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Regular Dakkanaut

Disclaimer. I'm posting this due to interest expressed by other forum members. I'm doing a copy and paste from our forum where Steve posted all his bat reps.


All right, here goes the report. I will probably have to do this in sections but will keep hammering away on it until it is finished even if it takes me a few days.

Starting out the final version of my dwarf list was as follows:

1 x Runelord (General): Anvil of Doom; Great Weapon; Gromril Armor; Shield; R of Stone, R of Preservation, R of Resistance; R of Spellbreaking; 394 Pts
1 x Master Engineer: R of Stone; 75 pts
25 x Warriors: Heavy Armor; Shields; Full Command; 250 Pts
25 x Warriors: Heavy Armor; Shields; Full Command; 250 Pts
10 x Thunderers: Light Armor; Shields; 150 Pts
10 x Thunderers: Light Armor; Shields; 150 Pts
10 x Quarrellers: Light Armour; Shield; 120 Pts
1 x Bolt Thrower: Engineer, BoP; R of Penetrating; 90 Pts
1 x Cannon: Engineer, BoP; R of Forging, R of Burning; 150 Pts
10 x Miners: 110 Pts
1 x Organ Gun: 120 Pts
1 x Gyrocopter: 140 Pts

Dispel Pool: 7 + 1 scroll
Models in Army: 110
Total Army Cost: 1999

I had debated the different versions of the list for a few weeks looking at the tactical flexibility the rangers that were originally in the list provided vs. the additional firepower (quality not quantity) that the ME and the Cannon brought. In the end I was happy with the choice and the ME performed very well for me in most games as did the cannon. Generally I found myself crewing the BT with the ME rather than the cannon as the BS 5 BT was usually more advantageous to me than having d6 wounds on the cannon. Even in my first game against WE with a treeman I crewed the BT as the cannon had the R of Burning and was doing double damage anyway.

Now that I have actually mentioned the WE army which was my first opponent I guess I should go ahead and provide a run-down of the full list and a synopsis of the game. His army was (from memory) as follows:

Level 4 Wizard: 3 scrolls, Ranu's Heartstone
Noble: War Dancer Kindred, Moonstone of Hidden Ways
Glade Guard x 15, Full Command
Dryads x 10
Dryads x 10
Dryads x 10
Glade Riders x 6
Glade Riders x 6
Wardancers x 10 (ish)
Wild Riders x 6: Full Command, War Banner
Eagle x 1

He had a pretty wide deployment taking up the majority of the deployment zone with the intention of being able to flank my line. I deployed just right of center with a wood protecting my exposed flank...sure I know they can move through it...but they can't see through it; and if they are close enough to the edge to see through it then they are close enough for the OG to light them up. He tried to drive pretty hard towards the left flank of my army but not as direct as he might have come as the tried to shelter from my shooting. Granted the wide deployment actually hurt him as it piece-mealed his army to me letting me deal with it in sections rather than as a whole. Several opponents made this mistake over the course of the tourney fearing one thing or another in my army.

Additionally he kept his treeman hidden in woods and tried to tree-surf across the table for the first three turns so that I couldn't shoot him with the burning cannon. The down -side to this approach was it took him alot longer to try to cross the table and had he been able to surf all the way to my lines he wouldn't have been able to charge out as he stayed more than two in so I couldn't see the treeman. Granted this didn't work all the way as on the third turn he had the treeman surrounded by dryads in the same wood and had the dryad directly in between the cannon and treeman within an inch of the edge so I was able to target the dryad and look for the bounce to hit the treeman. The following turn he finally brought it out out the woods to prepare for a turn five charge but I positioned a 25 model warrior unit to intercept and then blasted it off the face of the board.....granted it doesn't take more than two shots to kill a teeman when the first shot is with a magic flaming cannon and the second is a magic str. 7 BT so he isn't getting the ward save against either.

The copter served me pretty well in this game with a few march blocks and steam shots on the fast cavalry, the OG was pretty effective as well doing a number on the fast cavalry and chewing up some dryads. The only unit that really let me down was the miners. When they finally showed up on turn four I charged them (using the anvil) into the flank of his last three wild riders....I started the combat with rank, flank, and outnumber (+3) vs. his banner and war banner (+2) and four dwarves fighting vs his one elf. Of course all four dwarves missed, his elf killed a dwarf, the miners lost combat to the musician, failed their leadership and got chased down....I am not going to begrudge him this as the wild riders didn't last through another one of my turns and in the end the miners were the only full unit he got victory points for.

