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Made in is
Thunderhawk Pilot Dropping From Orbit


Hi there .

This is a little toturial on how to blend the quick and easy way . Hope you like it . Oh , and dont worry , there are some pictures this time

Chapter one = Tools and more

You're gonna need some tools for this one . Nothing big really . Here is the list :

Clear Water
Brush for drybrushing
Brush For lining
A space to blend on
Base Colour(in my chase , snot green)
Darker than base colour(in my chase , DA Green)
Lighter than base colour (in my chase , A mix of goblin green , scoripion green and skull while)
A wash in the particular colour(note that if you are using white , then i prefer to heavily water down skull white , rather than using Gryphonne Sepia)

Chapter Two : Lining the dark

Ok , so your gonna do pretty much what the chapter name says . Make sure that its a thin , fine line . I used an 0,01 pensil that i got in Portugal to do this fine line , for example . Sorry , but i for got to take pictures of this particuar step . Please note that you can also use the wash to make this line . Also make sure that you have painted the particular area that your blending in your base colour(Snot green for me)

Chapter Three : Drybrushing the dark

The chapter name says it all . When i drybrush to blend i drybrush zig-zag , and then i drybrush another round pulling the colour up . Try not to drybrush to much dark , or no base colour will be left , unless you want it that way ...


Chapter Four : Lining the Light

Again , sorry that this step had to suffer lack of pictures . Just line a bit of the top area of the place your gonna blend , try to aim for that there will still be a bit of the base colour left , unless your aiming for something else .

Chapter Five : Drybrushing the Ligh

Drybrush the light colour on the top area of the particular part your painting . Once again , its best to aim at some base colour being left on the area . Also make sure that there isnt any of the dark colour still in the brush when you do this .


Chapter 6 : A wash for you , sir ?

What the chapter name says , the way i put on the wash when blending is simple . Dib the brush(preferably pointy brush) into the bottle of wash . Then start on the lower area , zig-zaging upwards towards the highest , brightest area .

And your done , here are some before/after pictures


- It whas a hugemistake to paint the white first and then doing this , try to do all belnding first and then the rest of the part.
- It can sometimes help to put a small dot of white in the middle of the whole bright area , that will "highlight" the highlight ...
- Make sure that the water you use to thin down all paints is clear , and change after the water after the darker colour has been used
- I know this is a dirty , quick way of doing it , but its simple , thats why i posted this here

Thank you for reading this , hope it helps


Made in au
Frightening Flamer of Tzeentch

I like it.
will ease the time spend to blending shoulder pads, somthing i've never perfected...

When you call an intimate moment with your partner "the Assault Phase"

Is that followed by a pile-in move?

That brings a whole new meaning to the term "Hit and Run"

Can that be following a deep strike, or do you have to wait until the next round? 
Made in is
Thunderhawk Pilot Dropping From Orbit


Hehe , thx . But this can also be used for other parts . Fx. Legs , insignias , helmets and more for SM's atleast . But i also use this for necrons , eldar and even tyranids

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