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Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/03/08 03:27:16

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

So this is an odd year for me, I'm spending nearly a year on temporary assignment so all my armies and bitz boxes are in storage till this fall. hey I can do a year without Warhammer right?


Yeah I soon fell off the wagon and picked up a bunch of other kits for bashing.

(nevermind the 90 WGF guys I got myself for Christmas, the DF APCs and female troopers from the kickstarter and oh, the $200 worth of Robotech tactics that arrived a while back, or the few $100 of metal from ebay I got... just never mind all that OK, OK?)

I'm doing Inquisition henchmen, since if I ever do play that's a pretty easy low model count way to do it.

Doing a lot of Empire kits because honestly they have a lot of character and fun, mixing them mostly with Cadian command squads for 40k bitz.


Inquisitor-Aspirant Danil Ardor sat in the cold hall, sweating under his robes despite the pervasive chill. He watched as his classmates, fellow Inquisitor-Aspirants received their rosets and their first assignments. Billu Khan was sent to the Halo Stars to find the source of extra-galactic artifacts found in the hands of cultists. Mitali Asrani send to Necromunda to hunt reports of mysterious xenos believed to be posing as mountebanks... and so on down the list. The best and brightest to the most critical assignments, the middle to places of key, if not vital interest, and then the last few...

Who slowly dwindled to one.

Danil's name was the last called. Shaking he rose to his feet.

"And to you, Inquisitor-Minorus Ardor, you are called to monitor the badlands south of Puerto Dolor for heretical activity."

Chuckes could be heard around him.

Bowing his head he accepted his rosette and his warrent and managed to sit down with some sort of grace.

He'd know he was lagging in his studies, he'd known he wasn't the best but...

Puerto Dolor, where in the Emperor's holy name was that?

Inquisitor Ardor, and his as-yet unnamed rival, are just Empire swordsmen with coats from the Outriders and some micl bitz. Rules wise they'll be cheap level 1 psykers.

Several months later Inquisitor-Minorus Ardor called on Puerto Dolor's small Arbites Precinct.

It turned out Puerto Dolor was a small city of just 12 million on the southern continent of an unremarkable hive world. Surrounded by jungle and mountains it was primarily a trading post to export minerals and other resources to the northern hives or off-world. There were no signs any threat to the Imperium, no any particularly compelling reason to investigate the city and its surrounding wilderness but no Inquisitor had set foot there in 300 years so it was seen as a potentially fruitful assignment for a young Inquisitor. And if he messed up... well he wouldn't be missed.

The Senior Judge was not happy to hear Ardor's 'request' for three men, he was short-staffed as it was, but Ardor's Rosette was good for that much at least.

In theory Ardor could have asked for more men, he could have asked for the entire Precinct and the whole Imperial Guard Garrison as well. But no one ever achieved the rank of Inquisitor without a firm grasp of their place in the great heiracrchy. And Inquisitors who lost sight of those things... well an Inquisition Rosette was no proof against 'unfortunate accidents'.

These are my favorite models of this batch, Brettonian heads on Cadians with Empire muskets. They really fit the whole techno-medieval look of 40k.

Rules-wise they're just going to be bullet-stoppers with lasguns or shotguns. A shame but that's they way things go.


A visit to the Imperial Guard garrison netted Ardor a some more information about the hill tribes, a techno-savant with local knowledge and a bored Commissar looking to see some action outside the four walls of the garrison.

An orange-furred local creature also tagged along as sort of a mascot.

Jockero, Commissar and what would have been a sage, but sages are out of the =I= codex. So he's another bullet-stopper. Still I'll add some more scrolls and books to him.

The commissar will count as a priest and I'm really happy with how those outrider cloaks look on a cadian.


A trip to the city's small Astropathic Choir was just as uneventful. The Choir Master began to complain, insisting he could not spare any psykers but when the Arbites subtly shifted their Lawgiver Shotguns he grew much more cooperative.

Empire flagellent with the blindfold head, and a spearman with a GK head and a book instead of his speartip.

Why is the mystic playing a flute? Because I had the bit and because it's kind of crazy and bizzare and crazy is what the Inquisition is all about.

With his team more-or-less in place Dolor loaded them into a caravan of Iron Oxen (the civilian version of the Guard's Taurox) and headed into the hills.

Who knows what horrors he might find there?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/03/08 04:17:27

Post by: Musselman

Very cool idea. I want to use the same kits for my inquisition warband. Keep them coming.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/03/08 07:37:10

Post by: Llamahead

Interesting looking forward to the hill tribes myself.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/03/08 11:03:41

Post by: Xenon

Very nice and fluffy! Will be waiting for more

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/03/12 02:46:10

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Back again...

Fluff is in the spoilers, pictures and modeling notes (such as they are) in the open.

The Iron Ox, a wheeled, civilian variant of the Imperial Guard's venerable Taurox, lurched into motion and the five trucks behind it followed. His henchmen were scattered among the vehicles along with several hired guards.

Officially the free trader Darhen Arles was heading into the hills in search of buyers for his stock of tools, weapons and fabrics.

Secretly Inquisitor Minorous Danil Ardor was leading his small band of henchmen into the hills in search of...

Well whatever he could find.

Ardor's warrant was frustratingly and deliberately vague. It requested and required that he investigate the situation around Puerto De Dolor for possible threats to the Imperium and commanded that all loyal subjects render assistance to him.

The Inquisition had no information on possible threats, no leads, no real reason to send him here. That was the point. This was, in many ways, his true final exam. Surely in a backwater corner of the Imperium untouched by the Inquisition for 300 years there must be SOMETHING worth finding. And either Ardor would find it. Or he would end up in an unmarked grave. Either way the Imperium would be stronger.

Weeks of roaming the city and making his rounds had turned up 2 possible leads. First there was the Bastion at Mile 558, an outpost where the jungle and hills gave way to savanah and desert, a place where firearms of suspiciously high quality could be purchased.

Then there were reports from the desert itself of strange multicolored lightning, of travelers vanishing without a trace, some reappearing years later but claiming only hours had gone by. They might be mere travelers tails, or signs of darker activity.

Ardor almost hoped they were nothing. He hated battling psykers.

Pretty much stock handgunners, one swordsman body in there. They'll be barebones buller stoppers for more valuable henchmen.

It was 4 days out when the shooting started.

Ardor was in the second Iron Ox, the only one whose coolers still worked, listening to his Savant Belind talk about local fauna when the heavy bullets started to strike the armored sides. For a moment he thought the rains had come again, then he heard the screams.

Bail, one of the Arbites, climbed through a roof hatch and fired his law-giver at their concealed foes. Around the caravan other henchmen and guards were firing as well to little avail. Their attackers knew the terrain and were hitting the caravan with a stunningly heavy amount of firepower.

It seemed Ardor had found his 'suspiciously high-quality firearms'.

Well they'd be in for a surprise. He took out a small comlink and punched in a sequence of numbers.

He looked at the fifth truck in anticipation.

Nothing happened.

He did it again.


"Offal." He grunted.

So this is the conversion I actually wanted to do. Outrider repeating guns on handgunner bodies to make a bunch of cheap guys armed with mini gattling guns.

These 2 got capes from the outriders.

Generally I'm pleased with them but the legs look a bit weedy. Maybe adding some pouched will help but I think I might have been better served with Catachans or Cadians. Something to keep in mind if there is a next time.

"Offal" Inquisitor Minorus Ardor repeated as he climbed out a back hatch.

"Offal-offal-offal!" He yelled as he ran low to the ground, hugging the trucks' armored sides as bullets fell like rain until he reached the final vehicle and leapt inside. Pushing a wounded guard of his way he reached the cargo section and used his sword to pry open the crate. He found the control pad and once again punched in the combination.

This time it worked.

He wondered if the attackers knew who he was, and if they did, did they really believe the Inquisition had send him here completely unprepared.

Oh well.

Hopefully there's be enough survivors to question.

HEY! Assassins aren't unique anymore!

Eversore (Cadian PF & PS with Empire banner topper) and 2 Vindicares (Cadian sniper with a SKULL FOR A HEAD!!! #badass and a kneeling Cadian with a handgunner long rifle and misc bitz).

2 Eversores (he came out so nice I made him twice) and a Callidus. Yeah, yeah the Callidus is just a guy with a mysterious cloak of mystery but as I said this is a definitely 'make do' project and I didn't want to buy a bunch of Dark Elf/Eldar Witch/Wyches. Maybe I'll try again with one of my WGF female survivors. And hey he's at least a pretty cool looking dude with a sword and a mysterious cloak of mystery so I'm sure he'll see some use sooner or later.

Ardor wiped some of the body parts off his boot and shook his head. There were limbs, heads and torsos scattered across the road. At least the rains and the animals would soon cleanse them.

The assassins were back in their pod. The hired guards were hearing from the Arbites why they would never, ever tell anyone what they saw. And the convoy was ready to start up again.

One more day to the Stronghold at Mile 558 and it's suspiciously well-made firearms.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/03/12 11:45:56

Post by: squall018

I'm a huge fan of the empire fantasy kits myself and use them for just about everything. Good stuff going on here. I especially like the guys with the outrider gatling guns.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/03/12 14:00:44

Post by: Nevelon

Nice builds, nice story. Looking forward to more.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/05/10 03:00:50

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Back again.

I mentioned just how much I liked the little Arbites kit bash, so I did a squad of them.

10 Arbites + Senior Judge Credulous (or Judge Credd as the men call him)

Cadian bodies with scout shotguns, brettonian high collar heads and a mix of Empire and Grey Knight bling.

The squad can also count as IG vets, despite having a collection of equipement that makes not sense at all.

Judge Credd is well equipped with a bolt pistol, shotgun and power/thunder hammer. Basically he's totally unsuited for any role, but at least looks good.

Head from a Skittarii.

His lieutenant Judge Sergeant Oxe and the squad's sniper. Sarge has a plasma pistol and power maul, because why not?

Squad heavy bolter and spotter/loader.

The ordinary shotgunners.


Yes, 5x shotguns, 2x GL, 1x sniper rifle, 1xheavy bolter, and a sgt with a plasma pistol! And carapace armor! Pretty much the worst IG unit possible.

This got me wondering if there wasn't a cheaper way to do it, so I got a box of 'clip together' IG (5 for $10) and this is what I came up with.

Brett head swap, clipped off a bit of the lasgun and added some textured plastic card for the shoulders.

They're not great but if I wanted to so an AA army they could act as filler.


Doozing in the cab of the truck, listening to one of the Arbites describing in exacting detail how the assassins slaughtered the bandits, Inquisitor Ardor remembered his trip to the city's precinct house.

It loomed over the Imperial Quarter as it was meant to, as it should, but Ardor could tell as he approached something was different.

Where were the gibblets filled with criminals? Where were the screams of the penitant as they endured the tender mercies of the Arbites? Why weren't the heavy bolters on the walls targeting him?

Ardor soon found his answer.

"Inquisitor." Judge Credulous said. His full-face mask distorted and flattened his voice. Ardor had no way of knowing if the Judge was surprised, irritated or just stating a fact.

Which, no doubt, was the point.

"Twenty judges." Credulous said. "Twenty Judges for a city of 20 million, a district of 50 million. Twenty judges."

"No doubt a testimony to their confidence in your skills." Ardor ventured.

He could almost feel the Senior Judge sneer under his helmet.

Arbor had come hoping to recruit a full team of a dozen judges, armored vehicles and even some covert agents.

Instead, even with the full authority of the Imperium behind him, he got 3 judges and the name of a relatively honest man to hire vehicles from.

It was emblematic of Ardor's entire trip.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/05/10 05:11:50

Post by: shasolenzabi

Poor Ardor! he got the crappy assignment the other Inquisitors did not want!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/05/10 11:45:57

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Yeah I'm enjoying writing him.

If I ever have serious time again maybe I'll do a real story "Danil Ardor: Bottom of his Class"

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/05/10 12:38:13

Post by: shasolenzabi

 Kid_Kyoto wrote:
Yeah I'm enjoying writing him.

If I ever have serious time again maybe I'll do a real story "Danil Ardor: Bottom of his Class"

"The Underdog of the Inquisition!"

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/05/10 12:53:15

Post by: Drogga

I am enjoying it. It's nice to see a different mix between the unlimited power or the inquisition and the limits that are placed on him due to being bottom of the class. Can't wait to read more

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/13 16:38:00

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

So I've made the big move to India for the next few years and, as so often happens, find myself with lots of time but no way to do any painting or modeling since everything I own is on a boat somewhere in the Pacific.

I spotted a decent sized toy truck in a shop here however and figured it would go in well with my collection of civilian vehicles.

It's suitable big, ugly and dirty, the back can hold a few models allowing it to serve as cover in a game, or I can put it on its side. Looking forward to getting my bitz boxes back so I can kit these out with barrels, and crates and all the other stuff it needs.

And skulls of course, even a civilian truck will surely have a few skulls for protection. Former drivers, failed bandits, maybe even passengers who fell off whose skulls are now carried with the truck forever in penance.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/13 18:57:05

Post by: Viktor von Domm

nice trucks, i´m sure they will blend in, once you´ve worked with them

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/13 20:28:58

Post by: Llamahead

Trucks work for the setting. BTW always enjoyed your civilian vehicle article.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/14 17:41:38

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Thanks! I'll be updating it one of these days. There's just so much more stuff out there than there was a few years back.

Alas getting people to use cars and trucks as terrain still hasn't caught on though.

But I will remain the keeper of the ugly brown civilian truck flame.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/16 17:05:28

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Nothing sexy tonight, just some Reaper cargo crates.

Great terrain. Need more brown though.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/16 17:36:20

Post by: Spacewolverine

Love the Connex's. Just caught up to this thread. I really like the Arbites Kit bash, I've been looking at ebay to buy some of the originals but mainly for the dog! Gave me some wonderful ideas for converting some Arbites.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/16 18:58:07

Post by: Viktor von Domm

to fully appreciate what you are doing you need to improve the lighting... (not that you didn´t noticed that yourself...)

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/19 13:17:51

Post by: LeCacty

Awwwwww yiss!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/20 04:41:07

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

So I knew I'd have some quiet time between arriving in India and my family arriving and ordered some bitz and models to keep me busy (everything else in in a boat somewhere in the pacific).

And I just blew through them in a weekend...

Ah well, on with the show.

(modeling is in plain text, fluff in spoiler tags)

Lall was griping. But Lall was always griping. He griped about the heat, the griped about the road, still cracked and pitted from the last war, he gripped about the truck, probably older than all of them put together, and most of all he griped about his damn arm. He'd broken it last week, according to him he was chasing cultists through the warren of alleyways in the underhive. According to everyone else he got falling down drunk in an underhive sherab bar and, well, fell down. The point being, Lall's damn arm hurt like hell but Senior Investigator Malik told him to go, so he went.

Three hours later, three straight hours of griping later their Dharmic Gaya pattern cargo truck shuddered to a halt and the ancient engine wheezed out a cloud of grey smoke.

That was fine.

With a bit of maintenance a Dharmic Gaya could run for centuries. It was only the black smoke you had to worry about.

Senior Investigator Malik and the rest of the team dispersed into the crumbling underhive market. Except for Lall. His bum arm had landed him guard duty at the truck. Not that he could do much with his bum arm, but he took out a grenade and held it up for everyone in the market to see. They nodded and turned away.

"Do try not to blow up the truck Lall." Malik droned in his perpetual monotone. "It would be quite a long walk back."

So, same truck as before, now with some models to show scale.

They're mostly Empire Handgunners (such a good kit! why can't any of the IG kits be this good!) with some random IG bitz, heads are from the Wyvern Gunner IIRC. They're a lot thinner than IG and have these hunched over poses that make them perfect for lowly henchmen.

Rules wise they'll either be Inquisition henchmen (lowest of the low 4 pointers with no additional equipment) or maybe IG conscripts (if I go nuts and make 20 more, which I can't rule out).

The two Senior Investigators get nicer hats from the Outrider kit (another great kit! Oh GW why do hate IG players so much! If there was a plastic rough rider kit this good I'd buy a dozen) but rules-wise nothing else. Fluff wise I see them as the CSI/Forensics folks for the Inquisition doing the leg work and picking through sites and writing reports that eventually end with the Inquisitor busting into the cult temple and fighting a King Kong-sized demon with his sword. But before that can happen there's evidence to collect, witnesses to question, and long, long rides in broken down trucks to not-so-nice parts of town.


Waiting by the truck Lall had little to do. The driver and mechanic were playing a keen game of noble houses, the driver almost had a full palace, but as the guard Lall knew he could face a hour in the agony booth if the Senior Investigators found him playing cards.


He spent some time studying the Statue of the Emperor overlooking the market. He shook his head at the missing arm and crooked sword, he wondered what happened. Did the builders run out of funds and parts? Or did they just not care?

Really missing my bitz box, can't bring myself to order a powerfist or backpack for this conversion when I have dozens in a bitz box in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The Sigmarines are some great figures, not worth blowing up WHFB for, but still credit where credit is due, they are nice.

Crooked sword... @#$%, now can I fix it without sanding away details?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/20 11:30:56

Post by: Viktor von Domm

love the fluff by the way! only had recently time to read it, now i am up to date!...please do write more...you create nice characters!

the main fault with the crooked sword is the mismatched/misplaced hilt...that needs fixing...the lil nubs from the sprue connection you will be able to sand off without too much hassle i am sure...
i too think the sigmarine minis have much potential, for conversions in so many projects... i am still hesitant tho as i don´t know which minis and from what box i should get me a testing model...

also...i need to find me that wyvern torso... that looks amazing!

and also also^^....is that hindi on the truck?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/20 15:38:19

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 Viktor von Domm wrote:
love the fluff by the way! only had recently time to read it, now i am up to date!...please do write more...you create nice characters!

the main fault with the crooked sword is the mismatched/misplaced hilt...that needs fixing...the lil nubs from the sprue connection you will be able to sand off without too much hassle i am sure...
i too think the sigmarine minis have much potential, for conversions in so many projects... i am still hesitant tho as i don´t know which minis and from what box i should get me a testing model...

also...i need to find me that wyvern torso... that looks amazing!

and also also^^....is that hindi on the truck?

