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Being able to share your thoughts, ideas and opinions with others around the world is one of the most exciting benefits of the Internet. People you have never met from countries you may never have visited will be able to see your pictures, read your posts and gain insights from your opinions, and you will be able to do the same from theirs.

In order for everyone to get the most enjoyment from our site, we do ask that all who use our site follow the rules and guidelines outlined below. These rules apply in all areas of our site including the forums, gallery, articles, private messages, etc.

For disciplinary and site administration purposes, all users are expected to maintain only a single user account on Dakka. Secondary, or 'sockpuppet', accounts are not permitted. Users found with a sockpuppet account (especially those created specifically to break further site rules) will typically have their access permanently suspended. If you just want the name of your user account changed, do not create a second account! Instead, please contact an administrator via email at: webmaster@dakkadakka.com

Rule 1: Be Polite

This seems obvious, however many folks can sometimes forget that common courtesy goes a long way to lending respect to both you and your opinions. Just because you don't see the other users' faces doesn't mean they don't have feelings and won't be hurt by rude comments or offensive images. When you see something that you find silly, rude or insulting first assume that perhaps there is more to it than you initially thought. Look at it again, keeping in mind that tone and inflection is difficult to convey in a visual format. It may be that the person is attempting a joke or is exaggerating on purpose. It is best to politely request clarification before accusing someone being ignorant, a liar, or worse.

If after clarification you still disagree with the person then politely outline your points. Try to avoid name-calling or even implying insults wherever possible. These tactics generally only inflame a situation and lead to what are known as "Flame Wars." Whenever a flame war starts it usually ruins a perfectly good discussion. Others will lose interest in the thread and the site in general if this kind of interchange becomes a common occurrence.

Please remember that posting and reading online is a visual format and as such the spelling, grammar and look of your posts is the only way others understand what you are saying. Therefore, in order to be polite, all users are expected to make an effort to use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation and should refrain from using internet shorthand or other distracting methods of writing, such as writing a post completely bolded, with capital letters, in a strange color, etc.

It also should go without saying that swearing, profanity, sexual references, etc, are strictly forbidden, including all images that are posted on or uploaded to our site. Remember that we have users of all ages and that Dakka should be a welcoming place for everyone to enjoy.

Rule 2: Stay on Topic

After reading and posting at Dakka for awhile you may feel as though you have developed friendships with some, perhaps many, of the other posters and readers. This is probably one of the most rewarding parts of participating in a discussion area. It is only natural to occasionally want to share information with your friends that is "Off Topic" (i.e. not related to the subject matter of the forum you are in).

While it may at first seem harmless to post a bit about off topic (OT) subjects, it can become a slippery slope. If others join in on OT posts then soon everybody has sent the discussion threads on so many tangents that it is difficult to follow the original topic. Further, posting off topic essentially violates Rule #1. People come to Dakka looking for information related to the hobby. It is not polite to post off topic items frequently.

If you wish to discuss a topic that doesn't pertain to wargaming, it should be started in the "Off-Topic" forum.

Rule 3: No Spam

While Spam may be a tasty meat product (yum!) on the Internet "spam" refers to invasive, unsolicited information. There are many versions of spam such as: posting advertisements for unrelated web pages or services, making multiple posts to increase your post count or to generally be 'cute', making posts full of jibberish or emoticons, etc. Whatever its form, "spam" is always inappropriate and is a violation of Rule 2 and certainly Rule 1.

If you break the rules...

While we all have the best of intentions occasionally mistakes happen. Unfortunately there will be people who sometimes try to goad others into acting in a manner they would otherwise avoid. Many of us are very passionate about this hobby and can get on each others' nerves occasionally either by accident or on purpose. When this happens, sometimes things are posted that are later regretted. This happens to the best of us, and with a quick apology you can usually repair any damage done.

In addition to the occasional loss of temper, there are a few folks out there who seem to enjoy causing trouble. This behavior is known as "trolling" and can take many forms. In some cases, the behavior is blatant, such as spam or inflammatory comments. Other times, the content posted is seemingly innocuous at first glance but is designed to incite a negative response from other users and create a flame war.

To keep such occurrences to a minimum Dakka Dakka has moderators who frequent the site and try to keep things polite, appropriate, and on topic.

If any posted content breaks any of the three above rules the moderators may take some or all of the following actions, often without warning. Please note that users who repeatedly break these rules will eventually have their account either temporarily or permanently suspended and in extreme cases this may occur without warning.

In the Forums

  • Posts that are in the wrong forum (e.g. modeling questions in the News and Rumors) will be moved to the correct forum. If your post just disappeared DON'T PANIC! Check the other forums to see if it was moved.
  • Threads that get long because they have wandered off topic will be closed. People can still read the thread, however no new posts can be added. If you'd like to continue your ideas start a new thread with an appropriate title in the correct forum.
  • Posts that contain profanity, insults, blatant attempts at baiting a flame war (trolling), racial slurs, etc. will be locked, edited or deleted.
  • Occasionally whole threads may have to be deleted if they degenerate into a situation described above.
  • Spam posts (ads, attempts at attention, etc.) will be deleted on sight.
  • Posts that contain poor spelling, grammar, punctuation or that are highly distracting (all bold, filled with emoticons, etc.) may be deleted.
  • Graphic or otherwise inappropriate images (and even links to such images) will be removed on sight.
  • Any image attached to a forum post (as opposed to hot-linking to the image from another site) that is not related to gaming or is copyrighted may be deleted.
  • Any account names, avatars and post signatures that are deemed to be insulting, offensive or which mock a current user will be deleted.
  • Posts in a topical thread that has been dormant for several weeks ("thread necromancy") will result in the thread being closed.

Via Private Message (PM)

  • Threats, insults, racial slurs, spamming, etc, via PM will not be tolerated.

The Gallery

  • Any inappropriate images (sexual, highly graphic, etc) uploaded to the gallery will be deleted.
  • Copyrighted or non-gaming related images may be deleted from the Gallery. If you are ever unsure about what images are appropriate, please contact a moderator or administrator ahead of time.
  • Inappropriate gallery 'tags' and comments (insulting, spam, etc) will be deleted.


  • Articles that contain inappropriate text or images will be edited or deleted.
  • Users who destructively edit articles (such as inserting spam, maliciously deleting parts of an article, etc) will be permanently banned from editing articles.
  • Copyrighted or non-gaming related images may be deleted from articles. If you are ever unsure about what images are appropriate, please contact a moderator or administrator ahead of time.
  • Unfinished articles that are not updated for a significant amount of time or that are more appropriate as a forum post may be deleted, although the user will typically be notified first.
Remember that posting content on this site (or any internet site, for that matter) is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT. Please treat it that way. If something you post is removed due to one of the issues outlined above do not be offended or take it personally. Evaluate what you posted and think about why it might have been removed. If you have any questions as to why something you posted was deleted or why your account has been suspended, please feel free to e-mail any questions to: webmaster@dakkadakka.com