mysteriously escape into the warp at the last second, taking Neckbiter with him. The dreadnoughts then tracked his beacon down and we played a custom two-objective mission that ended with the Fallen winning on Victory Points - I only lost one out of my seven dreadnoughts to a plasma battery, but couldn't kill his last unit before the end of Turn 5 and we failed the roll for a Turn 6. Cypher again managed to escape into the warp and proceeded to surround himself with allies, awaiting the final assault.

Match report spoilered below.


For the final confrontation, we played a Cleanse and Capture mission. We set the board up chock full of terrain with a sort of kill box in the middle with four big LOS blocking pieces surrounded by some good sniping spots and smaller pieces that could be used for cover. We ignore a few of the Matched play rules like the turn 1 deepstriking ban and multiple psykers not being allowed to cast the same spell so if a few moments raise eyebrows in the match, it's because we're a bit fast and loose.

I placed all three of my objectives in a tri-point around the centre of the table, while my opponent put his on top of ruins - knowing my dreads couldn't climb them.

He picked the Hammer and Anvil deployment map, choosing the tile on the left of the picture as his zone - meaning he could easily claim three objectives on his first turn via deployment. Our armies were as follows:

Dreadnoughts Army
- A Salamanders Supreme Command of Volgrim the Ancient (my counts-as Brayarth, with Hero of the Chapter used to give him the +2T warlord trait - taking him to T11, 2+ save, 5+ invuln, 4+ FNP!), two twin lascannon chaplain dreads, and a quad autocannon venerable dreadnought
- A Space Wolves Vanguard of Chapter Master Ulfyr (counts-as Bjorn), the two axe and shield dreads Vilkax and Farkax, and Neckbiter in a dreadnought drop pod
- A Blood Angels Vanguard of still-unnamed Librarian dreadnought (my Warlord, with the Biomantic Sarcophagus relic and Speed of Sanguinius trait) and 3 x furiosos with frag cannons and meltaguns

6 starting CP

Chaos Army
- A Fallen Vanguard of Cypher and 3 x 6 units of Fallen, all with combi-plasmas. Two units had a lascannon and the other had a missile launcher.
- A Red Corsairs Battalion of Huron (warlord), Sorcerer w Jump Pack and the Murdersword linked to Volgrim, 2 x 5 CSMs w special/heavy weapons (plasma/las) and 1 x 10 with chainswords.
- A Red Corsairs Vanguard of a Khorne Daemon Prince w wings and a sexy daemon sword whose name I forget, two greater possessed, and a hellbrute with twin lascannons
- A Red Corsairs Spearhead of a Master of Possessions, two obliterators, and a venomcrawler
- A Noctilith Crown

Something crazy like 17 starting CP

Chaos Deployment

Most of his army was tucked in around the LOS blocking terrain, anticipating I would get the first turn. A unit of Fallen with a lascannon was placed on top of the fuel station roof to claim Objective 4 and have good line of sight down the middle of the map, while another managed to get a marine on top of the held Objective 6. His Venomcrawler, Master of Possessions and one Greater Possessed hid behind the wall on his right flank to all buff each other with cool Daemon stuff, Huron and the Hellbrute set up in centrefield around his Noctilith Crown and Objecive 5, and on the left flank sat his Daemon Prince, the other Greater Possessed, and the last unit of Fallen. The Chaos Marine squads were spread out to try and stop Neckbiter from deepstriking into his backfield. The two Obliterators and Sorcerer were set up in Reserve, ready to deepstrike in and claim yet more objectives!

Dreadnoughts Deployment

Pretty much everything was placed right up on the edge of my deployment zone ready to push forward. On the left flank I had two furiosos. Volgrim held dead centre, slightly ahead of the other dreadnoughts to make him a juicy target, knowing he could tank a couple lascannon shots with ease. With him were Ulfyr, Farkax, the last furioso, and behind them was one of my chaplain dreads. On the right, Vilkax stood ahead of the librarian dreadnought and the other chaplain stood slightly back with the rifleman, ready to forget his buffing litanies every. single. turn! Neckbiter went into his drop pod and into orbit.

I won the roll-off for first turn with my +1 from finishing deployment first, but my opponent (let's call him Ray for ease in this report) managed to sieze initiative!

Chaos Turn 1

He moved most of his shooting units that were out of range/LOS into position – his Venomcrawler came out from behind the wall, aimed straight at my Furiosos. His Daemon Prince flew downfield from the tower and the Greater Possessed trailed for the +1 Strength aura. His Hellbrute poked his head around the corner so he could see down the line to my dreads.

He pulled Hold Objective 4 – which he did, Defend Objective 6, which would be easily done, and the Long War – which is 1 VP for killing a unit – or d3 if they are Imperium!

His obliterators dropped in on an objective each, one on Objective 3 in the killbox and one on Objective 2 on the roof next to my centre and right flank squads. The Sorcerer landed his jump pack in the perfect spot to try and deny my librarian’s plans to buff himself up and charge into the DP.

His sorcerer tried to Death Hex away Vilkax’ 4+ invuln but was denied, then cast Infernal Gaze and managed to get a mortal wound off on Vilkax.

For shooting, Volgrim took a lot of lascannon fire – as was the plan! – and they managed to take 3 wounds off his mighty chassis. One of my furiosos on the left flank was taken out by a combination of Venomcrawler, Fallen and Obliterator fire, giving Ray First Blood – and that was thankfully it.

Nothing charged – so it was time for the dreadnoughts to march!

Dreadnoughts Turn 1

One of the Furiosos advanced up the left flank, knowing he could still unleash his Frag Cannon and meltagun and the autohits provided a pretty good charge deterrent against the incoming CSM squad and daemon blob behind it. He threw all his weapons into the 5 man CSM squad and managed to wipe them out.