Thanks for the kind words!

Yep that's Hindi on the first truck, just 'New Delhi' I guess the others will be Mumbai, Chennai etc.

The Hydra gunners are here:

Useful figures for IG non combatants.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/20 15:49:14

Post by: Viktor von Domm

Useful figures for IG non combatants.

indeed...and thanks for the links, but the postage would make my wife want to kill me.

and fitting tags then!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/20 23:34:27

Post by: Littletower

Kitbashes are great, even with "limited" resources for the time being, and the accompanying fluff is awesome, love how the characters are so clearly drawn in just a few lines

Truck looks nicely - in it's own way - battered and weathered, maybe the wheels could use some more beating up - rust and grime on the rims and tires - to dirty them up a bit and cover the grooves: such a truck would hardly have other than smooth-worn tyres.

Hope everything arrives safely, too!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/22 16:57:16

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

& we're back...

And hour became two, became three, became four. Lall made his regular radio checks but static turned the replies into a pattern of hisses and clicks that might have been 'acknowledged' or might have 'run for your life you fool!'. Lall liked to assume it was the former.

It was somewhere around hour five, as the sun disappeared and the market stalls closed that something finally happened.

Several things in fact.

The first was smoke began to pour from the windows of a distant warehouse. Green smoke.

Then the roof of that warehouse blasted into the sky.

Then some... thing... crawled out of the now roofless warehouse. Something the size of a rhinosaur, or a rhinosaur's bigger, meaner brother. Something with too many mouths, too many limbs, too many... angles.

It hurt to look at, like those static pix zoners stare at for hours. But Lall couldn't look away.

He just wished it would stop screaming.

It wasn't till he ran out of breath and doubled over hyperventalating that he realized... he was the one screaming.

Then he saw his buddies running towards the truck. Some were wounded, others has no obvious wounds but were bleeding from their eyes or ears.

Whatever it was they were looking for, they'd found it.

The something else happened.

The walls of the cargo crate next to Lall crashed to the ground and blinding light shot from inside it.

The hulking creature exploded into a million chunks of burning putrid flesh.

When Lall's eyes cleared he saw a squad of Arbiters milled around, steam pouring from their plasma guns. Suddenly the aged face of Tribune Secundus Mahar appeared inches from his face.

"On your feet lad, there's still work to be done!"

So the big project this week was a squad of Arbites.

Similar to the earlier squads it's brettonian heads on IG bodies, in this case 10 Valkyrie door gunners.

Not an easy bit to get, but I like them better than the scions they just look bulkier and more.. gritty. They'd also more great Imperial navy arms men if anyone wants to try that project.

Unlike the last squad this time I gave them somewhat useful weapons 3x plasma guns and a heavy bolter.

Not too happy with how the sternguard heavy bolter turned out, just too big. The scout bolter worked a lot better.

The rest of the squad got Empire handguns to serve as their shotguns (or lasguns if I want to be even a bit competative).

Some leftover bodies became the precenct's ruling Tribunal, 3 senior judges armed to the teeth. Empire outrider heads and bits with Hydra gunner bodies. They'll probably count as Inquisitors or better armed henchmen.

Meanwhile I started on truck #2 adding plasticard armor and a repeating musket (counts as storm bolter). Truly a fearsome warmachine now!

Lall shakily got to his feet. He didn't even remember falling.

His buddies and the Arbites are herding people into trucks. Witnesses? Cultists? Collaborators? He didn't know.
Any more than he knew where they were being taken.

He looked again at the Arbites squad and then at the crate. Had they just been there all day? Longer? Standing in full armor in a steel box, just in case they were needed? What kind of men were they?

But his musing was ended by a harsh smack from Tribune Mahar's power maul.

"To work boy!"

Now the trucks were full. Arbiters were lining a group of townsfolk against the wall. They didn't look and different from the others who'd been taken away.

The Judges aimed their shotguns at the group, there was a roar of thunder and the group fell to the ground.

Another shell-shocked group was pushed in front of them...

"What did they do?" Lall whispered.

"Does it matter? They live here. They must have known something was wrong but they ignored it, they walked by averting their eyes. And now they pay the price." Senior Investigator Malik replied. "And unless you want to join them..."

Lall grew up in a slum like this one. He'd learned an important lesson there. Keep your eyes to yourself. If he saw the local gang-cult beating up a shop-keeper, a father hitting his children or a wife in the arms of another man... Well he quickly learned that no, he didn't see it. He didn't see anything. That's how you stay alive. He knew that every man, woman and child in this slum had learned the same lessons.

But he learned another lesson too, one that was even more important.

Better them than me.

"Oi you lot, get over here!" He shouted and fired his autopistol in the air. "Judges want a word with you!"

The shotguns barked again.

Down the alleyway he could see flamer tanks arriving, pouring burning promethium into the warehouse, and everything around it.

The sky turned red...

Hrm. Now I have to turn a truck into a hellhound.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
the real shame is I'm basically out of models for another month till my shipments arrive (and then figure a month of unpacking and setting up).

But oh look!

40 cultists for a bit over $40 on ebay...


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/22 19:56:16

Post by: Viktor von Domm

you seem to have a lucky hand when acquiring bits...
those valk gunner bodies sure are not easy to come by...
i like that composition tho...
the legs btw are from the gunner too? i like the almost at attention stance there... that´s something i look for since a millennia^^

fluff while brutal and unfair is very good and convincing for thhe situation!

as for the hellhound...why use that kind of lorry...why not look for a real oil truck?...ala mad max??

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/25 07:43:48

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

I gave in, ordered 40 cultists...

We'll see what I can make of them.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/25 10:07:58

Post by: LeCacty

Awwwww yes!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/25 10:12:13

Post by: evildrcheese

Very cool looking. I've always liked the way people integrate Empire bits into 40k projects and get great results. Well don!


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/25 10:55:15

Post by: Viktor von Domm

As an opposing force?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/26 17:33:34

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

So I've now played two games with the only other wargamer I've been able to find in Delhi.

He had the Dark Vengence box and some additional BA's I've got 20 Inquisition guys, trucks and cargo containers.

What we need is more and better terrain.

I have tons of terrain, on a boat, in the Pacific Ocean. So I don't want to go out and spend money.

But for now...

Large blister pack from the trucks

Plasticard, thumbtacks and worthless square bases...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/26 17:42:59

Post by: LeCacty

Kewl stuff!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/27 03:21:44

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

The blister pack of course is way too light so I stuffed it with newspaper to give it some mass.

Someday future archeologists will find it and use it to learn the secrets of life in Delhi before the Great Cataclysm.

And with a coat of paint it ain't half bad.

I kind of wish I had some white glue to give it a bit of texture, and that I'd added some cover to the top, well I have a week and one more big blister...

Now I have to figure out what to scrawl on all those flat surfaces.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/27 10:37:11

Post by: Brother Payne

Loving the story line and the kit bashing is ace too! Will stay tuned for more

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/30 17:15:39

Post by: Kid_Kyoto


So one of the kits I've been using is the Empire Outriders. I've been using the heads, the cloaks, the guns, the holsters everything except, well the horses and bodies it actually comes with.

So I figured, what can use them for?

Then I remembered I don't have any rough riders for my Tallarn army! Not that RRs are all that useful but it would be nice ot have some right?

So I ordered some Not-Tallarn torsos from Curious Constructs


Now of course I'm not just going to order 5 of them, no that would be silly, I got 15 so I could build 5 RRs and then a squad.

Once they came I popped one on Empire legs and...

They don't fit! It's like he's wearing his daddy's pants!

So now I may be going to back to Curious to order their riding legs. May as well get their standing and kneeling legs too in case Cadian legs don't fit...

Probably some more Tallarn torsos too, never know when I might need them...


The left over hand guns however do fit. Sniper rifles maybe?

In the meantime I used the left over Empire torso for something quick

Toy truck+bottle cap+leftover bitz=gun truck!

And as for the main kit bashes, I'm down to my last 2 or 3 bodies. One was added to the unit of hopeless henchmen and the other...

Handgunner+skull+cloak+power fist+crossbow bolts=Eversore assassin

Maybe I'll try and do a Calidus for my last handgunner body.

Alas Mrs Kyoto and the twins arrive soon so I may not have an update for a while, we shall see...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/30 20:33:05

Post by: LeCacty

That was a long post... Sucks about the legs. :L

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/30 20:37:58

Post by: Viktor von Domm

the torso handgunner arms combo looks really laurence of arabia! and indeed, the leg part of the outrider kit is the only week bit in my opinion...
also...try to get a smaller bottle cap...this one is too wide for my opinion...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/09/30 20:55:47

Post by: Spacewolverine

Or add some stuff up there with him in the bottle cap, that is an awesome idea I am stealing.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/10/01 08:18:50

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 Spacewolverine wrote:
Or add some stuff up there with him in the bottle cap, that is an awesome idea I am stealing.

Well I can start drinking a new brand of juice, or maybe add a half circle of plasticard turn it into more of an armored cupola than well, a bottle cap.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/10/03 20:34:19

Post by: Freytag93

Wow, I'm so glad I found this thread! Your fluff is great and the kitbashes are really cool. I hope your stuff makes it through the Pacific soon so that we can see some more work!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/11/13 18:43:58

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Let's see the big news is I got my stuff! Boxes and boxes of unfinished projects just waiting for some love!

The flip side however is Mrs Kyoto, Kyoto Secunda and her Clone Sister Kyoto Secunda Prime have arrived which significantly eats into my hobby time.

ARG! I can have models or time, but never both!

I feel like that guy who was the last man alive, with nothing but time to read... then he broke his glasses!

But I've snuck in a few small things.

"Hill men? Why do we need their kind of scum?" Arbiter Bullox snarled. "Under nourished, illiterate, foul smelling-"
"Snipers who can blow out your eyes from half a mile away." Inquisitor Ardor finished with a smile.
"True, true" Bullox muttered, casually trying to put a truck between them and his head. "But they're mercenaries. They're not fighting for duty or faith, they'll turn on you the second someone outbids you."
"Maybe, but we'll just have to make sure the Holy Inquisition is paying better than anyone else."

Curious Construct bodies, Empire handguns and IG kneeling legs. I think they'll count as Ratlings or maybe vets with sniper rifles.

Question, given the rise of ginormous robots who for some reason count as models, is there a new role for the sniper rifle? Would someone even consider fielding 10, 20 or 30 ratlings? Would it work?

Anyway, also made some progress on my quick and dirty Emperor.

Maybe I'll do a quick SIgmarine Horus to go with him.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/11/13 19:42:51

Post by: youwashock

Ooh...neat Emperor conversion. I have something similar in progress, but not to represent His Holiness. Nice work.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/12/20 11:08:47

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Well the family is on vacation, work is slow and MY STUFF has arrived. So with no further ado...

"Are they serious" Danil Ardor muttered as the Dromedary Personnel Transport bounced along the cratered road towards the first check point. In the distance the Iron Tower of Will, the Inquisition's headquarters on this backwater world loomed.

He squinted again looking into the red sun set.

"They're serious..."

"Emperor help us all. They really build it."

So years ago I did a big stupid project I called Happy Acres. filled a whole table with Pegasus buildings.


Then I made something even stupider. A massive bridge that could easily fill a whole table by itself.


And now I find myself with some time and by oddest coinicidence some Pegasus gothic kits.


"They really made a giant tower shaped like an =I=... why would someone even do that? Are they worried we might forget who we work for?"

Yes, my Inqusition themed armies are getting a home of their own. Inspired by this bit of terrain

The Iron Tower of Will will be the new HQ of my army.

Since I did this initial build I've made it deeper so it's a bit less comical and started trimming, filing and glueing. The center part will use Cities of Death walls and have a balcony for the Grand Inquisitor to stand on and look out over his assembled hoards.

There will of course be guns and flair, I won't try to make into any of the specific terrain peices (Fortress of Redemption or whatever) though. This is just terrain.

It was my first time using their cathedral kit and I also got their ruins kit for the first time, I'll post reviews of both later.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/12/20 13:50:47

Post by: LeCacty

Well that's pretty damn cool!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/12/20 16:50:30

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

And got some more done

Ardor exited the Dromedary Personnel Transport into the thin, cold air outside. The Iron Tower was on a plateu in the middle of the desert. It took 3 days to reach by land. Normally he'd have requisitioned a Valkyrie, but his superiors warned that anything flying within a hundred leagues would be shot down. Inquisition codes or not. And he had no desire to test that.

He squeezed past a Leman Russ tank, its hull covered in icons and ribbons as if it were a rolling temple and not a weapon. He tried to remember what the ones with the big gattling guns were called. Eliminators? Castigators? Liquidators?

Punishers! Some ancient hypno lesson came to his mind, it was Leman Russ Punisher... Unwanted statistics about armor thickness and fuel requirements marched through his brain like an unwanted melody. That was the problem with hypno lessons, once you opened that door you had to let it all out.

At least it wasn't as bad as the time he tried to remember the name of Xeno craftword and spend the next two days speaking Eldari.

So yeah, Pask in a Punisher. The driver is one of the Curious Construct torsos, should look pretty good when it's done. Still needs more flair though. I can still see some hull.

A hulking mutant staggered out of some subterrainian access point, a bulky coffin balanced on its broad back.

Ardor shuddered as his psychic senses felt a presence whirling around the creature.

He let the mutant pass without question.

Sometimes even Inquisitors knew better than to be too Inquisitive.

Two Reaper figures in unholy union. I had the grave digger mutant already when I saw the bones ghost and knew I had to make this. Stuill debating if I should add some flair to the mutants, scrolls and purity symbols and such or leave him be. If I ever use them they'll be a daemon host. but that would require using a daemon host...


At last Ardor reached the gates of the Iron Tower. It loomed above him but Dolor knew he was but seeing the uppermost scales of vast subterranian dragon. The depths below the Iron Tower of Will were easily ten times the size of the tower above him.

This is the rebuild version. I made it twice as deep which makes it more balanced both physically and visually. I might replace the Cities of Death balconies with plasticard, they're a bit heavy for the small join they have with the walls.

It's funny, this is a big terrain piece by any reasonable measure. But in real life this would be a 5-10 story building. Nothing worth a second look. I assume all 40k buildings are undersized to fit on the table top. Or maybe the Inquisition makes use of the technology of lost Gallafray to increase their internal volume.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/12/29 14:50:21

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

No fluff this time, just updates.

I've been painting too, but ntohing to show off just yet.

The Iron Tower of Will is taking shape.

I bitz ordered the eagles from the Wall O'Dead Cadians and to my joy found they fit perfectly on flat surfaces! They're a bit costy $13 for 8 but added so much to the tower.

Roofs are on and tonight I should finish fitting the various floors together. Then I'll be adding flair and other details.

Also made two more cargo trucks.

The standard truck had removable cargo

Reaper 'weapons locker' with tamiya stowage and some GW stuff. The weird thing about buying toys is the cargo bitz cost several times what both trucks cost.

The tanker is the old reliable Pegasus Chemical Plant (great kit everyone should buy) with Tamiya (allied stowage kit, another essential IMHO) and resin sci-fi crate.

After some thought I decided that fuel and water were just too predictable and not nearly grimdark enough. And of course mother's milk was just done in Mad Max.

So I decided it's hauling memory RNA, brain fluids harvested from surplus and obsolete workers which will be injected into new workers to save on all that tiresome training and conditioning.

Proper grimdark

Coming up some RT and 2nd edition model painting, more Iron Tower of Will and a Technical to protect those valuable memory RNA shipments.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/12/29 15:31:30

Post by: Shandara

Should add some improbably placed guns on there. Maybe an anti-infantry emplacement on top pointing towards the sky, that's proper grimdark.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/12/29 17:17:08

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 Shandara wrote:
Should add some improbably placed guns on there. Maybe an anti-infantry emplacement on top pointing towards the sky, that's proper grimdark.

Well it is a strong hold of His Divine Emperor's Most Holy Ordos. I mean if you got to the front gates, past the IG regiment, past the crusaders, past the death cultists, past the rest of the freak show, either you belong there, you're a prisoner, or the Inquisition is so it makes no difference any more.

That being said...


There will be guns.

Oh yes, there will be guns.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/12/29 18:25:02

Post by: evildrcheese

The Iron Tower looks amazing. In fact the shot of your board of scenery looks great, you've made some really interesting terrain.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/12/30 01:43:42

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Thinking of mounting the quad gun upside down under the 5th floor overhang. It would add something visual to that corner and, of course, look properly daft.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2015/12/31 00:45:18

Post by: Freytag93

Every time I come back to this thread, I fall in love again

Great work mate. I love the fluff and the conversions are ace. But remember, there can always be more DAKKA

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/01/05 17:16:11

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Took a bit of a break from the Tower to do some painting and smaller projects.

The Inquisition got a few memorials for the fallen

And I did some work on the 1000 Maniacs, including a long-overdue census.

First off some 2nd edition Cadians (and a few 3rd) who've been promoted into Astra Militarium Militarum Tempestus Scion Storn Troopers.

Painted 3 of the Lietenant Chubbs before I found out they can't get shotguns

And then the 1000 Maniacs themselves!

Redemptionists, Cawdor, a few Orlocks and some Mordians. I can do something like 3 full platoons.

More to come as Inquisitors and some RT refugees get paint.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/01/09 15:37:05

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Some major progress today, primed it (black then grey), dry brushed and started some detailing!


Added some details but left a lot of flat surfaces to minis to stand on.

I've not painted the center, Cities of Death portion yet, I'm suddenly ambivalent about it. I might replace it with 2 more Pegasus floors to make the whole thing taller and match better.

Or I might not.


Banners need paint.

