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Mechadrome News @ 2014/05/29 14:56:48

Post by: Necros

The new Mechadrome Kickstarter is live now!

In this new revised campaign we will be focusing on getting the game up and running with a full color rulebook, and starting out with the Terran mechs. Here is the URL for the campaign page:


Head on over to learn more about the game and see what we're offering, and pledge your support! You can also visit our website at Mechadrome.com to for more info and to download the free playtest rules.

Thanks for checking us out!

Mechadrome News @ 2014/05/29 16:27:10

Post by: RiTides

I put a note on the preview page regarding the add-on packs. I didn't see any info on shipping on that page, though- the info you added here regarding shipping is very helpful, so that should definitely be on the main page somewhere.

I obviously like that you're offering free shipping on orders over $100 in the US, and the $10 international shipping credit is good because it is equivalent to the US shipping. However, I've seen that folks really want to know what it will cost to ship internationally, or at least an estimate. So, getting that ready before launching is a good idea, too.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/05/29 16:35:32

Post by: Necros

Yep I'll have a little chart or list showing some expected shipping costs. I should be able to squeeze 3 mechs into a USPS small flat rate shipping box. The rulebook won't fit in them though. But that would cost something like $13 to ship to the UK, larger boxes will be in the $20-30 range though I think. I wish they didn't have to make shipping so expensive :(

Mechadrome News @ 2014/05/29 17:43:46

Post by: RiTides

I would highly suggest not using flat rate shipping boxes for your international rewards. The price on them skyrocketed, and a small flat rate shipping box is $24.75 to the UK. To test various prices on the flat rate boxes, you can go to this website and click "Calculate Prices":


It's insane. However, first class international shipping is much more reasonable. I would highly recommend using first class shipping, instead. Since the price hike, I have switched to solely first class for international shipping, and have not had any issues whatsoever.

I also PM'ed you a question, just FYI

Mechadrome News @ 2014/05/29 18:16:31

Post by: Necros

Hmm .. when I was checking it said something like $12.70.. guess it was old info. I'll have to use standard boxes then, they should even cheaper for domestic shipping since resin mechs are light

Mechadrome News @ 2014/05/29 18:26:19

Post by: RiTides

Exactly, no point paying for a box that could weigh up to 4 pounds when you're shipping resin!

Mechadrome News @ 2014/05/29 18:45:18

Post by: JP1138

You can't keep a good Mech down! The Terran Titans are back and this time it's personal. Bigger, badder and with more weaponry, Monday Night Mecha just took a power punch to the metal-encased ribs.

I'll be in for $150!

Mechadrome News @ 2014/05/30 01:42:32

Post by: Necros

I did lots of price calculating on usps.com for places like the UK, China, Brazil and Australia, pretty much the same price everywhere except Canada which is cheaper. I think I'm just going to make it a max rate for all... $20 shipping to the UK for any pledge amount, and $15 to canada. That's an estimated price, in some cases it may be cheaper when you do the pledge manager check out, like if you're just getting a rulebook and that's all.

So I guess I will have to do that with a coupon code... if you do the pledge manager check out and you shipping ends up higher, you can apply the code and get your discount. But the discount will only apply to first class mail, if you want something like express mail then you have the pay the full price .. that will be like $80 so I don't think anyone's going to do that... but the option will still be there

Mechadrome News @ 2014/05/30 02:34:17

Post by: highlord tamburlaine

You gotta post those scale shots up again!

Those were awesome!

Wife has been busting my chops about too many figures, too many games, too many books... thankfully I never heard her mention too many mechs.

I'm in for one at the very least.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/05/30 03:18:23

Post by: Necros

Added the scale shots I had to photoshop the 2 different old photos together, but it should do for now. Once I get the master samples for the medium mech I can take a new pic.

And you can never have enough mechs

Mechadrome News @ 2014/05/30 03:56:27

Post by: RiTides

That shipping plan sounds like a good one, Necros, and if you apply the $10 shipping credit for international backers who pledge $100 it looks pretty generous for all. Just make sure you've covered your costs! But using first class mail definitely makes it so much more affordable.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/05/30 04:16:43

Post by: Necros

No shipping credit, just the max charge now. I was thinking, if shipping would cost around $20 for orders under $100, and $30 for orders over $100, then the $10 credit just makes it $20 no matter what. So rather than all the adding and subtracting I figured it would be easier to offer a "$20 max shipping" coupon code to the international backers.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/05/30 13:27:36

Post by: bbb

Looks cool! Will you be including the Proxie Models items this time around too?

Mechadrome News @ 2014/05/30 13:57:02

Post by: Necros

Right now I'll just be using Proxie's bases, but I think that's gonna be it for now. I mostly wanted to use their ruined buildings and stuff for the 15mm game at first, but they don't make a 28mm version. They have some bigger buildings but I want everything to have a "ruined" look

Once things get up and running I'm hoping to do the 15mm scale models in a more traditional squad based wargame.. same universe, just not a gladiator arena sport and more of a war theme. So that will be perfect for ruined buildings and other stuff... but that is probably a long ways off right now, I want to focus on 1 game at a time

Mechadrome News @ 2014/05/31 14:11:18

Post by: Necros

Looks like the campaign page was accepted already I'm going to hold off on launching it till tomorrow (Sunday) night. I have all of the menus done now, just have to finish the payload images then we'll be all set

Mechadrome News @ 2014/05/31 21:54:21

Post by: Barzam

I'll probably be in for a single mech. If we go in for just a single kit, will we be able to choose the arm/equipment loadouts, or is it just what's available in the pre-selected loadouts?

