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Arlington, va

this is the latest version of the Emperor vs Horus game I ran at Dakka Con.

Pictures will come in a bit!

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Brainy Zoanthrope

Underground in a Mawloc-proof zone.

Sounds fun. Can't wait for the pics!

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Thank you for sharing this!
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Fresh-Faced New User


Really?i will have a try.
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Chosen Baal Sec Youngblood

Lexington, Kentucky

Hello Peeps.

Sorry to resurect this old post, but I'm planning this very game, using old first ed, late Eighties, Space Hulk tiles, rooms, and figures. Going to cut up some old tiles I have, (I'v gathered loads over the years) to make some larger rooms, i.e Horus throneroom, and main ship bridge, engine rooms, etc.

I'm using the lovely Forgeworld Horus figure, and converting 'not 40K' figures from Scibor, and Kabuki, for the Emperor, Rogal Dorn, and Sanguininess. The new Prospero set from GW, has given me Adeptus Custodes, and as this is all Space Hulk first edition, I've been trawling E-Bay for old, late Eighties terminators, and 'RTB01' power armoured marines. I may add in some lessers demons, I have some first ed bloodletters, and an old Blood thirster would be nice!
There is then the small matter of Space Hulk rules for these bad-boys! lol, but there are a lot of on-line musings. I shall shamelessly steal some of the ideas on this thread, as it's very inspiring, an lay out the battle barge, using my 4+ sets of floor plans, again, from the first ed of the game. along with sets from Deathwing and Genestealer, the two supplements, which will also provide all the physic rules.
Thank you for your indulgence on my musings!

Made in us

Arlington, va

Glad it's still useful!

I wrote it before the Forge World HH rules so it's long long out of date but it was a fun game.

Since I wrote this I got the Creative Gamescape corridors and they are great.\

Some corridor pics


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I hate to sound like a noob. I've been into 40k since 1998 and I'm not sure if I've ever read anything which actually describes their duel. I think I've only seen brief quotes from that old Diorama
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Regular Dakkanaut

The story of their duel is absolutely epic. It’s only a few pages if that. I wrote a lengthened version on bolter and chainsword forums years ago. Also absolutely epic
Made in us

Arlington, va

There was a version in the old Lost and the Damned book in Rogue Trader days.

I'll see if it was ever digitized.

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