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Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/08/29 13:34:31

Post by: LastSword

Now Undead!!


As some people know, we are a small business.. a tidy company.. two friends working on LastSword Miniatures. We have been showing our painted figures and sceneries from the beggining until now. Adding extra contents like our Reichguard knigts, our first Kickstarter.

Today we would like to introducing our second Kickstarter project, The Elven Lords, our High Elves Army for Warhammer, The 9th Age, Kings of War (KoW), Age of Sigmar (AoS), and others wargames.

The Elven lords project consist in two multipose model regiment and two monopose foot characters, all them elves!

Spearmen are the first model that we could finished, this is an art concept. The base of our 3D models sculpting work.

This is a speaman with all his bits.

An elf spearman 3D model.

You can read more information about, and even check our 360º video in our blog: https://lastsword.com/en/high-efl-spearmen-introduction/

We expect be ready to launch our kickstarter as soon as possible, right know we are working in differents 3D models and master molds.

What do you think about our following kickstarter?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/08/29 14:03:14

Post by: HunterEste

Looks awesome man.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/08/29 22:10:44

Post by: LastSword

Thanks Hunter for your comment!

We expect to be ready to launch soon.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/08/30 00:56:38

Post by: Gallahad

What material will these be made of? They look a little fiddly for resin.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/08/30 01:58:23

Post by: Sining

Think their last KS was in plastic resin aka restic aka boardgame plastic?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/08/30 15:19:51

Post by: LastSword

Thanks guys for your comments.

As Reichguard Knights Kickstarted, infrantry figures will be crafted with plastic resin and foot characters in metal. Plastic resin is a new and great material to craft figures. High detailed models, and a very easy surface to be painted. Besides you can blend the pieces with no problem (is not usually break a sword if you crash your figure against the floor). No problem with high temperatures, like polyurethane resin. I took a picture for your, Me blendinga sword .

Spearmen and Bowmen will be multicomponent and multipose models, even you will mix both kinds of figures to make a bowman with a heavy armour.

Gallahad, figures are a bit fiddly for a mold, but like multicomponent element, we will be able to do it!

Somepeople ask us about the spear. In that imagen you can see that spear won't hit back lines figures.

Thanks guys

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/08/30 20:50:31

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

Do you have any pictures of the Reichguard production plastics?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/08/31 09:32:45

Post by: LastSword

I can take them for you. What would you like to see?

Remember that is not plastic, is plastic resin.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/08/31 14:21:40

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

 LastSword wrote:
I can take them for you. What would you like to see?

Remember that is not plastic, is plastic resin.

Right. Thanks.

I would like to see some shots of whole minis, and maybe one of their weapons. Plastic resin weapons can sometimes be difficult to straighten.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/08/31 18:13:27

Post by: LastSword

Bob ... are you a real Inquisitor? xDD

I took some pictures for you. Just unboxing from a ramdon box. Sorry for the pictures quality.

Plastic resin has memory, if you blend it, it will go back to their possition, more or less

We had not any problem with bubbles while we were checking crafted figures. You could find some mold lines, that is it.

And now talking about the elfs again. We are still working in our second unit, Bowmen.

This is a T 3D model, with out any pose.

What do you think about it?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/08/31 19:48:21

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

The elves look quite nice. Depending on when the Kickstarter starts, I would like to go in for a few.

How do the proportions compare to GW high elves? I hope this isn't a faux pas to ask, but as much as I like the entirety of your elves, I'd also like to know if I should buy more with the expectation of using your elves' beautiful torsos and arms with the spare flamboyant GW Elf Noble heads and weapons to create more diversity.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
And thanks for the pictures. They give me confidence in the quality of the end product that any number of renders alone never could.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/09/01 10:37:57

Post by: LastSword

We would like to launch the Elven Lords in September, but we are still working.

We don't like be waiting and waitin agaes for a Kickstarter, that is the reason why we don't launch the project before. When everything is nearly done, we will offer to you!