Farkax moved into the centre and targeted the Obliterator on Obj 3 with his HF but couldn’t wound. Ulfyr followed suit and managed to get the Obliterator down to 1 wound remaining. Volgrim advanced directly down the centre and shot his smoke launchers.

The other furioso advanced straight down the middle and rolled well enough to be within Frag Cannon range of the Hellbrute. In combination with his Melta and some Lascannon fire from the chaplain, he managed to peel 7 of its 8 wounds off in the shooting phase.

The rifleman dread smooshed 3 of 6 fallen even with their cover saves, and the other chaplain tried to mince the Greater Possessed that was just slightly closer than the DP, but only managed to take off a single wound.

The librarian moved his 6” out, following behind Vilkax, and tried to cast Wings of Sanguinius and Quickening – though one was denied and the other failed even with his re-rolls.

In the charge phase, the Obliterator was set upon and quickly despatched by Ulfyr and Farkax, and the librarian made it into the Greater Possessed and sliced him in two with his Furioso halberd.

Neckbiter arrived into the hole left by the advancing Daemon Prince and Greater Possessed and attempted a charge on Huron but failed – even with his innate rerolls. He was safe for the next turn’s shooting at least thanks to his drop pod being slightly in front and his character status.

At the end of Round 1, Ray was ahead 8-4 on Victory Points. I still had all 6 CP remaining, but he had burned through 6 of his, taking him down to 11.

Chaos Turn 2

Movement was pretty quick here. The Daemon Prince moved in to charge Farkax, and the Sorcerer eyed off Volgrim with his Murdersword. His backline CSMs reshuffled to be within range to use their pistols. By now Cypher and a unit of Fallen were totally on top of Objective 6’s building and had been happily sniping away.

In the Psychic phase, the Master of Possessions buffed up the Venomcrawler to re-roll hits and wounds, the Sorcerer managed to smite a wound off Volgrim, and Huron managed to get in position to smite two off Neckbiter.

Farkax took some heavy plasma fire and stood standing with 3 wounds remaining. Ulfyr was the target of the Venomcrawler and Master of Possessions who managed to take him down to 3 wounds remaining as well.

The Sorcerer managed to take a single wound off Volgrim with the Murdersword but was squashed in return. The Daemon Prince put some hurt down on Vilkax and took some heat back, but both were still standing at the end of the turn.

The obliterator on the roof pulled a wound off the Chaplain dreadnought and would prove to be a thorn in his side throughout the game.

The Fallen on the back rooftop destroyed Neckbiter’s drop pod as it was their only available option. The Fallen on Objective 6 destroyed the second Furioso, and Huron and the Hellbrute combined to kill the last Furioso.

Dreadnoughts Turn 2

Ulfyr and Farkax headed downfield to shoot up and charge into the Venomcrawler, who they managed to tear to pieces between the two of them, and then consolidated into the Master of Possessions and Greater Possessed.

Volgrim continued his march downfield towards Huron and managed to aim his Dreadclaw flamers at a unit of CSM and melt them completely, then charge in to Huron, crush him with his claws, and consolidate into the Noctilith Crown.

Neckbiter met him there, via destroying most of the 10-man CSM unit on his own after charging in, popping the exploding hits on a 4+ stratagem, and managing to roll 3 1s to hit!

The chaplains and rifleman did their part, clearing out the Fallen in cover on Ray’s left flank and killing the Hellbrute.

Vilkax finished off the Daemon Prince but forgot to pile in/consolidate and was stuck in the open.

At the end of Turn 2, Ray was ahead 15-7 on Victory Points, but only had 3 CP remaining.

Chaos Turn 3

Things were looking pretty dire for Cypher at this point – he knew he had to work out a way to keep somebody alive. The Master of Possessions buffed up the Greater Possessed and then teamed up with him to put Ulfyr out of action. An overcharged plasma pistol from the remnants of the chainsword squad managed to not only kill the firer but cause the remaining marine to flee.

In return, Farkax chose to use the cleave property on his axe, which only managed to do a single wound to the Greater Possessed.

The Fallen atop the fuel station had no choice but to target Vilkax as their other options were either in combat or characters and managed to get him to half wounds.

The obliterator continued to plink wounds off the backfield Chaplain dreadnought.

Dreadnoughts Turn 3
Volgrim and Neckbiter smashed the Noctilith Crown, which exploded – taking Neckbiter out of action and bringing Volgrim down to his last wound.

The librarian managed to get both his spells off this turn, and flew downfield to be a big damn hero. With his new FLY keyword, bonus movement, +3 to charges and rerolling them, he managed to make it up to the top of the fuel station – death had arrived on fiery wings for the Fallen holding Objective 6! He caught a few plasma wounds on the way but took out the entire squad on his own and consolidated on top of the Objective.

Vilkax did something very silly and split his attacks, Scythe style, between the Greater Possessed and the Master of Possessions, killing neither and allowing them to kill him in return.

The fire support dreads killed a few fallen from Objective 6, and that was the turn.

Chaos Turn 4

The Greater Possessed advanced to the top of Objective 6’s building with Cypher and the fallen, hoping to counter the librarian’s inevitable charge. The Master of Possessions climbed the wall he had hidden behind at the beginning of the game and took aim at the librarian with Smite. Between that and the Fallen’s shooting, the librarian only had a single wound left.

Dreadnoughts Turn 4
Volgrim left the fiery mess of the Noctilith Crown and Neckbiter’s smouldering sarcophagus to chase down the Master of Possessions.

The Librarian flew over to Objective 6 but needed to advance, meaning he couldn’t shoot or charge, but managed to smite away the two remaining Fallen, leaving Cypher to be shot and killed (or was he…?) by the rifleman from across field. The chaplain then melted the Greater Possessed, leaving just the Master of Possessions alive on his perch on the wall, facing down certain doom from the librarian and Volgrim.

