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Made in pl
Regular Dakkanaut

Games Workshop miniature, Masters-level, NMM, Battle-damage, Scenic base from MadFly-Bases.
Vote on CMON, CMON (Closeup).
1st runner-up of The Painted Dragon's May & June Painting Competition

Painted by: Yaroslav Bozhdynsky


Comments are welcome

Made in ru
Ambitious Space Wolves Initiate


Man, an economic one ! Hahaha
Painting is outstanding (loool ) !
Some tutorial about the battle damage on shield please!
Regards ,

Ps. sto raz lepiej by było napisać po Polsku no ale cóż , Anglojęzyczne forum

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SW Army - 5000 pts , Silver in Golden Demon  
Made in gb
Death-Dealing Devastator

this is great, love it, very well painted and really nice battle damage, well done.

Raptors Response Force 2000pts

Sons of Orar 1250pts

Bora Boka's Mercenaries 1500pts

cult of iocus 500pts

Made in ca
Nasty Nob


Misplaced his arm I see. Not sure if he's dead or just taking a break though


To Be Stomped
No One
My vision of how 40k ends: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5937830/1/Time-of-Ending-the-40k-Finale  
Made in gb
Stone Bonkers Fabricator General

We'll find out soon enough eh.

Beautiful work, especially the battle damage and that lovely emerald colour you've done on the accents. Do you work primarily with brushes or an airbrush, or a mix of the two?

I need to acquire plastic Skavenslaves, can you help?
I have a blog now, evidently. Featuring the Alternative Mordheim Model Megalist.

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Made in gb
Lit By the Flames of Prospero

Aberystwyth, Wales

Marvelous! It reminds me of the Dread from Flight Of The Eisenstein's last moments.

That's definitely a good thing

And therefore, I blame Shrike.
Veteran Sergeant wrote:If 40K has Future Rifles, and Future Tanks, and Future Artillery, and Future Airplanes and Future Grenades and Future Bombs, then contextually Future Swords seem somewhat questionable to use, since it means crossing Future Open Space to get Future Shot At.
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Coolyo294 wrote:Short answer: No.
Long answer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Made in pl
Regular Dakkanaut

Yodhrin wrote:Do you work primarily with brushes or an airbrush, or a mix of the two?

I work with a brush, airbrush is used mostly to prime or varnish, sometimes i use an airbrush to make a couple of layers on big projects and then work with brush all the way

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