The final result he got 110 pts for the miners and 75 pts for 1/2 credit for one unit of hand gunners. I got 1593 points of his army (all except the level four and half the archers and 1 dryad) plus a couple of board quarters and a banner so won by a solid 1700 points for the massacre. He awarded me 8 (out of 10) points for sports, I gave him a 10 (I gave that to all my opponents during the tourney) turned in our sheets and went to recharge on caffeine and nicotine before my next game.

After the break I came back and looked at the pairings and my second game was on table 10 against a Brettonian player. He ended up winning best sportsmanship in the GT (I think) and was a pretty good guy. I was a little apprehensive as I haven't had any playtest opportunities against Bretts and he had what looked like a pretty hard army though there were a few things I would have changed. His list:

1 x Lord: Grail Vow, Enchanted Shield, Lance, Virtue of the Joust
1 x BSB: Some Vow, Some Virtue (no panic and gain hatred against missile units), Mane of Purebreed
2 x Damsels on horses with toys
9 x Knights of the Realm with War Banner
7 x Knights of the Realm (BSB & Damsel goes Here)
9 x Knights Errant with Banner of Chalons (?)
7 x Grail Knights (Lord and Damsel goes here)
5 x Pegasus Knights

I think he made the worng choice on the configuration of the BSB (at a minimum) and also didn't agree with his unit sizes and definitely the banner choice on the Errants. I also think 5 pegasus knights is probably one knight too many though against an army with a decent amount of shooting it probably helps.

This game I deploy with a further right deployment (not castle in the corner but more of a defended flank) with units spread almost to the center setting up my fields of fire to cover the areas between difficult terrain in the center of the table that was goind to canalize his movements. He had three primary axis of advance: 1 along the table edge were 25 warriors were anchoring my table edge flank, 1 in the center coming into the jaws of ranked hangunners on the hill, and the direct line of the cannon and BT and OG, or down the left flank of my line into 25 more warriors covered by handgunners on the inside, quarrellers on the outside and covered well by the OG as well.

Once deployment was over he elected to pray (not much of an option considering my shooting) and I received the first turn.

to be continued........

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All problems can be solved with proper use of a high powered rifle and a water tower 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

as I mentioned above I deployed towards the corner using the table edge to protect one flank against the manueverability of the Brett army and capitalizing on difficult terrain in the center of the board to cause separation in his army and help me divide it so I could focus on isolated sections rather than the army as a whole. This approach worked really well and was key to allowing me to overcome his superior manueverability and the ability of his units to support each other and combined charge. Par for the course I deployed the ME on the BT to use his superior BS as there was no need for a d6 wound cannon and used his entrenchment on the OG to enhance its survivability.

On the first turn I pushed the gyrocopter out along the table edge in a position where I was able to march block the grail knights without being in their charge arc. Had he deployed the unit a few inches closer to the edge he could have covered this gap in LOS without sacrificing manueverability given his superior movement rate. I intended to use the anvil to hit the pegasus knights forcing them to use their ground movement (which still an 8) would have been further restricted by the difficult terrain to either side of them in the center of the board and causing him to choose which unit would be blocked by the movement the peg knights or the realm unit w/BSB as both would fit in the space...however the anvil misfired with a 3 result meaning I couldn't use it in the following turn either.

His turn was fairly uneventful and he played it a little more timidly than he should have done. He allowed the Gyro to distract him from his plan and diverted the pegasus knights over to try to prevent me from march blocking the two units at that end of the line on future turns. This wasn't a very wise move as also being a flyer the gyro is manueverable enough I could have slipped around the units to such a position where he wouldn't have LOS (by interposing his own units) and still been able to march block his units. He advanced the other units though the movement of the grails was reduced as they couldn't march. On my turn I moved both units of warriors up (the unit on the left for bait and the unit on the right to position for the grail knights though they wouldn't be able to reach me on the following turn.

The bait unit on the left drew charges from both his grail units which after I declared the flee stranded the center unit in the middle of the board and set the flanking unit up for a charge the following turn by my quarrellers. His pegasus knights continued to chase the copter and otherwise his turn was uneventful.

