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Tau Stealthsuit XV22 to XV15 Conversion  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Greetings fellow Dakkaites!

Been wanting some XV15s for a while, but dont really want to buy them individually so I decided to convert some. I looked at some other conversions but wasnt completely sold on them; wasn't a big fan of the proportions. So, I decided to do them myself.

I started out by cutting the head from the torso. I just followed right under the helmet (it sucked) and ended up with this.

Assembled the rest of the torso.

Got this idea from the Miniwargaming.com tutorial. Trimmed down a Firewarrior shoulder pad to bulk out the torso and cover the ugly spot in the front from cutting.

Filled in the gaps with greenstuff (dont critique my greenstuff skills, I know I suck at it ). They're a little bulky, but I think its cool. They have a 3+ save, and this makes up for not having the huge helmet.

Finished. Still have to go back and get mould lines and do some filling and filing. But I dont think it's too shabby for one night.

Standard one for reference.

Thanks for looking! Comments are welcome!

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Manchester uk

Great little bit of modelling work youve done there,I like your conversion and its a lot cheaper to do than some that I have seen. The profile is still a bit chunky but I actually like that about these, even though I only use XV15s for my stealth suits I do feel they are a bit too slim.

One thing though wouldn't it just be simpler to pick up some XV15s from Fleabay? Unprinted they go for much less than normal XV25s in my experience.

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Slippery Scout Biker

I like them! I would call them XV20's a generation up from the XV15's but not the 25's. also fits well with shadowsuns armor style.
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Xv15 are sold in Finecast blisters of 3 for $20 each, the individual one is the Shas'vre.

Great conversions nonetheless, and with the helmets... we shall call them MiniTides.

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