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WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/11 05:38:50

Post by: ESDK

Let me start by saying that this is a big project. In fact, if you got a moment, it's a twelve-story project with a magnificent entrance hall, carpeting throughout, 24-hour portage, and an enormous sign on the roof, saying 'This Is a Big Project'. Therefore, it will take quite some time to finish. But let´s start at the beginning.
There comes a time in every man´s life, when you ask yourself: What is a better than a truck ?
- Two trucks ? - A monster truck ? - Truckasaurus ?
No, the correct answer is: A train engine. A big train engine. A big steam train engine. A big nuclear powered steam train engine (possibly with guns).
Something like a cross between these two:

I have taken it upon me to build such an engine in 40K scale. This is the work so far:

Now, the (well, one) problem with scratch building vehicles is getting the scale and the proportions right. I think my next step will be to build a driver for the engine, to get a better feel for the size of the cab and its doors and windows.
But before that, I´d like some more opinions on whether the boiler should be longer (the diameter is fixed) and whether the wheels should be larger.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/11 06:04:20

Post by: alarmingrick

okay, first the driver "seems" to be in proportion to the wheel. i'm eyeballing you're image compared to the two souce photos you provided.

you could go a little bigger, but not much.

i think the boiler is fine as is. i'm affraid if the engine gets much bigger, it wouldn't be as easy to field. no if it's just for show, then you

could go as big as you want.

whatever you decide, good luck.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/11 06:53:29

Post by: Anung Un Rama

great Idea. I guess you could always get bigger.
I'm looking forward to some updates

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/11 07:06:40

Post by: DanTheAngry

Nuts I got the wrong answer, I said Truckasaurus, that thing kicked ass.
I like this idea, its always good to see new stuff from ESDK.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/11 07:24:00

Post by: syr8766

Gorgeous! I can't wait to see where this goes.

For further inspiration (like you need that?), check the Privateer Press forums, and look under terrain; there are a lot of train projects there
Some good, some bad, some appalling, but all inspirational.


WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/11 07:30:33

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Ah the Battle Angel Alita (Gunm) train, good pick.

IIRC O scale model trains are about in scale with 28mm stuff, you might find some cars or bitz by looking at those lines.

Looks good so far.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/11 11:13:31

Post by: syr8766

Confirming KK's post: O scale is 1/50 scale (I believe), which is not 'true' 28mm (whatever that means), should look fine with 'heroic' 28mm.

And KK, I THOUGHT that train looked familiar!

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/11 11:17:17

Post by: ancientsociety

Wow, unbelievable. If you want some examples, I'd check out www.ironhands.com for a good example.

My question though: Why are you scratchbuilding trucks? It seems like a big hassle. You could just use a larger scale, perhaps G gauge?

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/11 11:24:45

Post by: Clayman

train ahead!
Looks good so far,long time no see either!
I would make the wheels bigger and with tires.i dont know why but a road train with truck tires seems mucho more appropriate than tracked
I would shorten in from the back,add a huge V shaped plow on the front and perhaps make it more bulky.
You just started it though so keep us up to date!

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/11 11:59:10

Post by: syr8766

Do not question ESDK (or any man) on his trucks: his 40k deuce & a half is legend on this board.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/11 12:13:38

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

"Why are you scratchbuilding trucks?"

Why do we do anything? I remember ESDK's truck, it was an amazing amount of work just to reproduce essentially a vietnam era truck (with suspention and everything) but it was GOOD work. There's an old Chinese (or Japanese) story, the King asked a painter what is easiest to paint and the man said demons since no one knows what they look like, and what's hardest? dogs, because everyone knows what they look like. In modeling I respect a historical paint job or scratchbuild a lot more than a fantastic (in the literal sense) one.

Course ESDK delivers both so there you go...

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/12 04:37:31

Post by: ancientsociety

I'm not criticizing his scratchbuilding. It looks really nice. I'm just suggesting that he could cut out a lot of time by kitbashing some pieces.

ESDK: Where is the first picture (I know the second example is from FSM) from?

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/12 06:32:05

Post by: ESDK

It´s from the manga "Battle Angel Alita", namely Volume 6, "Angel of Death". It´s a good source of inspiration as it takes place in a very Necromunda-ish world.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/12 10:14:38

Post by: SirNotInThisFilm

as long as you call it "Blaine"

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/12 10:38:40

Post by: ancientsociety

Blaine! Oh creepy, will they have a riddling contest???