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/01 13:52:56

Post by: Necros

Yes you can do custom payloads I thought it would be easier for most folks to just pick the pilots they want. But what I was going to do, in the pledge manager I'll have it set up where you can select the weapons you want with dropdown menus, kind of like the way you would select a tshirt size or color from online stores.

Planning to hit the launch button tonight after Game of Thrones But I guess technically tomorrow will be the first day, I don't think any news sites will be posting the links till then anyway.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/01 22:41:56

Post by: RiTides

Sounds good to me! I know you have a few freebies listed, just be conservative with them and make sure this covers your costs. Will be putting in a pledge for two sets of 3 mediums (6 total).

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 02:19:14

Post by: Necros

And we're live!


Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 02:23:40

Post by: Cyporiean

Good Timing, Amazon Payments is down.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 02:24:43

Post by: Necros

It's working for someone, I got a dollar so far :p

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 02:26:09

Post by: Cyporiean

Hmmm... now I can't even get Kickstarter to load.

Edit: There we go.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 02:31:57

Post by: djphranq

I'm totally going to support this... the mechs look plenty wicked gnarly awesome... Just have to do some calculations and forecasting to see if I'll be able to allocate funds to this by the time the funding date comes around.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 02:32:05

Post by: Necros


Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 03:03:50

Post by: highlord tamburlaine

Well, I wasn't the first, but I least got to be in the first 5 backers!

Time to go collapse in a heap in a corner after being stuck in the sun all day with the kids at Disneyland.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 04:18:36

Post by: RiTides

I'm definitely in!

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 04:40:31

Post by: Barzam

Alright, I think I'm backer #10. not bad. I'll be wanting a drill-bot, please.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 08:56:56

Post by: JP1138

and backed!

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 11:55:47

Post by: Necros

Thanks folks Off to a great start so far!

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 12:49:55

Post by: djphranq

Is amazon payments fixed? What was the issue? I'm looking to pledge today. or tomorrow... or soon.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 13:03:18

Post by: Necros

Should be fine as far as I know.. there have been 30 pledges so far so it must be working maybe they were in the middle of a late night server update or something before.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 14:00:25

Post by: Cyporiean

 djphranq wrote:
Is amazon payments fixed? What was the issue? I'm looking to pledge today. or tomorrow... or soon.

It started working again for me after a few minutes, it was a just a 'website is down' error.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 16:04:52

Post by: djphranq

Cool beans.

Gon' git me some robots!

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 18:10:02

Post by: RiTides

I had no issues pledging

Also, from the comments:

GangFightGames wrote:Also, what I plan to do in the pledge manager is have a custom mech option, where you can pick whatever weapons you want.. so if you don't like the payloads I have preset for the pilots, you can just make your own from scratch.

This is great, since I'm not sure which close combat weapons I want! Looking forward to seeing more pictures when you have the physical casts of the medium mechs.

Do you know when those are expected (just the metal masters)?

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 18:24:40

Post by: highlord tamburlaine

jackhammers and drill bits for mine then!

I wish there were some top mounted options to work in hand to hand. Barzam and I were both discussing having nothing but angry construction machines slapping the crap out of each other.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 18:31:29

Post by: Necros

The last word was the mediums need 2 master molds, they made the first mold on friday, and should be making the 2nd today. So hopefully I'll have the models in hand around the end of the week or early next week.. at long last

Automatically Appended Next Post:
In the game's fluff, the whole sport developed out of people using construction mechs to beat each other up There's more melee weapons than guns at the moment too

At first I was going to have the wrecking ball be a crane arm that goes on top, but then I thought it would be more fun as a retractable fist kind of weapon, so you can swing the ball like a flail, or shoot it at someone's face.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 19:33:00

Post by: RiTides

Are all the arms going to be available for either left or right hand? Or just for one hand or the other?

I think it might be too expensive for you to have every arm option for both left and right, but maybe they attach farther down on the arm and thus the same bit works for either side (with the exception of the fist).

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 19:53:37

Post by: Necros

For the light mechs, the weapon and the upper arm are all 1 piece, the medium mech arms break off at the elbow, but those peices are bigger in genereal, so it all comes out even in the end. So, the light mechs will have the left & right versions of full arms, and the medium mechs will have left & right but just the forearms, or 2 of the same universal weapon for the guns that can go on both sides.

I'm actually not making much of a profit off of the extra weapons, I'm just offering them as a curtsey to the folks that want them.. I think most people will be in it for full mechs. The retail price for a weapon pack would end up being in the $30-40 range, and I think that's too expensive personally So I'll probably just be selling the weapons on my website and in the campaign, and the retail products will just be the full mechs and starter sets.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 20:09:08

Post by: RiTides

I think just selling the weapons on your website (not in packaging) is a very good idea, as I don't think they could be profitable on their own.

Another idea to make them cheaper- make it like $5 apiece. That's expensive, but it's less than getting a whole pack. I think $5 for a weapon is somewhat reasonable... I can't imagine it would need to be higher.

If there was the option to buy individual weapons, I might actually be spending a bit more- I just don't need a pack with every single option (rather, I need like 6 of one option).

