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Made in ru
Ambitious Space Wolves Initiate

Russia, Krasnodar

two days of episodic working give the result:
White primed model...
feathers: - blue inks, intence white drybrush, asurmen blue washes, white drybrush... do i need yet hawk turqiose or icy blue drubrush?
tale's scale: - hormagaunt purple, intence white drybrush, purple ink, white drybrush... do i need any color apply?
beak and base - tausept ochre... i think - devlan mud wash intence (in low), yellow in light tones layering, sepia washing at flat surfaces, desert yellow to drybrush for all
[Thumb - IMAG0159.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0163.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0164.jpg]

[Thumb - IMAG0160.jpg]

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Made in gb
Dakka Veteran

United Kingdom

I think the yellow could be washed with Devlan Mud - but that might make it look a little too 'muddy' It depends how fantastical you want it. You could try Ogryn Flesh (either on its own or mixed with a mid-tone brown - or even even orange - mixed with water obviously) - I'd suggest experimenting either on a piece of the model or else on a similarly textured spare part. You could also try drybrushing a different tone over the Tausept Ochre (Iyandan Darksun or another yellow mixed with a little white) before applying the wash.

As for the rest I think Ice Blue would make it look more electric, although you may have to re-apply a white drybrush to the tips of the feathers afterwards. It's hard to tell how the model 'comes together' without the shading on the body though so I'd leave the tail for the moment.

Hope this helps

Made in ru
Ambitious Space Wolves Initiate

Russia, Krasnodar

hmmm... ogryn flesh is interesting... may be some red tones will more organic with blue and pupple details...

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