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/18 18:49:32

Post by: ESDK

I´ve been very busy this week, so I hardly made any progress. The engineer is starting to take
shape with his lead apron and visor to protect him from the nuclear fire:

The boiler has received its outer plates and the cylinders are in their mock-up stage:

I´m also in the process of building another, slightly bigger wheel.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/20 12:53:53

Post by: DanTheAngry

I'm a fan, the mock up parts are looking good.  I'm liking the enginer although there my desire to see a mingle between Shining Time Station and the dark future of Warhamer 40k is not satisfied.

Keep at it.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/20 15:08:30

Post by: Jester

"I am Thomas, and my Engine is Tank!!! MUAHA!!!"

I really like the guy with the lead apron, an idea that I'll be yoinking for my long planned(but probably never to be accomplished) Adeptus Mechanicus manufactorum militia.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/20 17:31:10

Post by: chris_valera

    This is great work, but why styrofoam? Seriously? You want this thing to be around for awhile, right?


WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/21 05:12:37

Post by: ESDK

The styrofoam parts in the first pictures are only there to get a sense for the size of the real articles. Same with all the cardboard, it´s only there for test fitting etc. However, the main structure carrying the boiler is in fact built from plasticard-reinforced foam board. It would simply be to wasteful to built these large parts completely out of plasticard.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/21 16:27:19

Post by: MR.B

You know what would look great on the front of your engine? A big Adeptus Mechanicus symbol! From the Citys
of death box set!

I dont know if you looking to make a Adeptus theam to it?


WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/21 19:14:14

Post by: ESDK

Oh yes, I´ve got my eye on the Manufactorum sprues. These will certainly come in handy during the detailing but first I must complete the wheels etc.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/23 04:27:06

Post by: upliftingprimer

Ive been look ing at this thred for a wile what is this for

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/25 11:22:37

Post by: ESDK

This is just for fun, a diorama or scenery project basically.

And continuing at the usual snail´s pace, the next update:

The first set of wheels is done and the cylinders are nearing completion. The wheels aren´t cast all that well since the Omnissiah is testing my faith with inferior material, but at least the size looks about right. :

Our brave engineer is now equipped with his tools for handling fuel rods:

With the engineer finished, I´ll turn my attention towards the cabin. The mock up is a bit too large, now the whole thing looks like a smaller locomotive in a bigger scale rather than a huge one in Wh40K scale. I´ll also attach the boiler and the cylinders to the carrier beam for good to finalize the overall dimensions of the engine.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/06/25 12:51:22

Post by: DanTheAngry

Excellent work on the engineer but he's no Mr. Conductor.
I agree that the cabin is big looking and making it smaller is a good idea.

Keep up the good work as always ESDK

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/07/09 10:11:16

Post by: ESDK

Alright, finally making some headway:

That H-beam will extend through the rear wall of the cabin to the engine tender, to carry the fuel rods into the cabin and the reactor. The bulkhead still needs some details.

The other wall of the cabin. I´ll add more pipes and bits to the cabin over time.

The proportions are much more balanced now. Initially I wanted the cabin to extend over the sides of the boiler to get some room for forward facing windows. But this simply didn´t look good. And you know why ? Because I wanted to use windows where a true follower of the Machine will use cameras and monitors (that these will be easier to build is of course only a secondary benefit).

I´m awaiting a shipment of resin this week, so maybe I´ll have the wheels done this weekend. The resin I used for the preliminary parts apparently only has two states of aggregation: 1) Still soft and sticky after three days; 2) Brittle as sugar glass
Working with was...unsatisfactory.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/07/09 10:18:51

Post by: KiMonarrez

Um... not to split hairs... but the engineer wouldn't be messing with fuel rods... he'd be messing with CONTROL rods. Control rods are made of either boron or halfnium (the 2 most used control rod materials) and it's their insertion or extraction that controls the fission process.

Just thought I'd clear that up a bit.

Like the model though.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/07/09 11:28:51

Post by: ESDK

No, this engineer will definitely handle the fuel rods. Of course this means that he won´t be particulary busy as these things tend to last some time but he makes up for it by absorbing extreme amounts of radiation each time he actually does change one.

You wouldn´t want to use this crane-and-guy-with-a-big-grabber setup to mess with the control rods. Let me show you what I have in mind:

This is a cutaway view of the reactor. The fuel rods (green) are inserted into the reactor via the revolver drum in the middle (I´m not sure yet if I will actually build that part). The control rods (yellow) are arranged on top of the boiler. And why do we put them there ? So that in case of total system failure the rods will be driven into the reactor by good old reliable gravity, without any need for hydraulic, mechanical or electrical systems which would be out of order at this point. You certainly wouldn´t want to have to rely on human personell to make sure your reactor doesn´t turn into a bomb.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/07/09 11:52:23

Post by: KiMonarrez

Like what happened at SL-1?

Sounds like you know more than a little about nuclear reactors. Ex Navy Nuclear operator here. You?