On my turn I realized the charge from my quarrellers would be right on the line between flank and front of his unit so instead of charging sacrificed 1/2 movement to add a rank then wheel and advance an inch and a half (shifting them more squarely into the flank of his unit. However before I did this I charged the right unit of warriors into the front of his grail knights which he had advanced to far and had to hold as they are immune to psych. In the shooting I focused on the BSB's unit and errants with the machines and trimmed a knight or two out of the other realm unit before anviling my ranked quarrellers into the flank of the unit...this tied them down for a numbe of turns as I had +2 combat resolution for flank and rank vs. his standard and outnumber giving me more time to deal with the other units. Getting the charge against the brett army is key to neutralizing their advantages; when they aren't charging only the front three guys are fighting usually at str. 3 and WS 3 or 4 which isn't going to do much to WS 4 T4 troops with a decent armor save. In the other combat the +5 unit of warriors entered the combat with the plus two advantage (rank and outnumber) against the grails and tied them up until they (grails) broke on his turn.

On his turn the realm knights with BSB charged a unit of handgunners (which fled) and the errants charged the organ gun....in the combat he wasn't able to do anything to the crew with only three knights fighting at WS 3 str. 3 vs the dwarves WS 4 and toughness 4 (remember I had entrenched the OG so he didn't get any of his charge bonuses and the machine crews are stubborn). This set up the flank charge on my turn with the handgunners after they rallied and I sent them into the flank of the errants with the anvil giving me a rank, flank, and hight ground, and outnumber vs. his standard...however he managed a casualty or two in the combat and the dwarves didn't actually do any damage (no that you expect them to) so with the BSB bonus from the other unit (which was in range) he managed to pass the break. On the other edge I had just marched warriors up after his fleeing grail knight to get in position for a repeat performance after they rally.

His turn the grail knights rally, the peg knights finally chase the gyrocopter off the board edge and pursue him off, and the BSB's unit charges into the front of the handgunners that were flanking his errants. This brought a few more points of combat resolution into the mix for him but the positioning of the handgunners only allowed him to get the row of knights on the very edge to swing and without getting more than three guys fighting he wasn't going to be able to generate much combat resolution from damage. The dwarves lost the combat but the crew was stubborn and the handgunners managed to pass their break check. In the other combat the quarrellers finally decided they had enough and headed back to the miniature case but had served their purpose by tyiong his unit up for a while so I could get the advantage in other areas.

My turn the warrior unit near the OG charged into the combat putting the ranks and outnumber back in my favor allowing me to stack up a mighty +7 to combat resolution (3 ranks, standard, outnumber, high ground) and on the other side of the table my other warrior unit charged the grail knights in his deployment zone and the miners finally showed up coming in from his edge to set up the rear charge on the grail knights with the anvil. My BT and cannon fired flank shots on the unit that had finally got free from my quarellers and then in the combat phase I broke his units in both combats with the grail knights fleeing off the board, BSB's unit getting chased down, and the unit of errants getting away.

After this it was clean-up for me. His peg knights returned to the table but couldn't do anything but move that turn, the errants rallied, and the last realm knights turn from where they had chased my quarrellers to try to get in position for something the following turn. My shooting destroyed what was left of the unit that had broken as they no longer had the blessing and I finished off the last of the realm knights before finishing my turn and passing it over to him.

On the bottom of his turn the peg knights charged a unit of handgunners and did a few wounds but not enough to break them with my rank and high ground bonus (hills are a beautiful thing) and the game ended with him getting a unit of quarrellers, half credit for the OG, the gyrocopter, and a few handgunners. I had everything in his army except for the peg knights plus two extra board quarters and the bonuses for general and BSB; second game, second massacre for the dwarves. He was a good guy to play though and we talked a little stategy after the game and I gave him a 10 for sports.....as it turns out he won (I think) Best Sportsman in the tourney when it was all said and done.

