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Welcome to the latest wargaming videos from a range of youtube sources. This page will update constantly with new wargaming videos, so any time you are bored... check for more!
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Way of the Brush ep 247 - I can play with this all day by Kris Belleau
Multistreaming with https://restream.io/

Way of the Brush. Where we'll explore the fascinating world of miniature painting, gaming, and the hobby itself.

Official Way of the Brush shirts available here http://ajijaakstudio.spreadshirt.com/
Send Questions & Comments to : kris@miniwargaming.com
Skype: kris_belleau
Images used with Permission
music from Evan Belleau www.gardenofbedlam.com
Join me every Saturday @ 12pm EST
#miniaturepainting #wargaming #wayofthebrush

Trick Weapons and Play-Styles in Bloodborne: The Board Game by CMON
Co-designer Michael Shinall tells us how to use Trick Weapons and how to alternate your play-styles in Bloodborne: The Board Game!

Bloodborne: The Board Game is coming to Kickstarter April 23rd at 3pm EST!

#BloodborneTheBoardGame #CMONGames #videogames #boardgame

Visit CMON?s Official site: https://cmon.com/
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Ylthari's Guardians – Pre-order Now by Warhammer TV
The fury of the forest meets the Mirrored City!
Pre-order Ylthari's Guardians now: http://bit.ly/2KMI7Fs

Thundrik's Profiteers – Pre-order Now! by Warhammer TV
Thundrik's Profiteers begin their search of the Mirrored City for aether-gold and glory!
Pre-order them today: http://bit.ly/2KLtQJj

Kickstarter Spotlight - Composition A Cacophony of Words! by GamersOnGames
Composition : A Cacophony of Words!
By Matthew Hocker

A 2-5 player character-based, spelling game. Become a magnificent maestro, spell wondrous words, create powerful performances!

Check out the Kickstarter here:

40 Facts and Lore on the Blood Angels vs Blood Angels in Warhammer 40K by OneMindSyndicate
40 Facts and Lore on the Blood Angels vs Blood Angels in Warhammer 40K

PO Box 1507
Montgomery, IL, 60538


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Art https://blazbaros.deviantart.com
Beats by Biz20 http://www.biz20.biz

Weekender: Make The Old New; Spring Clean Hobby Challenge Announced! by OnTableTop
? Click here for more Weekender: https://www.beastsofwar.com/the-weekender/

Welcome to The Weekender where we're announcing our new Hobby Challenge! We've also delved into the news and plenty of awesome Kickstarter projects this week too.

As always, get involved in the comments and make sure to share those Projects a you could win one of four 50 Vouchers for the OnTableTop Pro Store!

? Battlefront D-Day Boot Camp - Limited Tickets Remaining!

Tickets are now available for all to get involved with the D-Day Boot Camp where we're going to be playing Battlefront's Flames Of War.

As a special bonus for regular users who sign up for the Boot Camp we'll also give you 6 Months of Backstage so you can enjoy all of our extra content.

? News

Come and delve into the news from this week...

? Middle-earth Heroes - Some new heroes and Battle Companies coming soon from Games Workshop
? Warhammer Underworlds Warbands - Two new warbands are on the way for this tight skirmish game
? Age Of Sigmar: Champions - Check out this awesome card game on Switch now!
? Mountain Villages - Prepare the Seven Samurai for a clash in this rural Japanese village
? The Curse Of The Red Simians - A new adventure module has been released for Pulp adventurers
? Love Letter 2019 - A new version of the classic card game his hitting tabletops from Z-Man Games

What caught your eye from the news this week?

? Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge!

Make sure to delve into the Projects over the next few weeks as we're launching the Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge.

All you have to do to be in with the chance of winning 1 Of 4 50 Vouchers for the OnTableTop Pro Store is start a project turning an old Miniature, Army, Terrain Piece...or anything else you can think of...into something new and revamped!

There will be four categories for four winners with prizes going to Junior (Under 16 Project), Best Idea, Best Executed and finally Best Tutorial.

? Kickstarter

Check out three awesome Kickstarters from this week...

? CoreBall - A new Sci-Fi sports game from Burning Games and Big Child Creative
? Cats & Catacombs - A set of new feline adventurers from Painting Polygons
? Fort Hardknox - Check out this brilliant Post-Apocalyptic fort from Fogou Models

Will you be checking any of these projects our yourself?

? Claim Your Prize

Make sure to check out the Prize Claim Centre to see if you were the lucky person who got their hands on Batman The Miniatures Game from Knight Models.

Have a great Bank Holiday!


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How Big Are The Dark Apostle & Master of Executions Unboxing & Build by Spikey Bits
Don't miss our unbox and build of the new Warhammer 40k Chaos The Dark Apostle & Master of Executions as we compare them to other minis out there and give you our thoughts on the design!

Get yours for less at Miniature Market ?http://bit.ly/2HNgdqi
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Unboxing Hobby Tutorials pdf Instructions. First Look Airbrushing Battle Reports. Rob Baer Kenny Boucher warhammer 40k

Upgrades and Stats in Bloodborne: The Board Game by CMON
Michael Shinall, co-designer of Bloodborne: The Board Game, tells us about Upgrades and Stat building as we journey through the City of Yharnam!

Bloodborne: The Board Game is coming to Kickstarter April 23rd at 3pm EST!

#BloodborneTheBoardGame #CMONGames #Bloodborne #Kickstarter #PS4

Visit CMON?s Official site: https://cmon.com/
Like CMON on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coolminiornot/
Follow CMON on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CMONGames
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Response to Devils Brush Gaming Re: Trolls by GamersOnGames

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