Bob give us some extra time. As soon as we got the figures, we will take pictures with other company models and bits.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/09/01 21:32:31

Post by: Vulcan

My one concern is that those are VERY short spears...

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/09/05 01:34:46

Post by: LastSword

Much peoole talk about the spears.

I like, everybody is very polite giving their opinion, and it is mean that the communyty is great!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/09/05 05:25:51

Post by: MLaw

Spears come in all shapes and sizes



Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/09/05 06:24:13

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

well played.

Would optional swords be a possibility?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/09/08 10:27:31

Post by: LastSword

We were thinking abou this option, but no at the beggining. We gonna try but I am not very sure that we will get it.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/09/20 17:59:19

Post by: LastSword

This weekend we were busy at Freak wars 2017!

We showed there something special

We are nearly ready!!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/10/01 10:31:32

Post by: LastSword

Here we are! DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA!!!!

Our kickstarter is on :eusa_clap:!!!

All pleges will be up on monday at 18:00 CEST :eusa_wall:

Our article: https://lastsword.com/en/kickstarter-elven-lords/

kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lastsword/the-elven-lords?ref=discovery

How it look?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/10/01 14:38:02

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

Are the command sprues metal or resin-plastic?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/10/01 16:06:59

Post by: LastSword

Hi Inquisitor!

Both commands groups are a plastic resing sprue. You will need an archer or spearman model to mount a officer, banner, or mussician.

Tx for your commet

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/10/02 16:33:09

Post by: LastSword

Our Kickstarter is on now!

Besides we have published new pictures of our elven archers.

I hope that you like!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/10/02 22:55:57

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

Well, I'm in.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/10/02 23:23:06

Post by: LastSword

Wellcome on board and tx Inquisitor

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/10/05 19:09:23

Post by: LastSword

Hi guys.

We are really sorry to say that we have canceled our Kickstarter. We weren't getting good result. All our money is invested in that project, so we going to rebuilt it again and launch again in a few weeks.

Sorroy about that, and thank for your support!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/10/05 20:04:11

Post by: Tyr13

Shame it didnt work out on your first attempt, those elves look pretty good! Certainly better than GWs old spearmen.

Though it might be a good idea to split up bowmen and spearmen in the pledges? That might be stopping some people from pledging, since the price point (while absolutely fair for what you get) might be a bit high if you only want either spears or bows... Effectively paying double for what you want.

Better luck next time though!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/10/05 21:17:42

Post by: LastSword

Tx Tyr13.

We think that our goals were one of the problems. Next time, Spearman and archers pledge, unlocked from the beggining!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/10/05 21:32:31

Post by: Master Azalle

I'll keep on eye on this. Next time it goes up, I'll definitely back it!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/10/06 08:12:12

Post by: LastSword

Tx Azalle!

It is so nice know that there are some people waiting from them.

We gonna change our point of view, about the campaign. We will appreciate any advide that we can get here!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/10/23 10:01:25

Post by: LastSword

We are still working in our Elven Lords. Last days we have crafted 100 models to check our production molds.

Nowadays we are painting, and we are not sure with the color of the helmets hears.

Wich color do you think looks better?

Thanks guys for your oppinion!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/10/26 15:48:52

Post by: LastSword

Still painting!!!

Some people was afraid about how figures will fit in a regiment. This is an example

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/11/25 15:07:22

Post by: LastSword

Kickstarter ralunching nearly finish!!!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/11/26 02:35:38

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

Please don't launch the KS right before Christmas. I would love to pledge, but my coffers are empty until the New Year.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/11/26 14:05:45

Post by: Tyr13

Good point. Give people some time to recover their funds and launch then. Maybe late January, February might make sense?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/11/26 16:21:55

Post by: Tonhel

Well those three elves previewed look fantastic. Sadly I don't see the appeal anymore in mass ranked fantasy games, certainly not were each model has it's own base.

