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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Sanford, Fl

Thinking about trenchers and all the goodies that Superiority has provided them.  Now I want to see if there are any casters that would use the skills of the trenchers better than Siege.

I can see a trencher squad with all the goodies, Finn, chaine gun and proter and the new jack for them.

Anyone have any new ideas on using trenchers as well?

Warrior 50

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Bellevue, WA

First off, all of the goodies are going to end up being very expensive. Trenchers are already some of the most expensive troops in the game; the UA is like 40 points and iirc the Porter ain't cheap either.

Right now most people use Trenchers as a hard speed bump - either rolling smoke or dug in against enemy shooting. They'll still be good at this. However, they're also going to be able to work independently from the rest of the army - like Stormguard.

- the UA has an order that lets them shoot and then either run or charge. Against melee heavy lists this is going to be sick, the ultimate in run and gun. 10 trenchers + UA gives you a POW23 CRA, after which you can run backward 12". These guys will be nightmarishly difficult for anything but cavalry to catch. pCaine or pStryker will be good for them with snipe.
- The Grenadier seems like it will work well with the Chain Gun Crew at covering objectives. The only drawback is their weapons are only POW10; but the crew will give the Grenadier it's +2 shots. AD the crew dug in with range to an objective, turn 1 advance the Grenadier and dig in next to the crew. They'll eat most any non-shieldwalling infantry alive, especially if you toss eCaine's Magic Bullet on the chaingun. That means you end up with the following:
- 9 POW10 shots from the chaingun (including the strafe shots)
- 3 POW12(?) shots from the grenadier with a 3" AOE

Finn's real value is for his wetwork; that's where I've seen him do the best job.
Made in us
Been Around the Block

Regular Haley.  Blitz?  Doing all that shooting and then being able to do it again.

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