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A Few Forum Reminders (Especially for the New Folks)  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Sentient OverBear

Clearwater, FL

Hey everyone, I just wanted to post a few reminders about posting etiquette here on Dakka Dakka. We've had a lot of new people lately, and these are some things I've run in to.

1. Rule #1 is Be Polite! It's easy!

2. No Thread Necromancy. If a thread is more than a month old, leave it alone. If you're really interested in the topic, start a new thread! There are exceptions, like updates to modelling blogs or threads in forums that don't get much traffic, but in general bringing back old threads is simply annoying to the bulk of the posters who have already moved on.

3. Before posting on a topic, check for existing threads! There's a Search feature that works really well for this, and usually all you really need to do is scan the first few pages of the appropriate forum to make sure you're not duplicating something. This especially applies in You Make Da Call, where your question very well may have already been argued to death (and beware the rusty spoons!).

4. Stay on the original topic of the thread. It's really easy to wander off, but if you find yourself diverging too much from the original topic, start a new thread.

5. Please be intelligible. We strongly encourage proper punctuation, spelling, grammar and composition, but if we can't understand you, we'll ignore you. Before you post, hit the Preview button and double-check what you've written before posting it, and remember that you can always go back and edit your posts to fix any problems. I usually don't catch my mistakes until after I've posted, so you'll see a lot of "This post was edited 2 times" in small letters at the bottom of my posts.

If you have any questions about anything here on Dakka, feel free to ask. Most of the members and any of the Mods are glad to help you out!

- Lorek

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