I would loved to have a kickstarter with those elves like Westfalia did with their Northern Mercenaries kickstarter.


Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/11/26 17:22:20

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

You don't need to use them as rank and file. I plan to get a skirmish sized force and use GW bits to add uniqueness to many of them. The heads and arms are separate parts, so they should be quite flexible for that.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/11/26 17:53:38

Post by: Zywus

You don't need to base them individually either.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/11/26 18:38:49

Post by: Tonhel

BobtheInquisitor wrote:You don't need to use them as rank and file. I plan to get a skirmish sized force and use GW bits to add uniqueness to many of them. The heads and arms are separate parts, so they should be quite flexible for that.

True, but still the are designed to rank on 20mm bases. What I want to say is that I really like the aesthetics of the mini's, but I find it a shame that they are designed for rank and file games and that in a material that isn't imo really suited for mass production. That's why I would have prefered a kickstarter with 15-20 very individuel elves.

Zywus wrote:You don't need to base them individually either.

True, I will never use individual based models again for a mass ranked wargame.. but anyway I have given up on mass ranked fantasy games.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/11/26 18:53:02

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

Reaper might be the best place to find a lot of highly individual elves. Some of them have similar designs to these elves, even.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/11/26 20:04:02

Post by: Tonhel

 BobtheInquisitor wrote:
Reaper might be the best place to find a lot of highly individual elves. Some of them have similar designs to these elves, even.

Hmm, I find the Last Sword miniatures much better. In fact they are the best Elves 28 mm I have ever seen. I love that Greek touch.

@Last Sword miniatures. Very impressive work! I would love to see your take on Bretonnia. ;-)

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/11/26 22:50:23

Post by: LastSword

Ey guys you are having a interesing discuss with out me!!! well done

Well can't wait too much now, so probably we wil launch our Kickstarter from the 1rst to the 15th of December.

What do you think?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/11/26 22:58:52

Post by: Albertorius

 LastSword wrote:
Ey guys you are having a interesing discuss with out me!!! well done

Well can't wait too much now, so probably we wil launch our Kickstarter from the 1rst to the 15th of December.

What do you think?

I think that those elves look gorgeous and that if you launch the KS for them at this time of the year I won't have money for it, so I guess I'll pick some when (if) they get to stores. Good luck with it, though.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/11/27 17:09:49

Post by: GuardStrider

Oh, I am interested in this, keep us updated. But I do agree with some previous posters that December is a bad time for KS with us just coming from Black Friday and Christmas purchases ahead.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/11/29 18:23:19

Post by: LastSword

Hello guys, we have our Kickstarted presentation done. It will be running from December 1srt to December 17th.


I hope that you like!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/11/29 18:44:35

Post by: Master Azalle

The models look great! fantastic paint job

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/11/29 18:59:29

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

The timing could be better. I'll see if I can scrape a pledge together. Hope it succeeds!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/11/30 11:52:56

Post by: LastSword

Thank you guys for your comments!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/12/01 19:32:05

Post by: LastSword

Ok, now is your turn

This is our Elven Lords project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lastsword/elven-lords.

We appreciate so much if you share everywhere

Thank you guys!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/12/01 19:47:55

Post by: Albertorius

I... think you really should give the text another pass. I can help with that if you like.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/12/01 20:40:16

Post by: LastSword

I send you a message to talk about it!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/12/01 21:39:18

Post by: Albertorius

 LastSword wrote:
I send you a message to talk about it!


Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/12/03 21:48:14

Post by: Zywus

They look pretty great!

The kneecap system intrigues me. Should allow for a large number of very seemless poses. Admittedly in a somewhat limited range, but that's no problem for a ranked unit, which is my preference anyway.

The timing (close before cristmas) might bring down the backed amount a bit, but on the other hand; the sooner these models get made, the sooner they can go into general sale, so as long as the amount raised is actually enough to make the models happen, there shouldn't be a problem with the timing of the campaign, seeing as it's already funded,

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/12/04 13:26:23

Post by: LastSword

Thanks for your comment Zywus.