The backfield chaplain dread finally shot the obliterator on the roof to pieces!

Chaos Turn 5
It was getting dicey now! Ray’s Master of Possessions was his last remaining unit. He dropped down off his perch and advanced backwards – he tried to smite the last wound off the librarian but was denied. He could only sit and wait for the inevitable and hope the dice gods were kind!

Dreadnoughts Turn 5
All I could do here was advance Volgrim to get in position to shoot and charge next turn (if there was one!), and attempt to get my librarian down to smoosh the Master of Possessions. Wings didn’t go off – even with the reroll, and then I failed a Smite as well. There was nothing else I could do – it would come down to the dice roll to see if we went on to Turn 6!

Ray picked out a low-rolling die from dice jail – its love of 1s and 2s would come in handy here.

It skittered across the table, bounced off a few terrain pieces, and landed – on a 2! There would be no round 6, and Cypher somehow managed to pull victory from the jaws of defeat twice in a row.

At the end of the game, despite the Iron Jackals managing to whittle the betrayers down to their last man, that man was far ahead on Victory Points – winning 25 to 10.

I had an absolute blast, though – nearly everyone did their job and got their moment to shine. On to the next campaign – we’re going to start a Sigmar slow grow with his Fyreslayers v my Chaos Orcs, going from 500 to 1500. I’ll try and take better pictures and keep better records for some more reports to go into the blog!

The pics i did manage to take:

Neckbiter and Volgrim just before the explosion.

The Master of Possessions faces down both Volgrim and the librarian.

Farkax and Ulfyr in combat with the daemonic marines.

Hope everyone is doing well. The next painting pics should be the re-touched dreadnoughts, and then I have some decisions to make - do I start on my unbuilt and unpainted kill teams? Do I finally return to the geo daemons and give them the love they deserve? Do I go back and add some detail work to the terrain? Options...

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/18 02:57:14

Post by: youwashock

Woot woot! Stomp-bots in action! Great looking battle shots. Sounds like a good time, and next time the dreads will take it.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/18 12:36:03

Post by: monkeytroll

Nice to see the terrain in action.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/18 18:41:25

Post by: gobert

Pics look great, painted armies and painted terrain

Hopefully you manage to find some white to finish off the dread army.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/18 21:23:34

Post by: amazingturtles

Great report! And they look amazing with all that terrain

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/20 10:02:46

Post by: IGtR=

Fun report, thanks for sharing! And terrain and dreads look awesome

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/04/21 10:46:19

Post by: Honingtomaten

Nice had a good read. Terrain is looking ace

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/05/02 05:41:39

Post by: tzurk

Thanks everyone! Appreciate all the comments. First time playing on the full board with a fully painted army so was pretty special!

I was looking at a pot plant as I was tidying up the shed the other day and I thought - I could make a stompa out of this.

So i started making a stompa. I have no plans to make an ork army, but it'll be a fun build and look good in my brother in law's horde.


This was the basic shape, with a solar light for the head, a couple of duplo bricks for feet and eyes, and some wind chimes for exhausts.

A bit of slapdash cardboard work, and a cheap tank toy for a shoulderpad complete w grot tower.

At this stage I could tell that the silhouette wasn't quite right and went about dropping the head into the body to get a bit more of the classic ork hunchback feel. I also got rid of the grot tower (RIP little buddy) and replaced him with an ork manning a big shoota. Do you think this is enough guns...?

Then I got started on the chainsword.

That's where we're at the moment - still needs a lot of work, but I'm having fun along the way!

Hope everyone is doing well.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/05/02 13:03:30

Post by: Maharg

That dread army turned out nicely, really like the orange particularly on the shields. Good to see them in action on a well painted table too.
Stompa has started well, look forward to the finished piece

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/05/02 13:47:49

Post by: monkeytroll

Proven Winner indeed

Great start, although I mourn the loss of the grot tower.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/05/02 14:17:06

Post by: amazingturtles

I don't think i've ever seen a home made stompa project that i didn't love and this is no exception.

I hope that the grot tower finds a good home elsewhere though!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/05/02 17:36:54

Post by: gobert

Great start on the stompa. Cool idea using the mega bloxx and duplo with the plant pots. Good recycling projects are always a winner in my book

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/05/02 18:13:48

Post by: youwashock

Yeah, I'm gonna cry justice for the grot tower. It was taken from us too soon. Awesome build. Nice work taking the inspiration and running with it.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/09/21 02:54:34

Post by: tzurk

edit: jeez these pics are huge. Is there an easy way to resize when embedding or do I have to go back and edit the source? Any tips much appreciated!

Hi all,

Been a while!

Thanks for all the kind words. I finished off the stompa and it is sitting primed and ready on my brother in law's painting table - I was sad to see it go still unpainted but realistically I have no idea when I would have gotten around to it. At least this way I will be able to face it painted on the table sooner rather than later!

Apologies to all its fans - the grot tower didn't make the final build. I have inklings of plans for my own kult of speed some day though so there is hope for him yet...

In the meantime, I have been mucking around with some more daemons and Krieg.

Here is a new Lord of Change concept:

And nurglings v2:

Start of a soulgrinder:

And these guys, who were originally going to be the redesigned nurglings, but I think now will either head to the scrap pile or be maybe be used as daemonettes or bloodletters. Or, could maybe throw a few together for a Changeling.

have some more guardsmen ready to paint

The psyker - lost a lot of fingers during construction that I had to rebuild with GS

I also took some more photos of the rest of the tzaemons. A few are missing fluff, will hopefully get around to writing that up soon.

Disc herald - probably my favourite mini, I feel it most wholly captures the concept behind the army


Exalted flamers

Daemon prince



Blue horrors


Foot herald

Horror family shot

Furies - another favourite. Function and form intertwined

And I couldn't resist a Krieg shot

Sorry for the delay and skeleton post. Will try and get back into the swing of things!