I think you should do whatever makes the best financial sense for you in this regard, just putting out an idea since you'd also mentioned the idea of possibly selling single weapons on the website in the KS comments.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/02 20:18:35

Post by: Necros

Yep, I could do individual weapons too. I'll have to see how the store software works, but worst case I can just handle it like bitz orders the way GW used to in ages long past.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/03 01:35:34

Post by: djphranq

Pledge is made! (and a couple questions asked)

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/03 02:51:58

Post by: Necros

thanks, and answered

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/03 08:36:46

Post by: JP1138

Is it bad that I just sent an email round the entire company at work pointing them to this? LOL

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/03 13:03:45

Post by: Necros

Sure, the more the merrier!

In other news, we funded this morning! woohoo!

Next stretch goal will be $7000, and will unlock 3 new poses for the Terran Light Mechs. Since there are 4 light mechs per team, this will give each mech their own unique pose.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/03 13:39:56

Post by: RiTides

Congrats on funding! I really like setting a smaller, more manageable goal that can fund quickly- gives people confidence in the project. Comparing it to the last, it also passed this point much more quickly this time around, and is much better organized. Well done!

I also am impressed by your "leaving money on the table" by not offering extra weapons yet, but asking folks to wait to add them via the webstore after the campaign. This is a wise decision from a logistics standpoint, I think, as it makes the add-ons in the campaign itself much simpler (right now, just light and medium mechs, the rules and cards, and the starter sets).

I likely will be interested in adding a half dozen single arms in your webstore, though, so I do hope that is an option after the fact

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/03 14:20:49

Post by: Necros

Argh, someone dropped.. so not funded now but only $53 away

And yeah I just want to make it as easy as possible for everyone. Seem like so many campaigns start adding stuff left and right and it just gets confusing. So I want to keep it easy to figure out what you want, and easy for me to pack everything up in the end

What I think I'm going to do for the arms is make it where you can just select which arm you want like any other product.. each one would get it's own product listing, pretty much all for $5 each, and then do a 6-arm bundle for $25, and you'll be able to select the arms you want with little dropdown menus. Turrets and booster jets would be sold separately too, those will probably be $3 each.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/03 14:48:10

Post by: RiTides

Well it's well above funded again so I wouldn't watch it minute-by-minute Necros, you'll go crazy that way

A 6-arm bundle for $25 in the webstore is perfect, I'll go ahead and set that aside in my Paypal account!

And $5 each for arms in the webstore a la carte sounds great, too

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/03 14:59:59

Post by: OrlandotheTechnicoloured

Looking at the way a whole load of campaigns go nowadays up to about 1/4 of backers drop out during a campaigns run

watching it will drive a campaign organiser bonkers trying to figure out why

apart from a few genuine 'oops my finances have gone wrong' a lot if it's as they're moving hypothetical money to a new KS which they will abandon in turn

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/03 20:27:22

Post by: RiTides

Sorry if you already answered this somewhere Necros, but did you already say if you knew when the first casts of the mediums mechs would come in?

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/03 20:51:13

Post by: Necros

I probably won't have them till next week. Email I got today was they are finishing the last master mold "this week". There were some edits they had to do to the original prints to get the casts to come out right so that ended up slowing things down.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/05 13:33:44

Post by: Necros

Getting closer to the first stretch goal

I've decided to go ahead and get the prints done for the alt light mech poses and the arena hazards. I'm pretty sure we'll be able to hit those goals and and this way I'll have the prints ready to get molds made when we do. I should hopefully have them in hand next week, along with the metal master samples for the medium mech Also, I've updated the stretch goals a bit, and added the art for Omega Centauri, plus I added a new goal at $25,000 for the Bionic Light Mech. Here's the updated list:

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/06 17:55:05

Post by: Necros

TalkWargaming.com interviewed me about Mechadrome, if you'd like to know more about the game and where it came from, check it out!

Who doesn't love Mechs? The idea of taking control of a giant walking death machine is sure appeal to many. With recent titles such as Titanfall and Transformers (not strictly mechs but they are big, mechanical and killy) helping to build their fan base it seems to be the perfect time to bring them to the Wargaming table.

This is where Mechadrome comes in, a 28mm tabletop game which pits rival teams of Mechs against each other in an arena style setting. Mechadrome, by Gangfight Games, is currently receiving funding via Kickstarter and I (PH) caught up with Tim Kline (TK) to find out more about the game.

Read the rest of the article here

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/07 07:45:55

Post by: Agamemnon2

I don't back many campaigns, but I think the mechs are cool enough, so I put down $30 for one of the medium ones. Looks nice and chunky and would make a great painting project.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/07 13:47:41

Post by: Necros

Thanks And they're definitely fun to paint. I'm mostly doing them fairly clean looking for the teams, but they'll look great with lots of weathering too. I'll probably do some free agents that look more beaten up.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/09 15:21:58

Post by: Necros

Here's today's weekly update! I'm going to plan to do an update every Monday going forward, now and after the camapign, with everything that's been happening lately.

We've had quite the week here being funded so quick and lots of things in development. This coming week should be pretty productive too! Tomorrow I'm expecting the medium mech samples to show up. I'm going to build them right away and get some photos so we'll finally have real-world comparison shots of the 2 different Terran models. Then I'll dive into painting and I should have the terran mediums painted up this weekend, with Team Bushido a few days later. I probably won't have enough sample pieces for bodies for every mech, so I'm going to magnetize the arms and use the same bodies for each photo for now.

Jonathan Peace just finished writing the bios for each pilot, so I will be posting that soon. I want to get the models painted first and then I'll do an update with all of the bios and photos I have. I'm also going to hold off on posting the pilot card PDFs till I get the new models painted up. Don't want to just update the PDF a week later and make people feel like they have to print them twice.