This is a Kickstarter project. Once is finished this models will be avariable in our onlinestore. But everybody should get them now, because the price is cheaper.

Kicstarter is running!!

Our Elf Prince stretch goals has been unlocked!! What is next? Command Squad' sprue .

This is some pictures of our Prince.

If you wish to see a 360º video, check our blog: https://lastsword.com/en/kickstarter-elf-prince/

Thank you guys for your support!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/12/07 12:27:24

Post by: LastSword

We have a new 360 video of our Drako banner!

Check our at the article: https://lastsword.com/en/elven-lords-drako-banner/

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/12/07 12:42:59

Post by: Inquisitor Gideon

If you had gone for any other time other than the two weeks leading into Christmas, I would have gone for this quite strongly.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/12/07 14:17:29

Post by: LastSword

Hi Gideon,

It is not a really big problem. You can take any perk that you like and then increase your contribution in the Pledge Manager website. You will have enough time after Christmas.

In the other hand you still can support us, sharing our campaign in your social media

Thank you!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/12/07 19:05:57

Post by: Tyr13

Id recommend you actually add a link to the kickstarter on the first post, and possibly your signature as well... Its not all that easy to find right now, hidden in the middle of this thread. Just saying.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/12/07 21:23:30

Post by: Zywus

And the title of the thread should probably get updated as well, to announce that the KS is now ongoing.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/12/08 02:13:33

Post by: LastSword

I am 100% afree with you guys!

I will do the change, thank you!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/12/11 20:01:11

Post by: LastSword

Today we have a lots news!!

Firstly, The great hall, sorry.. The ruined hall!

Check more images and a 360º videos at: https://lastsword.com/en/scenery-ruined-hall/

Furthermore Kickstarter news!

I hope that you like it!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/12/14 15:08:54

Post by: LastSword

Now you can find Warband Sisters of Serens in our online store, have a look!

Hi guys. First some news from the kickstarter. We have new addons.

And an imagen of our elf mage.

You can check more images and a 360º video at: https://lastsword.com/en/kickstarter-elf-mage-painted/

Tx guys!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/12/16 16:08:31

Post by: LastSword

Guys, we are nearly to the end, but before to think on it.. these are my last bases. We have too square 20mm and round 25mm.

We are almost famous!


Check at 1:10':00'' ^_^

And now... the last advert!


Thank you!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/12/18 10:23:35

Post by: SKR.HH

Darn... Missed it.

So much to do at the moment...

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/12/18 16:47:14

Post by: LastSword

SKR, just sent to us an email if you want come come in into the Pledge Manager! Our email: hello@lastsword.com

At the end the campaign is finished!!!! Now Pledge Manager time!

Thank you so much!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2017/12/18 17:59:03

Post by: Albertorius


Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/01/11 18:34:46

Post by: LastSword

Hello guys!

We have recieved 60% of the backer's orders. Now we are manufacturing all the stuff :eusa_wall: .

Our Late Pledge Manager is open, so if you lost the chance to get our miniatures, now is your best opportunity. Have a look to our last entry to get all details.

Elven spearmen deffending a alley with their spears and shields.

Tx and happy new year!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/01/11 19:43:52

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

Did the pledge manager go out already? How long do we have to complete it?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/01/11 20:11:09

Post by: LastSword

Hi Bob,

Right now we are manufacturing miniatures and scenery. We expect to have most of them done at the beggining of February.

Then we have to do all boxes and parcels.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/02/06 18:50:54

Post by: LastSword

Hi guys,

Firstly I would like to say sorry. It been a long time out from here but we are living bad times. Ulrich is in hospital for a surgery and a relative has passed away so... we can not be 100% focus on that.

As we said on Kickstarter, orders will be delayed, anyway we hope be able to send all parcels in March.