Hope you are all doing well.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/09/21 10:58:42

Post by: amazingturtles

Welcome back!

Even as tiny crystals the nurglings are still adorable. And suitably strange! I could see the pointy things as bloodletters too. I mean, they are pointy.

Everything else is still quite amazing, the ornament demons are probably my favorite army on here.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/09/21 12:58:34

Post by: tzurk

Thanks turtles! Good to be back - always seem to come and go in waves. I am excited to catch up on everybody else's work!

Your comment gives me the warm fuzzies. The daemons are definitely the army I am most proud of, and I am super chuffed that you enjoy them too

I think I will paint one of the mix'n'matchers up and see if it works as anything before I give up on them as a group. Bloodletters definitely seem like the most natural fit.

I wrote a bit of fluff to accompany the disc herald; I thought he deserved some of his own considering how iconic I think he is of the project.

The Inquisitor took another step forward, a long breath in, and then thumbed the standalone control panel to his left. Immediately the walls transpared, and Kyne saw several things in instant succession. As he watched, each image seemed to linger in his mind for what seemed like minutes; but as each passed into the next he was aware it had come and gone in only a fraction of a second.

He was staring at an enormous quicksilver hexagon. It swirled with colour, as inks float in water; turquoise, mint, magenta. The shape itself seemed to rotate in the opposite direction to the swathes of colour inside it.

Then the shape was gone; replaced by a melon-sized ball of blackness so intense it seemed to seep out into the air around it. It hovered at Kyne’s eye height. Inside it seemed to glitter and blink innumerable pinpricks of light. One second, candles, the next, stars.

The sphere spun around on itself and suddenly it was inside the hexagon that span slowly end over end around it, the iris of an alien eye.

It came to a stop, shapes and colours both, and rested.

Kyne watched it, unmoving, for a time. When it appeared that the daemon would change no further, he opaqued the walls of the cube and then retired.

In his chambers, he wondered. The daemon had not reached out to brush its alien conscious against his own, as he had expected. Inquisitor Rachmaroth’s immediate and ultimate reaction had lead Kyne to believe that making contact would be the daemon’s first move. He felt that today’s display was the creature’s way of sizing him up. Clearly, Kyne was more challenging quarry than Rachmaroth and the planetary consultants that had been here before him.

Here, he caught himself mid-thought – he could not pride himself on the judgment of the spawn of Chaos. How highly the daemon regarded him should be of no consequence to an Inquisitor of Kyne’s status.

He pushed the thought from his mind and walked the perimeter of the base, contemplating the problem.

The next day, Kyne walked in to the viewing room and stared directly into the eye of the Cyclops.

Kyne pulled his high collar up to his mouth and spoke into it slowly.

“Overlord Waldon, has anybody else been in here?”

Crackling came the reply: “No, sir. Not since your last visit, sir.”

Kyne approached the cube and rested a hand on the cold of the transpared plasteel. The daemon was still, but its presence seemed to burn and warp the air around it.

After a time, Kyne thumbed the control and the thing was gone.

That night, he dreamed he was lost in a wine-dark sea. He had sunk below the waves and was trying to claw his way to the surface but had forgotten which way was up. Around him, in the inky darkness, glowed what might have been sea creatures or might have been stars.

After a week of daily visits and no progress, Kyne requested a buggy and drove away from the base. His doubts had been growing. This daemon had given him nothing to work with and yet had eaten away at him. He was Kyne, the problem solver. The Inquisition turned to him with cases too difficult for ordinary men. Many had already failed here. He would not. He could not. And yet he was.

He spent the night in his buggy; running his air supply down to the wire. He alternated between quiet contemplation and frustrated outbursts.

On his return to base, he knew what to expect. He had checked with the Overlord; no one had entered the chamber since he had last been inside, and Kyne himself had opaqued the cube on his way out. Still, he nodded to the last guard, and braced himself for what would come.

Before him loomed the daemon, its silver hexagon taking up an impossible amount of the cube. Its swirling black eye trained directly on Kyne. He felt he would rather take a plasma cannon to the chest than withstand its gaze. He was powerless, he was weak. This daemon was greater. Chaos was greater. What chance did he have, mere human against such a beast?

He began to weep. This was a hopeless task. Why delay the inevitable? Mankind was lost already. Kyne was lost already; no more was he an Inquisitor than was Waldon. The Emperor will wither and Chaos will reign. Therein lies the great mistake of man; to hope. To hope against hope that there is light when there is none.

Kyne had failed. His will was broken, his faith shattered. He was a heretic. He had to get out and get free. Tears rolled down his face and splashed on the lapel of his coat. As he reached out to brush them off, he paused.

Wait, he thought…that was it.

The tears stopped, and laughter poured out of Kyne like smoke from a grenade. He had worked it out.

That was the true evil of the thing. That was the truly glorious, absolute, mind-bendingly wondrous evil of it. Kyne was no a heretic. How could he be? He was an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor - the Emperor’s watchdog against exactly this kind of threat. He was pure – of heart and mind. This thing, this daemon, this mess of shape and colour – had no real power. It could only try to worm its way inside his mind and squeeze it like a lemon; to try to make him believe he was a heretic, and trust that his guilt and conditioning would destroy him.

Had Kyne been a lesser man, one prone to the heretical wanderings of a weak mind and the inevitable tumbling spirals of self-loathing and flagellation that follow, the daemon’s plan might have worked. The prismatic beast had certainly done a number on Kyne’s predecessors.

But he was Kyne, the Fixer. He had built a name and a career out of succeeding where others had failed. And he was sent here to succeed.