I mentioned before that I ordered up prints of the other 3 light mech poses and the hazards that were going to be for the next 2 stretch goals. I decided I may as well just get the molds and everything all done anyway since I'm getting the prints done. So, when I have a chance to update the menus later I'm going to be removing the goals for the alt poses and hazards. The $10k goal for free hazard models will stay though. So the Arena Hazards will be add-on items, $10 each for a pair of hazards or objective markers, and then the first stretch goal will be the $10k free hazards goal. Unfortunately I just can't afford to lower that goal as much as I'd like to.

So that's it for now. I'll have those sample model pics of the medium mech tomorrow night

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/09 16:26:04

Post by: RiTides

Thanks for the update, can't wait to see pics of those medium mech samples!

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/11 01:30:09

Post by: Necros

The Medium Mech samples showed up today, and here are the photos as promised! These are metal master samples, and were pretty heavy and tough to work with, but I managed to file down the very few spots of flash. I attached the arms with poster putty and they were too heavy and kept falling off. I'll glue them on when I paint them. Of course none of that matters since the final models will be resin and very light and easy to work with!

So, from left to right, we have Buzzkill, Disorder, Makuzo and Tusragowa.. and the obligatory space marine for size comparison. Over on the campaign page I have some close up shots and rear views, check em out!


Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/11 01:45:46

Post by: insaniak

Very cool.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/11 01:55:49

Post by: RiTides

Heck yeah! Do you have a pic with the drill and left/right fist arms?

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/11 13:01:17

Post by: Necros

Yep, I'll put together the other arms and take some more pics

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/11 13:07:44

Post by: bbb

Looking good!

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/16 14:26:44

Post by: Necros

The prints for the arena hazards and alt light mech poses have arrived, and here they are! Sorry if the details are tough to see, the material was transparent this time, so it doesn't all show up as well as the blue color the other prints had. I stuck the medium mech bodies in there just for scale.

Some backers have been asking for photos of the weapon pieces, so here they are! We have the light weapons followed by the mediums. The mediums have less pieces overall since most weapons are just the forearm while the light mechs have whole left & right arms.

From left to right we have Railguns, Chainguns, Blasters & Plasmaguns. Then Jackhammers, Crusherfists, Siege Drills & Buzzsaws. On the bottom there's booster jets, shoulder armor plates and a missile pod.

Here we have Left & Right Chainguns, a Plasmagun and Railgun (for either arm). Next is the Jackhammer, Left & Right Crusherfists, Wrecking Ball and Siege Drill. On the bottom there's a Blaster turret, booster jets and missile pod.

That's all for now. I'm going to start painting up the first medium mech sample now and should have him done in a few days. We're about halfway through the campaign now and things are going well

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/16 16:48:26

Post by: Agamemnon2

So, will the arena hazards be a neutral fires-at-anyone-who-comes-close type of thing, or will a team be able to invest in some gun turrets of their own?

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/16 16:53:27

Post by: Necros

Yes and yes! Hazards can "spawn" in the middle of the arena and will attack the nearest mech, those will be in the objective cards. And you can also add them to your team, but since they are automated all they can really do is attack, you can't use them to capture objectives or anything other than extra firepower.. but the fame points are pretty low, so usually 2 hazards will be about the same as 1 light mech.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/18 23:28:38

Post by: Necros

Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to be posting individual pilot bios along with a sample of their pilot card art, one each day or so. At first I was going to do one large update with each team, but I thought 1 pilot a day would be more fun So, here we go!

Buzzkill's famous career began in the dark period when Mechadrome was more violent than the wars it was designed to replace. Discovered in one of the many thousands of scrap-settlements, foraging off discarded military hardware and selling what she found for food, Buzzkill was quickly signed by the Terran talent scout Hamazdian Cole. Impressed by her natural tactical presence of mind that allowed her to evade capture for several days, Cole immediately started her on a rough regime of Mech combat drills, arena awareness and team tactics.

Kitted out with both close and ranged weaponry, Buzzkill delights in distract and hold tactics, keeping opponents either hunkered down under a deluge of missile strikes while other team mates flank them, or grappling up close with her buzzsaw, before falling back for more powerfully armed Mechs to finish them off.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/19 01:26:21

Post by: insaniak


The cards look pretty cool, as well.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/19 14:55:30

Post by: Necros

Some folks were requesting an "everything" pledge level, so I just added that in. $300 for both teams, all hazards and objective markers, rules and objective cards

Next up, here is Tsuragowa of Team Bushido!

Raking the ground with blaster fire, Tsuragowa roars from the sky riding twin contrails of booster jet flame right into the heart of the opposing team. Landing amongst them, shrouded by the dirt and debris kicked up by his weapons fire, ‘Rag grabs hold of the nearest enemy Mech, gripping tight and laying in with some close quarters fire. If he can, he uses his boosters to keep them off-balance, jinking one way then the next, long enough for their systems to start to power down due to overload. And then he’s off to the next engagement, just another prime example of Team Bushido’s infamous hit/run tactics.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/19 21:32:49

Post by: RiTides

The card looks good

I think the total of almost $6K is good for this point in the campaign, but I do hope it picks up a bit in the final week or so to reach $10K and cover your expenses.

