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Grovelin' Grot

I'm compiling a list of models immune to instant death as a handy reference, and so far have:

All nids in synapse range except ripper swarms

can anyone help?
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Pestilent Plague Marine with Blight Grenade

The Frozen North

- Every model in Codex: Daemons.
- Every model in Codex: Tyranids within Synapse Range. Except Ripper Swarms.
- Commissar Yarrick.
- Daemon Princes.
- Abbadon the Despoiler.
- Marneus Calgar.
- Darnath Lysander.
- Ghazkghull Thrakka.
- Every Phoenix Lord.

Eldrad does not have Eternal Warrior.

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Fixture of Dakka

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Not enough Chaos Models.

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