Landing pad needs a lot more work. Valejo's orange fire just does not seem to cover well. Then I have to experiment with hazard stripes. EEK!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/01/09 16:06:38

Post by: Raskana

Awesome conversions and I love the terrain piece. Are you running it as a pure Inquisition force are are you adding in IG allies? Maybe I missed that post but either way the army looks like its coming along well and will look very novel on the table top.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/01/09 16:22:01

Post by: Da Boss

GW should honestly hire you to write a supplement or something. Your 40K stuff is exactly what I love about the setting and is the only stuff that makes me feel enthusiastic about it at all these days. Love the buildings, and the conversions are all great.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/01/20 17:11:23

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

So there's been some progress and I'll do more photos and uploads later.

Among other things we fought the biggest megabattle Delhi has ever seen with 5000 points!

Which don't sound like much hey there's only 3 of us here.

Any way some quick little projects, Imperial delivery vans, some terrain and such

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/01/23 18:59:43

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Some progress today

Got a lot primed

Including some more weapon emplacements, more cars, more scatter terrain and other odds and ends.

Heavy Weapon bases for my Necromunda heavies. Tamiya and Italiari walls and sand bags.

Lazy but functional, a Tamiya brick wall. Long enough for 5 models.

This is an odd one. Years ago I got some Italari Walls and Ruins kits thinking they'd make great scatter terrain. They looked great on the box but...

They're only detailed on one side!

So they sat and sat and I was about to throw them away when I noticed all these left over Tamiya brick walls that are functional but dull. So one thing led to another and now I have a bizarre little building that makes no sense (bricked up windows, doors that lead nowhere) but has a lot of texture and character. And if you've spent time in really old neighborhoods you know there are real buildings like this that have been built and rebuilt so many times none of them make sense.

Painted up well too, now I just need to add posters.

These two ended up on my painting table at the same time. Hasslefree's Capt Goodwin and GW's Cadian Captain, sculpted by one Jes Goodwin Esq.

Have to figure out something to do with them both.

Tomorrow I add a new middle to the Iron Tower and try to get that painted in a day. We shall see.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/01/23 19:41:21

Post by: evildrcheese

Nice use of terrain on those weapon emplacements. Also really like the civilian vehicles commandeered for military use.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/01/25 07:50:44

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 Shandara wrote:
Should add some improbably placed guns on there. Maybe an anti-infantry emplacement on top pointing towards the sky, that's proper grimdark.

Oddly enough I decided on almost that, an AA gun pointing down at the ground. It will be a quad gun mounted upside down on the overhang of the roof.

Both scary and daft.

Proper Grimdark!

I considered covering the tower wtih impaled corpses or something but in the end it would make it too busy and somehow I feel the Imperium wouldn't go for that. They'd torture heretics and cremate the bodies, not keep their heretic carcasses around to show.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Progress, progress, PROGRESS!

The ruined cottage painted up great.

Here we see Captain T'kirk confirming with his closest advisers in the ruins of a brick hovel.

After decades of war, propaganda posters are the only remaining decorations.

And again, it's mostly made from a 1/72 (WRONG SCALE EVEN!) Italiari kit I got 7 or 8 years back and was about to throw out because it's only detailed on one side.

And I got another Pegasus kit so I can do the final revisions on the Iron Tower of Will.

You can see the new center area, with a scaled down balcony, an extra story and some banners which will let me add some color to the center.

I also added some Firestorm las cannons to my fortifications.

Still need to add the upside down autocannons to the overhang area.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Oh and one failed project

I picked up a toy landing craft wondering if I could make some sort of shuttle or landing craft out of it.

But it's too narrow for Chimeras or Rhinos to fit (it's like a quarter inch too narrow!) and soft waxy plastic (PVC?) so it'll be hard to glue or paint.

I might find a use for it down the line but for now it's going into the mountain of shame.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/01/26 14:39:54

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

This may be the last update for a while what with Mrs Kyoto and the clone twins returning this week. But the Iron Tower of Will made it to the 'good enough for a tabletop' level which is frankly more than I thought I'd manage.

You can just see the spider gun peeking out of the left side.

I like the new smaller balcony a lot.

Addressing the troops!

20" tall, 17" wide, 14" deep, you can almost play a game on it.

Also reaching the 'good enough' level is a long pending figure, Sheik Abdul Imparur Khantz-az-Khreed, who counts as Creed.

When I saw that Creed has 3 wounds I realized I needed some wound counters to go with him. Hence the Reaper Dancing Girls. FUNCTIONAL!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/01/26 17:12:12

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Oh and one more, I got my favorite model of all time repainted and rebased.

Inquisitor Kuroda, a Rogue Trader Ordo Malleus Inquisitor with his demon sword and (now illegal) Psycannon.

A radical Inquisitor he's the puppet master behind the 1000 Maniacs, the Crazy 88, and the Solid Gold Space Marines making them unwitting pawns in his quest for more power.

In 3rd edition I played him with a damn near invincible squad. 3 acolytes with storm shields and him in Artificer armor then power fist servitors and some familiars to take wounds. Any shooting wounds went on the familiars and in melee I could allocated wounds either to him (with a 2+) or an acolyte (with a 4++) based on the weapon. Between that and 4 squads of Inquisition Storm Troopers doing drive by shootings in Rhinos, then wacking people with Thunder Hammers it was good times all around.


Now I think he'll have a demon sword, termi armor (hence the bigger base) and either a combi bolter, a psycannon or a Hell Rifle.

Base needs work, and he could use some shading but over all I think he works, when you see him it's pretty clear who the boss is.

[Thumb - Inquisitor Kuroda Jan 2016 004.JPG]

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/01/26 20:01:58

Post by: neil101

Aye up Kyoto great work on that Pegasus Iron tower of will ..

I had been thinking of redoing it myself at some point using citadel kits but .. it would be a bit pricy tbh.. kudo getting it finished !

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/01/27 07:43:25

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 neil101 wrote:
Aye up Kyoto great work on that Pegasus Iron tower of will ..

I had been thinking of redoing it myself at some point using citadel kits but .. it would be a bit pricy tbh.. kudo getting it finished !

I know the feeling, the big problem with the Cities of Death kits is half the walls are ruined. If they'd made one kit of intact and another of ruins it would be so good.

Maybe with Bastion kits?

Anyway if anyone wants to know, I used 2xPegasus Large Gothic Buildings, and 1xSmall Gothic Building #1, and have tons of walls left over.

I would have loved to use their Small Gothic #2 for the rose window but it was out of stock.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/02/03 22:55:35

Post by: Freytag93

Love the new tower. Looks really slick. Hope that the family doesn't distract you from your one true love, hobbying, for too long

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/03/04 19:23:44

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Got some more stuff done. there's also a painting project going along verrrrry slooooowly.

Someone once told me the metal Catachans are not as bad as the plastic ones.

Technically I suppose he was right, in that they are not 'as' bad, they are far, far worse. Muscles like tumors.

But anyway, some quick conversions and kit bashes for a civilian project percolating in the back of my mind.

Inquisitor Damocles adjusted the load on his back, the weight of the comlink and auspex rig was partly offset by the strength of his power armor (a set of armor that would get him the death sentence if any Astares were ever to see him in it!) but they still slowed him. Still they were an essential link to his orbiting Gun Cutter and he had no intention of walking around this desolate world without it.

Dead simple lazy conversion an old metal dev sgt who I always liked but had no use for, with a new backpack. He'll count as an Inquisitor with an orbital strike relay thingy.

Meridian was a dusty space port, no more than some landing pads and huts. It's only reason for existance was to be found in its name, it was more or less equally distant from several mines and other settlements. Every year or two the ore ships would pull into orbit and this dusty cross road would become a hive of activity as mile-long truck caravans pull in carrying ore and pull out carrying machinery, foodstuffs and a not inconsiderable amount of cash.

The place would be filled with merchants, crewmen, traders, miners, press gangs, joy girls and travelers.

But not today.

Today there were five ships in the port. Three of them were wrecks that would never fly again. One of them was the Inquisitor's shuttle. And the last was an atmospheric transport belonging to a certain arms merchant.

Damocles shouldered through a pilgrim in his way. The wanderer muttered something but thought better of confronting a man wearing a quarter ton of armor and equipment.

The original idea for this guy was a peddler with his pack, but he ended up with so much stuff he's now a pilgrim or wanderer.

But who is he really?

I mean besides a Brettonian with too much stuff glued to him.

He could hear the voice now.

"Guns! Git yer guns right here! Gil's guns! Best in the sector!"

There were rumors about Gil, there were always rumors.

Some said he'd been an Imperial Guard quartermaster who one day slipped away with a shuttle full of weapons which he'd been selling off bit by bit for years.

Others said he was a prospector who found an old troopship crashed and buried in the desert.

More fanciful tales spoke of warp portholes or a factory willed with enslaved Jokero.

No one knew where he got his stuff.

Plasticard, plastistruct girders, Warzone guns, and some resin crates. Most of this stuff has been in my bitz box 10 years or more.

Gil's goons gave Damocles the once over. He could see the glow of the plasma from their pistols. They were serious. Even his illicitly-obtained power armor would provide no protection against that kind of firepower.

The rumor mill had 5 or 6 different accounts of bandits and gang-cults that tried to snatch Gil's weapons. None of them had survived.

Not too surprising that an arms merchant would keep the best for himself.

One moved to intercept his, his thumb moving to charge his pistol.

Inquisitor Damocles pointed at his backpack. Then at the sky. He pantomimed an explosion.

The guard let him through.

Brettonians, plasma pistols and those great, great Empire Outrider heads.

"Gilthanus Terrian." The Inquisitor said.

"Leric Damocles." The arms merchant replied.

"We meet again."

Again dead simple, Catachan arms on a Brettonian. I wanted to give him a more impressive weapon to see but metal weapons were too heavy for the plastic arms.

I'm really going to miss these Brettonian Men at Arms when they go OOP. The Frostgrave Cultists and Soldiers look hopeful though. I have to start playing with them.


"12 silver skulls for the Widowmaker 5000 and not a brass bolt more!" The Inquisitor ejaculated loudly!

"15 silver skulls and that's only because I like you!" Gil shouted back!

"13 silver skulls and you throw in 2 extra clips!"

"14 silver skulls and 1 clip!"

The two stared at each other for a long moment.

"Deal!" they both shouted.

And five minutes later the Inquisitor's shuttle was on its way to orbit.

So that was 2 nights of converting. Hope you liked them.

No idea what I'll use them for but it was fun just trying to imagine what a 40k arms merchant might look like and what his story might be.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/03/04 20:57:03

Post by: KernelTerror

Very cool models, loving the grimdark mix of medieval bits.
Is this going to be a diorama then ?
Very fond of the fluff too, although you might want to double check the part where they barter, the inquisitor seems a bit too happy about the prices....

Looking forward to see more !

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/03/06 11:27:43

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Ah yes as JK Rowling put it "Ron ejaculated loudly", it never gets old.

So on the shelf now, in no order, I have:

Metal catachans for painting
Necro Juves (conscripts) for painting
2001 Space Odyssey Moon Bus for turning into a shuttle
3 Dakka Jets to turn into Imperial fighters
10 Escher to turn into a vet squad
10 Mordians to finish my 55 man Mordian platoon
Some random Inquisitors, civilians etc

And then I have Kickstarter stuff coming...


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/03/06 16:45:24

Post by: KernelTerror

Lol ! Sorry man I did not know about that meme, thought you had fallen to autocorrect !
That shelf content sounds promising.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/03/06 18:33:53

Post by: LeCacty

Really cool. Nice seeing the not-always-war side of 40k

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/03/26 12:06:15

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Some semi random photos

I got my Pig Iron models as they closed up shop. I looked at their line and realized as much as I liked it I just didn't need any more near future riflemen with boxy guns. But I did like their command squad, especially the robot butler, so I got that.

Swapped their heads for Valkyrie pilots, they'll be ground crew for a shuttle I still have to build.

Also took out some of the Space Fleet models I picked up a while ago, they have no in-game purpose but I like to think of them as my Inquisitors private fleet.

The Gothic ship (the big long Not-Super Star Destroyer one) will be the =I=SS Jing Du, the Emperor ship (long BFG looking one with no wings) will be the =I=SS Endurance. Not sure of the rest.

I got some terrain from Proxie Miniatures, this is their pre-fab hut.

It's a nice little kit, cheap and easy to tear up into ruins or combine to make bitter shanty town type arrangements. If I ever need a big project I could get a bunch of them, plus their barricades and brick walls and make a whole slum sector.

I do not need another big project.

Anyway got some painting done too, maybe one day it might be good enough to show off.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/03/28 16:02:24

Post by: shasolenzabi

Wandered into your thread, Nice work on stuff, and the low cost terrain by proxie seems decent enough for colonial quick set up habs and other buildings!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/03/30 05:49:36

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

I am tempted, perhaps in 15 years when the girls go off to college, to buy a ton of them and build a space hulk table.

If I don't do the slum sector that is.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/04/05 09:22:28

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Got the ships started the other night, I still need to do inking and details but wow, I really love these.

I doubt I'll ever use them but they are fun to paint.

If you're not familiar they're RT-era 'Space Fleet' ships the precurser to Battle Fleet Gothic. While some design elements stayed the same I really liked the Star Destroyer influenced design with the big flat surfaces with cities growing from them. I also like the lack of visible weapons which makes them seem even bigger.

The =I=SS Oliver Hazard Perry a 'Firestorm' class cruiser from Space Fleet named for an American naval hero and painted in Trinidadian livery in memory of where he was laid to rest.

For my own personal head fluff I'll be renaming all the ship classes since:
A-GW reused most of the names and I want to draw a distinction
B-I don't really like their ship class names

The shuttle lifted off surprisingly smoothly for such a decrepit-looking vessel.
Inquisitor Damocles noted Ardor's surprise.
"She doesn't look like much but this shuttle can out fly most combat fighters. Never let 'em know your true capabilities eh?" he handed Ardor a glass of amsec, Ardor noted the liquid barely shoot despite their acceleration.
"Good job with that Coven of Nine thing. Very good job. And to think I've been coming here to shop for weapons for years and never knew. And the boss took notice, wants to meet you."
He gestured towards a small porthole, already a point of light was growing, becoming a red-liveried Artemis-Class Strike Cruiser. It was an older pattern, her delicate towers and protruding hangers giving her an air of fragility. Where more modern ships pulled everything tightly, huddling behind an armored prow the Artemis Class sprawled out, confident its ancient shields could endure any attack.
"And there she is, our home for the next few months, the Hazard."
"Inauspicious name" Ardor noted.
"Its full name is the ISS Oliver Hazard Perry, named for an Admiral of Paleo-Terra who is said saved the Merican Empire from the White Walkers of Canadia."
Ardor nodded, pretending he both knew and cared who this Perry was.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/04/06 06:39:30

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

The second ship in the fleet is an 'Iron Clad'

These had really interesting fluff in that they were an old class with no shields, just a really, really, really thick hull. I liked that idea but as you can see this ship doesn't look all that different from the others, so I moved that fluff to another ship entirely just leaving it as another destroyer in the family.

"Nothing comes for free" Inquisitor Damocles told his younger counterpart. "Nothing."
"I mean yes, in theory you and I have the authority to kick down a Governor's door and demand the contents of his treasury, but in reality that will just get us a las blast in the back and a shallow grave."
"Take this armor I wear..."
"Astares plate is it not?" Ardor asked, stating the painfully obvious.
"Indeed. I got it a century ago after saving a local baron from a peasant rebellion. He fancied himself a collector of exotic arms and armor. He offered a reward but when my gaze lingered on this plate, he turned quite reluctant. So instead I began admiring his collection shuriken weapons..."
"Xenos artifacts? Prohibited?" Ardor added, once again pointing out the obvious. Damocles chose not to notice.
"Indeed. So I left his mansion with this suit of armor, a Cadian power sword and a Vostroyan plasma pistol!" He laughed and slapped his armored knee. The sound was like a ringing bell in the cabin.
"Of course it was useless to me, as I was not an 8' tall superman. It sat in storage for decades until I found a tech priest in need of assistance who, in turn, adapted it for use by a mere mortal." He delicately picked up a crystal glass with one armored hand. "Now it's like an extension of my body, I can fight, run, even sleep in it." He put the glass down and picked up a steel tray. He crumpled it into a small ball. "And it's lost none of its power."
"Most impressive." Ardor added, looking on in undisguised envy. Suddenly his armored storm coat felt most inadequite.
"You see the currency of power is favors. Always know who owes you one and who you owe."
"And always make sure you're in the black!" Ardor added, thinking himself clever.
"Not necessarily. There's no shame in groveling, in begging favors and assistance from everyone you know. As long as it moves you forward! I did that for my first century as built my network of contacts, followers and informants. After fifty years I was broke and at the beck and call of a dozen people across the sector. But I kept going, and when the Red Skies Crisis broke in '886, I was prepared to meet it head on. That's how I got this ship you know. I commandeered it at the height of the crisis and well, here I am. I'm sure Battlegroup Lyons would like it back, but after I saved their flagship they won't press matters."
A chime rang and Damocles gestured out the window.
"And there's your ride. I'm afraid the Hazard and I are needed at the Tinery Worlds. The Heart will take you the rest of the way."

She got the name ISS Heart of Nova Yeboracum. Nova meaning new, and Yeboracum being a corruption of Eboracum, the Roman name for York.

Thus the fourth wall breaking I heart NY across her bow...

Alas it's too good a joke to waste on this ship so I'll probably buy something bigger and use the name there.

Ardor spent nearly a month on the Heart of Nova Yeboracum, an Athena-Class Destroyer, dining each night with the lord-captain. The captain could drone on for hours about his homeworld, a festering hive world somewhere to the galactic east.
He boasted of its superior cuisine, its architectural wonders, even the superiority of their sportsman. The ship itself, he claimed, was built from steel recovered from two hive spires lost in a terror-cult attack some centuries ago.
It wasn't until several weeks later when the captain finally exhausted his list of virtues that Ardor was able to learn what he really wanted to know.
The ship was another product of the Olympian family, slightly less delicate looking than the Hazard, but still dependent on her void shields.
For that reason she had been pulled from front line and patrol duty until she was simply standing picket duty over Nova Yeboracum's hives. After an investigation showing that several relatives of Hizzoner (a local term for Lord-Governor) were involved in corruption the governor was more than happy to transfer the ship to the Inquisition. Inquisitor Kuroda had a collection of Olympian ships and had some of the few tech priests who could maintain their aging shield generators, thus the proud vessel returned to battle.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/04/06 07:13:49

Post by: evildrcheese

Cool ships. I really like that pre-fab hut. May to to pick a few up at some point.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/04/06 12:16:43

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Next up we have the HDMS Endurance.