With game two ended I slipped out to recharge on caffeine and nicotine and come back to get ready for game three. Once the pairings were posted I was on table 1 playing against a Beastman Army. His army was as follows:

Beastlord (Undivided) Great Weapon, Armor of Damnation, Rune of the True Beast
Wargor (Undivided) Great Weapon, and toys
2 x Shamans w/toys one packing Staff of Darkoth and maybe a scroll the other with the Dark Heart and something else
1 x Unit of Bestigors, Full Command w/War Banner
2 x Beast Herds w/Full Command (one larger than the other, both decent size)
2 x Units of Chaos Hounds
2 x Beast Chariots
1 x Unit of Centigors (6-7ish)
1 Unit of 6 furies
2 x Chaos Giant (yes, two giants)

Well after Wood Elves and Bretts I was ready for a game against something different.......... so after deploying to the right flank of the table to take advantage of a large hill that would hold the Anvil, two units of Handgunners, the cannon, and BT without messing with the firing lines and position them where both machines plus the OG could cover the anvil (if needed) we prepared to begin the game. He had deployed chariot to either flank of his battle lines Giant outside the charot on each flank, herd and bestigors to the center, furies, next to the bestigors, centogirs behind a woods on the table edge, and held 1 herd and both dog units in reserve for ambushing.

Game three started out pretty with some pretty interesting events for me. My first round of warmachine shots at his chariots resulted in me rolling 1's to wound with both the cannon and the str. 7 BT. The rest of my shots were focused at the furies and centigors and I managed to reduce them by a few models- not an impressive round of shooting. At the start of the second turn he brought on the ambushers with the beast herd showing up directly behind my machines, one unit of dogs coming on behind my quarrellers and the other unit of dogs coming on his table edge. He continued to hold one giant back (scarred of the d6 wound cannon) while the second giant continued the long march around towards my left flank hiding behind terrain.

On my turn I shot the cannon at a chariot again and rolled another 1 to wound failing to auto-kill it. The BT took the flank shot on the dogs behind my quarrellers eliminating that threat and the OG drops a few ungors out of the herd that had ambushed. The rest of my shooting eliminated the remainder of the furies and the centigors. On his turn three the beast herd charged into my BT (he decided against charging the anvil a he knew he wouldn't be able to do any damage to the RL with his 1+ re-rollable save) but couldn't expect to do too much more to the warmachine crew either with strength three beastmen needing 4's to hit and 5's to wound. Of course the stubborn crewmen tied him down and this let me put a unit into their flank and break them chasing them down and capturing their standard.

The rest of the game was pretty uneventful with the OG, BT, and Cannon making shot work of the chariots and giants and the quarrellers and thunderers chewing a few models a turn out of the other units giving the advantage in combat resolution as I engaged with my warrior units. There was one interesting combat worth mentioning that began on my turn three.

On turn three I declared a charge into the flank of his bestigor unit with one of the 25 model warrior units and the gyrocopter. The copter charged to prevent him from fleeing without getting chased down and to give me a 3d6 pursuit unit after breaking his bestigors. His general was at the other en of the unit so he had four bestigors fighting and a +2 static resolution (standard, war banner) versus my flank, standard, three ranks, and outnumber. I felt pretty confident going into the combat with a +4 combat resolution advantage and after I killed one bestigor and he killed one dwarf I won the combat by four expecting him to break and then chase him down with the copter which would pretty much end the game.

At the time (after shooting) the only other units he had left were the dogs in the other side, his other second herd, the wargor and the second giant which was out of position to do anything the following turn and in a prime spot to get murdered by dwarf gunnery. However, it did not go as I forsaw and he passed his break check at -4 and survived for another round of combat. On his turn the other herd with wargor charged into the front of the gyrocopter only getting the wargor and shaman in base contact and not being able to rank up wide enough to get rank bonus so I still looked pretty good with the +4 resolution advantage before attacks, After moving his general down the ranks he managed to do enough damage that he won the combat by one and the warriors broke and fled. Fortunately the gyrocopter held tying both hsi units down and preventing him from chasing down the warriors. On my turn I charged my other unit of warriors into the combat, rallied the unit that fled, murdered the giant with shooting, and anviled the first unit of warriors back into the combat. This time with combat resolution solidly in my advantage I broke both of his units and pursued the generals unit with everything chasing it down and destroying it leaving him with only a unit of dogs and the small herd with characters.

On turn five he rallied the beastherd and then out of desperation charged what was left of them back into my warrios on turn 6 which resulted in the beasts getting broken and giving the dwarves pretty much everything he had except one unit of dogs. With this game ended the dwarves had accomplished their third massacre, two of which were acheived in games that I thought would be tough matches for the army (Bretts and Beasts w/ambushers) and would be starting game four the following day once again on table 1 with an undefeated record.