I'm tapped out for now with 6 medium mechs, but I will hopefully be adding some arms in your online store after the campaign.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/20 23:14:57

Post by: Necros

Havoc joined the Titan's mid season '16, replacing StrikeZone who fell to a vicious Jackhammer and siege drill assault by Bushido members Makuzo and Kessen. Taken from the training pool of would be Titans, Havoc quickly became known for using his missile pod as a distraction and then nimbly shifting positions to spray the area with twin chainguns.

And he's no shrinking violet either. Despite receiving warnings from Titans management, Havoc can always be found on a vid-cast both before and after a match, holding interviews and flirting with the audience. He's also the only Titan to actively encourage sponsorship - his Mech is often decorated with advertising holoscreens or simple posters - yet another thorn in Titan owners sides. But the crowd love him, and pay to see him and so, for now, he stays.

(Final card will have a model photo when it's done )

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/21 18:59:56

Post by: Necros

The baby of the team, Kodachi has still to prove himself in the arenas. Taking over the coveted spot from Jakumota “The Flying Devil” Cannut following their violent retirement when his Mech imploded thanks to a faulty experimental grenade. In the six games Kodachi has taken part, his performance has been “variable” as Team Ace Yari commented in the post match interview with Station 27.

“He’s young but needs to learn respect for those that came before him. He has 2 attributed kills but they were lucky, almost fluke take-downs. And he doesn’t stick to the match plans, plans we have spent years perfecting. But he is eager and I too remember those first days. He will learn. He will grow. Or he will die.”

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/23 23:29:45

Post by: Necros

There is no separation of this psychotic pair of aeronautical experts. In their former lives they were cargo-pilots for Sienko Industries, flying freighter ships between the planets of the Galactic Council. Some held supplies - food, medical and much needed tech - while others were nameless containers and sealed orders. A destination and a timelog were all they were given, but the financial rewards they received for these type of assignments more than made up for the hazardous conditions they flew in.

However their luck ran out when transporting a sealed container to the Mankali Research Planetoid. A sudden meteor shower tore through their guidance systems forcing them away from their destination to the nearer moon of Salin IV. A pleasure colony for the super rich, the moon was a resort that catered to every desire. With engines on fire and bleeding atmosphere, the duo somehow managed to pilot the freighter away from the habited zone, crashing into the surface and spilling the contents across a vast area of dense forest. In horror, the two discovered their cargo was not medical instruments or supplies but instead twenty-seven humans infected with bionic-tech.

What happened next became known on Tri-Vids across the Galactic Council worlds as the “Massacre Of Salin IV”. Thunderstrike and Lightfoot became wanted men and had to flee into the shadows, pursued by agents of the Council. MechaDrome became their new home and the anonymity their Mechs provide, a new uniform. Kitted out with booster jets, the pair swoop around the arenas, letting loose a torrent of destruction from above, earning their crowd pleasing tactic the nickname: “Death from the skies”.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/23 23:57:18

Post by: Sinful Hero

I'm really loving the look of the plasmaguns. Pinching a few pennies to get in on this in a couple days.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/26 01:52:16

Post by: Necros

Another fast attack expert, Soto stands waiting for the signal to attack. Shadows are his friend and he barely registers on the heat-tracker systems used by Arena cameras to stream vid of the match. Heaven knows how opponents are supposed to keep a bead on this formidable close quarter specialist. Once a target has been established, usually by being knocked out into the open by heavy fire from a teammate, Soto powers up the twin siege drills affixed at the end of each arm. Once the target corridor has been established, a quick flick of a button and the booster jets are fired up, launching Soto straight at the unfortunate Mech.

Seeing the debris clouds of metal and poly-heated plastic explode around the doomed opponent and you know there are only moments left before another Kill is knocked up for Soto whose attack/kill ratio is riding high at the top of every league.

(Tomorrow I'll finally have one of the medium mechs painted up, so Disorder will be up next!)

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/27 00:20:34

Post by: Necros

“...and here she comes again! There’s no stopping the fury of Disorder tonight. Look at that – her buzzsaw just sliced right through Rampage’s plasmagun, releasing the energy in an expansive plasma cloud that took out three utility buildings! You’re listening to it first here on KLMD-2.4, the only registered radioband for Mechadrome games way-out here in the Galactic South Sector!”

To say Disorder has issues is an extreme understatement. Even the Team psychologist has given up on getting to the root of her issues, having way too many broken bones and bruises from their therapy sessions. Whatever the cause may be, that Disorder is armed to the teeth with a dangerous buzzsaw/railgun combo backed up with twin missile pods is welcomed by the crowds that pack the arena viewing hubs every time she strides out.


And, there's some bigger photos on the campaign page


Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/28 17:43:49

Post by: Necros

Working alongside Soto is Yari, another close combat specialist. While Soto likes to rip the opponent apart, Yari instead prefers to pound them into the ground with one of the powerful jackhammers liberated from one of the construction mechs. Coupled with Pounder HE missiles this style of attack is known as “pounding dirt”.

During the final of MD’89 when Yari was caught in an hab-construct surrounded by Thunderstrike and Lightfoot, and with no obvious way out before they began their attack, Yari used the jackhammer to pound into the floor. As they Terran pair obliterated the building with blaster fire, missiles and plasma, Yari jackhammered an escape tunnel, appearing 200 feet away behind them. A few well aimed missile strikes crippled the Terrans, giving Yari enough time to make it back to a friendly zone in the arena.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Oh, also, folks were requesting an updated size comparison pic, so here it is with my one and only lonely space marine

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/28 22:42:57

Post by: highlord tamburlaine

We asked for a proper measurement picture!