Originally an Emperor Battleship from Space Fleet I've nicked the iron clad fluff for this beast since it looks like a solid hunk of metal with engines strapped to the back.

Deep below decks on the HDMS Endurance, Ardor ran down the catwalk, a las shot striking and scorching his armored storm coat. He heard a scream behind him as the junior officer who'd been escorting him fell to his death. Without pausing Ardor leapt to a neighboring walkway, scrambled to a ladder and half-slid, half fell, the dozen meters to the floor below. He pushed aside menials and slaves until his reached a hatchway, ducked inside and locked it behind him.

Take a tour of the ship Inquisitor! It sounded like a great idea, but no one mentioned the lower decks of the HDMS Endurance had been in a state of insurrection for the last fifty years and that armed bands of rebels were eager to get their hands on a tempting ransom victim.

He found a elevator platform and, after a few pulls on the activation cord, got the motor running. The metal cage slowly rose, headed back to the top decks, to officer's country.

As far as Ardor had been able to gather, the trouble began decades ago when Commissar Goodfield attempted to execute the 3rd mate or some forgotten infraction. The captain overruled her and ordered his armsmen to put her in chains instead. Unfortunately some armsmen were good students of the Schola Progenium and sided with the Commissar. The resulting gun battle killed half the bridge crew (including the damn 3rd mate) and the Commissar and her followers escaped to the lower decks.

The elevator paused as a checkpoint filled manned by arms men with shot cannons looked Ardor over. He flashed his credentials and was allowed to proceed upwards.

So fifty years later no one knew if Goodfield was alive or dead, but armed bands of freed slaves, rebel arms men and other riff-raff roamed the lower decks still dreaming taking the ship for themselves. The captain send out parties from time to time to purge them with fire, but a three-mile-long cruiser gave them plenty of places to hide.

The HDMS Endurance was an Ironclad-class cruiser in the service of the Inquisition. This class of ship abandoned void shields entirely in favor of meters-thick armor and a compact design offering few weak points to exploit. On top of that energy weapons such as lances were replaced with torpedos and macrocannons. The logic was simple, to create a ship with as few points of failure as possible. There are no shields to turn off, no energy weapons to sabotage. Firing the weapons required press gangs of thousands of workers to haul multi-ton shells into position. It was a slow, labor-intensive process but also a massive one, hard for one traitor, madman, daemon-possessed or warp gremlin to derail.

Even minor things like the ships elevators had their own engines and power supply. Other than the warp drive, reactor and geller fields there was nothing that could be sabotaged. And they were guarded by an army of servitors and crewmen.

It made the Endurance a slow but hard-hitting ship that could take a beating. It was the Inquisition's preferred vessel for dealing with warp incursions and other threats where the sanity of the crew might at stake. Her hull was pocked with craters, from atomic strikes to esoteric xeno weapons she bore her scars with pride.

Even a decades-long rebellion in her lower decks did little to jar the mighty vessel from her course.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/04/06 13:07:52

Post by: Miguelsan

I love that command squad. I was not fast enough getting mine for artillery batteries.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/04/15 06:24:01

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

राम नवमी की मंगलकामनाएं

Happy Ram Nawami everyone!

Dusted off a pending project last night and got it done.

As far as I can tell there is just no such thing as a fan of Space 1999. No spin off novels or comics, no demands for rebooted series, no one cosplaying as that chick who turned into a cat or whatever. Nothing. Down the memory hole.

Except for one thing.

The ships.

Their Eagles (desgined by the same guy who did Thunderbirds et al IIRC) are just a great marriage of functionality and aesthtics. They look like something that would be on a moon base in the distant future year of 1999 but the bird beak style cockpit gives them a bit more cool factor than a strictly practical ship might have.

The 1/72 kit was rereleased a few years back and goes for $25-30, and they just did a 1/48 scale one for $100~$150. I got the 1/72. It's a bit small, if it was just 10%, 20% bigger it would be perfect for 40k terrain or as a flier but as is... Ah it's still a great kit.

It's very modular you could easily bash 2-3 of them together to make some cool cargo ships. The cockpit, vertical thrusters, cargo pod, spine and engines are all separate bits. You could even use them with a box or other found object to turn it into a lander.

I initially assembled it as a stock ship.

As you can see it's really not too, too small once assembled. The cargo pod looks like it could hold 10~20 guardsmen or other passengers, it's about as tall as a chimera so provides nice cover/LOS blocking if used as terrain.

The big problem was the cockpit, that was clearly too small for one 28mm pilot, much less two.

And since it's the most distinctive part of the ship it makes it stick out as 'not 40k'.

Luckily I had these robogear kits I'd been carrying around the world for a few *cough*ten*cough* years.


I feel like it needs something, maybe just cables and grubbings. And I have to put a skull there somewhere...

I see it working as terrain for a space port board I've been thinking of for a while. Or even as an Arvis Lighter.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/04/15 06:58:59

Post by: evildrcheese

I really like that. Easily passable as a transport.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/04/15 07:11:36

Post by: Viktor von Domm

I think the robogear cockpit look fitting...aerodynamics don't work in space of 40k anyway as they have shields and all that...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/04/15 09:46:15

Post by: Kid_Kyoto


I was thinking how the only thing the limits the length is the spine, if I replace it with some plasticard struts it could easily be long enough to carry a tank.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/04/15 18:56:59

Post by: Viktor von Domm

hmmm... i would be hesitant to do something like that as the "spine" is the USP of that ship....aesthetically its the "thing" of the look...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/04/15 19:15:44

Post by: Barzam

It is a neat kit. It would actually be perfect for 15mm gaming. It's a little hard to tell in the pics, but how is the detailing on it?

Also, there must be at least one fan of Space: 1999, Crooked Dice made quite a few 28mm figures based on the cast as well as generic dudes wearing the space suits from the show.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/04/23 18:10:38

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

A bit of progress over the last week or two.

Added a bit of a cowl to the new cockpit on Eagle 1. Makes it look a bit less tacked on (even though it is).

Bits are from the old Tecnolog Hexegon set, never really used them before, now I wish I had more.

Can't wait to get it painted up. Already ordered another one.

Also got a heavy weapon base done for my metal Catachan squad.

Someone once told me the metal Catachans are nicer than the plastics.

He lied.

Muscles like tumors, they make the Bloodbloodbloods from Age of Sigmar look reasonable.

Also after some effort and great expense I amassed all 3 of the 2nd edition preachers and both of the Confessors. I have no idea what I suddenly decided I needed them, when it's like a 2 minute conversion to do with flagellents, but there you go. Let's just say they have character and leave it at that.

The Three Tsutooge Brothers (Laurence, Morris and Kherli) will be seeing service as IG priests.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/05/01 16:11:30

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Inspired by the award-seeking Retro Review series I banged out this conversion the other day.

I had a burst of inspiration the other night and cooked up this

Rogue Trader Tyrel 'Destroyer' Cathek, which as a tribute to a 1st edition character makes him a Rogue Trader Rogue Trader.

Not a bad likeness, he even has 'overlong arms' from his description.

I think the silly flag adds a certain something to him.

Not pictured: His power sword, bolt pistol, neural disruptor, web gun, needler, and power glove.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
And some more progress

Eagle 1 got a base coat, in the classic livery of the Universal Parcel Service. Like my trucks it will be brown with a wash of brass and black.

Lesson learned, paint BEFORE final assembly, there's lots of spots around the engine and spine that are damn near impossible to reach.

And the Tsutuge Brothers got some progress.

Along with their dad

Washed and some more detailing to follow, but so far so good.

Such good models.

And I paid way too much...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/05/03 09:50:37

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Just to round out the tour of the fleet, before my 1000+ Buck Rogers ships arrive.

Inquisitor Minorus Ardor ran into the hanger his pack bouncing behind him. He had just minutes to spare after getting horribly lost.

Why hadn't someone told him even numbered hangers were on the port side, odd on the starboard?

The aging cargo shuttle was already sitting on the launch circle, he tried to ignore how old the vehicle looked and how the shuttle's cockpit looked awkwardly bolted on. He was sure they would never have assigned it to him if it wasn't safe.

The servitor crew was already uncoupling the fuel lines and lights were turning from red to yellow. He sprinted the last 100 meters.

Ardor had to duck his head to get into the cargo pod of the Mk1999 'Eagle' shuttle. The hatch was low and narrow, as if designed for someone half his height. He vaguely remembered some hypno-lesson about early space farers being shorter and squater so as to need less air, food and water. And something about them having beards? He couldn't remember. Not that it mattered. The point is he almost had to squeeze in sideways just get in. And even then he hand to stoop a bit to stand up in the pod.

The pod was filled with crates and canisters, and smelt distinctly of dead marine life. A grynx hissed at him from a cage in the corner. Ardor looked left and right for a passenger couch but found nothing. He tapped the vox plate and yelled into the smiling skull face.

"Excuse me, excuse me, there's no accelleration couch here, excuse me-"

A burst of static cut him off and then the floor lurched and he went tumbling into a metallic crate. He muttered a curse, found a perch on top of an ammo box and waited. Then he heard the hissing. He carefully crawled around the pod holding up a small hand towel until he found the source near the floor. He jammed his towel into the crack and ran to opposite side of the pod.

Alone in the windowless pod he never even got a glimpse of his destination.

The ISS Jing Du (Chinese for Kyoto in case you're wondering), fluff wise another ship in the Olympus family, I'm thinking Athena-class. 3 miles long with a larger city in the back. No idea what the two flanges off the side are supposed to be, I'll go with launch bays. Because why not.

Originally it was a Gothic class battleship but at 3" it would be too small these days.

I really, really love this design, even more than the flying cathedrals of BFG. It's just graceful and elegant.

Fluff story...

"Some place huh?" Colonel Bragg said slapping Ardor on the back.

"Uh..." Ardor grunted, he was still having trouble believing he could breath. He was standing on an arched bridge between two graceful towers under a starlit sky. The only problem, the starlit sky was in fact hard vacuum and the only think holding the air in was a power shield older than the Imperium. The burly Catachan officer next to him was even smoking a cigar!

"The boss must have been pretty impressed to fly you out here. How long did it take anyway?"

"Three months." Ardor muttered. Three months, four ships, and at least six potentially deadly situations.

"Well you're here now, and you may as well enjoy it. This place, I mean it's got everything, why the canteen on deck XXII even serves real meat every Thor's Day. None of that Soylent stuff. Y'know I never even had Soylent Verdant before I joined the corps, back on Catachan..."

Ardor tuned out the Colonel's words, he didn't need to hear another story about tyranocrox wrestling or carnivorous ferns.

Still he was impressed. The Jing Du wasn't huge by the standards of Imperial ships. At 3 miles it was dwarfed by many ship classes but it had a grace and age lacking from so many newer ships. Where most Imperial vessels hunched together like a fist, the Olympus family of ships sprawled out like an outstreched hand, towers rose gracefully into the void. Their shipmasters were supremely confident their shields would endure any assault and make armor unnecessary.

Ardor hoped this confidence would not be tested until long after he'd left.

Moreover the Colonel was right, the ISS Jing Du had everything. Libraries filled with ancient tomes, armories of exotic weapons, cells with some of the great heretics of the sector... It was a monument to Inquisitor Kuroda's life and career.

Which of course made it far too valuable to ever take into a hazardous situation.

So it wandered out here among the Dust Systems. An entire sub sector without habitable worlds, a place where there was nothing of any interest to anyone. Where no one would look for an ancient warship.

He'd dined with the ship master a few nights before, Lord-Captain Viktor Li. He'd gotten the sense the man was tremendously frustrated, a war captain on a ship that would never be allowed into battle.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/05/03 10:51:52

Post by: evildrcheese

Love that Rogue Trader kitbash! Very cool indeed.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/05/11 11:50:11

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

And just to finish out (for now) the tour of my fleet

The ISS Stern Father, in Space Fleet it was a Dominator Class battleship with a nova cannon mounted the length of the ship that would hit a 9 square area.

I'm thinking it's now a Chronos Class Planet Killer, one of the Inquisition's specialist ships to carry out exterminus. I like to think the big gun can shatter a planet, but takes so long to charge up it's useless in a battle. It's really only good for hitting big things that don't move around too much. Like planets. And then as secondary weapons it has all the usual virus bombs, continent-breaking seismic warheads and other anti-population weapons. But the gun is an anti planet weapon, when you want nothing left but asteroids.

Here's my floatilla as it stands, about to be doubled in size because I'm an idiot with a credit card.

"You're a luck boy" Bragg said. He stopped to puff again on his cigar. "They don't test the big boy that often."
"Uh, right, yeah, what exactly am I looking at?" Inquisitor Minorus Ardor asked. He'd just followed the crowds out to the walkway,hearing something about a demonstration.
"See that planet out there?" Bragg pointed to a redish sphere. Like everything else in the Dust Sector it was a lifeless uninhabitable rock.
Ardor nodded.
"And see that ship?"
Ardor squinted at the distant shape. He wished he'd worn his mag lenses but they always gave him a headache.
"Cruiser?" He squinted again. "Poseidon class?"
"Negative, heavy modification warranting new classification. Chronos class. Planet Killer." A new voice explained.
Ardor looked down to see a stooped Mentat, the spectacle above was not enough for him to raise his eyes from his book.
"Inquisitor Danil Ardor" he said offering his hand.
"Inquisitor Minorus Danil Ardor" the Mentat responded. "I read your dossier 134 days ago and have not seen any record of a promotion."
"Um, right. And your name?"
"Desmond Uman, Archivist 23rd class, Office of Demographic Threat Analysis."
Ardor tried to remember how many classes of archivist there were and whether they counted up or down. He failed and figured he may as well be polite.
"So what is a Chronos Class ship?"
"Using warhead of antipodal substances, anathema to ordinary matter."
Ardor looked puzzled.
"Y'see" Bragg explained, "that big gun there is loaded up with this uh... stuff that's so foul, so blasphemous when it hits a planet... BOOM!" He gestured with his hands to emphasize the point. "I saw them use it on some heavy gee world filled with mutants a while back-"
"The Crypton Affair" Uman added.
"It's a sight. Now usually they just use the atomics or the virus bombs, make a world unhinhabitable. But every now and again when you want the whole damn planet erased from the books, they use the big gun. Man I wish I could be on that ship. I mean it's not just the power, they say the crew on board live like kings. Every week transports full of fresh food, wines, women even. The boss likes to say they should have a taste of paradise, cause the work they do's gonna damn their souls."

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/05/13 06:18:18

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

The fleet grows

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/05/13 09:51:42

Post by: evildrcheese

I see you've gained the Fleet special rule?

(Sorry, I couldn't resist).


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/05/17 11:32:03

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Got my 1000 Buck Rogers ships today.

Made in Hong Kong! When was the last time you saw a toy made in Hong Kong?

How long have these puppies been sitting in a warehouse?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/06/29 17:37:06

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

June supply drop

I'm having trouble bringing myself to opening the blisters, it just feels wrong somehow...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/06/29 19:00:31

Post by: Viktor von Domm

^that´d be like opening a tomb...a sacrilege...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/09 17:37:07

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Some Space Fleet progress this week. Opened up the blisters after all.

I was a bit disappointed that the Cobra Destroyers (1km long in fluff) were smaller than the toy shuttles and fighters. Even smaller than a guard lasgun.

But the fleet as a whole looks pretty impressive. I love the old designs.

Also broke out the old Imex Chemical Plant sprues to bang together a space station.

Using the saucers as launch bays was a good idea in theory but in practice I wasn't happy. Take two replaced them with globes and then I added a mining station (in theory the long shaft drops 100s of miles into the atmosphere of a gas giant to harvest exotic hyrdorgen isotopes for fusion).

Also played around with a Reaper Bones hill giant.

Loving Bones for big models. Light, easy to cut and glue and pin. Not quite as good as styrene but damn good stuff.

Anyway needed to replace the branch with something more grimdark. I can't believe there's that much wood in the whole of the Imperium.

Not bad if I say so myself. Still needs, I dunno, stuff. Any suggestions?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/09 19:30:39

Post by: Theophony

Cables from power fist to his back, or a chemical stimulant injector added to his back

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/12 20:59:55

Post by: Shandara

That staff needs some skulls.. wait, a TON of skulls.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/12 23:09:43

Post by: Theophony

 Theophony wrote:
Cables from power fist to his back, or a chemical stimulant injector added to his back

I was in n my phone and didn't see the cables

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/13 04:48:48

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 Shandara wrote:
That staff needs some skulls.. wait, a TON of skulls.

Except it's not a staff, it's bit of pipe he tore off a building. Maybe I'll add a cement blob on the bottom to make it clearer.

Also planning on putting a splattered body under the fist.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/13 05:12:02

Post by: evildrcheese

The space station and mining facility look great. Nice work!


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/13 05:57:04

Post by: Jehan-reznor

Those ships look terrible, get rid of them!, I will take the burden give them to me !

Jokes aside, I have some of those in me home country, l like the one with the huge single turret on it.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/13 08:51:30

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

I'm bidding on one now, because who doesn't love a ship with a turret the size of Staten Island?

Man someone ought to update these designs on Shapeways or something. I love them so much.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
As for the Chemical Plant, I had an idea the other day so nasty, so evil I just have to do it...

I just need a name.

