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Hello All,

So I've had a chance to play test this list against a Dwarf/Chaos army (don't ask ), and it did ridiculously well. So I thought I'd post the list and see what people thought.

Vampire Lord - 440
Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Dread Knight
Balefire Spike, Walach's Bloody Hauberk, Wristband of Black Gold
Extra Magic Level

Vampire - 195
Dark Acolyte, Summon Ghouls
Helm of Commandment, Nightshroud

Wight King - 150
Sword of Kings, Flayed Hauberk
Battle Standard Bearer

Necromancer - 105
Invocation of Nehek, Vanhel's Danse Macabre
Book of Arkhan

14x Skeletons w/ Std & Music 124 (Vampire here)
15x Ghouls 120
10x Ghouls 80
Corpse Cart w/ Balefire 100 (Necro here)
5x Black Knights w/ Barding, Std & Music + Banner of Dead Legion 189 (Lord here)
19x Grave Guard w/ FC & GWs + Banner of Barrows 322 (Wight here)
1x Varghulf

Total Points: 2000
Power Dice: 8, Dispel Dice 6, 2 Bound Spells

The way I played it was Grave Guard unit dead center front line with ghoul units on either side. Behind them was the corpse cart and the skeleton unit w/ vampire. That vampire is there to lend were WS to whichever unit needs it most and to bolster the ghoul units. The necro casts VH on any unit close by for the added punch and Miasma ASF to help tip combat in my favor.

The Lord w/ his Black Knights takes a flank a does a sweeping arch from one side to the other taking anything down that gets in the way. There's just something scary about 5(potential for 10) S7 flaming attacks with re-roll to hit, and that's not including the KB from the Knights .

Now I've amended this list a little. When I played it, I used 4 wraiths + a banshee, but they were a little too squishy for my liking. SO the Varghulf will be my last placement in the deployment and will either be a mage/warmachine hunter or a flank charging support unit for the ghouls.

Thoughts? C&C?
Made in us
Dwarf High King with New Book of Grudges

United States

Interesting, though the wristbands seem redundant on your lord. Also, it feels like you're wasting the skeleton unit by using it as a shepherd for your vampire. I would say have him float around on his own so his weapons skill is always useful. Then either get rid of the skeletons in favor of more ghouls or find a way to include lord of the dead.My only other critique is that your units seem very small considering you really don't have the ability to add large numbers via the magic phase.

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Sneaky Kommando

Squishy wraiths? I find it hard to imagine something ethereal as being squishy. Keep them away from magic attacks and a large unit of wraiths is an "I win" button.

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Epic Fail 
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Espoo - Finland

Regardíng the battle plan, I think you'd do better with a larger unit of black knights. 9-11 should be a good size so the unit can autobreak stuff due fear-outnumber.

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Charging Bull

Rochester, New York

Buff up your black knight unit to around 10 this is really useful because you want a cushion for shooting esp because your lord is in this unit. I don't remember off the top of my head which banner dead legion is but the one that gives regeneration is really nice, take it with a bsb in the larger black knight unit with your lord and you've have a pretty unstoppable unit. Oh yeah I almost forgot, while hatred is a really nice ability the fact that you always have to pursue can sometimes really hurt you and put you in unfavorable positions, if you want to always hit take that lance that auto hits (can't remember the name) it'll accomplish the same thing without the always having the pursue.

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