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Never-Miss Nightwing Pilot

In the P&M thread about Movie Marines, somebody asked what White Dwarf issue the rules were in. The reply was issue #300, the anniversary issue. Wanting to ge tthose rules badly, I bought an issue #300 off of ebay. I got it earlier today and, SURPRISE! No Movie Marine rules. No rules, no stories, not photos, no index listing, nothing.

Am I missing something? Was this an insert or something?


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Dakka Veteran

Las Vegas, NV, USA

You did buy a copy of the USA Edition, correct? It was on the German site before the switch over to the new style site.

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Never-Miss Nightwing Pilot

Pretty sur eit was the US version. I'll check again when I get home from work. It was a seller in the US in US funds.


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Troubled By Non-Compliant Worlds

I can email you them if you pm me.

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Never-Miss Nightwing Pilot

mothman_451 wrote:...email me you them ...

/confused all 3 of my heads.

PM incoming, but I would still like to know why I don't have the actual rules. lol
Did they come as a little insert like Ravening Hordes did? Like a little pamphlet-y thing?


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Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

London, England

I just popped up my #300 (SPARTTAAA) issue, UK version. Definately no Movie Marines. What's your front cover?


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It's also in the Aus 300 issue.
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Never-Miss Nightwing Pilot

Damn you Yakface! I don't really know why, but DAMN YOU!

so, yeah... It seems its the UK WD. It says, "£4.00"



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