He was still laughing as he opaqued the plasteel containment cube and brushed past the startled guards outside. He paused at the top of the stairs to lean on the rail and wipe away a stray tear.

He chuckled softly as he punched the Inquisition Master Override into the ID module of the supreme command centre. Making his way to the control panel, he extended a finger and began to enter the moon base’s self-destruct sequence. As the countdown approached 0, he keyed in the containment cube’s emergency release code.

There, he thought through fits of hysterics, is the ultimate punchline.

And then he thought no more.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/09/21 21:40:08

Post by: gobert

Welcome back tzurk, your Daemons continue to haunt me. I guess that the point of them, freaky little creation! Great job! Excited to see the krieg progressing and I hope we get to see a painted version of the stompa on here at some point.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/09/23 02:41:37

Post by: Captain Brown


Love the work you did on the Krieg.



the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/09/24 13:26:37

Post by: amazingturtles

That was an excellent story, creepy in just the right way. I appreciate that the demon never speaks, that's what makes the fear work to me

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/09/28 15:12:46

Post by: DJJazzyJeff

Excellent work.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/09/29 12:53:52

Post by: tzurk

Thanks everyone! Appreciate all the feedback.

Me too on the stompa gobert. If I get through the guardsmen before Christmas and it's still sitting unpainted on his desk I might steal it back...

Thank you turtles! I get more nervous about sharing writing than minis...one day I would like to start an in-character blog somewhere that is just pics and fluff. Where does the time go?

Bit of progress to show, been pottering around with the soul grinder and got it in a place where I want to paint it up and see how I like it. I am worried that it is a little too organic compared to the others - I am hoping the paint will help make it fit but worst case scenario it will make a good boss monster for DnD.

I went back and added in a bunch more texture after taking these pics and built up the cork around the base of the spirals too.


Got a few base coats down tonight and got started on washes. Think I am going to work brown into the body of the big guy and either camo or teal to match the purple on the spirals. Not 100% sold on the camo and teal combo on the nurglings so calling it a night here and will revisit it tomorrow.

Would love to hear any of your thoughts on colour schemes!

Going to try and do a little bit less a little bit more often, try and stay motivated - I think I have said that before!

Well I tested a few different nurgling schemes - camo and teal, camo and purple, camo and brown, camo and camo, and settled on camo and brown. Repainted all the bases and did a bit of work on the grinder.

The grinder is slowly growing on me but there is work to do yet. I think I will paint the inside of these 'lotus flower' parts back over in silver and then wash in some purple, maybe reflect it a bit at the base of the orb. It is all a bit same same at the moment and I would like a bit of differentiation/contrast!

big love to everyone reading this 8-)

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/01 23:49:46

Post by: tzurk

G'day! Quick post today, I got distracted reading other blogs and lost track of time a bit.

Have been a bit more productive than usual which I attribute to moving the paint desk into the living area and pottering away for a bit each night...

Anyway, I took some whole army shots and some close ups of the Lord of Change, Soul Grinder and nurglings.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Canphor system was Lord Inquisitor Squaw’s biggest headache, and had been ever since the first notice of unusual activity in the sector had come across his desk.

When they first arrived, the locals of Canphor II – unwashed feudal tribes, living knee deep in snow and building shrines to their Emperor-proxies out of woolly cammoth bones – called them
angels. They descended from the heavens draped in silver and sang harmonies so pure they sent the unclean into fits of apoplexy.

The Goraldan 91st were the closest regiment, having been stationed a few systems away, and were deployed as an immediate precaution. That had proved fruitless – no men returned and an entire armoured company was reduced to unsalvageable scrap.

The Third Company of the Lions Resplendant were called in from the Curac salt moon to deal with the threat but found the planet empty – of not only hostiles but human life also.

Fatline comms were lost on return to their Stormbird and the Lions were never seen or heard from again. Sensitive readings showed an enormous spike in warp activity originating from one of the outer planets in the system.

Navy cruiser
Sutrovex was stationed nearby and monitored Canphor IX, sending data back to the sector’s Inquisitorial Command Station regularly.

That had proven to be a costly mistake. The cruiser was soon taken from Imperial control, and then the Command Station itself was host to an incursion of the Canphorite daemons. Though they had beaten back the initial offensive, the Station’s distress beacon had caused further outbreaks at each of the bases that had received the message.

The system was lost, and the loss was spreading faster than the Inquisition could contain it. Squaw sighed, licked his quill, and continued to pore over the records.

There must be
something here…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Whole army:

Screamers swoop down over Exalted Flamers and the Nurgle daemons:

Said Nurgle daemons:

The Horror horde:

And I will drop these in spoilers because there are a lot of big pics!

Grinder & nurglings:

Couldn't resist this shot as I placed him back on the shelf. Need to get another glass display cabinet - IKEA trip, woohoo! - but in the meantime what's more Nurgle than hanging out with dust and gecko poop...

Feels like he is looking down and saying,


Lord of Change - went through a few colour changes. had a red and purple disc at first, then a gold and purple, then just gold, then teal and purple, then all teal. Happy with him now though. I think the spheres might be a bit busy, might end up going back through with some more black.


Again, apologies for the huge pics.

The army is far from finished but I am pretty happy with where it is sitting at the moment - going to take a break from them and finish off the Krieg detachment and then assess where we're at.