Da Eff-You-Prize might work.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/13 16:52:52

Post by: Llamahead

How about the Orkerprise?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/14 01:13:59

Post by: combat engineer

Besides the cool looking space stations, I was very interested in the Cadian Regt brand roasted garlic sauce. Tasty?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/14 05:26:46

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

It was pretty good. And yeah, I got it just for the name.

And yes, Orkterprise wins!

Now I just need them to finish spraying for termites so I can get back in my #$%^ house.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/14 05:34:01

Post by: evildrcheese

Lol Orkterprise. Brilliant.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/16 18:15:31

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

As promised...

Da orkterprize! Which gives me all sorts of ideas for other ships, like its big brother the Orkcelsior and the feared Space Hulk Dork Space Nine.

Also more goofing around with the aimed Chem Plant got me this

The Elysium Class Waystation, a civilian port for result lying and R&R found throughout human space.

Oh and Julys supply drop has arrived.

2 more Gothic cruisers and 2 Eldar ships for repainting.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/18 17:21:20

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Yep I got it bad and that ain't good

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/21 03:51:42

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 Jehan-reznor wrote:
Those ships look terrible, get rid of them!, I will take the burden give them to me !

Jokes aside, I have some of those in me home country, l like the one with the huge single turret on it.

You'll never guess what I just won on ebay


Now I just need 3 or 4 more ships and I have the whole Space Fleet line up

But first the Unorkted Fedorkation of Planorks fleet under command of Kaptain James T Kork is getting some brute ram ships.

Goal for the year, use all my chemical plants!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/21 05:14:42

Post by: evildrcheese

All of the ships!


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/21 05:23:19

Post by: Jehan-reznor

Nice find, painting when?

I think i have them all but they are at a friends house in my home country

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/21 06:32:56

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

My house is actually infested with termites at the moment so we've been in temporary quarters the last 2 weeks.

I only manage to sneak out a small collection of chemical pipes.

So painting... soon?

Haven't quite decided what color to go for. I think the space stations might get something colorful like green, but the orks would get neural Starfleet grey splattered with red.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/26 03:43:21

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Stork Fleet Corkmmand got some reinforcments last night.

The Voyagork and the brand new, never before seen Discorkery Class cruiser.

Now I just need to do the Riork Grande and Galileork and I'll have a nice little fleet. Maybe the Space Hulk Dork Sork Nork as a center piece.

Oh and the Defiork and Katapin Archork's Orkterprise 01.

I need help...


Also played with a new idea.

Toy starfish on flight bases. Some black and purple paint to create something like the Shadows from Babylon 5. Count as Necrons? Tyranids? Chaos? Still thinking.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/26 19:18:33

Post by: LeCacty

They could be really cool silver tower/warp palace proxies for epic!
For BFG, though, I think Tyranids or Tzeentch.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/28 04:32:43

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Well mission sort of accomplished.

I had an idea for another space station but when I went to build it last night I found I was out of an essential part! So after 10 years I finally used up one of my chemical plant bits

Maybe I can order some mor- NO! NO! NO!

So I started looking at other options.

I always liked the space docks they had for BFG, something about these silly 2d dock yards floating in space just looks right in the 40k universe.

So I started playing around and...

I doubt i'll do any gluing until I'm back home with all my toys but I think it could work. Needs more towers, more greebles, more guns but it's a start.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/28 05:02:46

Post by: FabricatorGeneralMike

Wow...god i love this whole thread. The fluff on the poor bottem of the class =I= is just amazing.

It reminds me of old 1st ed rt when 40k didnt take itself seriously.

Is that huge gorgious space dock yours? Who ever did it fantastic work. Not as good as the fluff in this thread....but close.. keep it up kid

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/28 05:40:14

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

I blush.

Sorry the finished space station is from here:

Just fantastic stuff. The Triangular one will be my take on the 2d floating dock idea.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/28 06:08:43

Post by: FabricatorGeneralMike


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/28 07:52:25

Post by: KernelTerror

Hell yeah space docks ! That looks like a good start, although that central tower will need some detailing. Maybe it could have a second smaller dock layer midway to the top, for fighters and taxi shuttles ?

Another thought, how about modular dock parts that can be rearranged and switched around this central piece ?

This is gonna be good...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/28 23:37:53

Post by: LeCacty

That station is so cool!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/07/29 03:16:02

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Played around some more with the design of the Space Dock (needs a real name...), thanks Kernel Terror for the idea of the second dock layer.

Mounted it on an oil tank, makes for a nice steady base and makes sense thematically as the station's water/fuel/lubricant/memory RNA supply. Real work will have to wait till I'm home again next week (finally) but it's looking good.

Also played around with bits for a few minutes and came up with quite a passible transport.

(note the Gothic cruiser will be repainted)

Commissioned by the Galactic Citrus Cartel, the Hammerhead-class transports Tropica and Minut Maid are charged with the vital task of supplying nutritious juices to units on the front line. Running the route between the spinward tropical worlds and the fighting in the rimward arctic worlds. Over the past 3000 years they have been hijacked by striking workers, assaulted by scurvy pirates, even set upon by thirsty Star Leviathans but always returned to their vital service. The crew is normally confined to the command tower. The distance gives them some protection from the radiation of ships engines leaving the vast bulk of the ship with no atmosphere or gravity.

It's a totally unneeded conversion, I just ordered a bunch of transports from Vanguard, but somehow very satisfying to find a bits combo that can make ships from a $6 sprue. When I get home I'll replace the tower with something a bit more substantial, I'm thinking lasgun barrels now.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/08/01 03:42:22

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Nothing too profound from this weekend.

Star Fort Bingham (it got a name) got a new central tower replacing the pill bottle.

Some new transports including a big mama.

I'm now out of the bits I use for engines. Resisting temptation to reorder.

MOving back home finally this week, can return to painting BFG ships.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/08/01 13:09:05

Post by: Viktor von Domm

I think tau grenades or dark elves crossbow clips would give a nice surface too...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/08/03 05:49:50

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Moved back last night. Hopefully will be able to return to painting soon.

In meantime the last of the Chemical Plant ships for a while.

One of the options in BFG is for a 'fire ship' a concept that existed from ancient times to the US Civil War of taking an old ship filling it with combustable material (later explosives) and sailing it right into the heart of the enemy.

"The Helios-Class Energizer" Old Henrik began as the shuttle passed by.
Inquisitor Minorus Ardor tried to signal his complete disinterest but Henrik continued oblivious to the boredom of his captive audience.
"A simple construction, a fusion power sphere, similar to that found in any large Imperial city, with two engines, a small crew area and a prow."
Ardor glanced out the porthole and found everything just as described.
"Generally used to charge the capacitors of fleet vessels or provide power to a damaged ship, it is on rare occasions called upon to power a planet-based settlement."
Despite himself Ardor tried to imagine the miles-long ungainly ship, with a small sun suspended in its belly, in a gravity well or atmosphere. It was not a comforting thought.
"Naturally such operations are fraught with peril. A slight miscalculation on the ship's gravity lenses or an error on the part of the tug pilot can lead to disaster. In fact it was the Devastation of Komen's World that led the fleet to consider its military applications..."

The other was a Q-Ship, an ordinary-looking transport with hidden guns.

"A-ha!" Yelled Qaptain Quincy Q Queen. "You pirates thought you were attacking some unarmed merchantmen when in fact you were face-to-face with a heavily armed Q-Ship!"
"We're um, not really that surprised you know." Said Plundering Pete the Pirate from Polaris. "I mean every time we attack a convoy one ship in four turns out to be a Q-Ship. I mean it's like a rule or something."
"Oh." Said Q^4.
"Plus I mean yeah your Q-Ship is heavily armed compared to a normal freighter but it's not like a warship or anything." Continued P^4.
"Well we can still shoot at you and stuff." Offered Q^4 weakly.
"Yeah you could." Said P^4 sadly. "But then you might hurt some of us. And that would make us mad. Cause you see right now we only plan to take your cargo and let you go on your way. No hard feelings then, and it keeps the trade routes running so we get more targets in the future. But if you insist on shooting up a bunch of us well then we'll get mad. Probably kill you and rape you. In that order. But if you insist..."
"Now that you mention it" Q^4 said quickly. "turns out we're an unarmed merchantman too. Yep, no guns here."
"Good pick." Agreed P^4 and terminated the connection.
"Q-Ships suck." Muttered Q^4.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/08/04 17:59:24

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Small addition today, a new design for the Ork's Brute Ram Ships.

Simple converison but different enough I hope from the hammerhead transports.

Also threw in a simple orbital laser station.

Now that I'm home you'll see some bitz appearing finally. The ork ships will need a lot of greebles to make them look more ramshakle.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
 Viktor von Domm wrote:
I think tau grenades or dark elves crossbow clips would give a nice surface too...

Y'know Dark Elf quivers might make some nice fleet scale missile launchers. I think I ahve some somewhere.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/08/04 18:51:06

Post by: Viktor von Domm

also...maybe the paintjob will fix it but the valve wheel looks odd...out of place...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/08/06 17:46:16

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Something a bit more interesting tonight, the Space Fleet assembles.

Painting is still a WIP, but the models are just fantastic and look great even with basic slop'n'go paint.

After being out of the country for a month, then out of house another month it's nice to finally put them together along with my battlefield in a box asteroids and cheap starfield table cloth.

I think the table cloth will look better fully spread out on a large table.

I've been reading up on BFG and I think I have figured out what each ships will 'count' as. Some are easy, Cobra=Cobra, Firestorm=Firestorm, Emperor=Emperor, even the Dominator=Dominator, both have Nova cannons. Others are a bit harder.

I decided the Gothics won't count as Gothics because I want the side thingys to be launch bays. So they'll count as Mars cruisers.

The Imperial Superstar Destroyer probably won't join the game, but it's the closest I could find to Goodwin's awesome ships (and probably inspired them).

Still no idea what I'll do with Mr Huggsly, the ship with a drill in front and 2 massive claws. It's one of the really insane Space Fleet ships and BFG was a lot more 'realistic'. No room for space boats and come up, hug you and drill into your sides. Any ideas?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/08/07 06:56:41

Post by: Llamahead

Dunno actually fireships have been used more recently than the American Civil War. Several were used in WW2 the St Nazaire Raid was the most famous and the various manned torpedoes as well

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/08/08 17:48:43

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Brexit supply drop 1/3

Ramshakle games, a lot of cool figures I've had my eye on for a long time.

For some odd reason they sent me about 10 extra figures and missed one that actually ordered. Frankly I'm willing to call it even.

Did not realize how big the guy in the back would be. Might have to order some more.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
 Llamahead wrote:
Dunno actually fireships have been used more recently than the American Civil War. Several were used in WW2 the St Nazaire Raid was the most famous and the various manned torpedoes as well

yeah I did some reading up on it, I didn't know about the allies using them in WWII.

I should have remembered the Japanese 'manned torpedoes' after all I've seen them in the flesh both in Kyoto in Tokyo.

And Wikipedia asserts you could consider the Cole bombing as a modern take on the fire ship.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Great service from Ramshakle. The extra figures were freebees they threw in to clear out an extra bin and they're going to send off the missing figure at no extra charge.

Nice clean casts too.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/08/10 20:01:35

Post by: Llamahead

Yeah got my Trukks from them 3 great vehicles for the price of 1 GW 1. Why Yes Please.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/08/11 16:19:28

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Brexit supply drop 2/3 Vanguard miniatures

Nice clean casts and a lot cheaper than 3rd hand ebay ships.

Remember what I said about my transport conversions. yep. Totally pointless. I got 9 transports from Vanguard.

Lots of fun though.

Tankers/fire ships

Light Cruisers

Oh and greebling is done. Now for the painting.

I'm going on the theory that the 'shuttles' are Queen Mary sized intra-system ships that carry cargo and passengers. Huge by normal standards, tiny by BFG standards.

Some can even do short warp jumps, a few light years at best but lose more than half their cargo space for the warp drive, fuel and geller field.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/08/17 05:58:03

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

More pipe transports underway, more Space Fleet stuff en route. Tomorrow I might even get to do some painting.

In the meantime I'm trying to figure out what to do for a battleship. The Super Star Destroyer is a bit too jarring (even with a big angel and a skull on it!) and I want something that fits with the rest of the fleet.

If only I had an idea.

What's that you say imaginary Jes Goodwin from 25 years ago?

Can you speak up?

Oh, yes, that certainly might work. But in order to do that I would need two plastic Gothic Battleship, hopefully for just $5.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/08/17 19:42:00

Post by: LeCacty

Glad to know other people have an imgainary Jes speaking to them!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/08/17 23:39:21

Post by: shasolenzabi

Man, have not seen those old pre-gothic ships since a looooooooooong time!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/08/18 10:28:23

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Some more progress on the Hammerhead cargo fleet.

I'm almost out of the bitz I use for it but every time I thought I was done I found a new use for some other useless bit.

It's been an interesting exercise that reminds me of Legos when I was a kid. I'd make fleets of fighters, battleships and everything in between and one time I set myself the goal of using every last block in my box. I don't know if I'll go quite that far this time, but it's been a fun project, as I bang together each ship I have to think about what this ship does, why it's built like that ('those were the bitz I had' is not an acceptable answer), etc.

Primed them today. Next up I have to open my paints for the first time in a month? Two?

The star fort is also feeling ready, there's still some flat surfaces but I think anything else will make it too busy.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/08/22 11:45:18

Post by: KernelTerror

Looking good ! I totally agree with leaving some flat areas as such, you should still be able to paint some road marks later on if you feel something is amiss...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/08/31 17:48:39

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

It's the "I spend too much time on ebay supply drop!"

Up top we have Constellation Targeting ships, Galaxy Troop Ship, 2 Goliath Factory Ships, and a Castellion Shield ship from Space Fleet (though actually repurposed from an older line).

Then we have 2 Firestorms, an Emperor, an Iron Clad, a Gothic, an Annihilator and a Dominator.

There's also a mystery ship, the one with wings on the left. Anyone recognize it? It came in one of the ebay lots.

Along with the Vanguard ships I more than doubled my BFG collection and there's still some bits and bobs tricking in.

The only one I don't have is the Thunderbolt.

If anyone had one to spare PM me.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/08/31 20:56:28

Post by: shasolenzabi

Cool, growing fleet looking good!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/05 15:55:38

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Bit by bit, getting there.

And still have more (MOAR!) coming.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/11 18:51:14

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

So yeah I had an idea.


And I just got some new chemical kit parts.


Finding that the little cyber claws from the go-cart servitors fit around the pipes really made this work. Imagine arms the size of the Empire State Building reaching down to tear off damaged chunks of a ship the size of Manhattan.

Probably paint in basic grey with some red.

Work on the rest of the fleet continues, give me a another few days.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/11 19:05:40

Post by: KernelTerror

Brilliant ! You know what would be cool ? It would be if this bay was somehow connectable to the star fort's lower layers :

Keep it up !

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/14 17:26:40

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Inspiration hit in a particularly dull meeting and the Hammerhead fleet got 2 more transports.

And I officially used up the original supply of pipes

Good thing I bought another box worth

And reading through the BFG book and playing the Android game I see I will need blast markers.

Sure I COULD download the PDF and print them like a sane person. Or...

Green stuff + cut up dime store ships. The GS will be yellow/orange, the debries black and grey. Now I just need 20 more.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/15 08:33:20

Post by: genom.cor

Really cool to see your collection of old space fleet stuff! Bfg is such a great game! Good job on ask the work so far, looking forward to more!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/15 18:04:56

Post by: Llamahead

Great stuff given what you like if your after another Brexit supply drop Ground Zero Games or Brigade Models might be worth a look both are excellent!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/16 10:07:05

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 Llamahead wrote:
Great stuff given what you like if your after another Brexit supply drop Ground Zero Games or Brigade Models might be worth a look both are excellent!

They both have good stuff but then I found out about the old, old, old (like late 70s old) Starfleet Wars (one syllable from a lawsuit!) line.


They need to do some casting for me but look for another supply drop soon.

Zandris IV also has some neat ships.


Automatically Appended Next Post:
Oh yeah still have to take a shot of Brexit Supply Dump 3... Thanks for reminding me.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/16 17:07:00

Post by: Llamahead

No trouble

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/19 07:48:04

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Just won a little something on ebay

I now have the entire SF Imperial run. Since I have no interest in the Eldar or Tyranids that would mean the 'spending too much money' phase is complete, now for the 'why doesn't this look as good as the picture oh whatever it's painted OK?' phase.

Which reminds me, any interest in 4 plastic Eldar wraith ships?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/19 07:58:37

Post by: Miguelsan

Those ships need a layer or two of paint pronto KK.

And in other news.
Must...not... click... on those links with the homeworld analogs...

Run wallet! Run!


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/19 08:14:47

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Got more more colors and ink on them over the weekend, should be able to do a new photo shoot soon.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/20 17:10:04

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Looking at the prices on those mint in box ships made me dig up this.

Old BFG magazine.

First it depressed me because of how cheap I could have gotten them even in 'recent' times.

Then it depressed me because I realized that when this magazine came out Space Fleet was 10 years old. But this magazine is from 2001, 15 years ago. Somehow in 2001, 1991 seemed ancient, but in 2016, 2001 feels like last week.

I'm gonna go take my pills and watch some Matlock now.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/20 18:27:32

Post by: Captain Brown

It is happening to all of us. I am now using some "cheaters" to see the models I am painting...


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/20 18:48:55

Post by: Nevelon

Do kids these days even know who Matlock is? What do the young whippersnappers think old people watch these days?

Love the retro and scratch builds.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/25 17:34:04

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Waiting for my final ebay shipment(s) to finish off Space Fleet.

So playing around with my Pegasus kits again.

Really happy with the big one.

It's a take on the Universe Mass Conveyor from the Rogue Trader RPG (RIP )

I wasn't really trying to reproduce it, but see what I could do within the constraints of the kit I'm using.

Fun exercise but I might move back to doing 28mm for a while. I think I have taken the chemical kit as far as I can.

Besides I really don't have any new ideas for what else I could do.

Oh hello sexy.

Can I get a close up?

I could build a latices out of pipes, then tons of shuttles and...

