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Roughly how big are the different Tyranid ships in BFG? I am planning on making my own, and am curious as to scale.

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Typical sizes - a devourer + a few gaunt scything talons for an escort

A Warrior/Ravenor head + gun + talons for cruiser

A warrior/carnifex body for mothership.

Motherships use the big skimmer base, everything else uses normal flying bases


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Unless it has 3 or more shields, right? I thought tyranid cruisers with the extra spores upgrade would need the large base, since it effectively has 3+ shields.

I would just compare models to the IN or Chaos equivalent classes: Escorts should be the size of a cobra or sword at the largest, Cruisers should be the size of other cruisers (maybe a bit larger but not too much), and the hive ship should be the size of a battleship.

I'll post up some size comparisons for you in my other thread soon.

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