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Sacrifice to the Dark Gods


Does anyone have a link to the picture of the Tau player winning vs a White scars army on turn 1? Basically, the White scars player held everything in reserve, and the tau player infiltrated his Kroot across the opponent's board edge, preventing him from deploying!

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Boston, MA

Edit for some context:
The tournament allowed no special characters, which meant the White Scars player couldn't take Khan. As a result, he could not outflank. He figured he'd be facing a typical Tau gunline, so he placed his entire army in reserves. Turns out the Tau player had a gimmick list of Kroot and fought gimmick with gimmick. The official ruling was that the Tau player won, but using the same tactic ever again would get you disqualified.

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Made in ie
Sacrifice to the Dark Gods


I love you - my new background!

Hell hath no fury like a banshee scorned.  
Made in us
Ultramarine Master with Gauntlets of Macragge

Boston, MA

Happy to help!

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Montreal, Quebec

personally I think the white scar player deserved it and don't understand why such tactic will get you disqualified from now on.

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Buffalo NY, USA

The White Scar guy DID deserve it! This wasn't even bending any rules that I know of, tourney or otherwise, it is not as if the Tau player is forcing his opponent to hold any of his units in reserve.

This is a sound counter (Tau) to a very d-bag tactic (White Scar), and I would like to shake this players hand. Unless I'm missing something with the Kroot where they alter the reenforcement rules?

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at first i think White Scar guy did deserve it. after i learn the background i feel sorry for him, and his army is not "White Scar"

the main point of taking White Scar is because the Khan can let his troop outflank enemy. i bet his tactic is heavy rely on reserve and outflank strike. now the tournement take of his special ability (maybe main ability), so he can not be called White Scar anymore, now he just a random SM with tons of bikers.

i feel sorry that he still play the tourement with a "non-White Scar tactic" White Scar army. it must be really hard for him. and of course he get used to all reserved fight, and make sense why he keep all troop in reserve. just the way he used to play, you can not blame him for that.

about the Tau tactic. yes it is a good tactic and he prefect won the game. in another hand, he did ruined the game. so it is a winning vs. having fun, topic again.

please forgive my spelling, i am still learning English.  
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Rotting Sorcerer of Nurgle

Well... he won the game based on the TO's saying so.
The rulebook does not cover this situation, so what happens is up to the players and the TO's.

The White Scar player IMO deserved it. It was an open list environment and this is a game with near perfect information. He did not see that this could happen and it's not too hard to rule in favor of 'destroyed' if they can't move onto the table.

It's sad, but that's how I feel. The White Scar player failed to take into account Kroot can infiltrate into his face...and that's all on his head, not the Tau player's fault.

Now the smile...that's a whole other can of worms

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For some reason I can't see the picture, is that just me?

Anyways, yay for the Tau! He underestimated their sneakiness.

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