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/07/09 17:15:51

Post by: ESDK

Mechanical engineer with emphasis on energy production

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/07/11 04:49:00

Post by: Drake_Marcus

Hey, is that done in Solid Edge? I think you need to turn the aa settings on Or get a new graphics card. Looks nice ESDK, as always I love the engineering mind set (feels more familiar to me) and your attention to detail. Have you sourced any scale train parts for the wheels/drive system? I'd stick with that to save time and produce the most convincing effect.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/07/11 07:37:34

Post by: ESDK

Yeah, it´s Solid Edge. If anyone asks this is, uh, "Academic" use, okay The anti-aliasing never seemed to do much, maybe it really is my graphics card.

I´m quite content with the wheels (aside from the mentioned problems with the resin) and the pistons and con-rods are rather simple shapes, so I´ll stick to scratch-building for the time being. Mostly because that´s the fun part for me but also because it allows more flexibility as I´m not limited to whatever parts I can find in the appropriate scale. Also, while the level of details on bought parts is better it can be at odds with the chunky WH40K style.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/07/11 08:00:56

Post by: Drake_Marcus

I use the Academic version of Soild Edge as well. I'm glad that others like it as much as I do... too many of my friends swear by Autocad. *shudders*

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/07/11 08:47:59

Post by: ptlangley

I dont think this design would be considered conservative enough for a Naval Reactor. Gravity isn't going to do alot to insert your control rods if your engine derails and flips over or on its side. Nice thing about ships and subs is they really hard to flip over. Of course for a gothic dark future a nuclear meltdown as a result of derailing a train is about right.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/07/11 10:13:56

Post by: ESDK

No problem, I´ll just install some icons and incense burners as redundant security systems

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/07/11 10:30:56

Post by: kendoka

Amazing project.
I have a W.I.P. 40k train on my desk - but seeing this, and realising how lame my train is, I decided to restart the project and steal alot of your ideas.

>Of course for a gothic dark future a nuclear meltdown as a result of derailing a train is about right.

That comment made my day. If I had been into sig collecting I had used it...

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/07/16 22:31:57

Post by: Commander Usiel

This is a great idea! I can't wait to see it finished.

I really like the control cabin, are the ports on the walls a turret mounting? If so what kit?

Usiel - The little engine that glows in the dark

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/07/17 03:52:24

Post by: Clayman

the mounts are SoB tops.im guessing by the small angled windows.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/07/17 10:08:02

Post by: ESDK

Yes, it´s the top of an Immolator cut in two.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/07/17 10:29:25

Post by: Anung Un Rama

love the way you included the manofactorum sprue! keep up the good work

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/07/23 09:11:07

Post by: ESDK

I´ve completed one of the more grueling tasks of this project: putting rivets all over the boiler and the cylinders. The results:

I also started building a footboard running along side the boiler:

Right now it´s sitting a bit too far above the wheels. To give some scale:

I´ve also finally got the resin, which made casting the wheels much easier. With one side done I´ll now decide the final position of the wheels and then see about the pistons and rods.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/07/23 12:20:50

Post by: DanTheAngry

Looking very good keep it up man.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/08/06 06:50:37

Post by: ESDK

Alright, picking up some steam, the footboard is in place and the drive train is taking shape:

Shrouded in mysterious shadows:

And I´ve started working on the undercarriage of the engine tender:

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/08/06 13:23:23

Post by: DanTheAngry

Me rikey. Keep up the good work man. I'm wondering what your doing on the front of the train with those cowlings?

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/08/06 14:07:45

Post by: Clayman

you know what would make it rawk?
A look alike to the train in Half Life 2.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/08/06 20:11:15

Post by: ESDK

@DanTheAngry: I must admit I don´t really know what these are good for, maybe they are some sort of width indicator like on old trucks. But they are on the original (see page 1) and look cool. Reason enough to put them on.

@Clayman: I did think about that one but a steam engine just has the more characteristic look.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/08/12 16:05:00

Post by: DanTheAngry

I see. Yeah they maybe an indicator, but trains go on tracks why does it need to fit between things? Isn't the path alreadt defined? They do look cool and will make a great place for decals and AM symbols...

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/08/12 18:23:37

Post by: Headhunter

The weird plate things on the front of the engine are more than likely armor plating to protect the front of the boiler since this is a wartime train.  I believe that portion of the boiler is where the steam is accumulated and then sent to the drive cylinders at the front of the locomotive.  Damage to the rest of the boiler (bascially a big water tank) would not be nearly as catastrophic as damage to the very high pressure steam accumulator.