The following morning I came down to look at the pairings and was once again on table one facing off against a chaos army. Going into round 4 there were only three players that had scored massacres in all three of their first games; I was playing against one of them adn the other one was playing on the table next to us. While we there the only three with all massacres, the rest of the players on the top five tables were only a few points behind us with three wins but having only getting a major or minor victory in one of their games putting them 3-7 points behind us.

All problems can be solved with proper use of a high powered rifle and a water tower 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Here is a quick run down of the chaos players army list:

Daemon Prince- Blade of Ether, Master of Mortals, Sould Hunger, Might of Khorne
8 x Chaos Knights, Mark of Khorne, Standard, Musician
8 x Chaos Knights, Mark of Khorne, Standard, Musician
8 x Chaos Knights, Mark of Khorne, Standard, Musician
Chariot, Mark of Undivided
Chariot, Mark of Undivided
6 x Chaos Hounds
6 x Chaos Hounds
6 x Chaos Hounds
1 x Chaos Giant

While for the most part I thought this would be a decent game for me this was the first army I faced that actually had something in it capable of killing my RL if it could get to it. This thing was going to be target priority number one.

my opponent in this game was did a pretty good job of setting up the terrain in such a fashion that I wasn't able to take advantage of the one hill on my side of the table and had so set a modified corner deployment at the left end of the table with everything on level ground but set and spaced in such a fashion my OG, BT, and Cannon would be able to cover the Anvil should the Daemon land behind my lines heading for the RL.

He deployed (my left to right) dogs, chariot, knights, chariot, terrain, knights, knights, giant, dogs, Daemon, dogs. By deploying in this fashion he managed to shield the daemon behind some woods so that I wouldn't be able to target it first turn with the BT and Cannon. Of course in this game, much like every other game except game three, the ME was crewing the BT to enhance its capabilities with his BS 5. I won the roll for first turn and in the movement sent the gyrocopter out front to draw charges from the two units of knights to the right and then in the shooting shot the str. 7 BT at one chariot and bounced the cannon through the far right unit of knights on a flanking shot looking to whittle them down and hoping for a decent bounce that would also put some damage on the giant. I managed to kill the chariot, and a few knights out of the units on the flanks of his lines. The anvil them pinged the close unit of knights (the unit that wasn't baited by the copter) making sure that all his primary threats except the daemon and giant were going to be diverted or slowed down from approaching my lines.

His turn he charged with the two units of knights and I fled with the copter. I had judged the distance well enought that there wan't much of a chance for him to catch me unless I rolled triple 1's. This bought me a little time while the third unit of knights advanced at half rate (courtesy of the anvil) and the popped the daemon out and marched the giant towards my right flank around some woods. On my turn the Daemon was target priority one and after shots from the cannon and BT he was eliminated and I turned my attention back to the rest of the army. In the movement I had advanced my left unit of warriors looking to draw in his unit of knights after pouring fire into them and reducing them to a combat ineffective size. I also moved the copter back up intending to sacrifice it to his two knight units for severely limit their forward movement by putting it 1.5 inches in front of one of the units but far enough to the edge to force the other unit to charge as well. I brought the miners in on my side to shore up my right flank and then moved into the shooting phase. After shooting the OG to eliminate his other chariot and pouring thunderer and quarreller fire into two of his knight units I had reduced them to four models each and felt pretty good about my position and set-up.

On his turn the four man unit on my left charged into the warriors as I had set it up and the other two units engaged my gyrocopter as I had planned. The giant continued to advance and the dogs set back holding quarters. The gyrocopter got massacred as I anticipated but one of his units got a really good overun putting it into an immediately threatening position whereas the other unit was about where I had planned. In the combat with the warriors his knights managed to do enough damage to draw the combat so we were locked up till the following turn.

On my turn I sent ranked up quarrellers into the flank of the unit engaged with my warriors and marched then anviled my unit of miners into the flank of his other immediately threating unit of knights that I had reduced to four....this positioning did expose the flank of my miners to his other unit of knights but I expected to win the combat by 3 if I killed one knight with four of my miners attacking and would be out of the way where he wouldn't be able to engage me. On the right flank the other unit of warriors moved to intercept the giant counting on my ranks and numbers to allow me to tie him down long enough to deal with the rest of the army. In the combat on the left with the quarrellers, warriors, and 4 man knight unit held against the warriors/quarrellers but lost their frenzy and in the other combat the miners got their tail handed to them and broke from combat. He failed to catch them but was able to get into a warmachine crew on the pursuit.

