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This was a great post by WallyTWest from Elite Hobbies in Dover, NH. Thought I'd share it for a broader opinion. This was brought on by trying to figure out how much terrain a store should have to suitably cover its gaming tables. So without further ado...

"A Long Post on Terrain Theory. (Sorry Guys.)

Ok, I am not saying any of this is right… don’t bite my head off. Many of these “theories” are for an older game.

How much each table is worth to outfit with terrain?

Warhammer Fantasy.
I’m going to start by looking at the 5th Edition Terrain Generator. (Battlebook, Page 39)

2: Deep River or Lake
3: A Shallow River or Stream
4: Difficult Ground
5: A Steep Hill
6: A Wood
7: A Hill or Wood
8: A Hill
9: Walls/Hedges or Fencing
10: A House or Tower
11: A Village
12: Very Difficult Ground

On Area Terrain. *“As a general rule no terrain feature may be bigger than 12” across, whilst a wood or hill of about 8” diameter would be more typical.” (Battlebook, Page 3 I am going to take that to mean area terrain (i.e. woods) should measure an 8” diameter and no larger feature (i.e. Marshland) may excide a 11” diameter. All hills should be able to hold at least 1 unit. (That’s 2 tanks for you 40K kids)

On Density. Method 4 (WHFB 6th ed., Page 219) asks that the players roll once for each 2’x2’ section. Thus on a standard 8’x4’ board that equates 8 rolls. That equals the following chance that any particular piece might be in play.

2: 1/36 = 2.8% Total 22.4%
3: 2/36 = 5.6% Total 44.8%
4: 3/36 = 8.3% Total 66.4%
5: 4/36 = 11.1% Total 88.8%
6: 5/36 = 13.9% Total 111.2%
7: 6/36 = 16.7% Total 133.6%
8: 5/36 = 13.9% Total 111.2%
9: 4/36 = 11.1% Total 88.8%
10: 3/36 = 8.3% Total 66.4%
11: 2/36 = 5.6% Total 44.8%
12: 1/36 = 2.8% Total 22.4%

For a “complete” set you would require the following. (Like your personal collection.)

1 Lake
1 4’ River w/ 2 Bridges
1 Patch of Difficult Ground (10” Dia.)
1 Steep Hill
3 Woods (9” Dia.)
3 Hills
1 Set of Stone Walls and Fences
1 Tower
3 Houses
1 Patch of Very Difficult Ground

You could cut that down rationalizing that some items could be represented by the same material. River and Very Deep River gets rid of the lake. You could only do stone walls and cut out the balsa fences. You could also get rid of the V. Difficult Ground claiming that it could be represented by the same piece. The tower can be eliminated because it can be represented by a lone household.

A Minimalist Warhammer Terrain Set
1 4’ River w/ 2 Bridges
1 Patch of Difficult Ground (10” Dia.)
1 Steep Hill
3 Woods (9in Dia.)
3 Hills
1 Set of Stone Walls
3 Houses "

The entire thread can be viewed here, http://elitehobbiesonline.com/phpBB1/viewtopic.php?t=341

(Yes, I asked and received permission to repost this info over here)

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This was meant to be a rough "Sketch" of what would be required to make 3 terrain sets for a store.
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