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What would be the next expansion afte Planetary where is 40k going?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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I am very excited about Planetstrike and the Planetary empires game coming out soon. It really brings 40k together it seems if anything it has even more rules and accessories for running campaigns and friendly games. It may not be the hardcore list people are looking for but being able to play all aspects is just incredible.

So my question would be what would the next logical expansion for 40k be? We have Cities of Death; Large scale.

I really think the next step is to release a smaller scaled 500 point skirmish game setting its the only thing I can think of really so that you can track progess of your squads a la experience points etc..

It really feels that once you add all this in together 40k is just alot more fun.

Anyway those are my thoughts. Personally I am looking forward to a huge Planetstrike style Apoc game.

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I agree small scale is what's needed but from GW's perspective why would they make a game that sells less models?

I think a small book for jungle fighting would be fun. So would fighting inside spaceships or buildings.

But again, sells fewer models, though if they make space hulk tiles that would give them something to sell.

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