Trains generally can only be as wide and high as any tunnels that they will go through on their journey.  This would be taken into account in every facet of their design.  FYI, the maximum length of the cars is determined by the severity of the curves the train with be asked to negotiate.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/08/13 08:14:10

Post by: ESDK

Heh, after some googleing I learned that these are in fact smoke deflector plates. They were designed to direct the airstream towards the exhaust to keep smoke and steam away from the windows in the drivers cabin. So, on a nuclear powered train engine without forward facing windows, they are quite close to being completely useless. Thankfully, I can always blame such design oddities on the rites and traditions of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/08/13 08:21:47

Post by: nyarlathotep667

One can not deviate from the sacred ways of the Omnissiah! For it is decreed, the Machine Spirit is protected by the Sacred Plates of Admantium, blessed be the plates and with these holy unguents and the burning of the Imperial Incense doth the techpriest see to it that the vehicle of atomic locomotion is prepared to do the bidding of the God-Emperor of Mankind in his ceaseless work at defending mankind from the cowardly enemies of our Holy Imperium!

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/08/15 00:10:07

Post by: Cyne

I don't really like those "armor plates". They look like they've just been slapped on there, both on your model and on the original picture. The Train looks more streamlined and HighTech without them imho.

If you decide to use them anyway, perhaps bulking upp the inside of them some would help as to not have them look like two big sheets of metal welded to the boiler.

Other then that, the model looks great. Will be interesting to see how the suspension turns out.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/08/15 05:24:03

Post by: Glaive Company CO

Well, before I started driving a Ford Ranger to work I would take an atomic locomotive. The "blast plates" on the forward sides were explained to me as being non-essential but still usefull by the dealer at the lot I bought it from. He said that they helped direct airflow when the engine was at speed that aided in cooling the outer hull of the reactor. They also acted as radiation deflection plates around the seal on the front of the engine. Finally, they were usefull as "whiskers" if the engineer was uncertain about width and height restraints when entering tunnels or clearing obstacles.

...oh, wait a minute! No, I owned a convertible superbeetle! Man! I always get that car confused with an atomic supertrain! Sorry, carry on.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/08/15 14:58:19

Post by: Bob Lorgar

It seems to me that with a little bit og work, the smoke deflector plates could be made into water radiators instead.


I have no experience in steam engine design, or in nuclear reactor design.  But it seems to me what the reactor is going to be doing is generating steam to drive the pistons.  Somehow, you're going to want to cool the steam off the reuse, right?  I'd use a design like a car radiator - put it out in the air stream, and I'd think it would work pretty well.  At least in terms of 40k tech. 


So for this train, you could make some small radiators to put between the "armor plates"/smoke deflectors and the main boiler.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/08/17 02:12:09

Post by: Agamemnon2

I'd keep the smoke deflectors, because they are an iconic feature of large European steam locomovies, such as the BR52 "Kriegslok". Not to mention the fact they're good surfaces to engrave sacred icons and inscriptions onto, as already brought forth.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/08/20 10:23:13

Post by: ESDK

And the Lord said: "Let there be supensions !"

Some more detail on the cylinders:

And a first rough mock-up of the tender:

The lower part will become the fuel rod hold while the upper part serves as base for the gun turret. The tender as a whole is too small right now while the gun turret is maybe a bit too big. I´ve got the idea for the turret from this picture:

Originally I planned to have two gun turrets next to each other, protruding somewhat from the sides of the tender, to get a better field of fire. But as often the size of the components seems much more fitting in the store than at the work bench. I´ll probably build a more detailed tender first and then decide on the size of the gun turret. Oh, and yeah, I´ll leave the smoke deflectors in place.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/09/25 05:22:18

Post by: ESDK

Alright, after two weeks vacation and some other distractions I´m back at the workbench again.

The engine tender is coming along quite nicely, though the gun part of it is maybe a bit too blocky right now. Maybe I´ll cut out some of the lower parts.

The undercarriage still needs some details. I was pleasantly surprised by the two part silicon rubber I used to make the molds, it even allowed for rather big undercuts.

I must however admit that I´m kind of burnt out concerning this project, especially thinking about all the smaller stuff like the pipeworks that still remain to be done. So, I started a side project. Originally, I wanted to use some of the Chaos Space Marine sprues I have lying around to convert them to Terminators.

