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Fireknife Shas'el

Richmond, VA

Okay, I was perusing through my buddy's FoW 2nd Edition rulebook (I only have first edition) and it seems the basic list are gone completely. Does this mean that Battlefronts gone to a GW-style 'must buy the 'dex, no practice games' model?

Assuming that that is in fact the case, what book(s) do I need to run a Mid War British Rifle Company? As far as I can tell from the Flames of War website, all the books for 2nd Ed appear to be Late War except for Afrika. And the preview blurb on Afrike doesn't mention if it contains rosters. I'm interested in Mid War as that's the period I played in 1st Edition, and it seems like the most appropriate for the Poor Bloody Infantry, defending themselves from the Axis steamroller before the US swooped in to help save the day.

Made in us
Fighter Ace

Tampa, FL

Yes, Battlefront did go over to the GW "must buy the 'dex" strategy, albeit their books are more generalized than GW's, but that's a different issue. Afrika is the Mid-War book for the Western Allied powers, so yes the list for your Mid-War British Rifle Company are in the Afrika book.

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Made in us
Fireknife Shas'el

Richmond, VA

IAmTheWalrus wrote:Afrika is the Mid-War book for the Western Allied powers, so yes the list for your Mid-War British Rifle Company are in the Afrika book.

Awesome. Thanks. What's the Mid-War Axis powers book?

Made in us
The Last Czarnian

The Northwest Territory

There are two current Mid-War books, both of which cover the same time periods of 1942-1943. They both cover Allied and Axis forces.

Afrika covers forces in North Africa and the Mediterranean. It has lists for German, Italian, British and Commonwealth (which includes Irish, Scottish, Indian, New Zealand and Maori, and South African forces), and American forces.

Ostfront is the other book, and it covers the Eastern Front. It has lists for German, Hungarian, Romanian, Finnish, and Soviet forces.

So if you want to run a Mid-War British rifle company, Afrika is what you need.

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