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Gun Mage

New Hampshire, USA

The next episode of the D6 Generation will be up by midnight 3/7/08. You can check out the show here:


In Episode 2 we remember Gary Gygax, go through a detailed review of Tannhäuser, and comment on a couple of computer games that war gamers might enjoy. All this along with our usual attempts at 'humor'. (Good news, I think we got most of the problems with audio levels worked out)

I'd like to note that at one point in this episode there is a dice rolling sound effect. This effect was generated with none-other than high quality "Dakka Dice" available right here on this very website.

Enjoy! (if you can)

Thread about episode 1:

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Secretive Dark Angels Veteran

Baltimore, MD

Updated with comments as I listen.

Lose the "warning of parody to follow." It's better to have a bad parody than for it to be lame.

Lose the "achievement beep" thingie. It's REALLY annoying and distracting. If you're dead set on having some sort of "achievment sound" do a "rah" or "yay" sound.

Pretty good overall. Now you have me interested in Tanhauser (sp?). Work out the kinks for the 1st 10 minutes (the McLaughlin Group Parody, and that darned Dinging), and with the well thought out arguments and discussion, your podcast is pure gold.

(Im)patiently waiting for the next installment.

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Fresh-Faced New User

I enjoyed the McLaughlin Group parody from the beginning of episode 1 on, but I'm probably not the best gauge of what is popular. I gave it a couple of minutes to make me chuckle. You didn't quite succeed, but it reminded me (ah, nostalgia) of other McLaughlin parodies from oh so long ago. Episode 2's was better. How about instead of the lame parody warning at the beginning, you give a one sentence introduction like, "Today on D6 Generation..."? It's quick and pithy and might help a few people realize that it's your TOC.

Episode two continued to show that you have intelligence and insight as well as goofy senses of humor. I enjoyed the Tannhauser article. I own it and have introduced it to the high school boys at my school's game club. Just so you know - that Russian expansion is ETA about a month for real. (FFG deadlines are notoriously optimistic, but my FLGS is Funagain and they say they should have heard by now if it was delayed.)

I was less excited about the online games segment, although you gained bonus points for mentioning X-com, an old favorite. I'm just not too excited to play games on the computer. However, it is always fun to hear someone talk about something that interests them in gaming. Along the same lines, I have to say on the pie debate - I think you should split the difference. Give him full time to explain the joys of MMORGing. Then mock him mercilessly.

I am in agreement with KiMonarrez about the achievement beep. I honestly turned to look at the computer and wondered if this was part of your sound quality problems before I realized it was a counter. Maybe if it sounded more like a TADAA and less like an accidental artifact of audio software? How about a count? "One!....Two!...Three!" as you reach achievements?

Keep up the good work! I have come across several podcasts lately, but yours is the one I am most excited about hearing in two weeks.

Made in us
Rough Rider with Boomstick


Wonderful improvement, content is spectacular and the sound levels are much improved. I was very impressed with how you handled the tribute to G.Gygax.

I like also how you included a good variety of gaming commentary rather than being hyper focused on one game company or even one gaming genre.

Suggestions for improvement would be

1 I agree, loose the parody warning and replace it with a episode in d6 generation. If you plan on making the parody intro a tradition then just go with it, I enjoy it myself.

2 the achievements idea is good, but the sound can be a little grating in your earbuds on the way to work. I would recommend finding a different sound but otherwise cool idea.

All in all very significant improvement and I think this has already taken the prize as my favorite hobby gaming related podcast. As someone with a 65 podcast itunes queue I have a lot to compare it against, and it stands up very well.

Keep up the great work.

After e3 comes out I will definitely post a review on my blog, I tend to get good traffic on the podcast reviews so hopefully that will be positive for you.

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Made in us

Paso Robles, CA, USA

Great work, again. Your first podcast got our whole group talking about PP and GW and our arguments echoed a lot of yours. The parody doesn't bother me, its funny, its short, keep it.

Please, please don't spend 20 minutes on Mummorpeghers in the next episode! This is the d6 generation, not the double-click generation.

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Chris Gohlinghorst wrote:Holy Space Marine on a Stick.

This conversation has even begun to boggle my internet-hardened mind.

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Foul Dwimmerlaik

Minneapolis, MN

I hate pies. (sorry Raef)

Malfred, however, loves pies. Go figure.

Good episode.

Parody warning is unnecessary.

"Rapid Fire" volume leveling... THANK YOU! The overall technical quality was raised.

The Gygax tribute was well done.

Your choice for the "achievements" sound..... That is made of pure fail. I would recommend changing it to a a short (and rather humorously abrupt) "crowd cheering" track.

You should also do a crowd booing track for when Raef has to describe the magic that goes into making online pies.

The Tannhauser review was good, if a bit long winded. My perception of length could have been due to trying to explain mechanics without visual aids. But having three people give their views on this great game was enjoyable.

I didnt like this episode as much as the previous two due to the longish review of DoW and that other Xbox title, but thats because I do not play video games as much as I used to anymore.

Overall good job and cant wait until the next episode!

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Longtime Dakkanaut


The hardest thing for me is the US accents. Here in Aus we tend to drawl out our words, with a little twang for good measure.

It reminded me of a 'Sales Success' tape(The accents-NOT the content!!), so my problem.

Great stuff to paint to, so good onya Ladz.

The beep sux. The rest is Gold

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good episode! I really enjoyed the Tannhäuser
information. I have the game but have not yet had a chance to break it out, i might read through the rules this weekend. i also bought the rule book for warmachine, you guys really need to look at finding some sponsors as you are going to be moving product because of the show.

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Made in us
Gun Mage

New Hampshire, USA

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Although I'm very suprised that no one 'got' the achievement sound.

Made in us
Secretive Dark Angels Veteran

Baltimore, MD

We "got" the achievement sound, after we all thought it was a computer error, and about 0.001 seconds AFTER we got it, we got annoyed.

It's a good idea, just pick a different sound. I like the "ta da" or "count" that Juan put forth.

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Play the game, not the rules.
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