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So I was inspired by another thread about special Leadership rules in 40k to get around to something I've been planning on doing, but haven't really gotten around to: compiling a list of the Psychology rules in 40k. Back in the day, starting with Rogue Trader, Warhammer 40,000, like Warhammer Fantasy Battle, had a list of psychology rules detailing how units could behave on the battlefield. Although a separate section of Psychology rules disappeared with the 3rd edition of 40k, the Psychology rules have simply migrated to other parts of the rulebook.

Unit States
Gone to Ground (Pinned)
Falling Back

General Rules
Stunned & Shaken (vehicles)
Leadership Tests
Morale Checks
-Casualties from shooting
-Losing close combat
-Tank Shock

Army Specific Rules
Space Marine Psychology
And They Shall Know No Fear
Combat Tactics
God of War
Chapter/Company Banners (units within 12" re-roll Morale and Pinning tests)
Honour of the Chapter (Confers Fearless on unit IC joins)
Extra Armour
The Power of the Machine Spirit

Ork Psychology
Mob Rule!
Glory Hogs
Squig Hound
Don't Press Dat
One Scapel Short of a Medpack (Confers Fearless on unit IC joins, gives Rage, limits leaving unit)
Armour Plates

More to come...

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