You're supposed to lay the ruler down on the ground, remember? Jeez.

Still have to figure out what arms I want for my machine.

As a fan of funky designs, I hope once the initial game gets out in the wild, we see some of those later stretch goals get produced as well.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/28 23:01:33

Post by: Necros

Ha! Actually, I was going to take the pic with the ruler on the table instead just to see if anyone said anything

Anyway, chances are the heavy mech isn't going to get funded but since I have sculpting time booked with Dave for July I'm going to be getting a new sculpt done anyway and I'll just have to fund it myself (I'm glad God invented credit cards) and release it later on, probably early next year. So now I'm trying to decide if I should do the heavy as planned, or instead try and get the Bionic light and medium mechs done so there will be more variety in the mechs available sooner. Then we'd end up doing all 4 races' lights and mediums first and save the big heavy mechs for last. So, I'm torn...

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/29 01:00:03

Post by: RiTides

Maybe take a poll? I could go either way but a second faction seems more important than another mech option, despite the heavy being awesome.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/29 01:43:19

Post by: highlord tamburlaine

I can probably get away with picking up a light or medium now and then versus drawing the ire of the other with the purchase of a larger mech, as she tends to gloss over anything under 30 spent by me.

That's just me though.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/29 11:25:58

Post by: bbb

Do the other races.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/06/29 22:10:04

Post by: Necros

Yeah that's probably the best way to go. I'll see what Dave thinks. I'm hoping I can afford the lights and mediums together.. I should be able to with the extra cash from the campaign Though I probably won't be able to afford any other new sculpts for other races till these start going on sale. I don't know if a 2nd campaign for the bionic mechs would be worth it, I figure if I can afford the sculpt I may as well just release them the old fashioned way for now and maybe save KS for bigger projects.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/01 02:37:28

Post by: Necros

Less than 24 hours to go

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/01 11:34:09

Post by: RiTides

Looking forward to my "Titanfall" bots

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/01 14:56:20

Post by: Necros

11 hours left

I haven't touched Titanfall in months :( too busy making my own mechs

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/01 18:45:03

Post by: RiTides

That's okay, it hasn't really changed in months (except for 3 new maps) so you haven't missed much . I'm much more looking forward to seeing your "Titans" on the tabletop!

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/01 19:13:22

Post by: Necros

Pretty soon

Now I just need my secret weapon blow'd up streets tablescapes and some mantic ruined battlezones

I think it's about time I finally got one of those airbrush thingies.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/02 12:51:01

Post by: RiTides

Congrats on funding, Necros!

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/02 12:58:27

Post by: Necros

Thanks Now I actually have to get to work.

So according to the dashboard analytics thingy, I had more pledges coming from Dakka than from any other site

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/02 16:35:20

Post by: RiTides

We aim to please . It makes sense, though, since these would make fantastic counts-as for 28mm wargaming, in addition to their intended use.

I'm going to move this thread over to the Gangfight Games subforum now. Feel free to start a new thread in News & Rumors once there is non-Kickstarter news / these are getting close to preorder, of course

Looking forward to seeing things progress!

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/06 18:54:47

Post by: Necros

I just sent out the KS surveys

I am still working on the Pledge Manager and my plan now is to have that finished and launched on July 15th, that will be 14 days after the end of the campaign and Kickstarter says it should take that long to collect everyone's payments. Again, the pledge manager will basically just be an online store and your KS pledge will be store credit, I'll email a gift voucher for the amount you pledged to the address you put in your survey

In other news, I'm working on painting up all of the models for the rulebook and I have some artists working on some new illustrations too. I'm planning to have everything done by september, as it will take about a month to get the books and cards all printed up. Lots of work to do, so I better get back to it!

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/09 03:45:32

Post by: Tironum

Congrats! It looks soooo good!

You are welcome to come out to my workshop to check out some different airbrush set-ups and get the crew to assist with any terrain projects. We are in high gear for the rest of the summer and can easily help out.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/09 04:55:24

Post by: Necros

Awesome, I may just take you up on that Are you guys around on sundays? That's pretty much my own free day ever. Gotta get everything painted up to show off at Mechanicon

In other news, I just finished adding everything to the pledge manager tonight Here is a preview:


I'll be sending out the store credit gift vouchers to all of the backers next week after all of the pledges have been collected.

Now I'll be in painting mode till I get both teams finished, since I need them to be able to finish the rulebook and pilot cards. Hoping to have everything done around September, since it will take about a month to get all the printed stuff done.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/11 13:58:28

Post by: Necros

New update

Hey folks!

I have all of the different rewards added to the online store / pledge manager now. I still have some work to do adding info to the site before I can transfer my old domain name over but I plan to do that this weekend. For now, you can still check out the store with the temp URL


All of the pledge rewards are listed in the Mechadrome menu. You can select by your pledge level, or just pick individual items if that's easier for you. I'll also be updating the photos as I get new models painted up.

Due to the limitations with the online store software, I have to make some changes to what I was planning to do. Instead of emailing you a gift certificate code, what I'm going to do is create a store account for you with the name and email address you put in your survey response, then I will apply store credit directly to the account and I will email you personally your account info and a generic password. Then you can log into your account with your email address and change your password and add any other info you want, and then go and select your items. You will see your store credit listed when you check out at the very end, you will have the option to apply your store credit to your order, and then pay any extra balance with paypal if you added any new items.