What do you mean I'm out of pipes!?!

To ebay!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/25 21:41:29

Post by: Llamahead

Which of the comics is that?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/26 03:46:38

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

"Obvious Tactics" from the early 2000s. One of the text pages has background info on the ships seen.

I like it because it's not just another flying cathedral, it's a practical design that still looks 40k-ish and as far as I know it's the only time GW has shown how IG regiments get to the surface.

Now I just need more pipes.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/26 06:02:29

Post by: evildrcheese

Nice work on the pipe ships. The big one looks especially awesome.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/26 17:23:13

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Bit of a return to an older project, the Mk1999 Eagle cargo shuttle.

You may recall the first WIP from a few months ago.

Basically built as stock but with a spare Imex cockpit in place of the Eagle's trademark bridge.

But this time...

I left off the cargo pod and extended the spine a bit and yes!

It can hold a Chimera!

It's still on the small side, it's a 1/72 kit after all, but as a bit of terrain or for scenarios it does fine.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/26 20:14:08

Post by: KernelTerror

Oooooh, a tank carrier, very cool project !

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/27 06:11:12

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

yeah of course now I have a problem, I don't want to lose a chimera just for this bit of terrain!

Wonder if I have a toy that's the right size anywhere...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/27 08:14:21

Post by: Llamahead

Magnetise it instead pr male an attaching device of some type so it can be loaded or unloaded?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/30 17:51:20

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

And some more pipe transports.

As I run out of normal bitz the designs get a little crazier. But that's fine since it forces more innovation from me.

This puppy exists because I am almost out of everything, except the curve pieces. So I made a ship that needed 10 curves to build.

Very happy with this mining ship, I can see it using the twin Melta Torrents to cut an asteroid in half.

You'll notice the little cities this time. I've been looking for a way to make mini city scapes and kept thinking how I wished I had something like those cities in the old Fortress America board game. Yeah if only had something like that...

So I looked on ebay and found nothing LIKE them.

But I did find the actual mini city pieces!

I figure they're some kind of Imperial colony ship. There is of course no reason to put little cities on a colony transport, you can jam the colonists in there just like potatoes or whatever else you're carrying, but that kind of logic has no place in 40k. Colony ships need little flying cities!

The double wide one even has some defensive weapons on the bottom.

But really I'm happiest with this one. It's big, 6 cities and almost 5" long. I had an idea for a floating monestary filled with low-level psykers that constantly flies a circuit around a warp rift. The faith and prayers of the psykers keeping the rift closed.

Either that or just a big colony ship, unarmed and slow, carrying a few million Imperials to their new homes.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/30 18:03:56

Post by: Nevelon

Love the cities. Do you have anything that would work for little domes over them?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/09/30 18:18:41

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Funny you should ask... there are these little jelly cups Kyoto Secunda and her Clone Sister love.

But it will have to wait till I paint these of course.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/10/02 18:00:23

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Brexit supply drop 3/3!

Heresy Miniatures this time.

I got their Not-Delaques and added in some random cool models like their security guard team and Not-The War Doctor and Not-Amy Pond

I'm thinking instead of the traditional black doing white lab coats with red crosses (or green) to create the Médecins sans Pitié, doctors without mercy disinfecting the underhive once level at a time.

And from Ruckdog and the good folks at Modcube I got some BFG dice.

Y'know between the out of print counters, out of print minis, and out of print dice GW is making it awful hard to play BFG! Even the rules are out of print though the Specialist Games PDFs are widely available.

Still gonna try...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/10/02 19:19:38

Post by: Llamahead

Part of me says Firestorm Armada. Rules are readily available online. Another part of me doesn't like the models.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Oh and have a look at Dr H's CD city as well.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/10/02 19:25:05

Post by: RiTides

Very cool to see the ModCubes together already!

With all this spaceship scratch building, I think the Hawk Wargames space station sprue that is coming out might be right up your alley . But it's not OOP, so maybe not qualified to be used in this project

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/10/03 03:07:16

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Yeah that Firestorm sprue looks great.

I'll probably wait a few years till it's out of production, then pay double on ebay!

Edit-Just parking something here for future scratch builds


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/10/03 07:16:49

Post by: evildrcheese

Man, I love the fact you made a transport carrier for the Chimera, it looks really wicked.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/10/04 17:03:38

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

I know this has become a bit of an Oldhammer Blog, so maybe some of you are a bit discouraged to see all this recent stuff from 1991 creeping in. After all 1991 was practically last month right?

Well that ends tonight with the latest supply dump from Galactic Knights/Starfleet Wars!

A space ship line from 1977, distributed by GW in the 80s, it was brought back by Monday Knight a few years back.


In my quest for a suitable battleship for my Space Fleet I got one of their Super Galactic Dreadnaughts

a good 5" of resin. they used to be metal but alas they have strayed from the path of the One True Casting Medium .

Alas the molds are showing their age.

Nothing terrible, I can see this as battle damage on a millennia old ship, but irking.

The metal casts are better.

And they scale well with the Space Fleet Goliath and Dominator ships (the painted ones in the photo).

The not-Star Destroyers (Samurai Destroyer Leader) have a bit of flash but I've seen much worse.

I can see the not-Star Destroyer line becoming a chaos fleet, with the Star Destroyers as Cruisers and the smaller ships as escorts.

The best part, since Starfleet Wars was distributed by GW I have ruled that these count as Space Fleet models

Also I should note great service from Monday Knight, good communication. Shipping was delayed because they needed to cast up some items but I think it only came to a week's delay.

They also have the space stations from the old line, they're not listed on the site but they will cast them up for you if you ask. I think they are around $30.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/10/09 20:47:29

Post by: RiTides

Wow, those are some awesome blasts from the past

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/10/10 17:09:19

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Just a small update, painting on the transport fleet.

(not even close to all of them!)

I'm going for something like the trucks I see everyday in India, safety orange but dusty and dirty. The next step is lather them in black and brown ink and see what comes out.

I should do some logos or something but I know my hand is not up to the job...

The space dock also got a first coat.

As did the "Super Galactic Dreadnought"

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/10/15 05:40:56

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Some more works in progress.

Now to slather them with brown and black ink and call it done.

And we're approaching the end of the era with the arrival of my Ultimate Space Fleet Supply Drop.

STILL IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING! The air in there is from the last century!

And check out the original price tags

Won't mention what I paid

OK technically it's not my last Space Fleet shipment, I have another in the mail, but with the arrival of the Thunderbolts I have the complete Imperial Fleet.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/10/16 07:28:04

Post by: genom.cor

So much win! Always fun to see what you got going on with your bfg oldhammer plog. Keep it coming!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/10/16 11:13:50

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

So yeah, I opened them. The ancient air from the last millennium doesn''t seem to be infected with any ancient diseases.

So far.

The final formation assembles!

I already have two of the Emperor Captial Ships assembled 'stock' so I decided on some conversion for this one.

It will be an Inquisition black ship. I may replace the angel with something a bit smaller, but I love the pose on it.

I'd forgotten how nice it is to work with lead. One clip and the tower was off. One swipe of the file and the base was smooth. Even the glue seems to hold better.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/10/16 12:42:15

Post by: RiTides

The conversion is simple and does the job really well

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/10/22 18:06:00

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

It's the weekend and I got some painting done so once more the fleet assembles...

First off I got my post-Ultimate shipment. 3 more SF Firestorms (yay!) and 2 'Moscow Strike Cruisers' from GW's pre-Rogue Trader Star Cruisers line. Hurray for the super obscure!

Meanwhile the main fleet:

this is just the Space Fleet stuff, some of the other stuff I'm put up like the pipe ships, the Orks and dime store ships were left out.

The Imperial navy half of the house

And a couple of 'family shots' of the Space Fleet dagger shaped cruisers.

Then some of the more traditional Cathedral ships

And the 'Super Galactic Dreadnought' from Galactic Knights. Still needs a base and lots of ink.

Finally the Rogue Trader Fleet, this is where I parked the Space Fleet ships GW cannibalized from their Star Cruisers line. I'm also adding some Galactic Knights ships since they fit in pretty well.

Lots of domes. Someone obviously got a bulk deal on ball bearings when sculpting this.

Still to do... paint the latest arrivals, and lots and lots of ink. Then back to the orks and the Tau...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/10/23 16:19:04

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Some additional shots.

The ISS Endurance receives much-needed repairs at an orbiting space dock.

Another family pic of the Gothic, Ironclad, Firestorm and Cobra (or Athena, Nemesis, Artemis and Nike in my head canon)

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/10/23 16:49:49

Post by: Dysartes

Inventive use of piping there, Kid.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/10/29 09:47:29

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Small update today Space Fleet and Galactic Knights ships.

The green ships will become a chaos force for BFG.

Someone asked about size, the not-Star Destroyer is 2 3/4"

I don't know if you can make it out but the 'armored pursuit ships' are just covered in turrets, like every flat surface, so perfect for Chaos or Orks.

3 more Space Fleet Firestorms, the Philippe, the Formosa and the 9th Dragon. Yeah all need work.

And the space port is coming along too.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/11/03 16:42:41

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

It's the $1.25 supply drop!

I won an ebay action for Galactic Knights ships for $1.25 plus shipping and the seller threw in some free ships too!

Nice to get lucky every so often.

The not-star destroyer is big, 4" or so, and will join my chaos count-as fleet along with its little sisters.

Have to figure out the rest still.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/11/13 18:36:28

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

So I mentioned this a while back as a toy with potential. $30 later and...

I have a Tomica Storm Runner.

I love the design with the underslung cargo pods reminds me a lot of the Horizon-T from Robotech TNG/Mospeada.

The cargo pods are great, big enough for infantry, I could even see a bike or terminator coming out of one.

And there's enough space under it to carry a Chimera!

It's a great toy too, the top comes off to be a fighter

Which also turns into a race car

And the hubcaps on the tires...

Flip around to be turbo fans for the jet!

The wing/cargo unit alone is a nice bit of terrain.

And then I have this...

A police bullet train, y'know to respond to any bullet-train-related crime.

It's been so long since I got any Japanese toys, so well made, so much niftyness, I love this!

Oh and another conversion that made me happy.

Inform Lord Vader...


The Emperor has arrived!

I always wanted to have an Emperor on a throne doing the Uncle Sam Wants You pose. Still needs work.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/12/01 04:43:01

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

The other day Mrs Kyoto had a good observation, that I'm buy stuff and starting projects as if I'm going to live to be 300. Then in fact free time and more importantly free energy are declining.

Yeah, she's got a point.

In other news I got $100+ worth of stuff from Monday Knights

The real prize is the 'egg' space station which is not listed on their site but can be ordered for $30. It is very cool.

2 rings that fit together, each 4" across and forged from METAL

THe thing must weigh half a pound.

Heck you could use it in a 28mm game as some sort of eldrich whatever.

I'm thinking it will be a counts-as Blackstone fortress for my BFG Chaos. While the BS Fortress is a nice nice model it always looked too clean to me for Chaos (despite it being a floating chaos symbol), while this thing looks like it was put together by mad monks who used laws of physics they made up as they went along.

Anyway, more latter.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/12/01 06:53:14

Post by: evildrcheese

That is a big hunk of metal.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/12/01 08:14:05

Post by: KernelTerror

Very cool stations, they'll definitely make way cooler blackstone fortresses.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/12/01 13:38:47

Post by: Nevelon

Every game needs pieces that can double as a murder weapon. While not a dreadsock, that station is probably easier to throw at someone’s head.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/12/09 03:54:05

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

So no painting done for a while now, but I do have some more picks of the Galactic Knights ships.

Carnivoran Galactic Dreadnaught (not to be confused with a Super Galactic Dreadnaught). I like how it has a similar cityscape as the Space Fleet ships.

4 1/2" long it's a good piece of metal. It will serve as the Flagship of the Rogue Trader Midas Bombast, the RSS Golden Tower.

Also got the 'Mace' Space Station. Like the Egg you have to ask for it. Simple 2 part cast and it looks like a scaled down Death Star.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/12/09 07:02:03

Post by: evildrcheese

Oooo mini death star! Most adapt considering how close to Rogue 1 we are!


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/12/09 07:05:24

Post by: JohnHwangDD

I'm a little disappointed that the ball doesn't go inside the rings...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/12/09 08:54:41

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 JohnHwangDD wrote:
I'm a little disappointed that the ball doesn't go inside the rings...

Get your mind out of the gutter!

Though now now that you mention it it would fit...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/12/09 14:04:04

Post by: Nevelon

 Kid_Kyoto wrote:
 JohnHwangDD wrote:
I'm a little disappointed that the ball doesn't go inside the rings...

Get your mind out of the gutter!

Though now now that you mention it it would fit...

That much lead in one place would probably collapse in on itself and form a black hole. Which would make a nice terrain feature for space combat games...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/12/10 00:39:51

Post by: Llamahead

No causing holes in the spac time cotinuummuuummuuumm for gaming purposes. Bad Nevelon. Bad!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/12/11 16:34:00

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

And just to finish off my Galactic Knights supply drop.

Cub transports (Left) and Cheetah Destroyers (Right), each about an inch and a half.

Mantis Dreadnaught, future Chaos Battleship.

2 Piranha Destroyers and one Tigershark destroyer leader. The Aquarians in Galactic Knights come the closest to my beloved Space Fleet ships in design so I may be getting more.

In my head canon I renamed the SF Gothic Battleship the Athena Class and then gave ever other ship a Greek Goddess name. So I picked these up to fill out the Pantheon, they smaller ones will be Aphrodite Class pleasure yachts and the larger one a Demeter Class Agriculture ship. Both long-ago fell out of use as the Imperium became a grimmer, darker place but a handful still roam the space ways.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2016/12/29 02:04:04

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

So yeah there I was in Kyoto Japan, bit of s Christmas break. Even took a pilgrimage to Iconoclasm the only shop in the region with GW stuff only to find they didn't open till 3 in the afternoon and I had to be back by then.

So yeah there I was in Yodobashi camera of all places, now don't let the name fool you it's basically a full dept store catering to tourists and it has a huge hobby section on the 3rd floor, so there I am, Gundam, Macross, Gundam, Yamato, Gundam, pervy statues, Gundam and then what should I see but...

3 shelves of GW!

And who should I see winking at me from the shelves?

Saying "hey there sailor, is today your birthday?"

And as it happens it was my birthday so...

I got me Canoness Wasshername and some losers for her to purge!

Cost about $10 more than in the US but hey it was my birthday

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/03 04:14:17

Post by: Miguelsan

Pity I went away to Nagoya for the holidays I could have met you for a game or at least some geek time.
Was that Yodobashi Umeda? I'm not really interested in GW but could buy a couple paints from their range.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/03 04:28:55

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Yodobashi Kyoto, about 30 feet From where I'm standing.

Gotta love the 21 st century.

I imagine Umeda would carry them as well though

Where in Japan are you?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/03 04:34:24

Post by: Miguelsan

Right now making my way home. Usually Kobe.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/03 06:57:29

Post by: evildrcheese

Nice catching getting the Canoness! I had to order mine from GW when it came back into stock.

Looking forward to seeing it painted up.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/06 19:41:28

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

I have returned from the exotic orient with a new cargo of spices and silks!

I met up with Jehan-reznor for some BFG action (he has some incredible models!) and he recommended picking up some of the Bandai Yamato models. They have a pretty big line of ships all with that 70s aestetic and they go for like $3 each in Japan.



And I am so glad I did.

OMG have I really been paying $30 a ship for BFG and SF?

Look at this!

For starters the Gamirasu, a nice curved ship with prominent torpedo tubes, could be a cruiser for the Imperials, Space Marines, Tau or Chaos with minimal work.

The Domerasu III is even more generic, a box ship with a pointy prow, perfect for an Imperial fleet.

I kind of went nuts with this one. I think I'll carve one up to make a hulk.

But the Deusura II is the real gem, a sleek ship covered with antenas and winglets that look like spikes. I can see this as a chaos flag ship.

And finally a Macross Delta, looks all sorts of useful next to my Space Fleet ships.

The main obsatcle to building a fleet of these Bandai models is they're all around 4"-5" long so there's nothing to really use as escorts or other small ships. But investing in the Rinco dime store ships (or the EM4 ships) would solve that nicely...

Anyway more to paint, more to paint.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/06 21:52:11

Post by: LeCacty

I think a nurgle fleet would fit the best bc they aren't immediately similar to any fleet that I know of. For nurgle all you would need is some greenstuff gribbly bits

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/08 03:50:17

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 LeCacty wrote:
I think a nurgle fleet would fit the best bc they aren't immediately similar to any fleet that I know of. For nurgle all you would need is some greenstuff gribbly bits

That's a pretty good idea. Just add some tumors and growths...

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Some more treasures and silks.

This was a stupid buy, it's a Tomy Thunder Birds car from Japan - Fab 1. It had electric sounds and weapons and cost a silly amount of money something smaller than a rhino (not as bad as GW prices, but close).

Still it's a good size, had a good retro look to it and after adding some grubbings it should be a fine armored limo for Inquisition, Cults or IG.

All I know about Thunder Birds comes from the Team America film so to my eyes it's not instantly recognizable, British fans might think differently.

Made some progress on the Egg, such a cool model. Not entirely sure about the green and orange 'pumpkin' colors for this fleet but hopefully washes and dry brushing will bring it together better.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/10 14:12:13

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

So OK, I now have at least 1 of each of the Imperial Space Fleet ships and several each of the ones I like.

AND I have several of the Galatic Knights ships too. AND of course all the Rinco Dime Store ships and the Yamato ships and... and... and...

So I really have no explanation for this.

The Department of Redundancy Department supply drop.

Most are from an estate sale which depresses me. People PLAY WITH YOUR TOYS, you can't take them with you!

And neither can I

this time I find myself hesitating to open the package. It's been a while since I saw any Space Fleet in original packaging on ebay so once I open these... That could be it! The last unopened Space Fleet blisters in the world!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/15 07:18:51

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

So you may recall I posted this bit of 25 year old concept art

Well I finally took a crack at it this weekend.

