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OPTION A (Read below for details).
OPTION B (Read below for details).
OPTION C (Read below for details).

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The 'Pile In' Moves rule on page 44 of the rulebook says: "At the end of each Assault phase, models in units that were locked, but which are not themselves engaged in combat MUST move up to 6 [inches] in an attempt to contact enemy that were in the same combat."

Note: The 'Pile In' Moves diagram presented on page 44 appears to show engaged models (within 2" of friendly models that are in base contact with the enemy) making a 'Pile In' move.

The Assault Phase Summary on page 36 of the rulebook says: "6. Pile In. If units are still locked in close combat then any models not in base-to-base contact are moved 6 [inches] towards the enemy to continue the fight next turn."


QUESTION: When you play, what models locked in combat get to make 'Pile In' moves: any models that aren't in base contact, or only those that aren't engaged?


OPTION A. I follow the rules text presented on page 44: In a locked unit, only non-engaged models (those that are not in base-contact with an enemy model, or within 2" of a model from its own unit in base contact with an enemy model) make a 'Pile In' move.


OPTION B. I follow the diagram presented on page 44 and the Assault Phase Summary on page 36: In a locked unit, all models not in base contact with an enemy model make a 'Pile In' move.


OPTION C. Something else entirely: reply exactly what it is below.


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Rampaging Carnifex

It never occurred to us that the summary/diagrams would be different. Wow

My tendency is to play the game by the rules text not by summaries or diagrams, but we've just always played that anything not in base has to spend its pilein move to try to get into base. I would guess we just skimmed and then assumed the diagrams were accurate.

So we play B here. I think, also, we might have been influenced by when you charge you must try to get models in base as a priority.
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Automated Rubric Marine of Tzeentch

B for me, although other people still want to wrap around like you did in third edition because you could only fight in base to base. I like only having three in base to base but have everyone fight!

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