Thanks for looking!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/02 13:18:00

Post by: 416_SpaceWolves

What a brilliantly unique army, so well painted.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/02 14:45:05

Post by: SalemGamorrah

Loving all your work, and the huge variety as well! fantastic

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/02 15:01:04

Post by: Boss Salvage

One of my favorite daemon armies out there, wonderfully creative and delightfully chaotic in ways GW only goes in fiction. Grats on 'finishing' it, looks grand all together - particularly that grinder, which I find really evocative of the original concept, despite not strictly looking anything like it

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/04 21:21:33

Post by: DJJazzyJeff

A really creative way to make this army. The colors look great.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/05 07:24:57

Post by: gobert

I saved reviewing these pics for the morning so as to avoid nightmares! They’re such an original idea, appropriately sinister and haunting. A great army to be proud of and looking even better on your terrain. Bring on the Krieg next

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/05 12:38:10

Post by: amazingturtles

I think that the soul grinder looks just about perfect. The lord of change is wonderfully creepy, it's got the appearance of looking without having an eye, which is fun

The imperium is doomed! Doomed by geometry!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/06 00:32:01

Post by: Maharg

Nice army shot, your daemons look even better en masse. I really like the Lord of change

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/06 12:54:58

Post by: tzurk

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all your comments! I feel a bit like I'm sharing baby photos when I show the scrabble daemons off, and it makes me really happy to see the warm welcome they're getting here on dakka

Boss Salvage, thanks for singling out the grinder. It is a funny thing; I think the screamers for example should fit the aesthetic better as they are essentially elongated horrors, which are some of my favourite minis in the army. The grinder is a bit of an odd ball..but I think somehow he just works. I have had another five screamers built and ready for paint but I'm still not totally sure I don't want to change their aesthetic. Weird! But then - I guess that is fitting

Thanks gobert, getting the terrain painted was a bit like pulling teeth but seeing painted minis on painted terrain just makes the child hobbyist pushing grey plastic around on dictionary hills in me sing.

Good point on the LOC turtles! He is kind of like those inverted paintings that follow you around the room no matter where you move... it was unintentional but now I can't unsee it! He needs some fluff written about him and that gives me an idea...thank you!

A single rollover pic from the army showcase to get us started on this page & in the mood for fluff...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
It has no eyes, but it's watching us.

Between the observation camps on ground, the flyers and the orbital surveillance sats, we have visuals on the bastard from nine different angles.

From every single one, we get the same feedback.

At any given moment in time, it's occupying those nine different positions simultaneously.

And in each one, you could swear it was looking directly at the lens we were training on it.

That's good, I guess, because it's the only way we can contain it.

Less than nine points of visual contact, and it travels between sites.

Not along roads or through the air or anything. One minute, it'd be at Site 4 spinning around like a dreidel. Blink, and the chemical tanks are on fire at Site 3 while at Site 6 our bogie is sitting pretty and putting on a light show for the flyboys.

And containing it's about all we can do, really.

Even with our nine eyes on it, any weapon that gets locked, loaded, warmed up or trained on our bogie gets shrieked to bits. Grunts with flashlights, Russes, Valkyries, laser sats, they all shred the same.

The big =I='s been told. They'll send someone out - 'soon', they say. In the mean time we just sit tight and run our observation routine.

It's getting cold now - not that it was warm before. But we keep on watching.

And that thing - well, it just watches right back.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Maharg - the LOC was kind of just thrown together one day when I had to replace a part in my belt sander and ended up with a spare disc. I originally had a very different plan for him, but it sort of fell together once I found that piece...I am glad you think he works! He is another example I think of something that is a bit "outside" the simple geometric shapes but has enough going on visually that he kind of pulls through anyway.

I have a 1500 pt game with the Krieg this weekend and am going to try to get a few special weapons squads painted up in time so the whole army is fully painted.

Big love to all, hope everyone is kicking goals!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/06 16:45:47

Post by: Captain Brown

Nice work tzurk...and as always a nice little story for background.



the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/10 14:50:45

Post by: tzurk

Thanks CB!

Small update tonight - trying to get these guys painted up for a 1500 pt game tomorrow. I have spent about 90 min on them so far - just hit them with washes and will highlight in the morn.

I really love the minis - they are Solar Auxilia models from 30k, but I will use them as flamer/melta special weapons guys with my Krieg. The two together on the big base behind the gorup get run as a heavy flamer for my Engineers squad already.

They are a bit rushed but giving me hope to push through the next 30 guardsmen pretty quickly.

Mind the nuln oil spot too..ahh! Managed to mop most of it back up into the pot thankfully.

Will try take some pics of the game - though I think I say that every time!


the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/10 19:02:18

Post by: gobert

Those Solar Auxilla are cool minis, you’ve painted them up nice a 30k dirty!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/11 01:50:45

Post by: tzurk

Thanks gobert! Dirty is probably the biggest compliment you could give to a Kriegsman...

The Solar Auxilia are a brilliant range and if they didn't cost an arm and a leg I'd love to have more of them.

Here are the finished special weapons dudes and an army shot for the game today!

and the orks they'll be up against:

I am running the Krieg guys as scions today - I only just realised that I can cut the amount of infantry I have to maneuver and keep track of in half that way. The daemons are hordey enough for me, I just want to push tanks around!

I think what that means is I'll paint up the other 30 guys and convert up two more officers for a nice loyal 32 (although I think these are much less useful in 9th) and give them back to my brother as a Christmas present - the Krieg guys were originally his army before he got tired of seeing them sitting around unbuilt and unpainted. Will be nice to pay him back at least a little!

Hopefully have a bit of a batrep to post after the game.


the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/11 09:19:31

Post by: gobert

The special weapons guys fit in really quite nicely with the kreig. Good to see the battle train back too!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/11 09:31:43

Post by: Vaktathi

Love the DKoK infantry, beautiful work on the Ragnarok tanks.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/11 13:00:21

Post by: tzurk

Thanks Vaktathi and welcome aboard! I am a big fan of the KV2 turrets too, if simply for the sheer intimidation factor - it is very satisfying to train that big gun on something that needs blowing up. Need to get their sponson guns sorted actually, that is glaringly obvious from the picture...will have to source some heavy weapons from ebay.