So, it's important that you fill out your Kickstarter survey if you haven't yet! there are still a couple of people who haven't responded. There are also still a couple of people who's KS pledge payments haven't been collected, not sure why. I will be contacting you about it.. I won't be able to give store credit for your pledge if I don't get your pledge in the first place

Lastly, I have to change the way the shipping charges will be handled. For some reason I'm not able to do a "max price" shipping like I originally hoped, it will only let me set a fixed price.. so if your fixed price is $20, but it would really only cost $15, you would end up having to pay the full $20 no matter what.. and that's not cool. So, like I originally said I'm going to give free US shipping for orders over $100. That will basically be around $10 for most orders, so what I am going to do is create a "rest of the world" coupon code for $10 off shipping for orders over $100... so it will basically be the same discount the US folks are getting, and that should also be able to keep the prices at the levels I was hoping to do originally. Sorry about having to change that, but I think you'll see the prices with the discount will still be reasonable.

So that's all for now! I'm going to start building the accounts and sending out the emails this weekend, probably on Sunday

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/13 22:23:06

Post by: Necros

Pledge Manager is up


It's open to the whole world, so if you didn't back the campaign you can still go in and preorder anything.

I'll hopefully be adding all of the BWG miniatures to the store soon too right now I just have a few rulebooks at the moment.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/15 14:38:32

Post by: Sinful Hero

Is there a list of all the mech options anywhere? Also a list of the pilots and their equipment?

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/15 15:02:34

Post by: Necros

Easiest way to see all the options is in the Mechbuilder on the new site


And also on the new site if you go under Terran Titans or Team Bushido you can click on each pilot and it will say what they are equipped with. Also on the Kickstarter page if you scroll down to Rosters & Payloads it will list each pilot and what weapons they have

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/15 15:09:34

Post by: Sinful Hero

Awesome! I started digging around on the page and found the mechbuilder- so my pledge is paid for and done.

I regret not adding a missile drone or three to my order though. I can always get a small army of them later right?

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/15 15:35:45

Post by: Necros

Yep I'm going to be adding them into the rules as part of your team rather than just a little thing that pops up in the middle of the arena and attack anything, and in your team organization 2 drones = 1 light mech. So that's why I changed the name to drones instead of hazards.

I'm also going to be doing an all new "starter set" for retail so the price will be cheaper, those will have 2 drones and 1 light mech. Terran Titans will get the rover drones and Team Bushido will get the crawlers. You can have any kind of drones on your team, I just thought having a different kind in each set will just look better for variety. I'll still do the different bundles on my site though.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/17 16:26:45

Post by: Necros

I have some rules updates I'm working on.. I don't know if I'll have the time to make a new PDF rulebook for a while though, I'm real busy with the painting and updating the main book.. so I'll probably wait and do an all new PDF at the end when everything is done.. it will be stripped down and mostly "just the rules" like I did with Blackwater Gulch, so the printed book is nicer and has more content.

Anyway, I've mentioned before that the retail starter sets are going to be 1 light mech and 2 drones (instead of hazards). Drones are little automated systems that don't really get added to a team's roster like a pilot, instead any mech can take up to 2 drones for 15 points each and form a little squad with them. Drones have to stay within 12" of the Mech they are with, but otherwise will work like a separate model.. so they're not like other games where everything would have to shoot at the same target. If a drone ends up out of range it will have to move to be within 12" first before it can attack anything. And if their leader mech gets blown up they will go on auto target mode where they go straight for the closest enemy and attack em.

Next, I'm going to change the mech building rules a tiny bit.. right now i have a chart showing the starting stats for every mech, and then you add 5 extra attribute points for your pilot. I'm going to take out the chart and instead make it be where any light mech has 10 points to spend, mediums 15 and heavies 20. it's the same amount of points in the end, and I thought this will be a good way to personalize your teams and use any model out there if you want (but I hope you'll only buy mine :p )

Those are really the only changes, other than the extra fluff and artwork I'll be adding in. The final book should be around 80 pages as planned

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/22 01:36:53

Post by: Necros

Hey folks... Time for another update!

I just heard from Iron Wind, they're just finishing the samples for the 3 new light mech poses and the drones, I should have the metal samples this week and I'll take some pictures when I get them. I've been doing a lot of painting.. since I didn't have those alt mech poses I decided to paint up the arms and other pieces ahead of time since I did have those on hand, so that will save some time later. Also, I just finished painting Kessen. I just updated his photo in the online store, along with a new battle pic for the homepage. I also just got ahold of the Mantic ruined quadrant battlezone set, and it's really awesome. I highly recommend their battlezone terran for your Mechadrome arenas It's perfect. After I get all the mechs painted I'll be building all of that up for the photos for the rulebook and more.

Here are a couple of photos of Kessen. I'll be working on Painkiller next, I should have him done later this week.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/22 19:08:51

Post by: RiTides

Love Kessen's configuration, I'm planning to build some like that . Do they look okay with no top-mounted weapons?

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/22 19:46:14

Post by: Necros

Yep they look great. There will be 2 holes for the turret pegs, but they are blended in with the detail so you don't really notice it. I was originally going to have the ones with booster jets not have top weapons but it felt like they needed the extra firepower.

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/23 11:50:13

Post by: RiTides

Excellent, thanks

Mechadrome News @ 2014/07/29 01:47:08

Post by: Necros

Hey folks! I'm still hard at work, but nothing too new to report. Still, I'm going to make an update every Monday to keep everyone in the loop.