We have some deadleines to announce:

The 9th of February Kickstarter and Late Pledge orders to be taken at Hispania Wargames 2018 show, must be done please.

The 24th and 25th of February Lastsword will be at Hispania Wargames 2018 show with a stand. You will get all our products and a few ammount of Elven Lords going to be offer there.

The 6th or March we gonna close Kickstarter and Late Pledge, so it won't be able to place new orders. Then we will be doing and sending parcels.

Little by little we gonna take back the blog and publish new articles.

Thank you guys. Whatever that you can need, just drop a message at: hello@lastsword.com

Take care!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/03/15 01:40:17

Post by: LastSword

Hiya guys!

I know, It was a long time from the las time. I am realy sorry but we are so busy with kickstarter campaign and Hospitals. By the way, Asdarel is felling better now.

Now, we have a new partnership, Warband Miniatures. We are working together to develope more miniatures. This is its last crowdfundig campaign, Sisters of Serens.

Matriarch of Serens

Augur of Serens

Serens sisters Superior

We have not all miniatures painted yet. We gonna show up here as soon we got them. By they way, you can find these excellent models in our online store

Talking about the Elven Lords, we are doing parcels. As soon as we finish we gonna start to send them.

Thank you guys!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/03/21 11:55:02

Post by: LastSword

We have some news for DAkkaDakka!!

While we are fighting agains with 4.000 elven miniatures in the living room, we have been working in our following project, the Dragon Guard.

This is the first model, is not finished yet, so now is the best momento to know your oppinions, comments and advices, so please... do not be shy and let us know what do you think, please!

Dragon Guard

Dragon Guard with spear and shield from our Elven infantry.

Come on guys! let us a comment

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/03/21 17:48:42

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

I would like the armor and weapons to look far more elaborate. Also, please make the weapons more "dragony" and heroic in proportions.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/04/25 08:55:13

Post by: LastSword

We can think about it Bob... mainly problem is sometimes these kind of details are really small. Anyway we gonna try to do our best.

And now some news:

We are back with the second regiment for our following kickstarter. Albus Custodes, are elves with heavy armour and great sword.

Once again, our models are high compatible among them. This is the most difficult dutty, but we are happy with the result. We hope that you like it.

Albus Custodes

Dragon Guard with great sword, and Albus Custodes with great axe and dragon cape.

Come on guys! leave your feedback, because now we can do some change!

Thank you!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/04/25 16:10:15

Post by: Barzam

I like those. My one queation though, why go with open faced helmets for the heavy infantry? Some kind of enclosed helmet or ornamental mask would really help to bling them out and differentiate them from the other troops.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/04/25 16:27:46

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

That's a great idea. Fancy, closed helmets for everyone! Also, I would also love to see at least one "thematic" weapon in the squad, for the champion, like a dragon sword or a glaive with an oak leaf pattern or something. You are selling premium elves, so premium weapons would be ideal.

Also, are those thin blades likely to come out of the mold bent?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/04/25 17:12:30

Post by: LastSword

Thank you guys!

At least and officer head will be without a helmet, but we can try to add another regular in the sprue.

The mask is reserver for characters and high officers, probabl we will sculpt a new one

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/04/25 17:49:46

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

Hopefully you will have an option that is not metal.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/04/27 01:24:09

Post by: kestral

I like metal personally. Great looking Matriarch!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/04/27 05:25:40

Post by: Gallahad

I really like those Albus custodes. I would love to see more dynamic poses on them, like the sword high above the head, swinging down with force.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/04/27 10:36:26

Post by: LastSword

Thank you guys for your commets!

Gallahad, right now we are sculpting the first pose. After that we can do seveleral more.

Anyway, you will do a lots poses with these models.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/04/27 11:09:23

Post by: Paull

Do you plan on doing any other 9th age armies?

