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Deadly Tomb Guard

Payson Utah, USA

I've posted this unit on another forum, and was wondering if you guys felt the same. Im my 3500 point High Elf army I was thinking about using a unit of 13 silver helms fielded with a noble who has the blade of sea gold, and a Battle standard Bearer wit the Battle Banner. this unit was designed with undead in mind. it should give me a huge advantage in combat res. not many units will out number me and i'll have two ranks then my +d6 for the magic banner and the +1 for the battle standard being involved. if I charge a unit of cavalry, they shouln't be around any more if all goes to plan. my question is, how viable do you think this is, and would you be scared of this unit if you were playing Vampire Counts, or any other army for that matter?

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Madrak Ironhide

I hope you don't charge Glade Riders. They'll just run away
and open up your flanks.

(This is based on the only army I know)

How many points is this?

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Fixture of Dakka

San Jose, CA

This is, I'd guess, for the 'ard boyz?

My general advice: bring at least 2 of everything. Single "super" units will draw out everything in your opponent's list that can hurt it, which means your giant knight unit will take every cannon ball, balista bolt, or nasty spell your enemy can scrounge up.

I guess, in a roundabout way, this answers your question: yes, most opponents will at least dislike the unit. The trouble is that they can react to it, and at 3500 pts, nearly everyone can do something about it.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? 
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Erratic Knight Errant

well, i agree with jan that it will probably get shot at from every direction but if you place it somewhere safe and wait for the enemy to get within charging range to jump put, it would reck them, especially if you get them in the flanks, plus you can't get shot at. then always try to reach another enemy or find some more good cover.
Made in au
Dangerous Leadbelcher


you might want to screen that unit otherwise it will be like a magnet in a lead factory

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Nelson Mandela

Made in us
Sslimey Sslyth

Um...magnets don't attract lead....
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Long-Range Ultramarine Land Speeder Pilot



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