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Fresh-Faced New User

I've been painting figs for many years now and finally decided I would like to play. I've built a 2,000 point Catachan Deathworld Veteran army and a 2,500 point Eldar army. I've never formally played with anyone, just by myself pitting both armies against each other to help me learn the rules and stuff. Anyway, I've been progressing well and I keep coming across special rules that I forgot to put in place during play.

My Catachan army has a Devils Squad that are Hardened Veterans and Steadfast Battle Honours. What are these and where in the rulebook or Codexes can I find them? I'm using the 5th edition version of the rulebook, but I have the previous version of the Imperial Guard Codex.

Thanks for any help!
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Sneaky Lictor


I think your gonna need to get the latest version of the IG codex (you've got to have the latest version to play anything but friendly pre agreed games). They would probablly fit as vetrans but a lot of the rules have changed. Best of luck in your gaming.

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Fresh-Faced New User

Found what I was looking for. In the Catachan Codex, being a Hardened Veteran makes you a Hardened Fighter with the Steadfast Battle Honours.

In the IG Codex, Hardened Fighters get to add +1 to WS. Battle Honours are from 3rd edition and having the Steadfast Honour lets the unit regroup below 50% strength.
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Missionary On A Mission

You are best getting the new IG codex. While they will not have the special abilities of the old Catachan Deathworld codex, you will be able to use more models and have access to Orders, which are really useful. The codex just came out a few months ago and in the Army List Section you can see a lot of builds.
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