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Add a video feed

You can suggest a video feed which we will aggregate and automatically pull in to our video page here. You must enter the youtube username/feedname of the video feed you want to add. For example, to add Black Library (http://www.youtube.com/user/BlackLibraryTV), you would enter their username: BlackLibraryTV

All video feeds are reviewed by moderators before being added, so there will be a multi-day delay before it potentially gets added. Please also use the category drop down to help us sort the videos correctly. If less than 95% of the videos from the feed can be put in one category, then just use the 'General' category.

All video feeds must be closely related to the wargaming hobby and usually must be more than just one person speaking their opinion into a camera. You will not be notified when your submitted video feed is approved/rejected and you can only submit a video feed once. If the video feed only has two or fewer videos, we might ignore it until it gets more videos in the future, or might just reject it outright. We will only add new feeds that have had activity within the last 6 months too.

Youtube Username/Feed name

Here are all the feeds that are currently actively used by dakka's video page: Arbitor Ian awesomepaintjob Battlefoam BlackLibraryTV bluetablepainting coolminiornot CorvusBelliSLL CrazyTalk75 denofimagination FantasyFlightStudio FEOH Miniatures flamesofwar forgeworldvisualfeed frenzykitty FrozenKommander Gamersongames GamesWorkshopWNT GirlPainting henafoo hobbyhottips markus9borbely miniwargaming mrwatchingpaintdry OneMindSyndicate powerrang3r prime4221 rbaer0002 RobPaintsModels SMGWargaming StrikingScorpion82 Team0Comp thebeastsofwar TheDirtybrushes thejoeyberry Thewarhammerlady WarGamerGirl wgconsortium worthypainting