I also wanted to use Beastmen parts as iconography but found them too big. Solution: Built a bigger Chaos Space Marine:

So, using plasticard and Beastmen and Ogre parts, I plan to built a Lord with stature/Demon Prince. I´ll start a seperate thread for him once I have more pictures.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/11/23 00:13:03

Post by: ESDK

Well, the project isn´t dead, it just started to smell really bad. After a lot of back and forth and general procrastination, this is the current state of the drivetrain:

That´s fine so far but not nearly as elaborate as the real thing. Building all the necessary pistons and pushrods to complete the look is more work than I want to do. So what do I do ? I remind myself that this is a military locomotive and as such needs armor plating, which just so happens to hide most of the wheels, leaving plenty of room for imagination:

I also finally got around to place some iconography on the smoke deflectors:

Together with doors and a roof for the driver´s cabin the whole thing now looks like this:

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/11/23 01:41:28

Post by: precinctomega

I can't help but feel that keeping this as a diorama piece is a waste of such beautiful work. You must, must make this into a tabletop piece, even if only for special occasions!


WIP Train Engine @ 2006/11/23 07:40:45

Post by: insaniak

Yup... I'd be fighting the temptation to rig up a motor to the wheels, and have this little fella tootling around the board during games...

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/11/23 10:04:28

Post by: Wayfarer

Or make a game board specifically for this piece, then write up some cool rules for the train and a mission to "stop the train" or "protect the train" or something. Anything to actually use it in games.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/11/23 11:14:21

Post by: Drake_Marcus

ahhhh cool. Just lookign at those linkages makes me think I should be doing a Kin and Dyn analysis :p Great work dude! I want more pics of your other projects

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/11/23 22:43:08

Post by: ESDK

Alas, the sad truth is that the wheels can´t really move. When you build complex machinery on the go rather than from plans and calculations, it might turn out that certain parts can´t actually pass other parts during movement...
Then there´s also the fact that stuff built from foam core and plasticard has slightly broader tolerances than machined metal. So yeah, the wheels can be wiggled back and forth a bit and do move together but it doesn´t really work. On top of that there would be the problem of paint being scraped off.

Right now I´m working on finally getting some pipes, panels, railing and of course skulls on the thing.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/11/28 01:20:27

Post by: klingsor

A cheap O gauge locomotive would surely be the ideal starting point. In Europe Lima used to do fairly basic O gauge locomotives and rolling stock and these are found easily enough on Ebay. Keep the chassis remove the body (so you can sell it intact if need be) and scrathbuild yourself a new body. The track alone looks great on the tabletop ? I based mine in two foot lengths on MDF and ballasted it for the permanent way. A Leman Russ fits nicely on an O gauge wagon bed. That is an interesting load.

Somewhat cheaper is on30. Basically 1/48th scale narrow gauge ? or O gauge scale on HO scale track. A cheap HO or better yet an OO/HO locomotive can be found and adapted. If you do not need a runner Dapol and Revell both do locomotive kits. I quite fancy the 2-10-0 BR Evening Star for this.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/11/28 02:45:29

Post by: tinfoil

Whoa. I was just piecing through this when I came across the chaos terminator WIP.
Beastmen heads as iconography. Nice! I'm going to have to nick that.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/11/28 05:27:22

Post by: ESDK

@klingsor: Yeah, I thought about something like when I started the project. I saw a Mega Bloks steam engine set that probably would have worked quite well but then I decided it would be more fun to build it completly from scratch. Also the issue with paint scraping off moving parts would still be there, the original coloring would hardly work for the 40K setting.

@tinfoil: Be my guest. Funny thing, I actually couldn´t get around to work on that side project either while I had paused construction of the engine, he´s still unfinished.

But now onto the main event. Let me impart some modeling wisdom: It´s a lot easier to build stuff once you stop worrying wether any of it would make practical sense in reality.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/11/28 08:52:05

Post by: Drake_Marcus

Looks really great right now. Obviously the 3 armour plates will have to be positioned better once you get it all done, but I'm assuming they're just held on with tack for the time being. Any chance you plan on magetising them to make them easily removable? Do you plan to make the eagle more ornate? I'd also like to see some cool signage embossed on the train in certain places (obviously the vast majority would be painted on). Do you plan on adding some adeptus mechanicus symbols or do you feel it would've been made privately? I wouldn't go too overboard with the skulls and eagles if only because it's not a military train (as far as I remember).

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/11/28 18:47:40

Post by: ESDK

Magnets would in fact be a good idea. I´ll try to give the eagle a bit more depth but overall it will remain rather sleek. Adeptus Mechanicus symbols are a must. An obvious choice would be to attach the big one from the Manufactorum sprue to the front of the boiler, but I actually prefer the plain, utilitarian look. Which is of course slightly at odds with the "cathedral on wheels" style one might expect from the Imperium. I´ll just see that I get the other side of the engine up to this point as well and then worry about further decoration.

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/12/24 02:25:31

Post by: ESDK

Alright, some updates: I´ve finally glued the boiler onto the chassis, added ladders and footboards to both sides of the cabin, cast the wheels and connecting rod for the other side, added some pipes and other detail and magnetized the armor skirts as well as the roof and one wall of the cabin.


