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Made in pl
Fresh-Faced New User

Hello there.
Its a little late but still heres this weeks update.

Thanks to House MD playing in the background I managed to finish some of my minis. Namely Boomhowler himself and the lovely Ashlyn de'Lysse.

I've actually played with her today. Not so bad. Quicken is awesome to deliver some "halberd to face" action.

Unfortunetaly I still have a crappy setup for making pictures.

Well I actually even did some work on Wrong Eye & Snapjaw alternative models.

Not too happy about the skin. I did just apply agrax earthshade. Not the best at painting a lot of skin.

Guess its ok for tabletop standard.

Added some scribble to her book.

Now I'm trying some kind of decent swamp base. Got a theory but I need to test it out. Gonna post some pics of that.


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Made in pl
Fresh-Faced New User

Hello there. Time for an update.

I present you Lanyssa, a new member of my diabolical Highborne Covenant plan:

Im pretty happy how she turned out. Especially because shes a beutiful sculpt. And I can use her in warmachine games.

I took some notes from painting Taxis on troll and applied the Agrax wash calmly without splashing to much around.

Also Im happy with myself because I managed to stick to this figure for two days and I made it all. Colors, Wash, base, front arc, grass.

Only thing I could add now is some glowing, hateful blue eyes. She is a fierce woman after all.

After how nice the skin looks Im thinking about redoing skin on Taxis. But if I come around it you'll have to look for it on that other forum where you can search for TinMechWorkshop.
I'll update some basing I'm doing currently for that model.


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Made in pl
Fresh-Faced New User

Hello there.
Just another simple update.

First a little group shot:

Im currently playing with some LED lighting for bases and dioramas so did this take.

Also finished my first iron fang pikeman.

Chose a bit different paint scheme but I think it turned out great

Still need to add the grass to the base but other than that hes finished.

Need some idea of discerning the leader. Maybe using gold for the shoulder plate?

Stay tuned. Cheers.


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Made in pl
Fresh-Faced New User

Sorry for the small slip up in updating this thread. I was actually working on my project Kodiak 2.0 but theres not much to show for now.

So I give you some updates on the Nomad 2.0 project (yes I just thought out this 2.0 )

In short I'm converting the Ironclad chassi I got from the GRIND boardgame into a Nomad.

Thats a great looking club isnt it?

Drilled through his hand to make place for a pin for the upcoming custom blade.

For now I'm thinking about something along the ways of Gattsu blade from Berserk Anime. Or even Cloud's Bastard sword or the pirate themed sword that should look like its been forged from an anchor.

Some concept...

Yeah I know I should become a professional artist.

Its just to set some scale.

I'll post some actual work in progress next time.


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Made in pl
Fresh-Faced New User

Hello there.
Sorry for the delay but I've been busy. Had some technical problems with my internet which prevented me from posting but still I managed to get

some thing done.
Like this terrain I'm gonna present here.

I did the modeling. We were lacking a terrain that could be a solid water feature.

All of the painting credit goes to a member of the Tinmechworkshop team by the name of Tarzan.

You may recall his other work when I posted painted up hut and metal shed with the big chimney.

Now for some nearly finished paintwork

And the finished thing.

Well this is our first eksperiment using water effect. I think it looks ok.

I guess we should have accented more the edges of the pond with more layers of lighter blue.

In the end nice effect. But I'd like to test out something more transluscent. I think this water effect paste is more for sculpting actual ripples

and waves. And I'm looking for something I can pour on my base.

Maybe I should try some kind of transluscent resin and not bother looking some kind of dedicated water effect?



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Made in pl
Fresh-Faced New User

Well it's been a while since my last update.
So sorry for all of you that actually check out my work (all two of you? no matter its all about fun with paints and steam)

Lets start with something sweet?
Do you like bearclaws? Well I do but this is not about pastry.

Introducing my attempt at a Kodiak 2.0

Still needs a lot of work. But isn't this guy lovable? You just have to let him hug you, don't you think?

For now the hands are just attached via putty but I'll magnetize them in time. They are from Black Ivan. Ever since I've seen that bad boy I knew 2 things.
1. I have to buy this guy.
2. I'd love a kodiak with such claws

Well now I got them both. Although Black Ivan still needs magnetizing. But I think it was worth all the work. Now just to take care of gaps, magnetize and give this bad boy a good paintjob.

Gonna try and get back to regular posting of my work.

As it was a while since my last update I give you something special.

