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Made in nz
Despised Traitorous Cultist

Hey guys sorry it's been such a long time between schoolwork and other distractions i haven't had much time to work on miniatures.
However i have decided to hunker down this year and give it my all for Army's on Parade.
Another thing to note is that my eventual plan is to make several army's that are connected and can be used in games of apocalypse seamlessly (however that goal is a long way off)
for those of you that want to find the lore of the Nova Phantoms and the Army list take a peek in the spoilers below for those who want the images carry on.

The Nova Phantoms were once known as the great Nova Guard Legion. However tragedy struck when the entire legion vanished into the Warp just
before the Horus Hearsay began. Now millennium later out of the hundreds of ships that carried the great legion one ship has emerged from the horrors of
their prison, tearing at the seams this broken vessel and it's passengers have only just made it back to their home of Eldaris V, a small Forge orbiting a gas giant that
is almost as old as the Galaxy itself. this small moon also happens to be one of the most well defended planets with a vast network of orbital defense batteries
surrounding not only the moon but also around the gas giant in such a way that that if a single battery were destroyed eight more would be able to open fire on the hostile.
Imagine the surprise when this network which had fended off ORK WAGGHHS and Chaos invasions was simultaneously deactivated by access codes lost for generations.
needless to say the defense force was immediately mobilized along with the resident Sentoras force, a cry for help from Eldaris V fell on deaf ears for the Nova Guard were
masters of technological warfare thus reducing the Mecanicus on the planet to nothing but raving lunatics. as the planet below prepared for war the Nova Guard knew that
they would not be welcomed home with open arms, they pulled out blueprints of technology long forgotten and began the hard task of taking back their Homeworld.
The War was swiftly won thanks to the technological supremacy the Nova Guard had access to from the great crusade along with the know how of creating newer and more
advanced tech. As the Nova Guard looked at how their great legion had become but a fragment of their former selves they looked at the Imperium and saw that the same fate
had befallen it, with this knowledge a vow was made to restore the Imperium to it's former glory and to eradicate the falsity of the Ecleasyarchy and Omnimash, even if it meant
they would have to fight their former brothers in arms, and so the Nova guard seeing them selves as but ghosts of their former legion decreed that they would hence forth be known
as the Nova Phantoms until the they had restored the Imperium to it's former glory.

Army List

Master of the Forge: with conversion beamer, power weapon. 125 PTS
Librarian: with physic mastery 2, Grav pistol. 105 PTS

Terminator Squad: with 3 chainfists, Assault Cannon. 235 PTS
Terminator Squad: with 5 chainfists, Heavy Flamer. 235 PTS
Terminator Assault Squad: 5 Thunder Hammers and Storm Shield. 225 PTS

Tactical Squad: 10 man, lascannon, meltagun, Teleport Homer, Rhino. 160 PTS
Rhino: Extra Armor, Storm Bolter. 50 PTS

Heavy Support
Devistator Squad: 2 Lascannons, MultiMelta, PlasmaCannon, Combi-Grav. 145 PTS
Thunderfire Cannon. 100 PTS

The Leader of the Nova Phantoms my Master of the Forge, he uses a Charged Particle Cannon as a Conversion Beamer.
however one of the leg armor went missing so it's not in the photo.

the first member of the tactical squad, also my first attempt at true-scale marines, the reason that this character is a gal is because one
of the features of the Nova Phantoms is that they can have female members either by a defect in their Gene Seed or their the only ones
to even try.

so that's all for now tell me what you think of them and i'm open to conversion ideas, and i pan to be back very soon.

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Made in nz
Despised Traitorous Cultist

It Began as a way to remember their lost BROTHERS...

Small pieces of parchment with the names of the fallen...

But it grew larger. taking trophies from foes considered worthy. Slowly their obsession for death has grown...

Now it is their darkest secret... their one Guilty... Little... PLEASURE....

so with the update over it's time to say a couple of things. First being: GOD DAMN it i need to stop abandoning threads after making the first post
i guess the main reason for this is lack of reply's possibly making me feel like no one cares about the thread and causing me to lose interest in making
further posts but none the less this time i will solder on. OK for better sounding news I have looked back on my idea and realized that the Nova Phantoms
stuck out like a sore thumb with the rest of the universe as they had no flaws or corruption of any kind, as you could probably read this has been fixed furthermore
this major flaw will allow for more converting possibility.
some edits have been made to the army list manly the addition of a stormraven gunship bringing the point total to 1580 so there may need to be some cutting to make it 1550
but its a start also look below for a pic

next up on the list are the terminator squads and i already have some ideas on how to make them.

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