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Welcome to the latest wargaming videos from a range of youtube sources. This page will update constantly with new wargaming videos, so any time you are bored... check for more!
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8th edition Codex Space Marines; review by winters SEO
Here we take a look at the 8th edition Space Marine codex.

8th edition Codex Grey Knights review by winters SEO
Here I review the 8th edition Grey Knight codex.

Necromunda: Underhive Unboxing by Gorilla Painting
It's time to crack open the new Necromunda:Underhive boxed set & Gang War book which go up for pre-order Saturday 11th November.

So let's take a look at what's in the box...

Above Board - Zombicide Green Horde Overview by Above Board
Join Brian as he takes a look at Zombicide Green Horde by Cool Mini or Not (CMoN). Also, news about the next title in the Zombicide franchise, Zombicide Invader.

Zombicide Green Horde Kickstarter
Zombicide Green Horde
Zombicide Invader

GMG REVIEWS - NEW Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin - Rules,Traits and Warscrolls by Guerrilla Miniature Games
The newest Faction for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is up for Pre-Order today; Order Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin. I was lucky enough to get a preview copy to run through for you all and here's the second part on the Rules, Traits and Warscrolls!

Check out the Idoneth Deepkin Lore Summary HERE: https://youtu.be/EN3-H4GicJU

Check out the Idoneth models I've been painting HERE: https://youtu.be/DwrZGQwinxc

GMG Measuring Gauges and Tokens available HERE: http://deathraydesigns.com/product-category/accessories/guerrilla-miniature-games/

GMG T-Shirts and Hoodies HERE: https://shop.spreadshirt.ca/guerrillaminiaturegames/

GMG is publicly supported. Become a backer on Patreon to ensure new content and that the CoOp can continue: https://www.patreon.com/guerrillaminiaturegames

Want to challenge Ash to a game? Email him at GuerrillaMiniatureGames@gmail.com or message him through his Facebook Page!

Follow Ash on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/outofthebasementintothestreets

Imperial Knight Codex Rumours - Points leak and June release? by Chapter Master Valrak
I've been sent some information from a chap with the point costs and weapon stats from the upcoming Imperial Knight codex for 8th edition. Also, it looks like we may actually get the Imperial Knight codex in June, I'm still not convinced but I really hope I'm wrong!

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE - Adeptus Titanicus - Unboxing by Sup3rSaiy3n
**Yes it really is the unboxing**
My world exclusive unboxing video of Adeptus Titanicus by Games Workshop.
Release - August
Price 140-180 (TBA)

Reaper Bones Black Owlbear Review by Blandco
An A+ owlbear.

My new logo was created by Christian Dahlqvist.
Amazing job!

Bobby Jackson's excellent owlbear on the Reaper Store!

The Owlbear on Amazon. Roughly the same price as Reaper if you pay for shipping. (good if you have a coupon)

My Amazon store for more D&D stuff.
I earn from qualifying purchases but the price remains the same for you!

Review of The Big Book of Battle Mats AND The Giant Book of Battle Mats by EH Gaming
One of our favourite RPG accessories of the year, if not of all time - The Big Book of Battle Mats by Loke...and also a sneaky introduction of the forthcoming Giant Book of Battle Mats.

In this review I walk you through how useful these books are for role playing games and give you a visual on all of the maps included in the book as well as show you just how easy it is to use and how useful the wipe-clean pages are when it comes to running your campaigns.

The Big Book of Battle Mats is out now (https://www.ehgaming.com/product/the-big-book-of-battle-mats/) and The Giant Book of Battle Mats will be available from early October 2018 after they have fulfilled their very successful kickstarter pledges.

Hope you enjoy the video and find it useful and please subscribe if you are new to the channel or leave a comment if you have a question.

White Dwarf July 2019 Review by Bitzbox
In this video Ingrid looks through the July 2019 of White Dwarf Magazine by Games Workshop.

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Older Wargaming Videos ►
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