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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Hey guys, I'm in the process of starting a new Imperial Guard army so looking to trade for some IG! I would really, really prefer current IG models though I will make exceptions on some models. I am mainly looking for Cadian Shock Troops and Chimeras at the moment but will accept other offers of IG stuff. Most of this is stuff I've had/gotten since starting around 1998 I'd say, most of it's OOP or old except for the Nids and Space Marines. Have fun looking through all this stuff lol, it's ridiculous what I found just laying around! OH, pics available if you ask!

*note - some models are not fully assembled, others are missing bits(Specifically a large portion of the IG groups are a mixed group of complete IG Cadians, and then more Cadians that are missing their arms/backpacks and bases.


Space Marines:

Terminator armored chaplain

1x Full SM tac squad still on sprues!

1x Full SM tac squad black reach squad

1x Full SM tac squad, half black reach and half OOP regular tac squad guys(seem like 3rd/4th, with some posability with the arms but a bit limited)

A box of assorted SM stuff, looks like a lascannon and plasma cannon with backpacks and possibly enough bits to build a few more marines.

Tyranids -

7 Badly painted Genestealers, look like 4th edition ones but an easy paint strip will make them nice again

23x Space Hulk Genestealers - One looks perfect for a Broodlord substitute(I like it better then the actual Broodlord honestly).

Eldar - *the Eldar are in dire need of some love :( they are older models though some of the phoenix lords or scorpions might still be being used... think it's mostly all OOP. They are very poorly painted, not by my doing as I received them for free but there are some good models/units in them from what I understand.

6x Howling Banshee's

1x Howling Banshee exarch, complete and 1x howling banshee exarch missing both arms.

1x Farseer

1x Warlock missing a spear/pole thing he holds up

1x Swooping Hawks exarch with wings missing

4x Dark Reapers

1x Dark Reaper exarch with gun missing

4x Striking Scorpions, one missing his sword

1x Striking Scorpions Exarch

x21 Guardians

x2 Jetbikes - badly painted but still together

1x Wraithlord, old school wraithlord (3rd edition I'd say) that is in pieces but all the pieces are there.

1x Exarch or something that I don't know what/who he is, he has a sword/pistol with a long plume of hair running up his helmet like a silly version of a Spartan helmet in 300.

RANDOM Fantasy stuff!! lol ****all this stuff is out of production, anything that is empire and orcs & goblins is also from some old WHFB boxed set.


x15 Spearmen, have cool shields with lions on them.

x15 riflemen or something -

Dark Elves:

OOP: x5 Witches, x13 Dark Elf Warriors, 99% missing their shields but have their swords, x2 Bolt Thrower crew, x10 repeator crossbow guys, most missing extra bit to their crossbows, x1 Assassin, lots of pieces for a dragon it seems but it's missing most of the guy in the chair and i think his legs and a foot.

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Made in us
Been Around the Block

SPace Marine Space hulk figures have been sold/traded, still have much more left!
Made in us
Been Around the Block

Bump, Deal fell through for the nids(stopped replying :() and warp spiders are gone, everything else is still available.
Made in us
Been Around the Block

Most of the tyranids are gone and warp spiders are gone.

SM and Eldar still available though.
Made in be
Deranged Necron Destroyer

PM sent for Genies

You have ruled this galaxy for ten thousand years
Yet have little of account to show for your efforts
Order. Unity. Obedience.
We taught the galaxy these things

And we shall do so again.

4500 pts

Made in us
Executing Exarch


pm sent
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