WIP Train Engine @ 2006/12/24 11:39:55

Post by: Stella Cadente

That looks amazing, can`t wait to see the finished product

WIP Train Engine @ 2006/12/25 12:09:54

Post by: Drake_Marcus

Looks fantastic as always. How about a stunty mutant working the furnace? Nothing too mutated, just have them be stunted in growth so they look dwarfish (not fantasy dwarf of course). Fits in with the background and would take up slightly less space in the cabin thus allowing more of the details to show.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/01/07 03:51:58

Post by: ESDK

Update: The drivetrain is now complete on both sides, as well as the magnetized armor and smoke deflector plates. Also the wheels and pushrods are now secured by pins.
I´ve added control rod hatches to the roof and a ladder and footboards (still very preliminary right now) to provide access to them.


@Drake Marcus: Yes, a mutant or some bio-mechanical affront to god would be a good addition to bring some much needed gothicness into it.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/01/07 04:22:04

Post by: honsou3

Posted By ESDK on 11/28/2006 10:27 AM
@klingsor: Yeah, I thought about something like when I started the project. I saw a Mega Bloks steam engine set that probably would have worked quite well but then I decided it would be more fun to build it completly from scratch. Also the issue with paint scraping off moving parts would still be there, the original coloring would hardly work for the 40K setting.

I don't see how this applies to a chassis

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/01/07 08:55:27

Post by: ESDK

It doesn´t, I was refering to the pistons, pushrods etc.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/01/07 16:58:54

Post by: MagickalMemories

Not to be picky.... Actually, trying to be helpful.

The last minute is the WORST time to discover a problem, after all...


In this picture:

I noticed that there is still a mold line showing on the grey exhaust piece from the (I think) Cities of Death bit on the right hand side (as you look at it in the image).






There also appears to be some on the other one, as seen in this pic:


WIP Train Engine @ 2007/01/07 20:14:45

Post by: ESDK

Yes, the first one has a slight miscast that I should putty/sand over but the on the second one it´s a trick of the lighting.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/01/09 22:26:46

Post by: Gundammecha

Hi ESDK this is amazing and I've really enjoyed following the progress of this project.

I had a question about the magnetic sheets that you've cut and put on the door hatches and armour plates. Where did you get these and how did you attach them to the plastic? By super glue or the sticky backing that comes on some companies magnetic sheets?

I'm looking to add magnetic strips to the doors on my forgeworld tanks so I can easily remove the armour sections to see the interior detial. For example on the Armageddon pattern basilik i just ordered theres a huge back door that reveals a really nice detailed interior. I don't want to just leave the door open and glue it down. I'd really like to magnetise it.

I'm planning to do the same to the Shadowsword that I'm getting so i can remove the sections but still keep them firmly in place. How strong do you find that the magnetic strips are?



WIP Train Engine @ 2007/01/09 22:49:38

Post by: migsula

Finding this thread made my day!

Simply fantastic again! I really hope you take this to a GD

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/01/10 06:50:37

Post by: ESDK

Thanks guys, I´ll try to finish it rather "soon-ish", though I´m currently beset by both work demands and the siren call of computer games.

Concerning your question Gundammecha, I picked them up from a local arts and crafts store but for example this site: http://www.magnetsource.com/Consumer%20Pages/Sheeting.html seems to offer an equivalent product. They are really quite strong, I can in fact (carefully though) pick up the driver´s cabin by the magnetized roof and that´s only held in place by one maybe 8mm*40mm strip.

The adhesive side works fine if you attach them to a level, clean surface but if you use them on something curved or if you had to reposition them once or twice, it would be better to support them with a little super glue dabbed to the sides.

The one problem I encountered is with their thickness. The sheet is about 2mm thick and since I used two strips for every connection it adds up to a noticeable spacer. You could however exchange one strip of sheet for some of those round neodyme magnet which are amazingly strong and easier to hide. Looking at the pictures at Forgeworld, I think at worst you´ll have to add additional support columns for the magnetic sheet strips, like I did in the drivers cabin. Apart from that I think this would work just fine.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/01/10 07:05:33

Post by: Drake_Marcus

She's coming together fantastically. Any chance you plan on doing some work on the edges where the plates meet on the cabin structure? I'd say crude welds or some nice rivet action would look great. As far as the detailing goes, and brass etch plans?

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/01/10 08:39:03

Post by: ESDK

Mhm, yeah some rivets might be in order. I thought about adding some mesh I still have lying around but no appropriate place for it jumped out at me. Maybe as a heat shroud somewhere. Custom etching stuff is still a bit beyond my technical capabilities.