In the old days when I was a Games Workshop fan I picked up this mini below. It was supposed to be part of a Dark Eldar beast pack.

Poor guy was sitting idle on the shelf.

I don't know about you but I can't look into his puppy eyes and allow him to rot away. So I got a struck of genius ( I guess I'm not that braindead as I thought)

So I'm gonna finish up his base and he's gonna be my stand in Bullsnapper. Which will work great with the alternative Wrong Eye and Snapjaw project I mentioned a while ago.

I still can't find much time to finish up their bases. I need to test all the great swamp tips I aquired from the internet.
Also time is of the essence and MK3 might invalidate 4* syndicate combo. I might have to just try this thing out without as is unfinished.

Here are some groupshots of the alternative dream team. And Khadors Robocop himself.

TinMech Workshop

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Made in pl
Fresh-Faced New User

OK let's try some necromancy and bring this thread back to life.

Rise! I command thee!

I've always thought anyone can paint a decent table top standard.

So I've made a step by step painting process for my Gorax Rager for my minion caster Arkadius.

The process of painting eyes:

Here's a 360 animation of the process from fully asembled to fully painted:

Things I need to improve is the lighting setup and a better camera.
This was made only with a vice held phone camera.

Cheers. Hope you enjoyed it.

The full list of paints used:

P3 - Privateerpress Paint Line
C - Citadel Games Workshop paints
AV - Valejo

1. C- Corax White - Citadel Primer - Corax White
2. P3 Hammerfall Khaki
3. AV Earth - Valejo Game Color Earth
4. AV Smokey Ink - Valejo Game Color Smokey Ink
5. VA Surface Primer Black - Valejo Surface Primer Black
6. VA Gungrey - Valejo Air Gungrey
7. VA Brassy Brass - Valejo Game Color Brassy Brass
9. VA Dwarf Skin - Valejo Air Dwarf Skin
10. VA Terracotta - Valejo Game Color Terracotta
VA Wolf Grey - Valejo Game Color Wolf Grey
11. VA Hull Red - Valejo Air Hull Red
12. P3 Bastion Grey
13. C Agrax Earthshade - Citadel Shade Agrax Earthshade
14. VA Wolf Grey - Valejo Game Color Wolf Grey
15. VA Orange - Valejo Air Orange

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Made in pl
Fresh-Faced New User

Time for a small update.

If you're anything like me you like to buy new models.
And over a time this can lead to accumulating a rather large selection of boxes.

What do you do with them?

Well I could have burned them but the artwork and photos are to good to waste.

So I took the scissors to them and made this:

I think it turned out nicely.
A mosaic held in place with a few pins.

Just a thought.


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Made in pl
Fresh-Faced New User

Cheers time for a small update.
I've managed to update my lighting setup for taking miniature pictures.

The Gorax 360 was built as a test project if I could make something decent.
If the concept of a stage by stage painting log is viable.

As you can see there are 'fancy' lights and duct tape. Hell I even have string holding up one of the lamps.
It was shot with a Nokia Lumia 520 phone. With a stand I made out of wood and held by a vice.

Now exibit 2:

A friend gave me pointers on evenly lighting the scene with pretty much no hard shadows.

Its a 'crate' that can be folded that you can buy at something like wallmart or any other equivelant. The main thing it disipates light through the walls.

So I've shot another model in 360 fashion. This time with a camera mounted on a tripod.

I think my friend went a little overboard with the lighting but something in between would be nice for the future.

This animation shows a comparison between original shots of the model and enhanced pictures in photoshop.

What do you think?

Should I make a new log? Theres a lot of pictures here that are not hosted anywhere from before when I was starting this thread.

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Made in pl
Fresh-Faced New User

Cheers time for update.

With the comming of the new edition of WarmaHordes I hatched a plan to make a swamp terrain.
Well this is how it looks now:

All but one of the higrass patches are detachable. So its easier to place minis.

Added minis for some dramatic stand off action between Alexia and The Bokor.

Some shots of the building process:

The centerpiece was made way before the whole thing as a test using translucent resin.

I've made the rest of the terrain using dentist plaster used for making casts of teeth. Higly affordable and resistent to trauma.

Afterward I've painted it up:

The pools of have been painted up so that in the end they would be filled with another batch of translucent resin.

In the end the only thing that was left was to add some grass.

Happy with the end result. I highly advise skipping any 'water effects' and just going for resin when making pools of water.


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