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Incorporating Wet-Blending


Mantic is very open about the use of miniatures made by other manufacturers, so I decided to create a set of rules which are suitable for a range of pre-painted plastic miniatures produced by Hasbro for use in the fantasy setting of Equestria.

The general idea is to create a light-hearted way of making the game appeal to friends, family members or significant others who may have been turned away by the themes of war and violence inherent to the fantasy genre.

This is my first fan-made army list, so any thoughts on design or balance would be greatly appreciated! If successful, I could look at creating an opposing list to represent antagonists such as the chaos god Discord, along with the various mythological creatures that appear in the show (everything from hydras to cockatrice).

Overall, the list is intended to function as a 1500-point list comprised of the mane 6 ponies, with each individually mounted on whatever base is suitable for the miniatures.

Army Special Rule: Friendship is Magic

Ponies within 6" of any other pony benefit from
the Inspiring! special rule.


Twilight Sparkle (Cavalry, 250 points)
Good variety of magic attacks.

Speed: 8
Melee: 6+
Ranged: -
Defence: 5+
Attacks: 10
Nerve: 15/17

Special Rules: Individual, Zap! (20), Breath Attack (30)

Rarity (Cavalry, 250 points)
Less magical, more fabulous.

Speed: 8
Melee: 6+
Ranged: -
Defence: 5+
Attacks: 10
Nerve: 15/17

Special Rules: Individual, Zap! (15), Elite, Very Inspiring

Rainbow Dash (Cavalry, 250 points)
Fast, with a sonic rainboom ranged attack.

Speed: 12
Melee: 5+
Ranged: 3+
Defence: 4+
Attacks: 10
Nerve: 14/16

Special Rules: Individual, Fly,
Blast (d6), Range 12", Headstrong

Fluttershy (Cavalry, 250 points)
Non-combatant healer.

Speed: 8
Melee: -
Ranged: -
Defence: 3+
Attacks: -
Nerve: 11/13

Special Rules: Individual, Fly, Heal (20), Yellow-bellied

Applejack (Cavalry, 250 points)
Sturdy, strong melee attacks, can rapid-fire apples.

Speed: 8
Melee: 4+
Ranged: 5+
Defence: 5+
Attacks: 20
Nerve: 17/19

Special Rules: Individual, Crushing Strength (2),
Range 24", Reload!

Pinkie Pie (Cavalry, 250 points)
Utter psycho with a surprise attack.

Speed: 8
Melee: 4+
Ranged: -
Defence: 5+
Attacks: 30
Nerve: 16/18

Special Rules: Individual, Vicious, Hidden

As for miniatures, I would recommend the mini-pony figures with sculpted hair, as can be seen here. Easily found in the US, not currently sold elsewhere though. These are about 2" tall and perfectly in-scale for 28mm wargaming. With some repainting and basing, they could be a perfect fit for KoW.

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Central,ILL. USA

If not for MAntic,How about a Blood Bowl team?

Please visit my Blog http://colkrazykennyswargamingblog.blogspot.com/
I play SS in flames of war ,Becuase they are KEWL... 
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Maniacal Gibbering Madboy

or how about Songs of Blades and Heroes, where you can pick and choose the different rules for each one

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Jealous that Horus is Warmaster

Cornwall UK

Hehehe.... Me like...
I think it would be... peculiar, shall we say, to face the wrath of My Little Pony armies, but hey, its all good.

My Little Pony,
Is skinny and bony,
Because I haven't fed it
in a week....

Hang on, thems not the right words....

Armies in Progress:
Too many to count, my bad.

Armies Completed:
erm... none..... don't look at me like that. Don't. NO! DON'T LOOK AT MEEE!!! 
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isnt this just whfb high elves?

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