God bless you gobert! I really appreciate your endless interest and positivity mate - in this blog and others'! Forums like this only exist because of the joy we get from sharing and sometimes it can feel like we're shouting into the void. I love that you put in the effort to comment consistently (and direct us around to each others' work!). Thank you - dakka is lucky to have you.

Anyway, the game went really well this afternoon for the Kriegsmen - almost too well, in fact! It ended up being a pretty one-sided affair - I think it was a favourable matchup in terms of army composition and had a few lucky rolls early on that sealed it by Turn 3. I took a fair few photos but will just talk quickly through the key events and save the detailed write up for a more interesting match.

We still both had a blast and my opponent has a great sense of humour so it was a couple hours well spent in any case.

My list was:

Emperor's Fist Tank Company battalion

Tank Commander w relic battlecannon and lascannon (Warlord)
2 x Tank Commander w Demolisher cannon and triple heavy flamers (Uparmoured tank ace)
4 x minimum squads of scions (or for you Vaktathi - stormtroopers!), each with a melta gun
3 x hellhounds
2 x basilisks

Lots of big tanks, lots of fun to push around. Going heavy on vehicles had been both my downfall and my crowning moment of glory at earlier points in the campaign, but this is how I feel Guard should be played!

His was (unsure of the specific upgrades but there were a few fun toys in there):

Evil Sunz

Deffkilla Wartrakk
Big Mek in Mega Armour with kustom mega blasta and the red armour relic, hanging out in a souped up gunwagon with 3 mega nobz
20 shoota boyz, a few big shootas and a nob with a combi rokkit, riding along in a Forktress battlewagon with all the guns
3 nob bikers
3 deff koptas
2 kustom boosta blastas
a burna bommer

The mission was Scorched Earth - being a fitting ending to a mini campaign we've run from 500-1500 points between the two forces.

For secondaries, we both picked Bring It Down as we are both very vehicle heavy. We also both picked the Raze Objective secondary because it seemed like the right thing to do on this map and at this point in the narrative, then I chose Linebreaker, planning to deepstrike my guardsmen in behind from Turn 2, and he chose Engage on All Fronts as everything in his army is ridiculously mobile.

This was the initial set up. My basic plan was to avoid a Turn 1 charge at all costs and try and grind out a victory through sheer weight of tanks. Ork shooting doesn't really scare me (except for his shock attack gun which didn't make an appearance today - I breathed a sigh of relief at that!), so I figured I just had to stay away from krumpin' range long enough to put some dents in his important stuff. His basic plan was gun for a Turn 1 charge.

He won the roll off and elected to go first, and advanced a whole bunch of Mad Max madness up into midfield, trying to get in range to tag a tank or two.

This is the end of his first movement phase - basically everything pushed up bar the bikers who remained in that table quarter for Engage on All Fronts. The bomber is out of shot on the left but flew up to perch on top of the building my tank commander was hiding behind.

I managed to survive his shooting phase relatively unharmed. One hellhound was brought down to 3 wounds and another to 7, and due to a few short Advance rolls he was just out of range of a Turn 1 charge. So far, so good! He was in all 4 table quarters for VP purposes at the end of this turn.

On my turn, I moved the 3-wound hellhound and his neighbour up to face his middle-of-the-board blockade. Before I got to shoot with him, however, my Demolisher tank commander unloaded into the Deffkilla Wartrike and managed to bring him down. Celebration turned into despair when my opponent used a shoot-on-death strategem to melt the remaining wounds off the hellhound, who then got a 6 on his Explodes! roll and rolled over some mortals onto my last healthy hellhound as well as my opponent's boosta blasta. (Pictured: big empty hole where the wartrike and hellhound used to be).

Meanwhile the 7-wound hellhound streaked down the right flank and burned down 2 of the deffkoptas.

The tank commander hiding out to the left (my Warlord, with the relic battle cannon) poked his nose out and shot an impressive amount of firepower into the battlewagon, including a 6-damage lascannon shot. It only had a handful of wounds left after that, and they were plucked off by the basilisks, leaving the boys to bail out of the flaming wreck of their ride. I don't think this poor thing has ever made it past Turn 1...

That was it for my first turn as the scions couldn't drop in yet. I got a few Grind It Down points for destroying vehicles but no Linebreaker or Raze Objective points yet.

At the Start of Turn 2, he held 2 and held more for 15 primary VPs. In the movement phase, his last remaining deffkopta retreated to his backfield objective (you can see tzurk jr getting his paint on in the background too )

His burna bommer flew over a few tanks but decided not to drop a bomb this turn.

The nob bikers and gun wagon full of power klaws came careening down my right side to crash into the hellhound sitting out in the open.

And his two boosta blasters rammed into the other hellhound, leaving it with a single wound remaining.

At the start of my Turn 2, I held a single objective for 5 primary points. My scions dropped in in his backfield, two squads planting themselves on one of his objectives and laying some fire into the boyz, and the other dropping 9" away from his kopta and bringing it down with melta fire. My lame hellhound retreated from the boosta blastas, opening up a firing lane into them.

My warlord TC then unloaded a full 12 shots from his battle cannon into the boys, killing a swathe of them, and threw a 5 damage lascannon shot into the injured boosta blasta, just enough to destroy it.

My demolisher commander brought down the bommer on his own, and...also blew up! Sharing more mortals around.

The basilisks combined to destroy the rest of the boys squad, leaving the scions free to roam in his backfield for Linebreaker points and Raze Objective actions later on.

My last commander deleted the gunwagon, whose mega armoured inhabitants jumped out lookin' ready to krump.

At the start of his Turn 3, his bikers managed to Raze one of my objectives, and his boosta blasta crashed into my tank commander, dealing a heap of mortal wounds through two abilities/strategies that both went off on 4+s.