I would be all over any Bretonnian style models done by this studio

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/04/27 11:31:22

Post by: LastSword

Yes Paull we have a lots of plains, but no enough money xDDD

Bretonnian is one of the armies that we would like to luanch, but maybe we will need a couple of years for that., sorry.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/06/28 18:51:13

Post by: LastSword

This is the firs member or Albus Custodes Command Squad

Albus Custodes

What do you think about the bearer?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/07/27 12:14:16

Post by: LastSword

Ok guys, campaign done. I can not belive!

Still waiting for some backers, but always happen. All parcels are sent, so check your mail this week and the following.

Now, relaxing for .... 5, 4, 3 , 2 , 1 ok, lets go to work!

We are doing some things for the following campaign, Dragon's Roar.

Do you like our statue?

Furthermore we are uploading the online store and web, so sorry for any inconvenience

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/08/24 00:54:19

Post by: LastSword

Dakka Dakka news!!!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/08/28 17:05:36

Post by: LastSword

Hello everybody!

We are here again with our new campaign open!!!

From today until 10th of september Elven Lords: Dragon's Roar are avariable in kickstarter.


Two new regiments and four characters come along with our spearmen and archers.

I hope that you like folks!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/08/29 05:16:31

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

I'm glad there are some plastic heroes.

Will we be able to add command sprues during the pledge manager?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/08/29 08:50:02

Post by: LastSword

Hi Bob.

Plastic resin is a great material, honestly.

Yeah, you will find command sprues at the Pledge Manager. I did not put at the Campaign because people get complicate with them.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/08/29 15:09:48

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

Thanks! I missed out on those special bits last time and don't plan to miss out again.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/08/29 18:28:36

Post by: LastSword

Anyway now, Command Squads sprues are included in all regiment boxes for this campaign.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/08/29 19:02:20

Post by: judgedoug

Oh man, I'm super bummed I missed the Early Bird. I thought I had subscribed to newsletters but I guess not.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/09/07 18:45:08

Post by: LastSword

Come on guys! Three days left!!!

Have a look to all our 360º until today.

High Custode!

Dragon Guard's Officer

Lord Commander

Albus custode's Officer

Dragon Guard's Bearer

Elven Princess

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/09/07 20:47:54

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

Is the Dragon Guard officer a character mini or a Dragon Guard with command bits? Would I be able to order more of those helmets and swords for decent price?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/09/08 09:01:18

Post by: LastSword

Hi Bob!

Command groups are all bits, you will need bodies to them

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Elven Princess printed!!!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/09/08 16:29:22

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

Thanks for the answers! I have a couple more questions, however...

How much will it cost to add on those command bits per dragon helm?

And, if we go over 55 euros in the pledge manager, does that qualify us for the stretch goal freebies? Or are those only for pledges during the campaign or for customers who buy regiments or other large 'box sets'?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/09/08 19:15:54

Post by: Tonhel

Your miniature look really good! Very characterful. But imo I don't think you should target the mass battle market which imo is shrinking.

What do you think of a kickstarter like this:

Anyway really talented work!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/09/09 00:37:35

Post by: LastSword

Hi guys,

Bob Command Group spues are included in regiment boxes. Furthermore you will be able to take more in the Pledge Manager for 4€ per each full sprue.

With 55€ you will get all streach goals unlocked for 55, so you will get the charactgers on foot


I do not really undestand why in your oppinion we should not do it. It gonna be great if you explaind to us

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/09/09 08:52:52

Post by: Tonhel

I am not saying you shouldn't do it. I only think that games like old Warhammer, 9th Age are a shrinking market... mass ranked tabletop games. Certainly those with individual casualty removal. I really love the aesthetic of your mini's. Very flavourful. But I don't see myself painting 30 - 40 to have a playable unit. And than you have only one unit.. .

A small unit for a Dragon Rampant game or hopefully in the future an AoS version of 40K Kill team these would be fantastic. A small warband.. but huge blocks of infantry.. are imo a thing of the past.

