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Baal and the Indomitus Crusade
At: 2018/07/18 01:33:35
By: godardc [Latest Reply]
50 Lots
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View the most popular recent threads as voted for by users with the 'Exalt' button. Click 'Exalt' on cool threads to push them up this list.
New Plastic Unit Release: Epirian Secdef!
At: 2018/07/11 21:02:24
By: insaniak [Latest Reply]
50 Lots
 General Discussion
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This is a forum for all new members. Please post an introduction and tell us about yourself here along with any questions about how the board works.
Hello All!
At: 2018/07/17 20:58:06
By: Knightley [Latest Reply]
14614 139180
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Discuss news and rumors about the world of miniature war gaming.
First Expansions for Star Wars Legions
At: 2018/07/18 01:28:29
By: Bossk_Hogg [Latest Reply]
12786 972748
[New Folder]
Tournament announcements/discussions for any type of game, including the rules/guidelines for running a wargaming tournament.
ATC Drama
At: 2018/07/18 01:26:38
By: techsoldaten [Latest Reply]
4460 90718
[New Folder]
Discuss anything related to miniature games not covered in other forums (Note: 40K and WHFB Discussion does NOT belong here)
Beloved BL author calls GW fanbase "mewling man-children"
At: 2018/07/18 01:30:30
By: techsoldaten [Latest Reply]
12627 459365
[New Folder]
Buy, Sell, & Trade your miniatures and games.
Transaction Report: lordphade
At: 2018/07/17 20:13:19
By: GodofNipple [Latest Reply]
52349 177083
[New Folder]
Announce local stores/clubs and post your requests for local games. Also the place to run local campaigns.
St Albans UK [Hertfordshire]
At: 2018/07/16 12:22:56
By: Rybrook [Latest Reply]
6257 37519
This forum is for discussion about specific Dakka articles and it also gives you an easy place to announce article updates. There is a thread here for every article that we have.
Article Discussion: Panic's Nurgle CSM
At: 2018/06/27 06:50:48
By: cwhip [Latest Reply]
3820 11580
 Painting & Modeling
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General questions, discussion & showcase involving all things painting, modeling & photography.
The Hobby Motivation Club
At: 2018/07/18 01:08:25
By: SkylarkR6 [Latest Reply]
63872 608537
[New Folder]
Share pictures of your FINISHED models for feedback and praise (painted & based miniatures only please).
Kayvaan Shrike conversion
At: 2018/07/17 23:32:24
By: LutherMax [Latest Reply]
17745 190023
[New Folder]
Painting & modeling threads that are regularly updated with work in progress pictures.
Theo's I'm back (page 23 getting in gear with Gaslands)
At: 2018/07/17 23:10:51
By: Theophony [Latest Reply]
10622 681965
[New Folder]
A place for tutorials showing different painting and modeling techniques and ideas. Share any techniques you have picked up over the years but please include pictures.
Truescale Terminator tutorial
At: 2018/07/15 15:57:40
By: Andykp [Latest Reply]
2325 22188
 Maelstrom's Edge
[New Folder]
This forum is dedicated to the discussion of the Maelstrom's Edge 28mm Sci-Fi Game and Universe
Modeling Spotlight: 120-point Epirian SecDef Force
At: 2018/07/17 06:00:57
By: Sgt. Oddball [Latest Reply]
200 1992
 Warhammer 40,000
[New Folder]
Post and review 40K army lists
[2000] - Space Marines - Noob list
At: 2018/07/18 00:47:31
By: footfoe [Latest Reply]
91094 615562
[New Folder]
Want to discuss 40k rules interpretations? This is the place. Caution: Can get heated, but also can be informative.
Are Tyranid Shrikes still legal in 8th?
At: 2018/07/17 23:22:02
By: Elbows [Latest Reply]
44537 635180
[New Folder]
Want to discuss how a current 40K rule could be improved? Also the place to discuss 40K rules of your own and GW experimental 40K rules.
General Marine fixes
At: 2018/07/18 00:22:28
By: pique311 [Latest Reply]
9178 171909
[New Folder]
Let everyone know how cool your last game of 40K was! Post your report here with all the glorious details.
Nurgle/DG vs Imperial Fists - 2k ITC Format - Fist of the Emperor! (FINISHED)
At: 2018/07/17 23:29:15
By: Zid [Latest Reply]
8638 97662
[New Folder]
Know the best way to stop that unbeatable 40K army? Post it here and share the knowledge.
Helverin: thoughts and tactics
At: 2018/07/18 01:05:08
By: Salt donkey [Latest Reply]
34135 725153
[New Folder]
Debate and discuss the rich background of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.
Baal and the Indomitus Crusade
At: 2018/07/18 01:33:35
By: godardc [Latest Reply]
13103 398315
[New Folder]
The place to discuss anything about 40K that doesn't fit into any of the other forums.
Index vs Codex
At: 2018/07/18 01:32:16
By: JNAProductions [Latest Reply]
48396 1144899
[New Folder]
Army lists, tactics & rules discussion for Forgeworld's Horus Heresy rules. For Heresy background discussion, please use the 40k Background subforum.
At: 2018/07/17 13:04:08
By: djones520 [Latest Reply]
1946 21102
 Warhammer: Age of Sigmar
[New Folder]
For discussion of the setting, characters, and story lines for Age of Sigmar plus anything not covered by the other AoS forums.
SIGMAR New Edition new armies - you starting one?
At: 2018/07/18 00:17:39
By: Hulksmash [Latest Reply]
7387 110583
[New Folder]
Let everyone know how cool your last game of Age of Sigmar was! Post your report here with all the glorious details.