The next step beyond general detailing will be the bulkhead at the back of the cabin and the already mentioned servitor.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/01/10 12:40:29

Post by: Drake_Marcus

Well I'm psyched to see the next set of improvements

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/01/10 17:11:48

Post by: Kaile_Bloodhammer

not sure if anyone notified you ESDK...but your out of your gourd. thought you should know.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/01/10 22:17:07

Post by: ESDK

They say madness runs in our family... heh... Some even call me mad... And why..? Becauase I dared to dream of my own race of atomic monsters..!? Atomic supermen with octagonal-shaped bodies that suck blood out of you...

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/01/11 02:02:21

Post by: Gundammecha


Thanks for the tips.

I've just ordered a whole load of magnetic supplies from online stores. I've got the flexible magnetic sheets and flexible steel sheets, and the little mini circular magnets, 2 different sizes.

When they arrive I think I'll play around with it a bit and see which gives the nicest result without spacing the panels out enough.

When work starts on my Kreig Shadowsword I'll post a WIP.


WIP Train Engine @ 2007/02/04 04:22:10

Post by: ESDK

As usual, once I´ve actually worked up the resolve to get something done I´m flooded with distractions. But I´ve got some progress to report anyway:

Added rivets and bulkheads to the cabin, started the construction of the right hand tank (the blue stuff):

Built most of the cabin servitor:

He´s a bit big but there will still be room inside the cabin once he´s installed. Once the tank is done, the cabin will be pretty much finished. Still missing are some icons, skulls etc. but we´ll see about that.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/02/04 04:48:09

Post by: Shaman

Maybe you could give the servitor a train drivers hat?

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/02/04 05:50:09

Post by: Hellfury

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only "The little train that could".

Amazing project. I was very skeptical at first months ago when you started this thread. i figured you would drop it.

Glad to see I was wrong and you stuck with it. I am not a train fanactic, but this is undoubtedly cool.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/02/04 06:11:56

Post by: Sepherus

You know you could actually have baught a large guage model train from a shop... there are 6 different guages i think, from 00 which is very small scale to H which is freakin huge.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/02/04 07:43:39

Post by: nyarlathotep667

Posted By Sepherus on 02/04/2007 11:11 AM
You know you could actually have baught a large guage model train from a shop... there are 6 different guages i think, from 00 which is very small scale to H which is freakin huge.
Yes, but engines in that size are ridiculously expensive and here we get to see ESDK put to use those fab modeling skills in creating something unique and completely Warhammer 40,000 instead of some steam engine with GW bits tacked on.

ESDK: Great work as usual. However, I do hope you add more greeblie details to your engine servitor, be it more wires, tubes, hydraulics and stuff (or even sculpted on with GS). Great job and thanks for keeping us posted, I look forward to seeing the finished product. 

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/02/04 17:26:57

Post by: ESDK

Train driver´s hat, heh, I´ll consider it
Yeah, the servitor will get some more details. An Adeptus Mechanicus icon obviously, some more wires and tubes and maybe a hydraulic harness for his arms.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/02/20 06:59:55

Post by: ESDK

Today´s secret word is: Ornaments !

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/02/20 15:54:18

Post by: Drake_Marcus

WOW I love the ordainments- fantastic! But the true highlight is the servator- wow. I love the eyewires- gruesome and cool. What's the fuel situation looking like?

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/02/20 15:54:46

Post by: Drake_Marcus

Hahaha- ordainments- I'm awesome. :p

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/02/20 16:28:40

Post by: Jester

Am I the only one who thinks of the troop train from Enemy at The Gates when I see this? A commisar or two corralling a bunch of guardsmen into a rickety boxcar as a group of tech guard watch from a heavily armed wagon in front of the engine would be awesome.

Excellent job, as usual.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/02/21 00:18:24

Post by: Boss Salvage

Welcome to the 41st Millenium, little nuclear train engine!

Wonderful stuff, all these ordainments are really solidying it for me. Is the other side as nicely done up, or still awaiting attention? Looking great either way!

- Boss Salvage

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/02/21 04:37:24

Post by: ESDK

The other side has yet to receive the wings, I just wanted to show off the first finished set
They were printed out from a drawing on the computer, glued to cardboard, cut out and then used to create a silicon rubber mold. Now I´m thinking about replacing the eagle head on the smoke deflectors using the same technique. I found these Fw 190 decals:

that look the part (the eagle, ignore the chicken heads ), the only question is whether they will have enough depth to work as a relief instead of just a decal.

Concerning the fuel I must admit I rather ignored the fuel rod tender for a while, so it´s still in the same state as back on page 5. I´m not quite happy with the proportions of the wheels and the actual tender, I might have to rework them.

