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Huge Hierodule

North Bay, CA

Nice write up. Thanks.

Made in us
Huge Hierodule

North Bay, CA

I particularly liked the addition of a couple of lists at the end. Probably not lists I would use, but nice to see the though process.

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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

I've got to respectfully disagree with most of your opinions Oldgrue, specifically those lists.

The swarm list would have at best a few S5 fleshborers against high toughness/tanks, and at worst, be crippled by ANY sort of a walker. At least 1 carnifex(IMO 2), and/or Rending claws are necessary to make that list functional.

The flyer list is just a mish-mash of quick assault units that will fold like a lawn chair once their one source of synapse(flyrant) is wiped. Even with another tyrant or warriors, this list would be hamstrung by their movement speed. You'd need really good run rolls to have a chance against most well-rounded armies.

The nid-zilla list is quite poor, IMO, as well. The gaunts will give cover to the tyrant, but do little else. The second that army hits pay-dirt(close combat), they become a liability. A smart general will draw those gaunts into close combat with your carnifexes. A group of ork boyz could just pour wounds into your gaunts, probably wiping them in a single round of combat, leaving any carnifexes involved to roll 15-20 dice in combat losses from being fearless. Smaller gaunt groups, rippers, or Stealers are better choices for nidzilla. I also think 2 tyrants are a must, because those expensive fexes can still be killed by force weapons outside of synapse coverage.

Not trying to be a jerk here, and I'm happy that someone's writing a 5e tactica, however, all of my play experience has led me to mostly opposite conclusions about the nids.
Made in us
Bane Knight

Washington DC metro area.

Good lord, I took forever to read this!

The lists aren't supposed to be the end-all Be-all lists. I can never anticipate every table, or every opponent. But I can lay out ideas...which really is what this is all about.

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