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Stubborn Temple Guard

I will die if I ever see a Marine going "Disco Inferno."

Just a warning. I'd still want to see it though.

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Tinkering Tech-Priest

ha ha

armored company 18/2/3
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Devastating Dark Reaper


all hilarious.

the last one kinda looks like hes just put together poorly though, not like hes supposed to be doing something.
Made in us
Unshakeable Grey Knight Land Raider Pilot


It was supposed to be a recreation of the matrix, but it is actually really hard to model.
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Monstrous Master Moulder

I dunno...

Grey Knight Luke wrote:

I want to paint them, what chapter should they be?

Angry Marines, definitely

Bewhiskered Gasmasks: For the Post-Apocalyptic Gentleman

And to this day, on darkest nyte
It can be seen, they tell
A Prynce of Rattes, in finery
Upon a horned bell.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Sheffield, City of University and Northern-ness

Model one into the "Thinker" pose, stroking his beard

Made in us
Unshakeable Grey Knight Land Raider Pilot


hmm ok
so I finished my lascannon conversion... needs greenstuff, pics coming soon!!

man a thinker would be hard and not really a funny pose. I was thinking a space marine in a wheelchair.
Made in au
Morphing Obliterator


I think you need two marines holding a bar at waist height - and your matrix guy 'limboing' underneath (it kinda looks like thats what he's doing anyway!).

Its a space marine party!

Sitting space marines playing poker - a play on the classic dogs playing poker.

A space marine librarian holding a book - on its side, like its checking out the 'centrefold' (maybe with an extra-large folding out page).

Epic Win!
Made in au
Nimble Pistolier

Ipswich, Queensland

Some of those are really well done, have you done any serious battle pose type ones?

Too many armies to count now.. mainly all 40k and AoS

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