I used the Drop Fleet Commander space station to make the island in the middle and got...

It's still a little... not there. Maybe a paint job will unify it better.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/15 10:08:56

Post by: KernelTerror

Cool idea ! Although if you don't mind me saying, are you sure the ships are aligned ? Maybe the picture is giving me the wrong idea though.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/15 10:39:14

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Vertically they are but they tend to droop a bit, there isn't much surface to attach to with the center island. Maybe some green stuff?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/15 13:26:46

Post by: KernelTerror

Absolutely ! if necessary, that would let you rework the placement while they dry.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/16 08:32:43

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Some more WIP before Mrs Kyoto, Kyoto Secunda and her clone sisters Kyoto Secunda Prime return from Japan.

Added some green stuff and I think I got both halves of the ship lined up. I think the Hera-Class Supercarrier (counts as an Emperor battleship) works for this one.

Also banged out a cruiser from Dropfleet parts, the Undertaking-Class Cruiser Archmagos Villheim

Did my first 28mm conversion in a while.

Imperial Navy officer Ovir Hazard, captain of the Artemis Class light carrier Trinity. IG body+Scion coat+Perry Napoleonic head (and an Adeptus Mech pistol for good measure).

Now obviously an important man like this is not just going to walk around on his own so he got some armsmen too.

Sniper scouts+scout shotguns and Scion heads. I did some arbites a while back wtih the same combination and liked them a lot. Gotta love anyone who wears a cape into battle.

The full squad.

And started base coating this bad boy. I've had this image in head for a while of the Emperor on a throne doing 'Uncle Sam Wants You' and I think I did a fair job of kit bashing it.

Now to see if my painting can do it any justice.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/16 21:04:47

Post by: KernelTerror

Sweet, yeah greenstuffing the junctions did the trick, well done !

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/21 18:15:17

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Small break from space ships for another bit of my next big project.

I bit the bullet and got 3 of the Bronekorpus tanks from Russia (1 tank, 2 AA). They're a bit smaller and cruder than rhinos or Chimeras but at $8 a pop they're good little buys for making civilian armored cars or APCs. One will go to the Eagle transporter I posted a few months back, the other two will be terrain.

The kits come with some nice bits, I didn't use the tank or AA turrets so I have those for future projects and they have a ton of guns.

The seller I bought from clipped everything off the sprue before shipping which was a welcome service.

My main complaint is that they are hollow on the bottom, easy enough to fix with plasticard, but I still have to do it...




The Bullock class armored car is a common sight throughout the Imperium, smaller and more lightly armed than a Rhino or Chimera it is also easier to build and maintain making it a useful vehicle for planetary defense forces, security forces, gangs and civilians crossing dangerous territory. In many cases the Admistratum encourages local forces to use it, knowing that the Bullock's lighter armor and weapons will make it easier to overcome rebellious forces if the need arises.


Bullock APC - 25 points
Armor 10/10/10 Tank.
Transports 6 models
Rear access point
Armed with a turret mounted heavy stubber.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/21 18:59:01

Post by: brushcommando

Really nice conversion work! I love the navy officer. He's got loads of character.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/22 11:44:48

Post by: Llamahead

Naval officer is excellent

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/22 16:48:27

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Just a quick shot of the 3 of them.

Funny how sometimes I buy a model and I'm all psyked when I buy it but then months drag on wtihout doing anything.

And with these crummy little $8 tanks I'm all over them.

Maybe I'll be more.

And then let months drag on without doing anything.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/22 17:18:38

Post by: Llamahead

With me it always seems that the more complex or intense the project the less inclination I actually have to do it. I also always procrastinate far more over the more expensive models

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/23 09:38:24

Post by: Ketara

Those Bronekorpus are nice and easy! Any chance of a scale shot with a chimera?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/23 17:05:50

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Hot from the forge!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/23 20:57:12

Post by: Eilif

Kid_Kyoto wrote:Just a quick shot of the 3 of them.

Funny how sometimes I buy a model and I'm all psyked when I buy it but then months drag on wtihout doing anything.

And with these crummy little $8 tanks I'm all over them.

Maybe I'll be more.

And then let months drag on without doing anything.

Really good work with those! I realize you said terrain, but It looks to me like you've got a pretty cool hellhound there.

Ketara wrote:Those Bronekorpus are nice and easy! Any chance of a scale shot with a chimera?

Not a Chimera, but in my initial review I did side and footprint comparisons with a Leman Russ

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/24 04:23:15

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 Ketara wrote:
Those Bronekorpus are nice and easy! Any chance of a scale shot with a chimera?

I'm on the road this week but I can say it's close, smaller and shorter but close.

The auction has this


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/24 06:50:39

Post by: evildrcheese

Cool stuff. I really like the Emperor kitbash.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/01/31 16:57:51

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

So you may have been wondering why one of the Bullock APCs was a bit under decorated.

And you might also be wondering what ever happened to that tank carrier I started months ago.

Maybe you see where this is going...

Yep, while I shyed away from using a $40 chimera model just for a tank carrier I have no qualms about using a $8 Bronekorpus.

Paint coming soon.

Also got another yamato model

I didn't notice till I was working on it that this one has Star Blazers packaging and English instructions. i wonder how old it is and why I never saw it back in the day. I would have killed for Star Blazers or Battle of the Planets branded toys!

The model itself ain't so good, way too many tiny little fins and antenas for my fat fingers. But ti will go nicely with the others in that fleet, I'm thinking Tau.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/02/02 17:26:49

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Quick update, first off the Space Fleet plastics are getting there.

The Yankee, the Kanto and the Yamato have got basic paint on them. Really happy with how the Yankee is coming along, we'll see if I can do a passable job on the stars.

Then there's the "Oh my God why" supply drop. A dozen or so figures from Moonraker/EM4, old Grenedier Copplestone figures. Great service from them BTW, for example I asked them to give me different arms on the big terminator guys (replacing gun arms with 2 sets of fists) and they just said sure. I've been buying off and on from them for ages and they're just fantastic.

Anyway they will join the 10 pounds of Colony 87, Copplestone, Hasslefree, Pig Iron, Lead Adventure, Reaper and Ramshakle models awaiting paint.

They're all part of what will be my next project after Space Fleet/Galactic Knights/Battlefleet Gothic ends (and that end is in sight). A dusty spaceport in the middle of no where filled with broken down shuttles and broken down pilots.

Coming... Ah who the @#$% knows, hopefully before leaving India.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/02/03 04:01:59

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

A page back you said you needed frigates. I humbly suggest these missiles with a healthy dose of DFC station bits.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/02/07 04:03:31

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Some success on ebay today, 6 more SF ships on their way!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/02/07 23:07:48

Post by: Eilif

Eagle one as a Tank carrier? Brilliant!

Nice selection of old Grenadier sculpts. The Scavenger figures were some of the first non-GW figs I painted. Really nice stuff.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/02/24 05:22:57

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Well this has been quiet for a while so let me put up some WIPs.

"Three Aphrodite Class mobile pleasure palaces travel are taken into custody by the Inquisition's Nemesis Class light cruisers following reports of abnormal social activities being practiced."

All need ink but are coming along nicely.

The space station is a kitbash, Pegasus pipes and Buck Rogers ships. As a civilian station it gets my second ugliest color scheme safety orange while the parked shuttle gets my ugliest color scheme - UPS brown and yellow.

An old Tyrant cruiser gets some modern bits (Drop Fleet space station) to make an Adeptus Arbites Punisher cruiser.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/02/26 18:39:10

Post by: kestral

I do like that Naval Dude! Awesome work mixing the Empire bits with Imperial stuff. That is my preference also.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/02/27 06:24:16

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 kestral wrote:
I do like that Naval Dude! Awesome work mixing the Empire bits with Imperial stuff. That is my preference also.

The scion great coat is a really nice bit, but it means there will be a lot of guys walking around with their coats unbuttoned and draped on their shoulders.

"But daddy, that's how everyone wears them at the Schola Progenium! It's the fashion!"

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/02/27 17:22:11

Post by: Llamahead

I blame that Creed setting a bad example......

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/03/01 15:37:21

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Some more works in progress.

Another twin carrier, plastic Space Fleet with DFC space station parts.

A double pylon carrier based on old concept art

And the start of a new Tau fleet using those Yamato ships I mentioned earlier.

I really can't tell you what a pleasure they were to build and paint.

Now to fill out the escorts with Silent Death plastics for the world's cheapest BFG force!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/03/03 03:14:52

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

The Yamato/Silent Death Tau fleet is coming along nicely.

Explorer Class ship with escorts.

The whole line up.

At 300 yen per cruiser and 2.50 UKP for 12 escort sized ships this is probably the cheapest fleet I can do. Almost makes up for the cost of the Space Fleet Imperials.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/03/03 03:17:40

Post by: Warboss_Waaazag

I can't believe you found unpainted spacefleet models.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/03/03 03:36:03

Post by: Kid_Kyoto


I keep finding one in blisters in ebay!

Just opened one last night with a 1 pound price tag on it.

I remember seeing them on clearance way way back in the day, considering how terrible the board game was (before the WD articles) it must have been a huge bomb.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/03/05 09:43:32

Post by: Kid_Kyoto


Inspiration (this ain't sexism, it's history!)

And together...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/03/05 11:28:17

Post by: Camkierhi

Fleet are looking brilliant. Nice collection. Love the posters. Crazy the stuff we have used to promote war.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/03/05 12:09:44

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Turnabout is fair play

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/03/05 17:08:31

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

I would like to begin by saying I am very, very sorry. Sometimes the spirit comes upon me and it will not be denied.

Did 20 propaganda posters today, will probably keep going.

[Thumb - MAGA 1.jpg]
[Thumb - MAGA 2.jpg]
[Thumb - MAGA 3.jpg]

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/03/05 17:55:36

Post by: KernelTerror

Ahahah nicely done !
Guilman does have the same haircut.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/03/06 07:59:27

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

A friend provided this rebuttle

[Thumb - 17022422_10155251442214574_875677801194662902_n.jpg]

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/03/14 17:39:30

Post by: kestral

Nice. I might find a bare stretch of wall for that last one somewhere in my city.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
I think I will cue up my space ships as my next project. Thanks for the inspiration!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/03/17 10:58:29

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Tired of always trying to recreate these searches so some possible future buys....

Guide to space ship minis

Space Dreadnought 3000

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/03/22 03:49:10

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Some more progress on the Power Ranger fleet.

Cruisers (yes I need 3 more to form a megazord)

And with color-coded escorts

Got a stupid number of additional Space Fleet ships, plus a stupid number of Galactic Knights ships, and I think I'm ready to call the Imperial fleet done. 80+ ships is enough no? No, wait, 120 if I count the Rogue Trader arm.

Though I would not object to getting some more plastic space fleet ships for conversion if anyone has them lying around.

So look for some more WIP and fleet shots soon.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/03/22 06:57:04

Post by: Miguelsan

Now I understand what astrophysics means with the wrinkles in space-time


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/03/28 09:25:36

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

I think I might be getting these...


6 for $30, I wonder how big they are?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/03/28 21:04:32

Post by: Llamahead

Not particularly big about BFG escort sized I'd guess.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/04/01 06:15:06

Post by: Camkierhi

They have a nice vibe about them and at that price who can argue.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/04/05 05:09:36

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Should have some new stuff to show off soon but for now I just dropped off some my most prized possessions for rebinding.

I did a little while back with my Necromunda rules


and loved the results. So now it's the Companion, the Compendium, Chapter Approved (!!)'s turn along with a coverless copy of BFG I got in an ebay sale and, most distressingly Star Quest.

Star Quest may in fact be the book I have owned the longest, I got in the late 70s as wee little one, it was one of those books where they took a bunch of sci-fi art from other projects and turned it into a story that sort of made sense maybe almost.

Some of the art from it is here:

I remember studying the pics and trying to copy them.


Of the 5 it was the only really falling apart, my copy is all dog-eared and ratty.

The RT books were actually all in good shape and I'm just doing this as a precaution and because I like the idea of classy leatherbound RT books on my shelf.

I was going to do Rogue Trader itself, but chickened out when I found a bunch of old notes and book marks stashed in my copy. Maybe next.

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(Sigh) just found out Star Quest is $6 on Amazon, rebinding costs $9.... A well, one from Amazon wouldn't be 'MY' copy.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/04/07 11:47:43

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Another search I'm tired of having to reconstruct...


(not Colonial Marines)

(not Blake's 7)

(you know damn well who they're not)

(useful civilians)

And another possible crew for my Yamatau fleet

Which reminds me, while there's lots of good Trekish figures out there does anyone make something like this?

Or this?

I guess it can be done with paint...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/04/22 13:48:14

Post by: Kid_Kyoto


From crass to...


From now on...

When I game...

I'm wearing a...

Velvet smoking jacket...

And monocle!

Really happy with how Star Quest came out. It's one of those mediocre 'let's throw a bunch of unrelated cool art together and make up a story that sort of kind of (not really) works' books that were popular in the 70s and 80s. However, as far as I can tell, it's the book I've owned the longest, I can remember spending hours studying the art and trying to copy it. The cover was holding on by threads but now it will live forever.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/04/22 14:58:04

Post by: Camkierhi

Really love the figures, all the "not"'s are awesome.

But those books are truly brilliant bud, just such a great idea. I now want a library. With a Leather Chair and a decanter of Brandy.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/04/22 18:16:45

Post by: JohnHwangDD

Ooh... that's really nice how you got them bound!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/04/22 19:42:38

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

One other small project, painted up a bunch of doors for my Spaceship Corridors.

Figure it will add a bit of color next time I break them out.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/05/02 04:01:16

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Yesterday I got my new tablet, my Dropfleet Commander Frigates AND 3 Dust airplanes to count as Thunderbolts.

Endorphin level...


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/05/02 05:51:44

Post by: evildrcheese


Loving the hard back bound rule booms.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/05/04 17:26:55

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Very happy tonight. Got the Dropfleet Commander frigates and they are just a glorious kit to assemble.

Simple design, a T shaped hull with 5 options that slip into the sides and then 2 choices of bridges/engines. 2 sprues/8 ships per box.

very well engineered too. Minimal filing needed.

Flipping over the bridge elements turned the antennas into towers nicely matching my beloved Space Fleet brand space fleet.

Best of all I managed to bash some of the last over bits into some smaller craft. It was so easy I can almost believe they were meant to do that!

So 8 ships + 4 kit bashes for $30, not bad.

Oh and something else to work on...

Darn mini market clearance sale, they were $12 a pop! I'm not made of stone!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/05/05 16:58:54

Post by: Llamahead

Got to admit Dropfleet Commander has me tempted. What are the rules like do you know?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/05/05 17:17:12

Post by: nedTCM

The game is pretty solid and fast paced. The game has 2 mini games to support the main game.

You start out with minigame one each turn, you pick battlegroups and push them an order hand and your opponent does the same. The order is how you plan to activate battlegroups that turn. Then you both draw a card, the lower strat rating get to chose who moves first. This is who the turn progresses.

The main game proceeds that way, moving battlegroups via orders which determine how you can shoot weapons or move. The game uses a sub hunting system where everyone has a scan range and a signature. There are also Z axis elements for ships to be closer or farther from the planet. Certain actions can reduce or increase that you can only shoot ships you can scan. The result is a very tactical decision focused game where you have to thing a few steps ahead. It is a high killing game, ships don't last long. A few lucky volleys can take out a cruiser one turn.

At the end of the turn you enter minigame 2, which is the asset minigame. Here you move your fighter/bomber/torpedoes and then your dropships. Drop ships put guys on objectives scoring you points. The ground assets can fight with each other to control sectors which can give buffs as well and can be bombarded from space buy ships.

The game is pretty fun! I am a big fan. There are still some balance points to work out, but it is pretty good so far. I kind of think ships die to easily though. Models look great as well.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/05/12 11:07:00

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 Llamahead wrote:
Got to admit Dropfleet Commander has me tempted. What are the rules like do you know?

I've been tempted and done some reading about... but for me they'll either end up an Adept Mech or SM fleet.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/05/20 14:03:09

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Some more progress on the YamaTAU fleet. Bandai Yamato 2199 models (plus Silent Death escorts). 3 of the ships are WIP, still need the temper the silver with some gunmetal and then add ink. Overall quite happy.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/06/26 15:57:04

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Getting back up to speed after vacation, some random stuff.

First off some new light cruisers from Vanguard, really happy with the modeling and the cast. May have to order more (MOAR!).

Making progress on my $12 Dust fliers (count as Thunderbolts if I ever get to use them)

Picked up some London Taxi toys to use as scatter terrain. I like the look I think it fits 40k as a small civilian transport. A bit small compared to my other civilian vehicles but should work.

And found a nice flatbed that can (almost) hold 8 models in the tray. Nice find in a Delhi toy shop.

More stuff coming soon... ish.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/07/23 16:21:25

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Poor neglected blog, poor neglected project backlog.

Picked up Dystopian Wars Ottomans for more BFG/Just for fun/Hell maybe I'll play DW someday.

So much mad orientalist goodness, domes, minerets spires, broadsides all on giant blimps!

I've never been to Turkey but to me this looks very Indian/Mogul (who were originally Persians anyway). Much more than DW's actual Indian faction.

They'll be a floatilla of fat treasure ships under the command of a decadent Rogue Trader dynasty.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/07/23 16:55:35

Post by: Malika2

Very curious to see what you'll be doing with the Panthera Heavy Frigates.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/07/23 17:04:11

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 Malika2 wrote:
Very curious to see what you'll be doing with the Panthera Heavy Frigates.

Not much at the moment, they're in the same WIP pile as a lot of other stuff, already eclipsed by newer, brighter lights...

I'm thinking of them for the Adeptus Mechanicus, while the Drop Fleet Commander stuff will become Space Marine ships.

The 'smoke stacks' tipped me to make them industrial ships.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/07/23 18:46:19

Post by: Malika2

I see them painted black and red...reminds me of the Flesh Tearers!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/07/24 05:29:39

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

It's actually gun metal + bad lighting.