Anyway I will certainly buy a couple of miniatures and paint them in the same way as I like to paint small warbands for Lion Rampant / Saga. Imo concepts like V&V miniatures are great. Make a couple of different mini's and than move to another faction.. and after a time you make another couple of miniatures for the previous faction and etc.. .

(But instead of Normans, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and etc.. it could be Dark Elves, High Elves, Wood Elves and etc... )

But again. Incredible flavourful and immersive miniatures! Very talented work. The technical part is important, but you guys really captured the character / immersion.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/09/09 11:55:52

Post by: LastSword

mmm I think that I get it now!

We know that paint 20 miniatures is not a easy task. But you will need at least 20 for most popular games.

In the other hand, we have patrols with four miniatures if you need less. Even you will be able to get Command Squad Sprues at the Pledge Manaver with out a regiment box.

We are trying to have something for everyone

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/09/10 15:40:57

Post by: judgedoug

Successful and ended! I'm super happy with the quality of the last figures that I received from them that I had no problem pledging for this campaign. Can't wait to get 'em!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/09/10 21:40:18

Post by: LastSword

Yeah finished!!!

I am really tired... now we have to wait two weeks before kickstarter give to us all the contriutions.

Thank you guys for your support!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/10/19 12:04:56

Post by: LastSword

Hi guys!

Late Plege is open for all of you who lost the chance to take part in our Kickstarter campaign. So if you still want to get our miniatures and stretch goals do not miss this link: https://pledgemanager.lastsword.com

Furthermore, we have decided to do a new manufacturing molds. Our miniatures are a huge amount of bits, and a sprue will help to everyone. I hope that you like the change. There are not any change in the models.

We going to launch a new range of miniatures. Soon you will met it. This is a picture of our standat Freak Wars 2018 show in Madrid. Maybe you can see something

We took the pciture from: labuhardillafriki.blogspot.com/2018/09/freak-wars-2018.html

What do you think?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/10/19 13:36:35

Post by: highlord tamburlaine

Oooh, more lizards!

I'll be keeping an eye out for them!

Thanks for the late pledge link!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/10/19 13:52:44

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

How late is the pledge manager open? How long do we have to accumulate funds before it closes?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/10/20 18:54:43

Post by: LastSword

Not Sure Bob... at the moment we have to wait at leats 80%-90% of the Kickstarters orders are done.

We will close the Late Plaege as soon as we gona send these orders to the backers.

How long do you need?

Tamburlaine, I hope post something about them soon in the blog

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/10/20 20:54:28

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

Someone has asked to add some stuff through my pledge. I am working out the details, but we are both pretty busy IRL. Would the second week of November be too long to wait?

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Someone has asked to add some stuff through my pledge. I am working out the details, but we are both pretty busy IRL. Would the second week of November be too long to wait?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2018/10/20 23:39:59

Post by: LastSword

Just drop me an email to : hello@lastsword.com if we say something about shipping or closing before you added anything

I think it won't be a problem.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2019/03/28 16:57:43

Post by: LastSword

Hiya guys.

This is the last fourth days of our campaing, so lets go to review the lizarmen models!

The Quatl:

Saurian Warlord:

Skink Priest:

The Bearer Storyteller:

Saurian Warrior

The Skink

The caiman:

The Thyroscutus!!

Furthermore we have some scenery elements that you can included in your tabletop.

Have a look to our campaign before it finishes and if you can share it in your socialmedia will be great! The Jungles Awakening campaign.

Thank you so much guys!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2019/03/28 17:16:59

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

I know the option is to buy "one random caiman" but is there a chance we could specify which one we want or which one we do not want and avoid ending up with a disappointment?

For example, I would prefer the middle caiman in the group photo and really do not want to spend 13 euros for the running caiman.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2019/03/28 17:21:13

Post by: LastSword

Sorry my Inquisitor.

It will not be possible. Our molds included three different caimans so we can not craft a lots copies just for one of them.


Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2019/03/28 17:32:07

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

Hmmm... Well, I've put a lot more money on the line for worse odds than 66%, so I guess I'll chance it.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2019/06/10 14:54:52

Post by: LastSword

Hello guys!

It was a long time, but we have not time for nothing honestly...

Well I think that you now our first campaign with Undead is launched on kickstarter. This is the link where you can see the full campaign, our fifht campaing now... Oh my g... Undeads, The fallen county of Ampurias.

I think everything is explained in the campaign so, I will drop here some pictures:

Whatever that you need know or any question you can do here, in our facebook or at the email (hello@lastsword.com).

Maybe we do not have time always to reply comments, sorry. But we read all them

Thank you guys!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2019/06/10 15:33:03

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

I'm most interested in the knight of Aragon and the Griffin Statue.

How is the lizardmen project progressing?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2019/06/10 16:19:14

Post by: LastSword

Well we already are on time.

Waiting for backers, a lot of them did not place the order yet.

Anyway we are printing models for the production molds. There are a big amount of miniatures that we have to print for them.

So, is on it's way!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2019/06/10 23:20:55

Post by: highlord tamburlaine

Yeah, I was hoping to at least have my lizardmen on the way or in my hands before this started.

I was happy with what I got from the Elven Lords, I will keep an eye on this at least!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2019/06/11 04:13:39

Post by: Elbows

Love this company's minis...just don't own any. Been getting into dungeon crawls lately - would be cool to see some "hero parties" done by this company. Even if they were just made from combining a couple of hero figures from each group.

The undead are the first ones I'd consider picking up as I love me some skeletons in the dungeon. Really nice looking sculpts. I could also use a single command figure - so not really enough to pledge. Always enjoy popping in on the site though and checking out the minis. One day.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2019/06/11 04:30:22

Post by: ph34r

Skeletons look great, love the shields and heads.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2019/06/11 09:50:10

Post by: LastSword

Thank you guys!!

I am glad that you like.

Some people told to me that there are a lot of options in the market for skeletons and I replied to him, "do you know any dungeon with our skeletons?"

So now you are telling me that I was right! it sounds great!

There is not any minimun for Pledge, if you like one character or two, you can get them as addons with our any pledge.

Thanks alots!

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2019/06/11 09:59:43

Post by: Tyranid Horde

Juan I of Aragon and the Anointed Count are a pair of incredible models. May be tempted yet. Lovely miniatures overall too.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2019/06/11 15:41:54

Post by: Barzam

Undead you say? I may be in. Any armored zombie soldiers planned?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2019/06/11 18:19:07

Post by: sockwithaticket

Really like the look of those skellies. Clad in armour they actually look like long dead warriors.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2019/06/13 11:45:45

Post by: LastSword

Mmm no at the moment.

Right now we have all the models of the campaign and I can say that we will have cavalry for the following... I hope!

What kind of zombies do you like? Soldiers? citicets?...

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2019/06/15 07:43:24

Post by: LastSword

Well guys, some news from our elves. These two guys will take part in our following elven campaign.

What do you think?

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2019/06/15 16:56:03

Post by: BobtheInquisitor

I like the first Black Swan Knight helmet. The second and third helmets are okay, but the last three look like feather dusters, not very exciting. Will their heads be swappable with the Dragon Knights' and Albus Custodes'?

The armor itself looks like it will match the infantry elves pretty well. It looks stylish, although I wouldn't mind if you added a bit more flair. I'll have to see the 3D renders to judge the horse and weapons. All in all, they look like they will be a solid unit of cavalry that will mix well with your previous elves.

Now Undead!! (Kickstarter) @ 2019/07/04 01:11:04

Post by: LastSword

Hiya guys! Let's go to check the campaign.

Just 18 hours left!!!!

A pack of Dips, the last regiment that we have added:


María Vilademuls finished:




Skeleton Warrior, musician:


Skeleton Warrior, officer:




Thank you all for your support!

Remind, last hours, do not let the change to get some new undead!