On his turn the charged the miners with his other half strength unit of knights and failed the charge as they fled again. The giant charged into the warriors and the rest of his army was engaged except for the dogs. The giant killed a few warriors and passed hist stubborn break check as they won the combat off of static combat resolution. In the combat with the cannon crew he murdered the crew and overran into handgunners on the hill.

My turn the miners rallied and reformed to a seven man frontage to get me within anvil charge range of the rear of the knights that had engaged my handgunners. The anvil misfired so the miners hung out in the open waiting to be charged ont he following turn be his other unit of knights. In the combat the warriors and quarrellers broke his first unit and chased them down with both units pursuing; the giant yelled and bawled in the other combat but the warriors held, and the knights butchered the handgunners and pursued into the next warmachine.

Eventually the warriors broke to the giant in combat and were chased down and he scored the miners and the OG and I scored one of the other units of knights and one of the dogs. When all was said and done we added up the points and I received the minor victory with about a 450 pt advantage in VP. At this point I thought I was probably out of running for best general as their had been one other player besides the two us of with three massacres going into round four and several other players who had only been 3-7 points behind us with two massacres and a major/minor victory. As it turned out the other player with three massacres got a draw in his game and all the other tables in the top five tables were either draws or minor victories. When they posted the pairings for round five I was still in the lead with 73 Battle Points with two players behind me with 70's and everyone else behind them with 66 pts or below (IIRC). That put me still in the lead and going into round five on table 1 for one more battle.

In round five I drew one of the players with a 70 while the pther plaed on table two next to us against a 66 pt player. My opponent was playing VC with the following list:

1 x Master Necromancer: Cloak of Shadows, Book of Arkhan, Scroll
1 x Necromancer, Skeleton Horse, Cursed Book
1 x Carstein Thrall, BSB, Walking Death, Biting Blade, Heavy Armor, Barded Steed
1 x Wight Lord: Sword of Kings, Gen of Blood, Heavy Armor, Shield, Barded Steed
20 x Skeletons, Light Armor, Shield, Standard, Musician
20 x Skeletons, Light Armor, Shields, Standard, Musician
6 x Ghouls
5 x Dire Wolves
9 x Black Knights, Barding, Full Command, War Banner (BSB)
9 x Black Knights, Barding, Full Command, Banner of Barrows (WL)
1 x Black Coach

the sizes might not be exact on the skeletons and I am not 100% on the light armor as I know his list was 2000 pts and what I posted above is a little over.

in this game the terrain was a little more in my favor with usuable hills on either side of the board and a building near the center on the side I took to both anchor part of my line and give me a great position for one of the handgunner units as it was a two-story building. I deployed with anvil on the back of the hill, ranked handgunenrs centered flanked by BT (with ME) and Cannon, and warriors holdier the edge to wheel around in front (their was a wood centered on the middle of the board and table edge which would channel him into my guns without being able to flank on the right). As mentioned above the other handgunners were in the building that flanked the hill with OG next to it flanked warriors and quarrellers holding the end of the line. The warriors were set in such a position they could move forward and rotate 45 degrees right or left and get defended obstacle from hedges. His deployment (my left to right) was black knights with BSB, skeletons with MN, Black knights with WL, ghouls screening the BKs, skeletons with Necro, Dogs, and Coach hiding behind the wood.

I won the roll for going first and while normally I prefer to go second against VC I took the first round so I could slow down his knights. Gyrocopter moved to march block the knights on the left flank, warriors on my right marched around six, no other movement and I entered shooting. Cannon hit the flank shot on far left black knights crossing three of them and then I rolled triple 1's on the wound roll. BT hit the other unit and killed one, quarrellers managed to kill two knights (angered by the failure of the cannon) and the steam gun on the gyrocopter did nothing....however, you don't take it for the steam gun but rather its manueverability. The anvil hit wrath and ruin on the second unit of BK making sure both would be advancing slowly.

