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Dakka's Online Model Painter

Want to add a model to our model painter section, or want to add more models for anyone to paint, or just want to play around? You are in the right place...

First, please enter the direct URL of the image. Images must be hosted on dakka to work, ideally in our gallery. Dont forget the http:// bit either. If you try and use an image from somewhere other than dakka, it will fail to work on most people's computers.

We recommend you use an image that is no more than 700 pixels high, and is already cropped to focus on the subject with a plain white background. You can of course use images of any height, width and style, but it will be less useful for people with smaller screen resolutions or colour schemes which contrast with the image background. The bigger the image, the slower the painting program will be, so try not to go crazy with image and model size.

You should avoid images that have a lot of black paint on them as black (and very dark colourschemes) masks the detail and does not allow our software to work very well. Have a play around anyway and you'll see what we mean. We also recommend avoiding heavy metallic models (so go with ceramic style necrons instead of metal necrons as a base model for example).

Our army painter is very much a work in progress and we'll be adding to it as and when we get the time to sit down and figure out the algorithms to make it even better! Changes to our painter will automatically be applied to your models, so any models you make will only be more useful as time goes on.

Finally, do not use your browser's back, forwards or refresh buttons during this process or you will lose all of your work. Nothing is actually saved until the final step when you click 'done'.

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