His nobz made it into combat with the tank commander but lost two to Overwatch on the way. The mek soon followed, but the TC made all his saves vs those power klaws thanks to some good rolls and the 2+ armour save from Uparmoured tank ace.

It was looking pretty dire for my opponent at this stage. One of my scions squads Razed a back objective and the other two advanced to do the same to the remaining one next turn.

My two tank commanders in combat fell back, allowing my Warlord TC to shoot his boosta blasta off the table and the basilisks to lay into his last remaining big mek.

A single meganob made it into Turn 4...and was quickly melted by heavy flamer overwatch. It was a nice call back to our previous game when my last remaining model, a regular sergeant, stood defiant against a squad of nobz - even managed to plink one with an overcharged plasma pistol shot before they butchered him.

I didn't feel great about the win after deleting two priority targets Turn 1, but it's a swingy game and we've both been on the receiving end of these things before. Another inch on his advance roll and the wartrike would have made it in for a charge and things might have been different...ah well. I am glad the defensive positioning paid off - I do not always place my minis well in deployment, going too aggressively, and end up paying for my mistakes when I lose the roll off. This time I had planned on going second even if I won the roll off and I think that mindset helped a lot in the end.

Anyway, it was a fun afternoon rolling dice and I'm glad it gave me the motivation to do some painting!

Next on the painting line - the rest of the Krieg.

Thanks for stopping by 8-)

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/11 19:26:10

Post by: gobert

Aw shucks! Now I feel all shy. Though in real life my team at work think I’m a hard to please task master. I guess I must use up all of my compliments here! That and I have 2 small kids who demand we sit with them until they go to sleep, so I tend to get a bit of free internet time most evenings. They also mean this is pretty much my only escape at the moment! Anyway, I’m glad you get the warm glow of a friendly comment!

Great battle report, you really handed it to your BIL. It does make me wonder why GW persist with turns as they do. I hear other systems use alternate activations, which seems a much more balanced affair. I guess it might get complex and they want to maximise the appeal/profits

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/11 19:42:00

Post by: Vaktathi

That's a beautiful table, love the terrain made from random stuff and the blue works really well. The train car conversion is awesome.

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/12 20:23:41

Post by: Captain Brown


Nice battle photos.



the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/15 15:32:35

Post by: Boss Salvage

Thanks for the batrep! Also if it matters, the Vigilus special detachments are AFAIK no longer legal in 9E - so that means no Emperor's Fist or its lovely relic cannon

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/21 12:14:19

Post by: tzurk

Thanks all, appreciate the comments!

Salvage - looks like you are right and that the detachments are no longer allowed in tournament play. Thanks for pointing it out - bye bye sweet hammer of sunderance :(

Cheers Vaktathi, the terrain set is definitely one of the projects I'm most proud of. I do fully intend to one day go back and add a bunch of detail and greebling to make it look better close-up...one day!

Yeah gobert, I think there are probly a hundred different ways to run it. It just doesn't feel good to wipe half someone's army off in one turn...and even less so to be on the receiving end!

My boy turns two tomorrow and has only just started sleeping through with any sort of consistency...we get 8-4 and then it's playing trains or out drawing chalk dinosaurs on the driveway. We've got another one due in Feb too, so the whole cycle will start over again!

Wouldn't change it for the world, though.

Anyway, i have done exactly 0 Krieg but have played around with the blueprint for another big daemon.

Maybe a second lord of change...maybe magnus?

Speaking of big daemons, my niece's book week costume got me looking at a few props that might work in the army.

I reckon these could be positioned to match the general lines of the Keeper of Secrets...13cm vs KoS 16.5 that can easily be made up w the rod & base

And maybe few of these stacked together with some spheres in between for a bloodthirster...they are pretty much flying blenders anyway. 3.5" across seems about the right size, I am thinking maybe 8 stacked up will match a bloodthirster's massive height and be thematic w Khorne as well...

Not much of an update, but ideas on the horizon!

Thanks for looking 8-)

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/21 15:57:58

Post by: amazingturtles

I missed it earlier, but i loved the fluff with the watcher. It's shiver inducing!

I'm bad at picturing size comparisons but i think that could work for magnus!

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/22 14:47:54

Post by: gobert

Congrats on number 2 (?), our 4 year old still isn’t reliable at sleeping through, so I know the struggle, though thankfully she’ll sleep in our bed rather than demanding play time at 4am!

The new daemon looks really cool, it has a strong possibility of being my favourite so far. What was the big black bit originally? It kind of looks like it would suit a flyer such as a Heldrake

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/22 20:04:11

Post by: tzurk

Thanks turtles! Glad you liked it as it was your comment that inspired it in the first place

Cheers gobert! Yep, new boy is our second. I remember people telling us we'd never sleep again when mrs tzurk was pregnant but I don't think the reality ever sunk in!

I'm glad you like the new one! The black "wings" piece actually comes from the visor of an old bike helmet - I was tidying up the shed and it nearly went to the tip before I thought - hmmmm, maybe...it still need some tidy up work to remove the plugs and tidy the lines but I thought it had a nice sense of movemet while maintaining the geometric feel of the army.

The heldrake idea is pretty cool and I can definitely see myself heading in that direction! I have actually been thinking about converting up a small cultist/1k sons army to represent the mortal worshippers of the screaming shapes. The 1k sons marines are pretty heavy on geometrics to begin with and could open up a few conversion opportunities. I'm picturing some guys with the traditional GW chaos "replace head/arm with God's blessing" - humans bent over like giraffes cause their arms have been transformed into big long spirals, guys with hammers for heads...

an idea for an Ahriman counts as...

we will see I guess 8-)

the tzurkshop - oops more daemons - Oct 21 @ 2020/10/22 21:02:43

Post by: amazingturtles

"Hey! Hey you! Yeah, you over there. Yer chaos now, get used to it!"

(i like it)