I did get the new sample models in, and they look great. I'm painting them up now. I was going to have Painkiller finished by now, but I decided to switch gears and finish painting all of Team Bushido. I should have them all done at the end of the week, and then Terran Titans at the end of next week, Painting all those arms in advance saved lots of time.

So for now i'll leave you with some new art. Here are a couple of pics that will be going in the rulebook. These are quick sketches that are still unfinished, but I like where they're going

Mechadrome News @ 2015/03/17 14:46:29

Post by: Necros

No shortage of projects to work on around here. I posted a recent update on the KS page, but if you haven’t been reading there, we are going to be doing a new Kickstarter campaign to get the Terran Heavy Mech made, along with Rookie & Pit Crew squads as stretch goals. I’m guesstimating the campaign will be around August or so. We’ll be sculpting and producing the master parts for the heavy mech ahead of time, and I’ll be painting up the first couple of samples to show off in all their glory. So I’m hoping to be able to ship fairly early like before. I’m also guesstimating the price for the heavy to be around $75 USD.

There will be 1 heavy for each team. Terran Titans will get Behemoth, he’ll be armed with a Railgun, Plasmagun, 2 Chaingun turrets and 1 Missile Pod. Team Bushido will get Kaiju, he’ll have 1 Wrecking Ball, 1 Siege Drill, 2 Blaster Turrets and 1 Chaingun turret. The heavy would be a bigger and badder version of the medium mech, I’m guessing around 4-5 inches tall. It will most likely be 100% resin, except for maybe the turrets and smaller pieces.

Since there will be just the 2 pilots, I’m also thinking about packaging the both together and including all of the weapons you need for both. Then you can easily magnetize them or have more options to make your own pilots. If I do that, it will raise the price a little but hopefully no more than $5 or so. I’m also hoping to have the model posable, rather than doing different legs and poses like the lights and mediums. So there will be separate feet, lower legs, upper legs, etc. I don’t want to get too crazy with the amount of parts though, I’d like it to still be easy and self explanatory to build it.

That’s all I have now, I’ll be sharing new art and screenshots and stuff as I get it

Mechadrome News @ 2015/03/18 11:34:37

Post by: awesomeshotdude

Excellent stuff, very much looking forward to laying down some cash for some Heavy Mechs...bring on August!!!

Mechadrome News @ 2015/05/29 16:32:57

Post by: Necros

So just recapping some of the stuff we’ve been chatting about on the Kickstarter page.

Prints for the new Drones came in, sent them off to get masters made and I”ll take pics of those when I get them in a few weeks. Those will likely be released in August since all of Iron Wind’s customers are in “OMG GENCON” mode and I have to wait in line.

We’re going to be shaking things up a bit with the different weight classes for Mechadrome Season 2. I hope to have that campaign ready to go by mid October or so. We are going to make all new Terran Light Mechs that will have a more exposed driver and be more like an exo suit along the lines of the power loader from Aliens. They will have 2 weapons rather than 3. Then, the current light mech model will become the new Medium Mech. The current Medium Mech model will become the heavy mech, and the new heavy mech we planned to sculpt soon will become the super heavy mech. The new drones will be able to form squads of up to 3 models, and the planned Rookies will be smaller models that can also form small squads of 3, basically the same rules as drones just different stat lines.

The goal here is to have a lower price point to get into the game, so that the game will be more affordable overall. However, light mechs will not be required in your teams like they are now, we’ll be updating the team organization rules and basically just giving everything a point value with no requirement on the amount of mechs you need. All Rookies and Drones will be 1 Fame Point each, light mechs 2, medium mechs 4, heavy mechs 8 and super-heavy mechs 16. All you have to do is make sure your points match your opponent’s and you should be fine.

The new squad rules allow you to have everyone in the squad attack one target and combine their attack dice, it’ll work just like the Salvo upgrade. But again squads are only for drones and rookies.

So the plan will be to get the super heavy mech done along with the new light mechs for the campaign. I’d like to make new team starter sets that come with a couple of drones and 1 light mech. The rules will be updated but it will be a free PDF download and cheap print on demand book. What I’m trying to do for both games is move over to more of a free rules approach with PDFs and printable stat cards, and then print-on-demand options for folks that would like to have a nicer version. That saves me the expense of having to print 1000+ books to get a good price and keeps the game cheaper overall

So that’s where we’re at now. Hopefully I’ll get those drone master models in soon and I’ll post pics as soon as I do

Mechadrome News @ 2015/06/07 22:11:41

Post by: home_brew

Do you plan on creating foot soldiers and maybe light tanks for each race for Mechadrome?? Understanding this is a mech based game, infantry and things like that could be scouting units. besides; the Aphid, Bionic, Martian, and Terran models would look fantastic! It's simply a suggestion. I just found this game and it caught my eye, can't wait to see more soon!

Mechadrome News @ 2015/06/08 03:18:15

Post by: Necros

Originally it was going to be a 15mm scale game and I was hoping to have tanks and flying things, but since we switched to 30mm I want to try and stick to just mechs for now. maybe some day we can, but the first thing I want to do is get the mechs all done for the 4 primary races. Tanks would have to be kind of large models, and that means expensive to sculpt and produce, so I need to make sure the game has a big enough following for that.

I would like to do infantry though. The plan is to have them be similar to drones, they would be a beefier infantry though, I guess similar to a GW terminator. A mechadrome arena isn't the place for a guy with a rifle and flak jacket