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Retooling an Iron Warriors army into a Heretic Adeptus Mechanicus List  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Soviet Kanukistan

Well... as the Iron Warriors have, how shall we say, slipped from the top of the tournament scene... I figured I should probably make them more Adeptus Mechanicus styled, or at least, a very Techmarine heavy force. I already had this plan when I started building my IW army, as I have old Techmarine models as champions, and my IW Commanders are WIP techmarinish figures. Now I am planning on taking it a step further... possibly repainting a large portion of the army into a different scheme... though I have yet to figure that out.

I'm using Scions of Steel as a placeholder name for now. Anyways, this is being posted in the P&M blog forum, so off to the pictures. (Extra thanks to Yakface and the Machine Spirits who make this possible)...

So I've always wanted to build a MKIV dreadnought. The plastic dreadnought always seemed like it is a wealth of untapped possibilities. So off I went to try and build mr plastic dreadnought into a MKIV dreadnought! So without further ado...


So I removed old square body thing with my trusty jeweler's saw and then glued a spare Chaos Marine body to a piece of plasticard to make the new sarcophagus. I really dislike those conversions that just plaster the MKIV body onto the exiting torso.

Step 2. Rough out the dimensions!

Step 3. I decided to give him one of those Iron Warriors-esque helmet head.

Step 4. I didn't know what to do for his sarcophagus decoration... so uh... I ended up with this sort of accidentally.

Step 5. I gave him one of those collar things around his head. It kind of looks like crap compared to the Forgeworld ones, but hell... this is more like Forgeryworld, so I guess I can't expect too much.

Step 5. His legs need some loving too...

Step 6. Add some gothic do-dads to the smooth section to get that well-worn MKIV baroque look...

Step 7. Due to the Adeptus Mechanicus influence I wanted to portray, decided on a "gears" motif. So here's the half assed completed dread. I might add a spiky ring above his head. As well, I haven't decided what guns to give him, since apparently Stelek has decreed that Chaos dreads suck - and we know that he's a huge authority on anything 40k! Regardless, the lascannon / dreadnought ccw combo depicted is way too expensive due to the retardedly overcosted points value of the lascannon. That and you don't really want old psychotic-rusty-pants to fire-frenzy on your expensive tanks and troopers. Well... without further ado...

Ta Dah!

Conclusion (for now) - He's kind of hamfistedly put together, but he looks all right next to his loyalist brethern, but the converted Forgeryworld bits look positively primitive next to one of his Forgeworld brothers.


In other news, I'm looking for suggestions on color scheme. The boys are straight Iron Warrior scheme right now, with bolt gun metal bodies, a heavy ink wash, with details picked out in gold. I was thinking about making them part red, though the trouble is that doing that would be a lot of work, and red/gold is too Khornate. Red with bone banding would be awesome, but that would be a lot of repaints. Other trouble is that the bare-headed models have a pasty borg-esque skintone. I think I used scorched brown with codex-grey and rotting flesh mix for the first techmarine, and then tried without much success to duplicate it.

I'll try and post some more pictures of what I'm working with later.

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Made in us
Tunneling Trygon

Clearly doesn't deserve the scorn you're heaping upon it.

The gear motif is clever and nicely done.

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Made in ca
Buttons Should Be Brass, Not Gold!

Soviet Kanukistan

Phryxis wrote:Clearly doesn't deserve the scorn you're heaping upon it.

The gear motif is clever and nicely done.


Well.. the scorn is mostly coming from the collar around the helmet. And the top of the chest. I wish I could do those again. The collar part is really-really bad in that it is seriously lacking definition compared to the rest of the conversion work... with kind of an overly doughy appearance. The top of the chest happened by accident... and I wish I could have given it a gears motif as well, or at least your typical brass banding.
Made in ch
Long-Range Land Speeder Pilot

Bay Area

maybe remodel the collar into powercoils.
Otherwise ths model looks awesome eve with the collar

Made in us
Destructive Daemon Prince

Albany, NY


I'm a big fan of the lad, nice work on the chaos-y baroque armor stuff. I was gonna comment that the powerfist & lascannon need some real chaos loving, then I read that you weren't sure anyway on what to arm him with. I suppose your options are lascannon or something converted from the assault cannon? I've got plasma cannon on my current dread and will be going with missile launcher for my second one, if that helps.

Anyway, nice work, think you've really pulled it off.

- Salvage

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Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Lancaster PA

Yea, the collar on the sarchophagous looks organic and moist, like rather thick blood is pouring over the top of the chest peice. Cool if you are going for a nurgle goo look, maybe not so much on a clean, mechanical Iron Warrior.

Still, I would punch my wife to get green stuff skills like that. I sculpt with my hands and feet equally poorly.

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