The Sons of Breton! - AoS2.0 Stormcast Eternals Vs Nighthaunt (GT Final Practice Games)
At: 2018/07/17 18:25:36
By: Farseer_V2 [Latest Reply]
1173 7856
[New Folder]
The place to discuss Age of Sigmar warscrolls, tactics, and rules interpretations. Share your knowledge and experience here!
2018 ATC winner beastclaw raiders
At: 2018/07/18 00:33:53
By: Snoopdeville3 [Latest Reply]
9518 67134
 More Games Workshop Miniature Games
[New Folder]
GW standalone board games, plus all old specialist GW games, such as Necromunda, Blood Bowl & Epic 40k.
BB - Multiple Block?
At: 2018/07/18 00:09:32
By: feeder [Latest Reply]
2494 23189
[New Folder]
The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and War of the Ring games
What's the "standard" army size for LotR SBG games these days?
At: 2018/07/16 16:52:50
By: Tyr13 [Latest Reply]
1194 11047
[New Folder]
Discussion related to the legacy Warhammer Fantasy Battle rules, including 9th Age.
Ridge Trolls Kickstarter
At: 2018/07/17 15:04:16
By: Nurglitch [Latest Reply]
10386 111221
 More Sci-Fi Miniature Games
[New Folder]
The high-stakes futuristic miniature skirmish game by Corvus Belli
Starting infinity (Nomads Bakunin)
At: 2018/07/17 18:16:02
By: brochtree [Latest Reply]
2156 32438
[New Folder]
Star Wars X-Wing, Armada & Imperial Assault Discussion.
X wing second edition
At: 2018/07/18 00:21:32
By: ingtaer [Latest Reply]
1779 22447
[New Folder]
Spartan's Halo, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Deadzone, Dropzone Commander, etc. Any Sci-Fi miniature game not covered by another forum.
Robotech and/or Macross gaming
At: 2018/07/17 23:11:10
By: Stormonu [Latest Reply]
1726 70107
 Other Miniature Games
[New Folder]
Ancients, Napoleonics, Perry, etc. Discussion of historical miniature games set before World War 1.
Review: Outremer: Faith and Blood- Osprey Games
At: 2018/07/17 19:49:49
By: amazingturtles [Latest Reply]
778 5671
[New Folder]
Bolt Action, Flames of War, etc. Discussion of historical miniature games from World War 1 to the present (and near future).
Blood Red Skies: Battle Of Britain.
At: 2018/07/12 01:00:49
By: Eumerin [Latest Reply]
3812 33377
[New Folder]
Dedicated to conversations about steam powered & monstrous miniature combat. Discuss it like you've got a pair!
Retribution CID
At: 2018/07/11 18:17:48
By: malfred [Latest Reply]
7468 70916
[New Folder]
A game of mass combat between mighty armies in a fantasy world torn apart by epic conflict and legendary battles.
Basing Question
At: 2018/07/17 11:56:17
By: Taaloc [Latest Reply]
841 25698
[New Folder]
Dark Age, Dystopian Wars, Frostgrave, Malifaux, Wild West Exodus, etc. Any miniature-based game not covered by another forum, including alternate history games.
World War Tesla [3d Printed]
At: 2018/07/17 21:46:30
By: Ctaylor [Latest Reply]
2102 43438
 Official Games Forums
[New Folder]
The official forum for Gangfight Games, makers of Blackwater Gulch.
Mechadrome 2.0
At: 2018/07/14 06:48:59
By: insaniak [Latest Reply]
162 2426
 More Dakka
[New Folder]
From Talisman to Magic The Gathering via Settlers of Catan and DnD. All board game, RPGs and card games can be discussed here.
Utherwald Press News Thread
At: 2018/07/16 07:52:23
By: stormwell [Latest Reply]
2233 51271
[New Folder]
Review the latest games, talk strategy and schedule online sessions with fellow Dakka fans.
Feed The Beast Revelation Server (Minecraft)
At: 2018/07/18 01:32:13
By: Inquisitor Lord Bane [Latest Reply]
5190 204565
[New Folder]
This forum is a place where you can share your developing games with a large community and receive feedback on rule, background and other decisions you have made. It is also suited for general discussion of production sources, ideas, etc.
What Elements Make a Good Dungeon Crawl Game?
At: 2018/07/17 22:25:28
By: JohnHwangDD [Latest Reply]
205 3986
[New Folder]
Learn more about other wargamers and see how your interests and hobby life compare to others. No hot-button topics (religion, politics, etc.) please!
What 28mm Base Style Do You Like Most?
At: 2018/07/17 13:13:19
By: ValentineGames [Latest Reply]
180 22835
[New Folder]
This section is for fiction (aka Fluff) about battles, army backgrounds, short stories, etc.
The Long Fall of Vost Dhann
At: 2018/07/17 21:54:19
By: theCrowe [Latest Reply]
2507 52874
[New Folder]
A forum dedicated to games and fiction created by the collaboration of many users' posts.
The Word Association Game.
At: 2018/07/17 22:24:23
By: ChargerIIC [Latest Reply]
817 385780
[New Folder]
Movies, TV, music, comics, novels, etc. If its media that appeals to geeks, this is the place to discuss it.
Rogue Trooper Movie Incoming
At: 2018/07/17 22:48:00
By: ChargerIIC [Latest Reply]
797 67088
[New Folder]
Go wild with topics not covered by any of our other forums. WARNING: discussion in this forum gets quite heated, however, be advised that site rules do still apply.
US Politics
At: 2018/07/18 01:30:49
By: BaronIveagh [Latest Reply]
18468 951564
[New Folder]
Want to make a suggestion about the site? Having a technical issue? Post it here.
Keep getting logged out.
At: 2018/07/17 09:56:10
By: General Kroll [Latest Reply]
2771 20627
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