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Made in us
Stoic Grail Knight


I am a huge nethack / slash'em fan, and have ascended a fair amount of times in both games. Originonally I was going to create rules for Demogorgon, but I figured that would be treading on DnD's toes a bit too much and the only things I know about DnD lore I know from Hack. Anyway. Here are some proposed rules for Rodney. Rodney's main feature, I suppose is that while he isn't particularly difficult to slay, he has at his disposal a ton of obnoxious spells, and he can never truly be disposed of (he harasses you or revives every 50-250 steps). Here is a Rundown of the dude being represented http://nethack.wikia.com/wiki/Wizard_of_Yendor

To start out with fluff, here is Rodney's ingame encyclopedia entry

"No one knows how old this mighty wizard is, or from whence he
came. It is known that, having lived a span far greater than
any normal man's, he grew weary of lesser mortals; and so,
spurning all human company, he forsook the dwellings of men
and went to live in the depths of the Earth. He took with
him a dreadful artifact, the Book of the Dead, which is said
to hold great power indeed. Many have sought to find the
wizard and his treasure, but none have found him and lived to
tell the tale. Woe be to the incautious adventurer who
disturbs this mighty sorcerer!"

For the sake of these rules, Earth will be replaced with a Tzeentch Daemon World in the Eye of Terror, which houses the ever changing Dungeons of Doom.

The Wizard of Yendor (AKA Rodney) 400 points
ws 5, bs 5, s3, t3, w3, ini 5, ld 10, sv 4++ (includes Mark of Tzeentch)

At the heart of it, hes still human. a very old and powerful human, but still human. And he most certainly isn't wearing power armor

Special Rules:
-Mark of Tzeentch
-Teleport Control
-So Though Thought Thou Couldst Kill Me, Fool

Psychic Powers
- Double Trouble
- Summon Nasties
- Aggrevate Monsters
- Destroy Armor
- Touch of Death

Teleport Control: Rodney is a master of Teleportation. Instead of moving Rodney may attempt to deep strike within 36 inches of his starting location. This counts as teleporting, and does not scatter within 6 inches of an Icon

So Thou Thought Thou Couldst Kill Me, Fool: Rodney cannot be truly killed. If (all) Rodney(s) has been slain or removed from the table, roll a dice at the beginning of the csm turn:
On a 5+ Rodney is revived, and deploys via deep strike that turn,
On a 3 or a 4 Rodney may cast 1 of either “Aggravate Monster” or “Summon Nasties” from the grave anywhere on the board
On a 1 or 2 Nothing Happens

Double Trouble: at the beginning of the chaos turn, Rodney creates a clone of himself, with all his powers and abilities. This power may not be used if there are 2 Rodney’s in play. Place the clone within 6 inches of Rodney, and may act as normal that turn.

Summon Nasties: At the beginning of the chaos turn, summons 2d6 lesser daemons in deep strike formation. This power may only be cast once per turn. On a roll of 11 or 12, a greater daemon may be placed instead. These daemons are deployed as though deep striking from an icon. They do not scatter, and may assault. Range 18 inches

Aggravate Monster: At the beginning of the Chaos turn, elect an enemy unit, any unit in combat with the target unit gains preferred enemy until the next chaos turn. This ability may target an enemy already locked in close combat. Range 36 inches

Destroy Armor: Elect an Enemy model in the shooting phase. The model loses its armor save for the duration of the battle. This attack may be used in close combat. Range 6 inches

Touch of Death: This may be used instead of using close combat attacks, and may be used in the assault phase of either players turn. Rodney gains d6 s6 attacks which inflict instant death. These attacks roll to hit using Rondey’s weapon skill.

a few notes,
1) Rodney is not an IC, and may not hang out with a squad. He functions on his own. Summon Nasties may be cast once per turn by each Rodney in play. Which means both Rodney's can cast it after Double Trouble.

2) Touch of Death does not Ignore Armor Saves. OFC it stacks with Aggravate Monster and Destroy Armor, which do serve to make Rodney an acceptable duelist (fitting in that he ususally goes after heroes)

3) I have no idea how to points cost this guy. He has some awesome support abilities. Spawning troop choices, granting preferred enemy. His special rules also make him very annoying, as he can never truly be slain.

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Made in us
Nigel Stillman

Austin, TX

First off, I like it.

He's incredibly powerful but can be instantly killed by a multi-l4z0r so that balances it out. Then again he also can have 2 of him out and then there's a 33% chance of being summoned again.

Btw you mention Regeneration but WH40k has no such rule. Perhaps you meant Feels No Pain.

He'll be ok in Close Combat, teleporting is pretty sweet but he won't do too well on his own.

To be honest, I'd tone down some of his abilities, give him a 3++ and make him around 250.

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Made in us
Stoic Grail Knight


I'm not really sure how to weaken his special rules,

Continually harassing you throughout the entire endgame is what defines the Wizard of Yendor as a "boss" in Nethack and Slash'em.

I'm hesitant to drop double trouble as well, considering that that is Rodney's signature spell- no other opponent in the game will cast that spell.

and aside from those two abilities his other ones aren't that intimidating. Aggrevate Monster is worse than Eldar's Doom, Summon Nasties is worse than a Tervigon's summon ability (fewer spawns, and can be blocked). And touch of death is his only real close combat option, and he doesn't ignore armor unless he destroys it, which makes him very bad at fighting squads.

So I'm somewhat torn as to how to tone him down. Know what I mean?

Xom finds this thread hilarious!

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