Looking forward, two big things aside from the ornaments remain to be done: A sort of "hump" on the top of the boiler, possibly with a smoke/steam stack and the tracks. I have already started to prepare the rails (H-beams with one side of the H´s "legs" narrowed down) and once I´ve decided on a definitive wheel base I´ll go to work on the crossties. Another good opportunity to include some skulls !

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/02/21 08:52:27

Post by: hivefleet_providence

Man, this is looking sweeter and sweeter...Can't wait to see more...

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/03/04 06:35:47

Post by: ESDK


So, the tracks are coming along nicely, both sides now have wings and skulls and I´ve added some more detail to the upper part of the boiler. I haven´t got round to building the alternative eagle heads yet.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/03/04 08:23:15

Post by: Anung Un Rama

so, will you build a complete track for your gaming table, or will that thing be a single piece?

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/03/04 10:57:29

Post by: Foda_Bett

You should name it Blaine.

Impressive work as always, its great seeing your skills progress with each subsequent build.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/03/05 02:25:12

Post by: SirNotInThisFilm

Posted By SirNotInThisFilm on 06/12/2006 3:14 PM
as long as you call it "Blaine"

welcome to 6 months ago Foda

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/03/05 16:46:02

Post by: ESDK

@Anung Un Rama: It will be just this roughly 1 meter long strip of tracks.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/03/24 18:18:30

Post by: ESDK

Alright, the alternative eagle emblems didn´t really work but going back to an earlier suggestion by Drake Marcus I´ve added some brass parts and some more walkways and pipes to the control rod area:

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/05/10 07:04:21

Post by: ESDK

Just a small "sign of life" update. As usual, whenever I seriously try to complete a project, other commitments get in the way. So here it is, in all its "primed until the spray can ran out half-way through" glory:

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/05/10 14:39:49

Post by: commisar-Kaine

...how don't you work for some game company?

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/05/10 19:37:31

Post by: Furious

Incredible. Really incredible.

This has been quite a project and I've enjoyed watching come to fruition.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/06/01 03:47:28

Post by: kendoka

Best Dakka thread.

(bump in a desperate attempt to save it before it reaches "Thread-Necromancy depth")

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/06/01 05:41:29

Post by: Anung Un Rama

great work, but for some reason it doenst look as impressive as it did when it was unpainted

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/06/01 21:04:04

Post by: Beast

Yes, it is very impressive.  I would like to see pics of the finished engine on the tracks and in the setting you envisage.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/06/02 21:10:37

Post by: ESDK

I might be able to get some work done next weekend but I can promise nothing. Even under the best of circumstances it´s always the final touches and the painting of models I struggle most with and on top of that, the circumstances are somewhat sub-optimal now. But I´ll see what I can do.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/06/03 15:41:08

Post by: commisar-Kaine

Posted By Anung Un Rama on 06/01/2007 10:41 AM
great work, but for some reason it doenst look as impressive as it did when it was unpainted

thats because it looks like a real train set now =-)

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/06/10 07:59:16

Post by: ESDK

Alright, the tracks have been laid:

And I´ve started with the interior of the cabin:

Now, as I´ve hinted at during my other posts, I can only work on this every other weekend. Which basically means I don´t get anything done.Painting stuff is much less fun to me than building it and yet I still would like to see this finished. That´s why I´d like to ask if anyone of the more enthusiatic painters around here would like to take it of my hands. The details of a transfer would still need to be worked out but first I just want to gauge interest in the idea. So, any takers ?

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/06/10 10:39:51

Post by: DanTheAngry

I'll do it.
Extremely cool project I'd like to have a hand in it.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/06/11 07:13:49

Post by: ESDK

Sold ! (kind of) to the man with the angry name. I´ll start looking for a way to wrap it all up into a reasonably sturdy parcel (which won´t happen before this weekend and might take until the next one) and then get back to you via PM for the details.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/06/11 13:54:22

Post by: DanTheAngry

Cool. That works for me.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/06/30 11:22:29

Post by: DanTheAngry

So the train is now at my house.
I thought this thing was cool in the pictures. It is way more awesome in real life. It is very big! And Really detailed. I can see why you don't want to paint it ESDK.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/07/01 04:19:52

Post by: ESDK

Hehe, yeah it´s rather daunting, isn´t it. I was thinking about doing it in a sort of battleship camouflage scheme, jagged shapes of different grey tones, but I´m looking forward to see what you do with it.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/07/03 08:29:17

Post by: DanTheAngry

I was thinking a adeptus kinda red ala James.

But, I still need to do some more thinking.

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/09/12 23:16:13

Post by: migsula

So did you paint it???

WIP Train Engine @ 2007/10/13 11:11:49

Post by: DanTheAngry

Not yet been pretty busy with work and my car. I foresee getting it done around Christmas.