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Made in us
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman


Very Nice, I really love the "rough riders"
Made in nz
One Canoptek Scarab in a Swarm

New Zealand

That is just beyond awesome, great work.

I play: - 2000pt
Deathwing - 12-1500 pts and counting
Made in us
Boom! Leman Russ Commander

i've always loved these guys,good work!

"Reality is, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away"
-Philip K. Dick
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Made in gb
Twisted Trueborn with Blaster

Somewhere in the Webway

This is epic! Love the fluff and excellent all round converting and painting! U rule!

Made in gb
Monstrous Master Moulder

Essex,, England

Check the post dates friend! Be careful in future.

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