His turn he advanced with everything except the coach and in the magic phase tried to dance his knights on my left flank twice (which I couldn't allow) before finally summoning 6 zombies in the flank of my quarrellers (flank arc, not combat). My turn the miners come on and position for the charge into his new zombie unit, the copter moves to march block the left unit of BKs and the bosses skeletons, and the warriors continue to move forward wheeling to the right to flank his oncoming battle line with their flank protected by the woods. In the shooting phase I pour both units of handguns into the dogs eliminating them (not they they scared me but I didn't want a machine getting tied down even for a single turn) and then I shot the cannon, OG, and quarrellers into the left unit of BKs reducing them to the standard and BSB who had taken a wound. I opened up with the BT on the other unit of knights killing two before anviling the miners into the flank of the zombies one rounding them between damage and combat resolution.

His turn he wasn't in position to charge with the standard/BSB unit as there was difficult terrain between them and my quarrellers so he separated them sending the standard chasing my gyrocopter and the BSB bearing down on my quarrellers, He skeletons moved forward slowly (march blocked by copter), the ghouls advanced, and the other unit of skeletons advanced slowly fearing the positionin of my right warriors. In the magic he attempts to book the standard into my copter and I roll a one to dispel so elect to flee and get away ready to rally and re-march block on my turn. He also attempts to dance the BSB- I dispel one and he miscasts on the other doing a wound to his general and killing a few skeletons.

My turn three the quarrellers finish off the BSB ( 1 wound left and only toughness four with a 3+ save). Then I focus the other shooting into his other BKs and the ghouls. I knock the BKs down to just the Wight Lord and kill a couple of ghouls panicking them.

His turn the wight lord charges into the entrenched OG and kills a crewman- but doesn't outnumber so I hold on a stubborn break check and prepare to send the warriors into the fray on my turn. Other moves for him included chasing the copter with his standard and moving the rest of his forces slowly towards my lines. The ghouls rally.

My turn I put the left unit of warriors into the Wight Lord, move the copter to steam be general's skeletons and move the warriors up to threaten his other skeletons. In the shooting I poor the cannon, copter, quarrellers, anvil, (wrath and ruin) and handgunners into the skeletons reducing them to just the master Necromancer. Once he is standing alone the BT with the ME bulls-eyes him with the magic bolt killing him and causing immediate crumble checks. He loses a few skeltons to crumble checks and the WL gets popped by the combat resolution with my warriors who overrun gettin ready for the flank attack on his other unit of skeletons.

His turn four he makes crumble checks again, then charges skeletons into the front of my right warriors and chages ghouls into the flank before finally moving the coach around the woods to try to dance it into the flank of my warriors- I dispel this and kill a few more more skeletons in combat and break the ghouls.

My turn five the other warriors declare a charge against the flank of the skeletons and fail their fear check, I do some other unimportant movement before entering the shooting phase. The cannon pops the coach and the anvil sends the warriors into the flank of his skeletons. Ginding them down to just a couple of models plus the necro with one wound on him. At this point we call it a game and turn in our scorecards.

The player on table two that had been three battle points behind me ended his game with a minor victory putting me with a solid lead over him by 10 points in Battle Points. As I had been in the lead for battle by three points minimum going into the last round the fourth massacre locked me in for the highest battle score total but without knowing for sure my sportsmanship score in game four (in the other games I got an eight and three tens for sports on a 10 point scale by increments of two) I wasn't counting any chickens before they hatched (in some tournaments Best General is a combination of Battle and Sports).

With all my games behind me I packed of the dwarves and took them back to my hotel and picked up my camera to get some pictures of some of the Gamesday stuff before the awards ceremony. After getting back to the convention center I tool a few pictures before realizing I should have charged the battery on my camera. I still had a little time left (my last game had ended an hour before time limit) so I took the camera back to my hotel rooma and came back to BS with some of the other guys until the awards ceremony began.

All in all it was a good tournament and I had played against Woods Elves, Brettonians, Beastmen, Chaos, and VC holding down table 1 for the last three rounds of the tournament and ending with a 5-0 record with four massacres and one minor victory. As far as the results go....you will have to wait till GW posts the stats on their site to see how the dwarves faired in the tourney.

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Awesome bat reps, thanks for posting them.
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Thanks for the crosspost DarkTemplars, and thanks to Steve for some very very indepth reports. Congrats to him on the win, and I now understand why the anvil is that nasty O_O

- Salvage

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