Lots of recesses in the models, great for inking or highlighting.
I'm thinking a lot of black ink to make them darker than my navy ships.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/08/01 08:25:42

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Well, that was pretty depressing.

I got a sudden urge to paint some figures I got a year or two ago, just around the time I went all in with Space Fleet.

That meant not just opening the closet of shame but actually rooting through it...

Here is the current backlog, mostly acquired in the last year or two.

East Riding Corporate Wars assassins - 12
Frostgrave cultists - 40
Genestealer cultists - 20
Stormtrooper/scions - 20 + 2 Tauroxes
Dark heresy Cultists - 40
Dust Tactics planes - 3
Space Fleet - ?? lots?
Toy cars for terrain - ??? lots? More than 3
Ramshackle ~30 resin figures
Reaper Metal - Oh please don't make me count them...
Reaper Bones - not quite as bad
Void Japanese - 12
Hasslefree - oh no...
Cargo shuttle/landers - 3
Astropolis ~10
Colony 87 ~20
Mega minis ~30

And that does not count projects I can officially declare dead.

Time for a fire sale I think.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/08/12 19:41:16

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Mom and kids are away for the weekend so that means BLACKJACK AND HOOK-

I mean Battlestar Galactica and painting!

2 boxes of Dropfleet Commander UCM frigates become 16 Marine Strike Cruisers and 14 escorts. Such a great kit!

So the 3 turret version will be a Strike Cruiser with extra barrage cannon

And spare bits become either Novas or Firestorms (not sure which is better)

The carrier variant will be a Strike Cruiser with extra launch bays, while the ECM version will be Strike Cruisers with extra shields

Missile variant will be the Strike Cruiser with torpedoes, with the escorts becoming Hunters or Cobras (again not sure which will work better)

And finally the gun version is a 'normal' strike cruiser with the escorts being Gladus or Swords.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/08/12 23:09:19

Post by: Theophony

Your backlog makes me laugh....amateur .

I wish there was a BSG space game, but only 2 factions means it's not too probable. Though there was someone on Dakkadakka that was making ships and rules.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/08/22 09:04:26

Post by: Kid_Kyoto


7 Gothics and 5 Eldar ships!

I regret nothing!

[Thumb - s-l1600.jpg]
[Thumb - s-l5001.jpg]

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/08/22 10:38:43

Post by: Viktor von Domm

Hey matey, any word from the snail post?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/08/29 16:57:30

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

And some more progress.

Build two of Hawk Wargame's UCM cruisers, another great kit. Build the lower one straight (but added a mast), and the upper one upside down. They'll be Battle Barges in the Space Marine fleet.

Not as many useful leftover bits in this kit but these two cargo pods (meant for the troop ship variant) make for nice space stations.

Sigh, yes, more Space Fleet.

And some progress on the tank transport! With sawhorses and Jersey barriers from Proxie Miniatures (good stuff, recommend them).

Oh and a Reaper bishop. I can't remember why I got him but I'm sure at the time I NEEDED that figure.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/08/29 17:29:07

Post by: shasolenzabi

Fleet is looking good, and that eagle transport is a BIG.

I am sure he was to be a preacher for your troops to be encouraged by to fight the xenos and heretics

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/10/01 06:53:07

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

The closure of Spartan led to some panic buying on my part.

A British helicarrier became a mobile oppression palace for the Ecclesicarch.

The fleet got a new grand admiral.

And I got some new space stations. The middle one is awesome but just a nightmare to build. Lexan, resin AND metal and NO INSTRUCTIONS.

I still have some loose bits of metal I have no idea where they were supposed to go.

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Big mess of Japanese ships WIP now.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/10/02 04:32:07

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

And some transports/escorts

My current thinking is just to have them sit on the mat flat, no flying base.

But for the escorts I might stack them bottom to top to create a more 3d ship.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/10/03 17:27:16

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

The ESS Santicus Patrician is an ancient vessel of unknown lineage, modified and expanded many times over its long life until its swollen hull corresponds too no known class or type. The personal vessel of High Confessor Guaridano, it travels the sub sector seemingly at random arriving in Imperial systems without warning. Soon the four steeples begin broadcasting on all frequencies, overpowering ordinary vox traffic and proclaiming the good news of the High Confessor's arrival. The Patrician then takes up orbital station and shuttles filled with preachers, confessors, witch hunters and missionaries land to assess the state of the world's faith. Inevitably the shuttles soon take flight again, now filled with penitents pleading to confess their sins.

(Dystopian Wars Britannia helicarrier, rules-wise probably just a superheavy transport)

The source of the Al Impuror clan's wealth is a cluster of systems outside of Imperial rule whcih they gained the monopolistic charter to generations ago. Each year the fleet of fat treasure galleons sets out from the port of Bingham on a secretive route to these uncharted systems. Months later they return their hulls heavy with the wealth of a dozen worlds.

The flagship, Nai Dilli's unique double hull puzzles naval engineers who are not sure if it was the original design of the ship or a jerry-rigged mating of two treasure galleons. Had it been properly maintained the Nai Dilli might indeed be one of the most powerful fighting ships in the sector, but over the generations gun decks have been turned into banquet halls, torpedo bays into treasure vaults and, most scandalously, the lance turrets converted to instead project a planet-sized holo display in honor of the then-Patriarch's wedding. Today it would be hard-pressed to defend itself from even a moderately-aggressive attacker. Fortunately the captains of the other galleons have kept their vessels in fighting shape.

(Rogue Trader fleet, the big ship is another super heavy transport)

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/10/03 18:25:57

Post by: KernelTerror

Wow, the ESS Santicus Patrician is gorgeous, well done !

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/10/03 18:37:26

Post by: kestral

Great stuff. I'll have to do the ottoman to battllefleet gothic conversion some day. Love the Ecclesiarchy ship's overall shape and outline - fits very well. The heavy lifter shuttle is great too, though I feel the control cabin should be mounted lower down.

I really like the idea behind Drop Fleet/Drop Zone, but not enough to force someone to play it with me, though if somebody took it up in the area I'd certainly jump in.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/10/04 09:18:01

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 kestral wrote:
Great stuff. I'll have to do the ottoman to battllefleet gothic conversion some day. Love the Ecclesiarchy ship's overall shape and outline - fits very well. The heavy lifter shuttle is great too, though I feel the control cabin should be mounted lower down.

I really like the idea behind Drop Fleet/Drop Zone, but not enough to force someone to play it with me, though if somebody took it up in the area I'd certainly jump in.

Thanks more painting to do of course, just tried out my new fine point sharpies for the portholes. Have to find a transfer for that big white space on the hull.

For the tank transporter I was trying to break up the familiar shape of Eagle 1 with the horse head type cockpit and the aggressively ugly UPS paint scheme. Still not happy with it, a ton of black ink might finish the job making it look like a worn out orbital shuttle.

Automatically Appended Next Post:

Seemed like a good idea

Fit together nicely

But now I'm not so sure...


I could always just green stuff a slightly convex bottom and put them on flying bases but I really liked the idea of having the only ship in BFG that could shoot up and down!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/10/21 03:57:19

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

So I got some (well lots) of plastic Space Fleet ships from ebay, more than my Space Fleet brand Space Fleet would ever need.

What to do... what to do...

The first 5 of 9 CSM ships!

Marque of Mutation

Count of Corruption

Prince of Pleasure

Admiral of Anger

Warmaster of Wisdom

4 to go... willI be able to create enough alliteration? Only time will tell.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/10/21 09:11:15

Post by: Perkustin

Love the chaos ships, super spooky, it's lucky there's no sound in space as i'd imagine those mega-chainsaws would be ultra loud. May i ask if their painting is finished? From the photos it looks like there's still some bare plastic. Also the Admiral of Anger reminds me of one of the fat future humans on the hover couches from Wall-E.

Really like the Santicus Patrician, very cool.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/10/21 09:34:57

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

The old Space Fleet ships were red and blue plastic so the painting hasn't even started yet.

Finishing off the last 4 today then priming.

Maybe I should do a Fallen Angel ship too?

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Finished the Nasty Nine today.

Black Legion

Alpha Legion

Word Bearers

Emperors Children

Death Guard (added pus pods under the main hull)

Iron Warriors

World Eaters (replaced the prow chainsaw with a big gun)

Thousand Sons (added a mystic crystal as a centerpiece)

And the other guys (my least favorite but it does the job)

Still have 2 or 3 ships left (plus a pile of plastic Eldar) so why not...

Battle sisters

Someone's gonna have a bad day...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/10/28 05:18:28

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Happy to report progress on the Nasty Nine (+one nice)

The Friar of Faith

Admiral of Anger

Marque of Magic

Lion of Loyalty

Duke of Darkness

Prince of Pleasure

Regent of Rot

Sultan of Steel

Count of Chaos


Sister of Sanctity

Needs touching up, ink and details but they're coming along nicely.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/10/28 06:32:36

Post by: Camkierhi

Coming along brilliant bud. You have been busy. Really great colours and distinct differences.

Going to have to be careful when you touch up the Sister mind you.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/10/30 01:14:30

Post by: Jehan-reznor

Cutting up those space fleet ships Heresy!!
Lots of nice new ships, when are you coming my way again for our next game

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/10/30 05:06:20

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

I'm afraid I'm not going to Japan for this Christmas, but should be there next summer.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/11/05 17:37:24

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Some more progress on my ever-expanding fleets.

I picked up some more delightful Dystopian Wars models but these were naval ships with flat bottoms.

I love the locomotive look and the uncompromising battering ram lines, and that they're the size of my Emperor Capitol Ships.

I could be lazy and just mount them on flying bases and call it a day.


The initial experiment was not great, the green stuffing was rough but the keel looked OK.

Adding some spheres from the Buck Rogers toys I got last year helped a lot, nothing says science fiction like pointless round things.

Which reminds me, orbital defenses.

The Blazing Sun (Japan) battleship got some extra keels and looks pretty decent.

The British battleship needs some statues to cover up the smoke stacks but is otherwise looking decent too.

Painting soon I hope.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/12/08 04:01:22

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Some more links to save for later

Possible Chaos space station or orbital defense


Some possible transports (6mm scale)


But first I need to finish the Skullscorts, or Eskulls, or maybe Skobras... Name to come.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/12/13 03:12:47

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Another search to save for later


Steampunk airships and some useful conversion bitz.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/12/14 00:59:40

Post by: kestral

The Chaos fleet is looking great, though I feel chaos calls for MOAR INK. Great choices from Dystopian wars line there - the Blazing sun ship is indeed the pick of the litter. I'm not sure about the curved bottoms, especially given how hard it is to get greenstuff to cooperate at that scale. I always loved the downward jutting stuff look myself. Where are the little plastic spheres for orbital defense and such from?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/12/14 04:25:15

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

I have an old post on the round things, it's still my best buy in years.

A crazy junk store called American Science and Surplus has (among a million other crazy things) left over pieces from the TSR Buck Rogers board game. The one from the 80s. They still say Make in Hong Kong!

And you get, I am not kidding, 140 of them for $3.50. Which sounds like a lot till you realize you can get 960 fighters for $4.


Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/12/18 08:22:24

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

This Christmas' big stupid project is taking shape...


It's funny, Kyoto Secunda and her Clone Sister Kyoto Secunda Prime got a Barbie dollhouse for Christmas and promptly made a game involving My Little Pony, Wonder Woman and whomever else coming to visit Barbie and having a party.

Which is basically what I'd doing for my fleets.

Warhammer Dreamhouse

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/12/24 09:33:47

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

The big stupid project has begun!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/12/25 19:59:47

Post by: KernelTerror

Excellent, these docks will look amazing.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/12/26 07:37:58

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

And saving another search, in case I need Space Pirate crew


Automatically Appended Next Post:
And it looks like the modeling portion is complete!

The Imperium of Man's Starfort Kappa-45!

I should be able to prime it tomorrow and start painting.

Meanwhile in the warp... the Nasty Nine are about to meet the Sacrilegious Seventeen... (and the Fatal Four)

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/12/26 18:07:27

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

Did the Buck Rogers minis work with plastic glue? And what are those Eldarish looking pteranodon ships?

Your fleets are truly inspiring. I love seeing your conversions. The new station looks massive.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/12/26 23:50:06

Post by: Meer_Cat

Great work going on here, Kid!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/12/27 02:20:30

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

The Buck Rogers stuff takes superglue but not plastic cement, it's that waxy sort of green army men plastic. PVC maybe? But the superglue works.

The Dragon looking ships are epic Doom Wings and Fire Lords with some skull encrusted Space Fleet Cobras too

Thanks for the good words!

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/12/27 03:54:18

Post by: ingtaer

Good stuff! Nice to see the old epic Tzeentch flyers and that is one damn big station you have there. Do you have any pics of all your stuff together?

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/12/27 06:14:00

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 ingtaer wrote:
Good stuff! Nice to see the old epic Tzeentch flyers and that is one damn big station you have there. Do you have any pics of all your stuff together?

Group photos is on my list for this family free week

As for the fliers, they'll count as Idolator escorts and Fanatic light cruisers to flesh out the fleet. The Skull Cobras (Skobras) as Iconoclast gunboats. I've been thinking about fluff:

"Gadzooks!" Abaddon D. Spoiler ejaculated loudly, the force of his oath peeling the paint from the bulwark wall. A team of slaves hurried to touch it up.
"Defeated again!" He drew his cursed daemon sword H'rdt'sp'll and hacked at the walls in rage. Kharn D. Betrayer looked on in admiration.
"Why can't I do anything right!" He wailed, much like a little girl.
"The problem m'lord" said Space Death Master DoomCannon FireBlood (formerly known as Grand Admiral Wesslick Morningstar before his defection in M38, Y643) "is escorts." He concluded.
"Escorts! Bah!" Abaddon spat, the acid in his saliva eating a small hole in the porthole's armorglass. A team of slaves rushed to patch it as Kharn D. Betrayer looked on in admiration. "Those little dinky ships?! I spit on them!" He ejaculated loudly, slaves rushed to patch the floor as his spit ate through the armored deck. "I want BIG SHIPS! The Bigger the Better! Did I ever tell you about my space ship the Planet-Blower-Upper?"
"M'lord" DoomCannon began with the infinite patience only a man who's spent 2000 years having the same conversation can muster, "escorts are essential to intercept enemy vessels so that they cannot take station behind us and destroy our engines, as happened the last 12 times."
"Begorah!" Abaddon ejaculated loudly, the force of his oath killing several slaves who had been patching the deck. Kharn D. Betrayer looked on in admiration. "Why don't we just shoot them with the rear guns?"
"We uh, don't have rear guns." DoomCannon confessed. "You'll have to ask Andy Chambers about that."
"Blimey!" Abaddon ejaculated loudly spearing a slave with his cursed daemon sword H'rdt'sp'll while dicing another slave with his lightning claws.
"The point being sir, we need escort ships if the Nasty Nine are ever to triumph over the hated foes of the Imperial Navy."
"Strewth!" Abaddon ejaculated loudly firing several mass-reactive explosive rounds into the slaves patching the damaged porthole. Kharn D. Betrayer looked on in admiration. "Fine! Go get some!"
"M'lord escorts are smaller than cruisers yes but they're still complex star ships we can't just pull them out of the ether."
"Crikey! How will we ever defeat the... Wait, say that part again."
"Well sir they may be smaller but they still need plasma reactors, geller fields and-"
"No, no, no, the other part."
"Pull them out of the ether?"
"Yes! Summon Arhiman and those guys with the hats!"
"Who? The sorcerers?"
"Yes! Them, the hat guys!" Abaddon D. Spoiler drew forth the Sacred Credit Card of Penultimate DeathDoom, "Prepare the Rite of Ee'Bhai!" he ejaculated loudly.

"Well that was easy." Abaddon ejaculated softly.
Kharn nodded in approval. "Skobras" he said looking over the ships decorated with Gibraltar-sized skulls.
"There's no way that should have wor-" DoomCannon began.
At just that very moment the weakened and unrepaired deck and porthole gave away blasting them all into the cold depths of space.

The End

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/12/27 06:31:58

Post by: ingtaer

Now, now Kid you know you arnt allowed to plagiarize official fluff and pass it off as your own.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/12/27 17:32:57

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

 ingtaer wrote:
Now, now Kid you know you arnt allowed to plagiarize official fluff and pass it off as your own.

One nice thing about getting some old chaos models is being reminded how crazy things were.

When I did the Nasty Nine I thought I was being way too crazy what with the mile long chainsaws and everything, but now that I've seen these I realize that I wasn't nearly way too crazy enough.

Someone's getting a battleship!

Oh and for ####'s sake! I must have had dozens of those damn Raven Wing feather things at one point or another and NOW that I think of a use for them...

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/12/28 17:56:39

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

++This is the Imperial Cruiser ISS Dahe, identify your self immediately++
++Dahe, this is the ESS Sister of Sanctity, transmitting codes now++
++Sister of Sanctity your codes are verified, good to have some company out here, we're looking for a missing convoy++
++Um Sanctity, we're getting a lot of readings, those aren't Eccleciasticy ships by any chance?++
++Negative Dahe, I don't suppose those are Imperial Navy reinforcements?++
++I think we have a problem++

The Nasty Nine and the Sacrilegious Seventeen got their photo op tonight...

(some more paint and a gallon of ink still needed)

The Imperium also intercepted broadcasts about something called the Terrible Tenth...

But the handful of blurry picts were quickly rejected as a hoax since there's no way something that that could fly, much less fight.

Meanwhile in the ship yards, the Grand High Arch Shipwright started getting creative.

Farewell to Empire-Imperial Navy Pg 29 @ 2017/12/29 17:49:11

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

Have you seen the Star Trek Ascendancy escalation packs?


The Romulan pack has warbirds roughly in scale with BFG. The Federation pack, Galaxy Class ships roughly in scale with DFC, etc. Each set comes with 15 ships and 5 starbases, great for adding detail to larger stations maybe.